Why R.Kelly is cooling off in Jail?

R Kelly has been moved from a restrictive unit to the general prison population of a Chicago jail despite concerns other inmates could hurt him, US prosecutors have said.

The R&B singer was removed from the restrictive housing unit in the jail he is being held in on Tuesday, according to a filing by the federal prosecutors.


Kelly’s lawyers last week said the artist had been in solitary confinement since July, calling it “cruel and unusual punishment”.

But Tuesday’s filing said Kelly had cellmates while in the restrictive unit and that he himself asked to be kept from other inmates for fear of attack.


Prosecutors quoted Kelly as saying in a jail phone call he had seen “too many movies” about bad things happening to well-known inmates.

He faces sexual misconduct charges in Illinois, Minnesota and New York.






At a point in time when I rushed into the news of award given to Obinwanne Okeke being one of the most influential youth in Africa at an age below 30,I was swayed into deep thought asking myself many unanswerable personal questions to the point of beating myself up.
His story challenged me and I was caught up in a kind of regret somehow.
Few days ago,while I was blogging and I saw his face and his story of arrest by FBI in the United States,I wondered and pondered about my shallowness at a point to the point of asking God for forgiveness.
This is how many of us have been dealing with the situation of things around us by engaging in a rat race of virtual display of comfort and convenience on all social media platforms.
Some of us even ask God questions blaming God for our inability to have become a person of influence and achievements.
Little did some of us understand that many of the so called men and women of influence that we tag as mentors live a dirty life with skeleton in their cupboard.
The likes of R.Kelly and another American Billionaire that committed suicide in the Prison who was a close ally of Bill Clinton and Donald Trump arrested for having carnal knowledge of minors who is a convicted paedophile known as Jeffrey Epstein is a pointer to the fact that some of us needs to apply brake in our motion or movement to have mentors.
All around us,we have many motivation speakers that uses sugar coated tongues to deceive us siting examples of people who had made it without delving into how such wealth are accumulated.
At a point in time, it is in the mouth of many motivation speakers that the richest man in Africa started small but one needs to question how can a man started small with an initial capital outlay of #500 thousand in 1978?
This is a lot of money then and it is only a wealthy purse that can invest such into a business then.
So,it is an abberration and a distortion of fact and figures for anyone to tell you that Dangote started small so that you will not be caught up in the web of deception designed by our motivational speakers.
Accumulation of wealth demands time and perseverance but anyone seen getting it within a few space of time needs to be investigated, just as Invictus was investigated by FBI and the skeleton in his cupboard popped out for us to know that he is a criminal.
He is a criminal that has been celebrated and sold to us as the face of the next generation fleets of billionaire but we are disappointed seeing a young guy spending the productive part of his life cooling off in prison.
Not that it is impossible for someone at a younger age to hit the class of the wealthy a younger age but questions about such wealth are asked in a sane clime whereby the sanctity of humanity is respected and referenced.
Not like Nigerian Society whereby all we care about is wealth that has no basis.
With the recent happenings, one needs to be careful and watchful in making assumptions about the status quo of people in our society.

There is an increase in fake lifestyles and virtual lifestyles are being promoted on all social media platforms continuously.
You should never be caught up in the display of fakery.
You should remember that contentment is a great gain.
Be careful about your choice of mentors.
There are many criminals around us now.
Don’t listening to the voice of deception.

Why R.Kelly is charged for multiple federal and state sex-crime charges?

R. Kelly is now facing four sets of separate sex-crime charges, with the newest filed Monday by authorities in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman announced at a news conference in Minneapolis that Kelly is being charged with two counts of prostitution and solicitation involving a girl under 18 for an alleged incident in 2001.
Freeman said Kelly is charged in an incident involving a girl he met at a concert. The girl sought an autograph from Kelly, and he gave her the autograph and a phone number, Freeman said.


