“It’s all part of it. It’s no big deal. It’s about how you come back,”–Anthony Joshua.

Anthony Joshua believes that his loss to Andy Ruiz Jnr three months ago will be the making of him.

“The Muhammad Alis faced it, the Mike Tysons faced it and now I’m facing it,” Joshua said of losing his three heavyweight world title belts to Ruiz on June 1 in Manhattan, in one of heavyweight boxing’s most unexpected defeats.​


“It’s all part of it. It’s no big deal. It’s about how you come back,” said a noticeably slimmer Joshua. “I have a different challenge in my head. When you’ve walked the road once, you can do it again.”​


Wise words but the issue for Joshua, who carried the world-weary air of a man who had travelled three continents in three days – on a whirlwind media tour of the Middle East, New York and London – may not be heart and desire, but how he can change the pattern of the fight second time around after being floored four times and stopped inside seven rounds.



The pair meet again in a purpose-built stadium for 16,000 in Diriyah on the outskirts of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Dec 7 for the International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organisation titles.​

Mexican-American Ruiz, bedecked in a sombrero given to him by an adoring fan in New York on Thursday, reiterated his intention to not be a short-lived champion.​

The 29-year-old became the first Mexican heavyweight champion of the world after his triumph at Madison Square Garden, and denied that he was enjoying the good life and the spoils of victory.​

The determination to keep hold of the belts, he insisted, had not left him for one day. “Of course I still have that hunger. I just got these belts. You think I want to lose them straight away? Hell, no. I am excited, there’s no fear. It’s just crazy how I made my dreams come true.​

“It’s going to mean everything to defend the titles. December 7 the belts will be in the air, it’s either me or him. The mindset is that I think Anthony Joshua is trying to take food from my kids. My motivation is my kids and family and if anyone wants to take it away from them I’m willing to die to protect them.”​

Joshua said:

“The man did what he had to do. He was the best option when we looked at it. It was a bump, a loss, but nothing has changed in the way I view him.”​

There appears to be little animosity between the pair. The Briton has refused to indulge in any underhand comments or sleights at his foe. ​

Joshua is expected to earn close to £60 million for the contest, the most ever offered a heavyweight challenger in history without a belt.​

“It’s more myself I have to change,” explained Joshua. “I am looking at myself in the mirror and saying I know I’m better than that. Andy is still the same person. He will come game and I’ve got to change some of my bits and bobs. ​

“I was 50 per cent of the way towards getting a win, just got caught. That’s why I said it was a punch from the gods [which knocked him down in the third round]. ​

“I know how to fight. If I had to change everything now, it would be too risky. I haven’t got time to do that and make it new.”​

Victory, believes Joshua, can form part of his legacy.


“Now it’s about how to come back and hopefully the next generation will look at how I came back, how I rebuilt. But many champions like Ali and Tyson have come back from defeats. If I win, no problem. If I lose this fight and stay down, then I’ve got a problem.” 






JOSHUA VS. RUIZ JR WEIGHTS & RUNNING ORDER Heavyweight sensation makes US debut at Madison Square Garden DOORS 16:30 BOXING STARTS 16:45 8 x 3 mins Super-Welterweight contest SOULEYMANE CISSOKHO 156.8 lbs v WLADIMIR HERNANDEZ 162 lbs (Bagnolet, France) (Denver, Colorado) 17:00 EASTERN: LIVE ON SKY SPORTS BOX OFFICE 17:30 EASTERN: LIVE ON DAZN 12 […]


Anthony Joshua against Andy Ruiz Jr. rematch on Dec.7

Anthony Joshua will be heading to the Middle East on December 7 as the deposed heavyweight boxing champion attempts to wrest back three of the four principal world title belts on neutral territory from nemesis Andy Ruiz Jr, The Telegraph can reveal.

It is understood by Telegraph Sport that it will be announced officially today that the Londoner will face the Californian for the IBF, WBA and WBO titles in Riyadh with Saudi Arabian sports entities – with DAZN in the USA and Sky Box Office in the UK airing the championship fight – having put up close to 100 million US dollars for the contest to take place there, according to sources.

There were other options. An offer was tabled by the Dubai authorities while Cardiff’s Principality Stadium was also in the running for the much-anticipated rematch after Ruiz stopped Joshua at Madison Square Garden in New York on June 1, in one of the most seismic upsets ever witnessed in the history of heavyweight boxing.

On a dramatic night, having been dropped to the canvas himself by Joshua in the third round, Ruiz then responded by felling the Briton twice that round, before referee Mike Griffin waved the fight off in the seventh round with Joshua having been felled twice more, and in his view, not fit to continue.


Ruiz had taken the fight on five and a half weeks notice, after Joshua’s original opponent Jarrell Miller had tested positive for three banned substances in random tests leading up to the June 1 contest.

