Thank you all…..

Even though I have shown and registered my appreciation to all my followers and viewers on facebook today but i think it will tantamount to disservice and ingratitude not registering my emotion on my blog space.


Just within a space of January and February,my blog space i have bee able to gather more than fifty followers and this made my blog space to be more interesting,encouraging and engaging.

I started as a neophyte,a greenhorn and a novice but it is only my passion that is looking for deep expression in writing with the advice of people around me that spur and lure me into the world of blogging.

I have spent bunch of my time not having an inkling of what to hold on to in order to have a successful career but many followers that i have not met physically have been my source of encouragement and inspiration.

Even though,i have re-blogging most of the time with the thought in my mind challenging me whether the author of the material and content I am re-blogging will be at peace with me but I have seen many authors appreciating my efforts in re-blogging their contents even without taking permission.



I am someone that desired constructive criticism and my my mind is opened to learning new things that can make me a better resourceful and a profitable blogger.

This has given me an opportunity to relate with other nationals all over the world and i really appreciates every comments and likes.

I have no reservation and resentment to submit that I am humbled having taking a step of faith into the world of unknown and abyss of unknown.

Truly,there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all for being my support and my source of inspiration.


Thanks a bunch.

I am elevated into ecstasy.

You are appreciated.

I am banking on you all to be better off every moment.






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Hannah Ferguson returns to SI Swimsuit with one of her hottest photoshoots yet! Subscribe to ►► SI Intimates bring you the latest and sexiest swimsuit models in the most exotic locations around the world: Take a look behind the scenes with SI Swimsuit Uncovered where we give you an exclusive sneak peek at some of…

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Fear ! Faith!!!—-(3 Minutes Read)

……..”For whatever is out of faith is sin”.Romans 14 verse 27.

Two moments are common in the life of a person

1.moments of joy

2.moments of anxiety.

No existence is possible without these moments on this planet.The life of every human being has being programmed by providence to oscillate between these extreme moments.Each of this moments is always accompanied with demands and responsibilities that has their origins attached to these moments.Moments of happiness and joyfulness will enhances productivity, sound health and longevity as some of the offshoot and resultant output while moments of anxiety will end up having sicknesses, depression and low morale as some of the major outcome.

Personal observation discovered how moments of anxiety triggers depression leading to the early journey of many to the graveyard.

Depression and it’s accompany signs have their roots in doubt.Being downcast simply indicates the full presence of doubt.

Those who are culpable of being perpetually in doubt can never live an atom of their life without traces and elements of depression.

Depression is provenance and cemented on the platform of doubting God’s promises and prophecies. Doubting God’s promises and prophecies has its foundation deeply rooted in sin.

Since, the devil is the originator and founder of sin, as sin is of the devil, so also doubt is of the devil, this simply point to the fact that depression is also of the devil.

The only substitute and replacement that can negate doubt and it’s accompany effect in our life is FAITH.Any negation and disbelief to any of the word of God with its precepts as chronicled on the pages of the scripture will simply trigger the devil to action by substituting faith with doubt.

What does doubt connotes?

Doubt is a form of incomplete believe or total disbelief in the efficacy and fervency of the word of God as it is bodly printed in the bible.

The word of God should not be subjected to analysis so that it will not result into paralysis. The word of God must be eaten raw without any delay and reluctance.Those who eat and accept the word of God as it is ends up witnessing complete fulfilment of God’s promises and prophecies.

Being doubtful about the word of God is sin.Romans 14 verse 27.

What enhances the depth of our faith is constant and continuous feeding on the word of God through reading and hearing which enhances our faith to bear fruits and ends up dissolving doubt we might be enmeshed with in the time past.–Romans 10 verse 17.

One thing that makes our faith to suffer set back and attack is when we spend our time listening and believing philosophies and traditions of men.These two forces have an unannounced means of squeezing our faith on the word of God and replacing it with thought and ideas that will attract and triggers doubt leading to the presence overwhelming force of the  antagonist of faith called fear.

Humanity best ideas and solutions can never in any way stand at par with the foolishness of God–1st Corinthians 1 verse 25.Man’s idea and philosophy ends up digging  a well of doubt in us while the word of God build up our faith for maximum delivery and productivity.

The author of faith God,

The author of fear is the devil.


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Eagerly waiting to meet a man who is waiting for every situation of life to be perfect.

No doubt about it, the man is not yet created.

Has there ever be any perfect situation in life?

No need for deep thinking, voodoo and clairvoyancy. 

The answer is NO.

perfection 2

Everything that seems to be perfect in this world,

Were forcefully made to be perfect.

Whosoever awaits a perfect situation,

Will end up waiting till eternity.

Every piece of perfection around us,

Were made perfect by man.

Today started with unabated heavy downpour,

The shallowminded awaits when it will stop before they set out, 

I see it as a blessing from God,

I set out and drenched inside it to make my dream for today a reality.

Happy was I that I was drenched by the blessing of God this morning.