When the girl called the number she was invited to Kelly’s hotel and offered $200 to take off her clothes and dance, the prosecutor alleged. He says Kelly took his clothes off and they danced together.
Kelly is already facing multiple federal and state sex-crime charges in three separate indictments in the Eastern District of New York, in the Northern District of Illinois and in Cook County in Illinois.


“It is despicable that Mr. Kelly used his fame in order to prey on underaged girls,” Freeman said. “While there are more numerous charges in the Illinois and federal cases, we wanted to make sure that our victim here in Minneapolis also receives a measure of justice. We fully expect that at some future date, Mr. Kelly will have to account for his actions in Hennepin County.”

Freeman says his office investigated after getting a tip from a Chicago tip line.


“We felt we had more than enough to charge based on her testimony and corroboration from her brother,” Freeman told reporters. “I don’t like buying sex from minors, and I don’t think most other people do either.”

According to the criminal complaint, the woman contacted police in January (when the anti-Kelly film series, “Surviving R. Kelly,” aired on Lifetime) to report an incident that occurred the day of Kelly’s concert on July 11, 2001. She was 17 at the time.
Freeman said the three-year statute of limitations for such cases in Minnesota only applied if Kelly remained in the state, which he did not.
Kelly’s lead defense attorney, Steve Greenberg, tweeted: “Give me a break. This is beyond absurd.”


Gloria Allred, the crusading attorney who represents multiple Kelly accusers, said she represents this newest accuser of Kelly, whom she did not identify.
But she sought to clarify that her client is not a prostitute despite the language of the charges against Kelly.

“I would like to emphasize that my client is not a prostitute. She is instead a child victim of Mr. Kelly,” Allred said in a statement emailed to USA TODAY. “My understanding from law enforcement in that state is that the only available statute for which Mr. Kelly can be charged is the prostitution statute.”

She urged Minnesota to change its laws to “more properly reflect crimes” against children.

“In its present form, some victims may be fearful of coming forward because they don’t want to be classified as prostitutes, when nothing can be further from the truth,” Allred’s statement said.

At least one other accusation in a different state, Michigan, also has been under investigation: In March, the Detroit Police Department acknowledged it was investigating allegations that Kelly sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl in 2001 in Detroit. Police Chief James Craig issued a statement then saying Detroit police got a tip about the alleged crime from Chicago police.
Allred said she also represents that accuser, now an adult. She told USA TODAY that her client had been interviewed by police and was willing to testify about her allegations, but no charges have been filed in Michigan.






How R. Kelly bail application was rejected.

R. Kelly pleaded not guilty Friday to charges he sexually exploited young women and girls who attended his concerts, appearing in a federal courtroom in Brooklyn packed with his supporters. For a second time, he was denied bail, according to the U.S. attorney’s office in the Eastern District of New York.

Kelly was arraigned on a second federal indictment accusing him of being the leader of a “racketeering enterprise” that recruited women and girls for illegal sexual encounters with him, including transporting them across state lines.

In the afternoon Kelly appeared before U.S. District Judge Ann Donnelly for a status hearing, where the next hearing in the case was set for October, according to John Marzulli, spokesman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Brooklyn.


Kelly’s attorneys said he would waive his appearance for that hearing. Marzulli said he will be transported back to Chicago where is expected at hearings in August and September in the two other sex-crime cases pending against him in Illinois.

The arraignment Friday was preceded by controversy after his lawyer in the New York case, Douglas Anton, said he was unable to meet with him after he arrived from Chicago on Thursday.

Anton complained in a letter to a federal magistrate late Thursday that he couldn’t find him. Anton said federal Bureau of Prison officials, who flew Kelly into a New Jersey airport on Thursday afternoon, were unhelpful in explaining where he was so that he could meet with his client before the hearing, according to the New York Post and NBC News.

NBC posted video of Kelly arriving at New Jersey’s Teterboro Airport. Wearing a tan prison shirt and orange shoes, the R&B star had his hands cuffed in front of him and shuffled along the tarmac as an officer escorted him to a waiting pickup truck.


As of Friday morning, Kelly was in the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn; as of Thursday night, prison records showed he was still in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago.