In the last eleven months, Saudi Arabia has hosted two major bouts involving high profile British boxers. In September last year the World Boxing Super Series super-middleweight tournament final between Callum Smith and George Groves took place in Jeddah, won by Smith, along with Amir Khan’s last contest last month against the Australian Billy Dib.

It is also expected that British heavyweight Tyson Fury’s next contest will be announced imminently for September 14 in Las Vegas against Sweden’s Otto Wallin.






Ruiz demand costly rematch.

These negotiations should be fun!

As Andy Ruiz Jr. continues to be the talk of the town (or really the whole boxing world) after upsetting Anthony Joshua last weekend to become unified heavyweight champion, the titleholder talks to Fight Hub TV about plans for the rematch, and why he’s going to demand huge money if Team Joshua wants to fight on their own home turf.


Ruiz on what the last week has been like since becoming champion:

“You know what, it’s been a little crazy. You know, coming from New York over here, doing a lot of interviews, a lot of press, I haven’t gone to see my kids or my wife or nothing like that. But, you know, I’m really excited that I won the world heavyweight champion and I became history, so I’m excited for that.

On his life changing overnight:

“Yep, it sure did, and all the hard work and dedication I’ve been doing with Manny Robles and having all the right people around me, it’s not a one-job thing, you know? But I just thank God.”


On his trainer predicting that he would knock Joshua out:

“He had a dream, and my dad — a lot of people had dreams that I knocked him down and it’s crazy. And what do you know, I’m knocking him down.”

On what he was thinking during the first round of the fight, sizing Joshua up:

“I think from the first round to the third round I was just trying to get a feel from him, you know? Both of us was trying to see what we both got, you know? And it’s like a little warm-up thing because we still have 12 other rounds. But what do you know, he dropped me in the third round, my first time being on the canvas, I got up like a true warrior would and knocked him back down.”

On what his first thought was when he got dropped for the first time in his career:

“I was a little surprised. I was like ‘What the hell?’ a little shocked, you know, because I’ve never been down in the canvas, I don’t know how it felt. But it’s kinda like a little numb part where you’re on the floor, your eyes close, you wake up like ‘What the hell, I’m on the floor.’ But I felt good, I got up. I got up good, I took a breather and I was just thinking ‘Come on, God, give me power. Please, God!’ That’s what I was saying when I got knocked down and what do you know, Anthony comes at me trying to finish me off. I moved and got him with the left hook and ever since I got him with that left hook it hasn’t changed — he didn’t change.”

On if he knew Joshua didn’t want anymore after the last knockdown when Joshua went back to his corner and put his arms on the ropes:

“There’s nothing left. I think if the referee wouldn’t have stopped it, I think I would’ve knocked him out in a dramatic other way. But, you know, the ref does his job but I did my job, for sure.”

On how hard Joshua hits:

“Well he hits pretty hard if he put me on the canvas, you know?…I think it was a lucky shot of him putting me on the canvas, but those lucky shots could end the night. But the warrior that I am, the Mexican blood that I have inside of me made me get up and win the fight.”

On what’s the status of the rematch with Joshua:

“Yeah, I think they did say November/December but right now my team, they’re negotiating everything right now, you know, and I just gotta stay busy, stay healthy, and be ready for the rematch.”

On Team Joshua wanting the rematch in the U.K. and whether he has the power to shut that down and force the rematch here in the U.S.:

“I would love it to be here in the United States or in Mexico, you know. But, hey, it all depends on the team and what we negotiate. You know, if they want me to go over there they have to give me $50 million dollars. It they wanna come over there, you know — it’s just negotiations.”

On how he thinks a rematch would play out, and whether or not he thinks it would be the same kind of fight:

“We all have improvements to make and we always learn as boxers, we always have stuff to learn. And I think if we do the rematch he’s gonna be a little bit more cautious. I think he’s gonna try to box me around [the ring] but Anthony’s not good moving back, moving around.

“But if we both exchange punches I’m easily gonna — I have the faster hands and I can take a punch.”

On his thoughts on media pundits like Stephen A. Smith basically trashing his win based on his physical appearance:

“Everyone has their comments and their differences but no hard feelings to the people that are trying to talk down about the fight and whatnot. But shoutout to Steph, or whatever his name is.”

On if he thinks a fight against Deontay Wilder will ultimately be the fight for the undisputed championship:

“You know what? In this boxing game, especially the heavyweight game, you never know because it only takes one punch to change the whole fight and the situation…But who knows, I think it’s gonna be a really exciting fight against Wilder and Ortiz. To me, I think Wilder’s gonna win, you know? Ortiz is a little bit older but I’d love to get in there with Wilder as well. I think that’s the only belt that I’m missing and to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world I need that belt.”





I’m a soldier, and I have to take my ups and my downs–Anthony Joshua.

Former undefeated and unified heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua took to his YouTube channel Wednesday to reflect on his shocking loss to Andy Ruiz Jr. at Madison Square Garden on Saturday. The heavyweight division was blown wide open when the massive underdog Mexican shocked the world to take the WBA, WBO, IBF and IBO titles.