Never expect life to be perfect.

It is your responsibility to force perfection into life.

Never wait for when the coast is clear before you set out,

Never wait for cloud to clear before you start,

Never waits for the high hills to become plain before you made a move,

Never waits for rain to starts before preparing for farming.

Every situation demands you forcing it to be perfect.

If you cannot walk, JUMP!

If you cannot jump, RUN!!

If you cannot Run, FLY.

Just make sure you are moving.

Slow movement is better than no motion.

The world is waiting for your impart.



Good morning to all my readers……



TENACITY OF PURPOSE.—(4 Minutes Read).

Life hardly release the best to people.Most of the people that exists within the confines of the best through their dreams forced the best out of life.This is a confirmation of the fact that everything in life has a life price tag.The best in life requires atonement and sacrifice that might boil down to given up on certain important things in order to get our desires in the form of goals and achievements that will make us walk in accordance to the contents of our purpose while on earth.

It is a known fact that empires and dynasties of the world are not built by the owners, they are built through the sweat of others.Many of the world populace spend the productive part of their lifetime in building and adding value to the empires and dynasties of others.We engage ourselves everyday building another man’s dream and leaving our own unattended to.

The best in life is obtainable when the entirety and essence of life is platformed on goals that are targeted towards stamping our purpose on the sand of time.A purpose driven life is a life birthed through self discovery.It is at the point of self discovery that we end up asking ourselves questions that boils down to :

1.Why are we are?

2.Why are we created?

3.Why are we living?

We becomes better when we are living at the centre of our purpose.Living will become meaningful when our impart in contributing to humanity can be seen and felt by people around us.A purpose driven lifestyle influences and leave behind legacies for posterity.

A purpose driven life is a life that is spent on making great impart and feats that has its core values on improving and  adding to the standard of living of the society in its entirety with the influence outliving it’s source by transcending the present generation to the other.

If some people had failed to discover their purpose through self discovery, the existence of humanity would have been miserable, backward and stagnant in all ramification.Our world is what it is today due to the contribution of many people that has lived the entirety of their life in the centre of their purpose.

No two life purposes can be the same but the motive of achieving and discovering our purpose can be similar.

Literary dictionary definition gives one of the meaning of purpose as the reason for which something exists.

From this,it  be can denoted that “something”in that definition stands for you and I.

Purpose can be redefined as the reason for which you and I are existing.

purpose 1

Life becomes meaningful and impactful when it has its base of operation within the confine of purpose.A purpose driven life is a life that cannot be mortgaged for any mundaness. It is a life that has its root in knowing the main assignment needed to be carried out by everyone in the course of their sojourn while on earth.

Many are not mindful of the reality of this fact by engaging themselves in designing and obtaining a world of self discovery through self development. The entire humanity is groaning in pang waiting for someone that will stand out in channelling a course of purpose driven life that will trigger the release of humans that are living in bondage and extreme servitude.

As earlier stated, despite the contribution of many to the betterment of the world in one way or the other, there is still many rivers to be crossed and many coasts still need to be conquered.As it has never been witnessed before, without mincing word, our world is plaque with many challenges that needs the attention of all and sundry so that humanity will not go into extinction.

Famine, sickness, wars, hunger, crime, recession ,vices, environmental and ecological degradation,societal and value decadence can be seen all around us waiting for solution.

The weak minded believed that solutions to all these can be gotten through petition to divinity but since it was created by us, the solution should be by us.A life driven by purpose believes that problems created by humanity should be solved by humanity through tenacious means of surfing for solutions.

Tenacity of purpose simply demands an urgent committed efforts to understand our purpose through self discovery and making sure that once it is discovered, it will be channelled towards making impart and impact on the larger society.

purpose 2

There is more battles to be conquered.

The world is waiting for who will champion ideology and philosophy that will make the existence of humanity better in all ramifications with its accompany influence being maintained and left behind for posterity to learn and gain from it as a legacy.

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The entirety and totality of our existential has its scope of operation platformed within a certain lifespan and pedestalled within the confines of a shelf life .

The lifespan and shelf life of every specie in the terrestrial is determined to a large extent by the generosity of providence.

The beginning as one of the quadrantal of human existence announces a lifespan but the end as one of the extreme of a lifespan terminates the lifespan but inherent between the end and the beginning are series of actions and inactions.

These made the existence of humanity to pendulum between these quadrantal pedestals tagged “THE QUADRANTAL OF HUMAN EXISTENCE”

Quadrantal in the context of this article simply connotes the description and narration of the lifespan of any individual in four basic contents connected and interwoven in relation, effect and implication to each other.None of this quadrant  can exists alone in a vacuum without it being connected in effect to another.Proper or improper management, maximisation and optimisation of one has a domino effect to either make or mar the remaining. 


In the course of individual occupancy on earth, every individual is bound to experience oscillations of each of these Quadrantal at one point in time in a lifetime which requires prompt and proper management and  maximisation in order to harness the potential inherent in every individual to become a tool of great influence to the larger society with the people as the main focal point of the influence.