During the status hearing before Judge Donnelly, Assistant U.S. Attorney Elizabeth Geddes said prosecutors will start turning over discovery next week.

Marzulli said both sides are working on a protective order for evidence in the case; in Chicago, the U.S. district judge presiding over that case has already issued a protective order that bars attorneys from talking publicly about new evidence in the case, a move aimed at ensuring the case isn’t tried in the media.


Kelly was represented at the arraignment by Anton, a New Jersey-based lawyer who also is Kelly’s entertainment attorney. Anton argued Kelly should be released while awaiting trial so that he could better fight charges he dismissed as “groupie remorse.”

Prosecutors argued that Kelly should be kept in jail because he’s a flight risk and a potential “danger” to the community.

Although the defense lost the bid to get Kelly released, Kelly’s lawyers said they will ask Judge Donnelly to reconsider that decision made by a federal magistrate.

Kelly is charged in a five-count indictment with racketeering, sexual exploitation of children, kidnapping, forced labor and Mann Act violations involving the coercion and transportation of women and girls in interstate commerce to engage in illegal sexual activity, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Kelly has been locked up in Chicago since July 11 on another federal indictment by the Northern District of Illinois on similar sex-crime charges, including possession and production of child pornography.

Kelly has already pleaded not guilty to the federal charges in Illinois. He was denied bond and was locked up in the Metropolitan Correctional Center in Chicago until he was taken to New York.

Kelly also is facing state sex-crime charges in Cook County. Earlier this year, he pleaded not guilty to two sets of multiple sex-crimes, including aggravated criminal sexual assault, criminal sexual assault by force, aggravated criminal sexual abuse and aggravated criminal sexual abuse against an accuser between the ages of 13 and 17.

Until he was arrested on the federal indictments, he had been free on bond in the state case.

Prior to the hearing, Anton told USA TODAY that the New York case is based on “two misdemeanors being used as predicates for a RICO (racketeering act) case.”

In a hint of his defense strategy in the New York case, Anton said the adult woman accuser in the case is also suing Kelly in civil court. Based on what she claims in that suit, Anton said, the woman traveled voluntarily to see Kelly perform and “hang out with him, like any groupie does” for more than a year.

He claimed the charges against Kelly come down to “simple ‘groupie regret’ ” by adult fans, some of whom lied about their age to make them older or younger, and who sought to hang out with “a superstar.”

“We hold the position that persecution of this particular client is an unprecedented assault against Mr. Kelly by those who seek undeserved notoriety and for their own personal gain,” Anton told USA TODAY. “Mr. Kelly is innocent until and unless proven guilty by a jury of his peers.”

Anton also has been sparing with prosecutors in the Eastern District over the charges in the case and their reasons why Kelly should be locked up until his trial. Among them: Kelly allegedly gave herpes to one of the accusers in the case, who is not named, after unprotected and undisclosed sex. Failure to disclose an infectious venereal disease is illegal in New York, U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue said in his filing.

In his 12-page response filed Tuesday with Judge Donnelly, Anton tries to dismantle the prosecution’s case for keeping Kelly locked up, and the underlying charges themselves. He specifically goes after the “Kelly gave me herpes” claim by the then-19-year-old accuser, who is also suing Kelly in civil court on the claim.

Anton mocked the government’s argument that Kelly would be dangerous due to the herpes claim if released on bond. “What is the claim in the NY case? That he will get out of jail and go randomly have unprotected sex?” Anton wrote.

Since the federal indictments, federal prosecutors in both New York and Illinois have insisted that Kelly be kept locked up pending trials. Prosecutor Geddes reiterated that on Friday, saying Kelly and his inner circle had a history of paying off and intimidating witnesses in past cases.

“There’s a serious risk he’ll attempt to obstruct justice,” Geddes said.

In Chicago, Kelly’s lead defense attorney, Steven Greenberg, has argued that Kelly has no means to flee because he has no money. Plus, he says, Kelly doesn’t like to fly.