Each Quadrantal simply stand and portrays good reasons at one point in time in which these reasons might end up having a ripple effect on the concerned individuals and everybody around at a particular point in time either positively or negatively.

These quadrantals are:

1.The beginning

2.Moments of actions

3.Moments of inaction.

4.The end.





To an extent, every matter occupying a space on earth has a beginning.This is a known fact that is very clear to everybody without any iota of doubt and confusion. The beginning simply connotes the start or the commencement of any endeavour especially the conception or birth of an individual.No individual in existence is living or existing without a beginning in the form of a day of nativity or birth.This is an important moment in a lifetime which cut across every divides and barriers anywhere in the world that is always marked and celebrated with fun fare and jamboree that somehow result into extreme profligacy of scarce available resources.


Immediately after birth, the moments of actions follows.Every beginning keeps moving  and evolving continuously with series of action in order to discover the hidden talents and potentials inherent in every individual.It is from the steps taking in action toward the achievements of great feat that the main thing that gives value to life surface and emerges brightly without any reluctance, slowness and sluggishness.Lifestyles are either imparted positively or impacted negatively by the action directed to it at any given period of time.Actions either mar or make the inherent potential of any individual by either defining the content and contexts of individual destiny or it can serve a a channel to redefine  and redirect negatively or positively what is inherent as a potential at the beginning.
Human existence has been designed and divined to pass through  by oscillating between these quadrantals,no human existence is possible within a vacuum, the beginning and the end of any human existence is occupied to a large extent with corresponding series of actions and inactions that summed as part of biography or autobiography at a particular period of human existence.These series of actions and inactions birthed and gives a pictorial of what the future and the past entails in its totality.

These moments comprises moments of passivity, insensitivity, irresponsiveness,mediocrity, failures, frivolities, profligacies, exuberances, ineptness, inepitudeness, flopiness, laziness, levity and laxity.The combination of all these or the conscious and unconscious exhibition of any traits of any of this wastes the purpose of life.In essence, inactions is an enemy of the general and divine purpose of life.It can also be noticed when actions targeted at achieving a particular results failed.Inactions can be seen from this as time waster.

The effect of inactions in the life of an individual is too deep, gruesome, burdensome, grievous ,overwhelming and discouraging.The adverse effects of the moment of inactions over the remaining members of the quadrantals are unquantifiable and unimaginable with the mark of its effect lasting as a heirloom from one generation to another.


At this juncture, the overall appraisal and performance of all the earlier quadrantals starts showing up with the effect being felt in the life of people around and all other subordinates and subjects.It is at this quadrantal that the contents and efforts geared towards having an impact on the lifestyle of others in the course of human sojourn on earth are relayed and described in the form of narratives as biography and autobiography. 

While other quadrantals are filled with periods of sense, strength, energy , vitality and vigour.The end always become feasible with the appearance of weakness, sickness, frailty and senility.Often times, this period is filled with narratives of losses, lack, vicissitudes, mistakes, regret, misdemeanour and weeping , although it can also be filled with excitement, encomium, eulogies, rest,celebration and narratives of victories and conquest.At times, it might also be a moment of mix feelings.

With the exception of the moments of inaction, what matters is how the other quadrantals are marshaled , managed and maximised to influence beneficial developmental goals and objectives that will have impart on the generalities and welfarism of people around.
Life is provenanced and provident to exist with the beginning and the end, with its lacuna or delta being filled and defined by the contents and contexts of series of actions and inactions.Actions and inactions makes or mar the destiny of every human in existential in the terrestrial. 

The beginning and the end cannot define an impartful and meaningful life without correspondence actions and inactions having influence on the beginning and the end . Corresponding actions targeted towards the achievements of an impactful, impartful and meaningful life defines the end and redefine the beginning.Corresponding inactions in being irresponsible and irresponsive to the plight of the people in the society makes human existence to lack substance and values.This simply connotes emptiness. 

Within the reach of every human is the ability and capacity to channel corresponding actions to upgrade the plight of people in the society.

The beginning of every human with the resultant endeavour matters greatly and this is the rationale behind the celebration that accost our birth and the routine annual celebration of our birth tagged “BIRTHDAY”.The end of every  human is as important as the air we breathe but the beauty of the end can never be disconnected from what is obtainable within the confines of our actions and inactions.

Since, it is not within the reach of every human to determine the end and the beginning, 

Since it is not within the reach of every human to celebrate the beginning and the end, 

The beginning and the end is meant to be celebrated by people around us . 

With this it is  pertinent for every human to contribute immensely to upgrade the plight of the people we found within our vicinity

It is until when every human in existence take into cognisance that actions and inactions either makes the beginning and the end either better or worse that  the world we live in will be better off. 

In conclusion, the end is the terminator of every lifespan in existence which becomes a reality by the appearance of the inestimable called DEATH whereby the soul of every individual returns to the giver or the maker.

Some will be remembered and referenced by posterity and history,

Some will be forgiven by posterity and history,

Some will be cursed by posterity and history.

What matters is the influence will have on the people around us .This is what we will be remembered for.There is a need to implant ourselves into the mind and subconsciousness of the people around us while we are living not waiting till when our obsequies will be pasted on the wall.


With all these, it is pertinent and paramount to delve a little into the exigencies of our existence while we are occupying a space on earth because all the achievements, accolades, laurels , victories and conquest obtained in the course of our sojourn on this planet will not be meaningful at the graveyard–Job 1 verse 21.

It is people around you that will squander all  you left behind as material and physical possession without your notice and cosent .Nothing will be left at the end, all shall become VANITY UPON VANITY–Ecclesiastes 12 verse 8.

What will outlive you is your contribution to upgrade the less privilege and the downtrodden while we are alive and what will give us a rest at the bossom of our maker  by basking in the euphoria of eternity is worship of our GOD and obedience to God’s commandments.–Ecclesiastic 12 vs 13 -14.

On this note, with the whole fibre of my being, I celebrate my beginning by appreciating everyone that has contributed their quota and support to the beauty of my existence ,history and posterity will reward you all.

  • Prepared as an article cum epistle to launch my blog on the 25th of August 2016 in celebration of my birthday.



Someone write up on Facebook yesterday made me to remember and muse over something I have passed through in life.Though, I shared parts of it yesterday as a comment to my friend’s submission and I promised to make it a material for reading very soon.Though, I am having a feeling  of reluctance sharing it because it is an experience that was bitter at a point but the reality of victory obtained by me at the end made it at testimony.Since it is a testimony, I believe the best I can do for others to learn is to make it plain in black and white.

Many of my readers will see it as impossible that I entered into a marital relationship at the age of 32 in 2011 though I cannot remember the exact date and month but I know it is early 2011.I met a young lady  of 25 years old  studying in school then in the church, we started exchanging pleasantries through phoning and other sources available then but not quite long, relationship started In full fledge.

No doubt about it, she is somehow indigent and she came from a broken home.So , I have been the one she always run to for financial support most of the time. On my part, the job I was doing then was nothing to write home about but out of generosity I always tried my best to see that she gets something reasonable out of life.

At the end of December 2011, I tendered my resignation letter hoping to get a better employment soon, so meeting up with her demands of financial obligation became impossible. Though, I have been able to bear some of her inadequacies that I believe that they are too light to be concerned about.



Some few days to December 19th 2011, she was around but planning to travel back.So there was  a need for me to raise her but I rescinded because I had already made up my mind to leave my present employment. So the need to be frugal and parsimonious with my spending is quite necessary but on her part, she didn’t want me to resign because she has made me her automated teller machine that dispenses money once card and password has been provided for the machine to dispense, even though she is not comfortable with my meagre marginal salary.Her plan is to stick around pending when she will be through with me based on the fact that I was still useful to her somehow in meeting with her financial obligations. 

A night came, and I found myself in a dream,this might be like two days to December 19th 2011 when she travelled back from Lagos .In my dream, I saw myself sweeping and keeping my house clean but she sat down with her mum in front of a computer system, a kind of a situation someone can described that both were watching television set when I was busy carrying out domestic chores.The contents of the Dream was well understood even when I woke up, though at that point I didn’t know what to do but I kept it to myself.They would have turned me into their slave if I get married to her.

Before the 19th of December elapsed, I picked up my phone to know about her where about and to update me about the situation of things because I didn’t give her a dime for  her trip back to Lagos.Only God knows what directed me to take up this step but later I knew that the Holy Spirit wants me to confirm and take step about the dream I had previous night.Under the space of 24 hours, my dream was confirmed.I called her and when asked about her where about, she was shouting with annoyance and she even failed to tell me where she was then , all I could figure out is that I noticed the sound of moving vehicles.

At the point, I cut the call, I didn’t show my annoyance but immediately I send a text to her opening her eyes to the fact that I can’t cope with her obstinacy again, that we should call it a quit.This terminated easily what we have had  long time ago.I was not that bothered about her because I was not owing her anything on the surface of the earth.Thank God the relationship was platonic, mutual but parasitic.Though, at a point she was expecting dirtiness in form of premarital sex to come in but I was able to reject such advance due to the fact that I have made up my mind never to expose my body to any woman except my wife.So , I was delivered from her on that day.


Not quite long, the windows of heaven opened, I got another job in Lagos.As I was preparing to embark on a journey to Lagos to resume on the 19th of March 2012, I met a classmate in Lautech that becomes the vehicle of my meeting my wife exactly 3 months after I quit the last relationship. 

On a platter of gold, without any stress, I met my wife. 

We had introduction on the 5th of August 2012.

We had Court Wedding at Federal Registry in Ikoyi on the 20th and 21st of November 2012.

We had church wedding on the 12th of December 2012.