Greenberg filed a motion Thursday in Chicago asking the judge in the case there to release Kelly pending trial, arguing that the allegations against him are “as stale as used gym socks.”

“The idea that Mr. Kelly has the means and wherewithal to obstruct any witness against him is frankly preposterous,” Greenberg wrote.

In Chicago, Kelly had been in solitary confinement in an isolated holding area as a safety precaution due to his celebrity status, according to the acting U.S. marshal in Chicago, Jason Wojdylo. At a hearing last week before U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber, Wojdylo said Kelly had “declined an opportunity” to have a cellmate or to move into general population, but he didn’t explain why.

Wojdylo also said, without explaining why, that he had concerns about transporting Kelly to New York, and asked if Kelly could enter a plea in the New York case by video from Chicago. Leinenweber said Kelly had a right to stand in person before the New York federal judge. Kelly’s attorneys said he wanted to go to New York despite the unexplained difficulties of transporting him.

Meanwhile, federal prosecutors in Illinois said at the hearing that more charges and more defendants could be added to the case there against Kelly. Assistant U.S. Attorney Angel Krull said a more far-ranging indictment is expected soon, although she offered no details.

Kelly already has two co-defendants, his ex-manager Derrel McDavid and former employee Milton Brown, who pleaded not guilty to paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to retrieve pornographic videos Kelly allegedly made, as a mean to avoid criminal charges.






Why R.Kelly jailed without an option of Bond in a sex case.

CHICAGO (AP) — A federal judge on Tuesday ordered R. Kelly held in jail without bond after a prosecutor warned that the singer accused of having sex with minors and trying to cover up the crimes would pose an extreme danger to young girls if set free.

“If he was attracted to middle school girls in 1999 then he’s still attracted to middle school girls,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Angel Krull told U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber. “That’s who the defendant is and that, your honor, makes him a danger today.”

Leinenweber said that under federal law Kelly would have to prove that he was not a danger to the public and Kelly’s attorney, Steve Greenberg, had failed to do so.

Kelly was arrested while walking his dog in Chicago last week and faces an array of sex-related charges in Chicago and New York . Appearing in court wearing an orange jumpsuit and shacked at the ankles, he said only two words, “Yes, sir,” when the judge asked him if he understood the charges. Two women who recently lived with Kelly, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, attended the court hearing Tuesday.

The ruling Tuesday means that Kelly, who pleaded not guilty to the charges contained in the Chicago indictment , will remain in custody to face a separate indictment in New York. He is charged there with racketeering, kidnapping, forced labor and the sexual exploitation of a child.

It was unclear when that hearing would be held and if he would have to be transported to New York for the hearing, or could appear via a video linkup from Chicago.

The decision to deny bond also raised the possibility that the 52-year-old Kelly could spend the rest of his life behind bars. Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor in Chicago, said that “each of the federal indictments could take one to two years to go to trial.” Depending on delays in the case, Mariotti said Kelly’s stay in jail awaiting trial could go on a lot longer than that.

Krull portrayed Kelly as a predator who went to great lengths to find young girls and kept them under his control. She said that the evidence in the federal indictments against him is overwhelming. If convicted, the maximum sentence for the charges contained in the Illinois indictment is 195 years in prison and 80 years for the charges contained in the New York indictment.

Kelly, whose real name is Robert Sylvester Kelly, was first arrested on sex-related charges in 2002 after a video of Kelly having sex with 14-year-old girl was sent to the Chicago Sun-Times. After extensive delays, a Chicago jury acquitted him in 2008 in part because the girl did not testify at the trial, Krull said Kelly was acquitted only because he paid off the victim and her family. She said the alleged victim in that video has since testified before a federal grand jury and confirmed it was her.


“Electronic monitoring can’t stop obstruction of justice, witness tampering…” Krull said. “He can entice victims to his own home.”

Kelly’s legal troubles mounted when he was arrested in February and charged with 10 counts in Illinois of sexually abusing three girls and a woman. He pleaded not guilty to those charges and was released on bail.