To the glory of God, I lost my virginity to my wife on our first honeymoon night.

The success of the marriage with provisions was just an exhibition of the glory of God.

Only God knows how my ex knows that I am getting married because in the course of my preparations for wedding, she called me asking for money again to do one thing or the other but I noticed that she wants to come back.It was damn too late.

Till now, I doubt if  she is married. Though I know of a truth that whatever we sow we shall reap.While passing through such ordeal, I was regretting that I have wasted time and resources on a futile relationship but the Holy Spirit told me that what you will have now will be more than what you had then in 2012 while working around in my place of work.And it was so.I have been living in the midst of unending supplies.

To all my readers.As our existence is real, so also our night season dreams are real.

Never joke with it.

 Dreams are media for encounter and revelation from the throne of grace.

Always pray that God should visit you through dreams and night vision.

I am a beneficiary of such endowment as it was given to Joseph in the book of Genesis.





I have been around for couples of decades now.I don’t think i am wrong submitting that i am yet to see a life spent on earth without accompany torrential vicissitudes.The life of every mortal has been destined and divined to operate within the pendulum of torrential ups and down.


No doubt about it,it is this scores of ups and downs that becomes the subject of our experience in life.A life well spent is a life that has been pummeled and pushed apart by waves of challenges at one point or the other but what makes such life adventurous and eventful is the series of challenges such life had been able to overcome in the process of time.


The victory obtainable from any form of challenges creates an inner strength that birth the genesis of self discovery in every mortal man.No human existing on the surface of the earth can boast of life that is devoid of myriads of challenges but the difference in every man is whether we emerge as a champion or not at the end of the cycles of challenges we pass through at one point or the other.


Our world is filled with great mind and great men that have been able to weather the storm of life with many scars as a testimony for their ordeal in the hand of waves of challenges that seems to tear  asunder.No great story can become interesting without having the foundation of its contents on topics that rallies around failures with it terminating with conclusion that has to do with victories that boil down to light shinning at the end of every dark tunnel.


There are many dark tunnel but the beauty of every dark tunnel is the shinning light that occupies the end of every dark tunnel.


In the course of my sojourn till this moment,I am yet to see a dark tunnel without shinning light beaming at the end.


To all my readers,there is always a shinning light at the end of every dark tunnel.


Behind every dark cloud,there is always a silver lining.


Never give up,even when the bowl is hot.—Tupac Amaru Shakur.


Am I right? Am I right?? Am I right???












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No reasonable development can be obtained without your personal effort to develop your mind.

Actions are manufactured and produced from thoughts.

Thoughts are reflected, displayed and exhibited in actions.

Your mind is the seat of all thoughts, the processor of your thoughts is your mind.

Actions have its foundation in your mind.

Caustic mind produces caustic thoughts ending up in caustic actions in display.

Barren lifestyles are products of fallow mindset.

Great feats and laudable achievements are platformed on maximising the resourcefulness of the mind.

The way you are cannot be separated from the way you think.

The way you think cannot be separated from the way you are.

It is of importance to note that the journey of our life’s are filled with irony.

Not an hyperbole, in existence there are humans that are viewed to be adults ,

but kid- like actions enveloped their mind.

Under the sun, there exists men and women of 36 solid years on their birth certificate,

in reality, they operate with mind and brain of a 18 years old,

What could have been the missing link?

Observations revealed that the resourcefulness of the mind are left  untapped and undeveloped.

In effect, the society ends up bearing the brunch of their burden.

Chicken hearted minds occupied the whole surface of the earth.

You become a burden when the resourcefulness of your mind are left not being maximised and developed.

Personal development is centred around the development of the mind.

Shallowness of mind births mediocrity.

The best of life is deeply within the content of your mind.

You can never live above what is obtainable and resident on your mind.


No matter what your present situation of life might be.Whether you are strolling and rolling on the high end of your life or on the low end of your life, you still have many territories to conquer.Many battles are waiting to be fought, many coast are waiting to be occupied and many champions are yet to emerge from many challenges.Your best is yet to see the light of the day.The resources embedded in you is yet to be maximised and optimised for the benefit of the society.

In you there is a loud voice asking you to do more for humanity but you are being delayed by yourself through procrastination and vision less lifestyle.It is a pity that lions are walking on the surface of the earth like chickens.It is a pity that emergence of sons of God is still a forlone hope.

Bad company corrupt good manners–1st Corinthians 15 verse 33.

Visions are swallowed when we are in the midst of wrong people with wrong mindsets and wrong mentalities. 

Appraise the company you keep before your destiny crashed.

Leave their midst and move with the progressives.

If there is non,

stay alone.

It is better to live and die lonely than being in the midst of friends that will end up back stabbing you.

Look for people that has what is missing in you and move into their company.

The company of the rich are rich,

The company of the poor are poor,

The company of the weak are weak,

The company of mediocre are shortsighted and shallow minded. 

Show me your friends and I will show you who you are.

What a man will become in 5 years will be seen in the company he keeps now.

Who will save humanity from hopelessness, hatred and helplessness?

You are the one.

You are the hope,

You are the help,

You are the love.

Humanity is waiting for.

Wake up from your slumber.

Leave your comfort zone.

Occupy the land,

Conquer territories, 

Be the agent of change the world is waiting for.

Your best is yet to emerge.

This is the hour for the emergence of the sons of God.

Have a blissful day.



While we are in need,there is a need to meet the needs of others.While we are enshrined in abject poverty,there is a need to champion a course that will alleviate and banish poverty in our society.While we are stagnant,there is a need to champion a course that will uplift and upgrade the course of humanity.


Whether yo are among the haves,

Whether you are among the have-not,

Whether you are among the high and the mighty,

Whether you are among the low and the indigents,

You have a responsibility to be responsible and responsive to the wallowing and harrowing of the next person beside you.

You have a title to contribute to the alleviate and salvage the world from extreme penury.

The world need your contribution in restoring the dignity of all human by uplifting and upgrading the downtrodden from the miry clay of despair,hopelessness and confusion.

Giving is living.We live forever when we build eternity in the test of time while we are alive.


It is your responsibility to build a responsible world that has its core value in being a shoulder to other around you.

Many people need a shoulder to rest upon,many need a pillow to rest on and many need a pillar that will lift them up when they are down.

Like never before,your impact is needed.

Like never before, your impart is needed.

Your indifference in upgrading the plight of others make you to be part of the challenges pummeling the world .

Be a solution.

Be active in changing the course of humanity with your little effort.

Little efforts puts little smile on the face of others.

*Introducing to your stable –THE INDIGENT CHARITY ORGANISATION.

Coming out soon……

Watch out!!!!



Recently, i have been witnessing something strange in my sleeping schedule at night.This has repeated itself twice now but i have been unable to fathom the rationale behind this latest unusual development.


Whenever i sleep in the night hoping to wake up hail and hearty without any disturbance the next day,i realized that i always wake up suddenly in the middle of the night followed with my struggle to subject my eyelids to the demands of sleep.Though, i am not at peace with this development due to the fact that i need a complete hours of rest in order to be fully prepared for the challenges of the next day which i know that it is going to be hectic as usual.

While musing and being a little bit annoyed with the sudden waking up i encountered around 01:28AM today,i realized and observed something unique about the night hour when almost every human activities have been shut down.


In the night hour and in the early hour of the day,the stillness,quietness and the tranquility that is obtainable is quite strange.Just as we are all at rest in this period of the day,mother earth is also at rest.

No doubt about it we are children of the mother earth,it can be seen without any doubt, that our activities throughout the day always set every elements and everything in existential whether living and non-living in motion which always alter the totality of all the forces that are in existence on earth.

Even activities that are developmental and progressive are not left alone in setting a kind of imbalance on the earth surface during the day.The hustling and bustling of our activities can be viewed to set an imbalance and a disturbance on every fabrics of the earth without any doubt.

It can be simply concluded that just as all of us wish and yearn for a peaceful night rest,mother earth is also yearning for the moment of the day when her children will be asleep so that she can be asleep too.

If progressive and developmental activities can cause a shift and an imbalance of the elemental forces of the earth,how much more activities that are destructive will have affect on the earth negatively since everything in existence on earth is independence of each other,it can be submitted that whatever is pulling the earth apart anywhere in the world will end up having a domino effect on everything in existence on the earth whether in the air,in the waters,on the land even beneath the earth surface.

It is pertinent for every authority on earth to see to the control of every human activities so that humanity will stop  fighting against mother earth for the sake of posterity.

We are the world…..

We are his children….

Lets join hands together to make the world a better place.(Macho Jacho).

It is the way we treat mother earth that she will treat us.No matter how small it may be,mother earth needs peace and rest just the way we all crave for peace and rest.

No matter insignificant it might be,you need to contribute your own quota to make our world better .


Amid economic recession rocking the country, Ogun State government said it has attracted investments worth over $140 billion in the last five years. The state Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Dayo Adeneye who revealed this in an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP Weekend, said the state had continued to be investors’ haven because of its policies, […]

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Omolewa Ahmed, the Kwara Governor’s wife, on Saturday, marked the 2017 World Cancer Day with sensitization walk across Ilorin metropolis to create awareness about the ailment. The walk was a collaboration between the Nigeian Medical Association (NMA) and Kwara Ministry of Health. Ahmed, who is founder of the Life Empowers Anchors Hope (LEAH) foundation, said […]

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Barely two months after a popular film-maker, Seun Karim, aka Seun Egbegbe, was arrested for allegedly stealing nine iPhones valued at millions of naira, he has returned to a police station for alleged fraud. We learnt that Egbegbe was arrested around 1pm on Thursday along with one Ayo Oyekan on the Gbagada General Hospital premises […]

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The stages of development of a child starts from infancy and terminates at adulthood and each stage requires many forms of supports that are necessary to make each of the stages a successful endeavor expected to lead to the emergence of a complete and a responsible adult.