Then on May 30, Cook County prosecutors added 11 sex-related counts involving one of the women who accused him of sexually abusing her when she was underage. The federal charges filed last week are separate from the Illinois case.

Greenberg said preparing for trial will be a long process made even more difficult because Kelly does not know how to read and therefore someone must visit him in jail to read him the reams of documents the case will generate.

He said Kelly is no longer rich and has filed for bankruptcy.

“How could he flee?” Greenberg asked. “He has no money.”






How R.Kelly was arrested again by the New York Police Department and federal Homeland Security agents.

R&B singer R. Kelly was arrested Thursday in Chicago on federal sex trafficking charges, law enforcement sources told CBS News. Kelly was arrested by the New York Police Department and federal Homeland Security agents, a law enforcement source said.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in northern Illinois said Kelly is facing 13 counts, including child pornography, enticement of a minor to engage to engage in criminal sexual activity and obstruction of justice.

Kelly has already been charged with over 20 counts of sexual abuse. He was first charged in February with 10 counts of sexual abuse involving four women, some of them minors. In May, he was charged with an additional 11 felony counts, including some that carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.





The charges in May stemmed from accusations from Jerhonda Pace, whose allegations were recounted in the Lifetime docu-series called “Surviving R. Kelly.”


In an explosive interview with “CBS This Morning” co-host Gayle King in March, Kelly insisted none of the allegations against him were true, including accusations that he had has beaten, starved and held other women against their will — a so-called “sex cult.”


“Believe me, man! This is not me! They lying on me! They’re lying on me! I’m cool, bro,” he said standing and screaming.





R.Kelly plans to sue his ex-wife.

R. Kelly’s ex-wife is confident the singer’s court request to stop her discussing their marriage in public will be denied because he allegedly violated their divorce agreement first.

The troubled R&B musician is taking Andrea Kelly to court, claiming she has repeatedly broken the terms of the settlement they signed in 2009, which banned them from divulging details regarding “any account of their private lives, business activities, relationship with each other, marriage or circumstances surrounding the dissolution”.

The Ignition (Remix) hitmaker insists the mother of his three children, aka Drea Kelly, continues to ignore the agreement by openly discussing their fractured relationship in the press and on her U.S. reality show Growing Up Hip Hop, particularly in recent months as they battled over child support payments.


However, Drea’s attorney, Alison Motta, is now hitting back at the singer, born Robert Kelly, accusing him of effectively nullifying the agreement in 2012, when he released his autobiography, titled Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me.

In a statement issued to TMZ, Motta declares:

“Robert has not been complying with that provision of their agreement for years, even put out a book, Soulacoaster, with details of their marriage and divorce – he essentially waived that provision and is now using it as a vindictive sword to punish her (Drea) for asserting her right in domestic relations court and forcing him to comply with his financial obligations.”

“He can no longer control her with physical abuse so he’s resorting to methods of control and punishment that can be inflicted from afar,” Motta continues.

Drea previously accused Kelly of repeatedly abusing her during their relationship, which once almost drove her to take her own life.





Why R Kelly’s Ex-Wife(Andrea KELLY) cried?

Drea Kelly just can’t escape the drama surrounding her ex-husband, R. Kelly.

ET has an exclusive sneak peek at Thursday’s episode of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta, in which Drea breaks down over having to relive her experience with the musician with each new headline about him.
“As soon as I feel like, ‘OK, I got me and the kids, we got a level of normalcy, life is going,’ some headlines [appear] — being arrested to new evidence surfacing to him not paying child support. I’m like, ‘What?'” she reveals. “And what’s worse is I find out like everybody else. I’m on social media, my phone is like, ‘ping, ping!'”

ET exclusively announced in March that Drea was joining the cast of Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta amid her and Kelly’s child support battle. Kelly and Drea share three children together — Joann, 21, Jay, 19, and Robert, 17.


“These past few months have been a roller coaster of emotion,” says Drea, who spoke out against Kelly in Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries earlier this year. He has denied any wrongdoing.