The various forms of support needed are categorized into different areas of developments viz:

1.Physical developments.

2.Emotional Developments.

3.Social Developments.

4.Financial Developments.

5.Intellectual Developments.

6.Spiritual Developments.

The perfect combination of all these should be confined in the nucleus of every child developmental curriculum.


Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical,emotional,social,financial and intellectual developments of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Parenting entails caretakers and the most common caretaker among others in parenting is the biological parents of the child in question.

What makes child bearing successful is nothing but good child rearing methods,ideology and philosophy.

Other caretakers may include viz:

  • Grandparents.
  • Legal Guardians.
  • Aunts.
  • Uncles
  • Family Members.
  • Family Friends.
  • Neighbors
  • Government and Society
  • Non-Parent blood relatives.
  • Foster care givers through adoption of orphaned children.

In addition ,parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child from the biological relationship which requires parenting skills or styles and a parent with good parenting skills or style may be referred to as a GOOD PARENT.



The description and the explanation of the concept of “good enough” parenting can be traced to the English Pediatrician and Psychoanalyst–DONALD WINNICOTT.He submitted and asserted that the concept of ‘good enough” parenting is a concept in which minimum prerequisites for healthy child development are met.

Winnicott wrote,'”The good-enough mother…starts off with an almost complete adaptation for her infants needs, and as time proceeds,she adapts less and less completely,gradually according to the infants growing ability to deal with her failure”.

From culture to culture,characteristics that make one a good or a “good enough’ parent varies.Research has shown that parental history both in terms of attachments of varying quality as well as parental psychopathology particularly in the make of adverse experiences, can strongly influence parental sensitivity and child outcome.

The outcome of development of a child from infancy to adulthood is an arduous task which is greatly dependent to a large extent on the resources pulled together by the parent or foster parent in the course of parenting.The essence of parenting that centers around responsibility with its outcome is a function of any of the four essential parenting skills or styles or the combination of the four that is maximized by parents towards the development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

In view of this,it is pertinent to delve into the four different essential parenting skills or styles that can be applied in the course of child rearing.



Parenting Skills simply connotes the overall emotional climate in the home at a particular period of time.

According to Diana Baumrind,there are four essential styles that can simply be referred to as parenting skills viz:

  • Authoritative Parenting.
  • Authoritarian Parenting.
  • Permissive Parenting.
  • Uninvolved Parenting.

Parenting skills are significantly related to children’s subsequent mental,health and well-being.The four skills of parenting involve the combinations of acceptance and responsiveness on the one hand and demand and control on the other.

While,authoritative parenting is positively related to mental health satisfaction with life,authoritarian parenting is negatively related to these variables.


Authoritative Parenting maintains a balance by combining a medium level demands on the child and a medium level responsiveness from the parents.According to Baumrind, authoritative parenting is simply described as “the just right” parenting style.The characteristics exhibited in authoritative parenting are viz:

  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Infrequent use of punishments.
  • Awareness of child’s feelings and capabilities.
  • Parents support the development of a child autonomy within a reasonable limits.
  • In an authoritative parenting,there is a give-and -take atmosphere in parents to child communication.
  • Research shows that authoritative parenting style is more beneficiary than the too-hard authoritarian style or the too soft permissive style.An example of authoritative parenting would be parents talking to their child about their emotions.


Authoritarian parenting styles symbolizes rigidity and strictness with high demands being placed on the child but parents are not responsive to the child.

In authoritarian parenting styles, obedience, adjustment,compliance and conformity to laid down rules and regulations from parents to child is enforced by punishment.

There is usually no explanation of punishment except that the child is in trouble for breaking a rule.

This parenting style is usually more strongly associated with corporal punishment such as spanking.

This is common among the working class families.


Permissive parenting is also known as indulgent parenting which is very common among the middle-class families than in the working class families.

In permissive Parenting,parents exhibits some of these characteristics viz:

  • No explicit rules involved in this style.
  • Child’s freedom and autonomy are highly valued.
  • Parents rely on reasoning and explanations.
  • Parents are highly responsive to the child’s needs.
  • Parents guarantees their child freedom from external constraints.
  • Children are generally happy.
  • Low level of control are shown by children.
  • Low level of self -reliance are exhibited by children due to non-availability of structure and standard at home.
  • Parents exhibits weakness in disciplining their children.
  • Parents are undemanding.


This parenting style is also known as neglectful parenting.This kind of parenting style is often displayed and exhibited when parents are often emotionally and physically absent.

Some of the characteristics that defines an uninvolved parenting styles are viz:

1.Little or no expectations by parents from the child.

2.Little or no communication between parents and child.

3.No responsiveness to a child’s need.

4.No demand in behavioral expectation by parents from a child.

5.Children of uninvolved parenting style tend to be a victim of another child’s deviance and may be involved in some deviance themselves.

6.Children of uninvolved parenting style suffer in social competence, academic performance,psychological development and problem behavior.



Parenting is a role and  a responsibility ordained by divinity for the entrenchment and enforcement of heavenly virtues and earthly virtues garnished with natural and cultural values that will birth the emergence of giants expected to be in-charge of the affairs of this world with preparations of legacies and code of conducts posterity will hold on to as a will and a constitution geared towards the enhancement, enactment and promotion of a balanced society that will trigger a social order which have human development being the focal point of each generation.

Without mincing words,the current waves of social disorder and the upsurge of torrential loss of values have been traced and linked to faulty background that is connected to weak parenting.

Weak Parenting can be seen being displayed at will and without any control and caution in the stratum of our society and is eaten deeply the fabrics of our society with virtues being dropped and mortgaged for vices.

Weak Parenting will simply birth the emergence of weak personality that lack self-confidence and self-esteem.According to the popular parlance:

“Self confidence makes a man,if you don’t have it,

You are twice defeated in the race of life”.

Self-confidence and self-esteem become real when the purpose of these two virtues are inculcated into the curriculum of the developmental stage of a child but it cannot be obtained through extreme pampering and cuddling being used by many parents nowadays.

Pampering kills the consciousness and sensitivity of a child to responsiveness and responsibility with such child being unable to operate under the consciousness of boldness because pampering makes self-confidence expected to be portrayed by a child being subjective to parental views and stand.

This can be submitted as a reason behind the situation when some couples get married,they still find it difficult separating or detaching themselves from the grip of parental care they have lived with for ages,making them trying to enforce some legacies in terms of dictates and demands that are originated from their parents.

“….this is how my dad used to do it or say it….”

“…my mum don’t say such…….”

These are some of the statements that are triggered by weak parenting or soft parental training that have been known to cause rift in many marriages.

Pampering a child might be thoughtful and meaningful but if it is done in excess or without a purpose,it will end up being a contributor and a facilitator of developing weaklings that has nothing to offer the larger society except fear and inferiority complex which will end up making such child a burden to the entire society.

The purpose of any approach to parenting should be channeled towards making a child better with the development of the child to be a complete human that has body,soul and spirit being developed but pampering a child might end up denying the child the opportunity of learning and knowing the essence of being a complete human being that is stable in all ways.

Pampering unjustly makes a child a liability.

It is quite appalling to observe the unpreparedness of many parents for the responsibility of parenting.They dazzled into parenting by acting on the spur of the moment and what is envogue which is obtainable and caused by demand,dictates and pressure from parents,peers and the society which end up forcing them to entered into marriage unprepared,thereby making them an unprepared parents.

An unprepared parents will offer nothing but an unprepared parental training that will end up producing unprepared offspring that are lacking and lagging behind in having the basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities to development of their immediate environment.

In the course of marriage,many married couples are guilty of having reference and respect for the lifestyle their parents trained them with,some are fond of preferring their mother-in-law and father-in-law staying with them attending to basic domestic chores in the course of their visit or stay.This is an aberration to what is expected in marriages but it becomes obtainable and visible due to the fact that many married couples are still reminiscing and basking in the euphoria of weak parenting they were brought up with.

Weak Parenting will build weak past,

Weak past will build weak future.

Thereby becoming a vicious cycle of weakness caused by weak parenting.

An unprepared parent will end up developing an unprepared wards or children that will not only be a burden to the parents but a concern to the entire society.

Pampering with all its excuses is not an evil in itself but it should be done with moderation and it should be done with a defined purpose so that its abuse will not lead to the emergence of children that lack the basic understanding of the essence of humanism and existentialism caused by their inability in knowing what is expected and expedient by them to offer as a contribution to the entire society.

On a lighter note,they end up becoming daddy’s pet and mummy’s puppet but our world needs giants that will be a trailblazers with strong hinds feet.

It is extremely pertinent for parents to raise up giants with less dependence on them by encouraging them to have a strong mind sensitive and accommodating to the challenges and vicissitude of life with accompany solutions to them one after the other.

Parents need to be firm in training and fierce in developing their children because our world needs giants and lion-hearted men with eagle-hearted women not chicken-hearted ones that will end up making our world unbearable.

Strong mind development and strong will power should be inculcated and enshrined on the wall of all our children’s mind at earlier developmental age not pampering that will lead to the emergence of weaklings and adult thumb-suckers.



There is no single or definitive model of parenting.

With an authoritarian and permissive(indulgent) parenting on opposite sides of the spectrum,most conventional and modern models of parenting fall somewhere in between.

Parenting strategies as well as behaviors and ideals of what parents expect,whether communicated and /non-verbally also play a significant role in child’s development.

On a final note:

Are you a “good enough parent”?

Which of the parenting styles suit your approach to child upbringing in the context of this article?

Which of the parenting style do you think is the best in bringing up a matured and a responsible child?






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