“When I think about the ways that I have been abused by Robert, from being hogtied, having both of my shoulders dislocated, to being slapped, pushed, having things thrown as me, the sexual abuse, the mental abuse, words can’t even describe,” she alleges. “There’s some things that I don’t even speak anymore, that I feel like, once you give it to God, you better leave with God, because if I don’t leave it with God, I’m definitely going to be somewhere with my hands on the glass, visiting my children every other Sunday.”

Drea gets emotional in the clip, crying over being “attacked” by other women for the allegations she’s leveled against her ex. “Here I am, putting myself in a position because I want to help women, and they are attacking me!” she sobs.


Last month, Kelly was charged with 11 felony counts of sexual assault and sexual abuse related charges. Kelly has since pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Kelly’s crisis manager, Darrell Johnson, told ET at the time: “These ‘new’ charges are not really new — they are the same conduct, just charged differently, same alleged victim, same time frame, same facts. There are still four cases, not five. And we still expect the same results.”





R. Kelly’s accuser wins judgement in suit singer failed to answer

(Reuters) – A woman who accused R. Kelly of sexual abuse has won a civil case by default against the singer, after he failed to respond to her lawsuit and was a no-show in court.
The woman, who accused Kelly of repeatedly having sex with her when she was 16 years old, filed the case in Chicago in February, a day before Kelly was arrested on 10 charges of sexual abuse.

She is one of four accusers – three of whom were underage at the time of the alleged crimes – at the centre of the criminal case against Kelly, according to her lawyer, Jeffrey Deutschman. She is identified as “H.W.” in criminal court filings.

A Chicago judge on Tuesday entered a default ruling against Kelly, according to court records, after he did not respond to the lawsuit and missed the hearing.


The judge, Moira Johnson, will hear from the victim at a hearing next month before determining how much Kelly should pay in damages.

Kelly’s criminal defence attorney, Steve Greenberg, said he was not involved in the civil litigation and declined to comment.

Prosecutors say Kelly, 52, sexually assaulted three teenage girls as well as a woman. Kelly, who has faced similar allegations for decades, has pleaded not guilty to the charges and denied any wrongdoing.

He was acquitted of child pornography charges in 2008.

The lawsuit said Kelly first met the woman when she was 16 years old and initiated a sexual relationship that lasted for more than a year.

Kelly, whose first name is Robert, is an R&B star known for hits like “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Bump N’ Grind.”





R. Kelly welcomed by fans at club appearance

R. Kelly received a warm reception from ravers at an Illinois club on Saturday night (06Apr19) as he made a rare public appearance in the wake of his sexual abuse scandal.

The I Believe I Can Fly hitmaker was booked to attend the Dirty South Lounge in Springfield this weekend, and while he didn’t perform, he happily talked to fans and gave out hugs, and posed for photos with the partygoers.

He was even pictured pulling out a cigar as he enjoyed the positive attention – a far cry from the backlash he has received in the media since he was indicted on 10 felony counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse in February (19). He stands accused of behaving inappropriately with four victims, three of whom were allegedly minors at the time of the incidents.

Kelly has denied all allegations, and hours before he was due to arrive at the Dirty South Lounge, he took to Instagram to beg members of the press to leave him in peace so he could fulfill his club commitments.


“Yo, this is your boy Kells and I got an event to do tonight in Springfield, Illinois, so I want the media to take it easy on me, man,” the 52 year old said in the clip.

“This is how I got to get paid for right now. So if you see me in the club, with a couple of drinks in my hand, and chilling, please, take it easy.”

The singer previously claimed he has been struggling financially in light of the negative press he has received since longrunning sexual misconduct accusations were revisited in the damning docuseries Surviving R. Kelly.

Revelations made in the show, which aired in January (19), prompted prosecutors in Illinois and Georgia, where he has property, to launch investigations into his alleged conduct.

He also had to rely on associates to bail him out of jail following his indictment, and again in March (19) after failing to settle his child support debts with ex-wife Andrea Kelly.