“I have to take my loss like a man, no blaming anyone, no blaming anything.” Joshua said. “I’m the one who went in there to perform, and my performance didn’t go to plan. My game plan didn’t go to plan, so I have to readjust, analyze, do my best to correct it and get the job done in the rematch.

“Congratulations to Andy Ruiz, he has six months or so to be champion, because the belts go into the air and he has to defend the title against myself. Within our contract we were negotiating we added some clauses, as you do. So naturally we added a rematch clause, date, location and so on.

“I would not mind if it was in New York again, I wouldn’t mind if it was in England.”

The rematch was announced Tuesday by Joshua’s promoter, Eddie Hearn. But the date and location are yet to be confirmed.

Joshua also dismissed a couple of the rumors that have been making the rounds since his defeat.
“About the fight, look, the whole training camp team pulled together and done a great job,” he said. “I started my camp off in Sheffield (England), which I normally do, anyway. Was working there for about six weeks, seven weeks cracking on, came to New York, continue my press tour. There was a lot of issues going on with this fight with Jarrell Miller, (Luiz) Ortiz pulling out, (Andy) Ruiz stepping in, but it all makes for the drama show, the entertainment of heavyweight boxing.


“So, I traveled here, done my press conference, and then I’ve gone to Miami. The set up was spot-on. I didn’t go out expect for lunch one day, out in the open. Other days the chef in-house was cooking, eating in-house and so on. No contaminated food. I know there’s a lot of accusations and worries about what was wrong with me, but I want to tell you this: I’m a soldier, and I have to take my ups and my downs, and on Saturday I took a loss, and I have to take it like a man and that’s why one of my sayings is, ‘never let success get to your head and never let your failures get to your heart.'”

Added Joshua: “I had no panic attack. I’m not that type of person. You know me.”





What went wrong that a pot-bellied Ruiz destroyed Six-Pack Joshua?

NEW YORK (AP) — Andy Ruiz Jr. had six weeks to prepare for the fight of his life.

He’ll have a lifetime to celebrate one of boxing’s biggest heavyweight stunners.

A massive underdog just like Buster Douglas, Ruiz knocked down British champion Anthony Joshua four times — four! — and the final two in the seventh round proved the decisive blows.

Ruiz, the first heavyweight of Mexican descent to win a heavyweight title, capped one of boxing’s epic upsets to win Joshua’s shares of the heavyweight championship Saturday night at Madison Square Garden.

“I just feel so good, man,” Ruiz said. “This is what I’ve been dreaming about, this is what I’ve been working hard for. I can’t believe I just made my dreams come true.”

Ruiz etched his name in heavyweight lore by TKO at 1:27 in the seventh round to become the surprise champ in a bout that had shades of Douglas’ upset over Mike Tyson for the heavyweight title in 1990. Ruiz barely was on anyone’s heavyweight radar when he was summoned as a replacement to fight the undefeated Joshua in front of a packed Garden.

Considered a joke by fans, all Ruiz did was dominate the British champion and used a TKO to turn his life and the heavyweight division upside down. The 270-pound heavyset heavyweight knocked down Joshua twice in the third round and did it two more times in the seventh before referee Mike Griffin ended the fight. Joshua was woozy and seemed to stumble toward the wrong corner after the final blow.

Ruiz stepped in after fighting on April 20, when he stopped Alexander Dimitrenko. Jarrell Miller’s failed drug tests sent the challenger to the sideline and paved the way for Ruiz’s unexpected title shot. Ruiz (33-1, 21 KO’s) seized the opportunity and made boxing history to win the WBA/IBF/WBO/IBO championships. He raised his arms in celebration and jumped around the ring as his corner quickly mobbed him and a wild celebration kicked off.

“I’ve got that Mexican blood in me,” he said. “Talking about the Mexican style? I just proved it.”

The true shock might have been that the Garden was packed on a Saturday night for a fight few expected to be competitive. Yes, Ruiz is up there with Douglas and Hasim Rahman for who-can-believe-it wins, but casual sports fans don’t even know the names of most boxing champions — consider, instead of pay-per-view parties, this card was streamed by DAZN.

When ring announcer Michael Buffer announced the name of the judges “should this fight go the distance,” fans laughed at the ridiculous possibility as Ruiz was an ultimate underdog.

Joshua (22-1, 22 KO’s) and Ruiz were both knocked down in an electrifying third round that had the sellout crowd of 20,201 howling with each heavy hit. Joshua knocked down Ruiz early in the round and the promise of an early finish seemed horizon.

Ruiz, his trunks a bit too low for his portly frame, came right back and used an overhand right that rocked the champ and sent him to the canvas. Joshua recovered only to get pummeled in the corner. Ruiz knocked him down again in the final ticks of the round as fans in a disbelieving Garden crowd screamed “Oh my God!” Again, Joshua beat the count but the bell saved the Brit from a going a second longer in his weakened state. Had it not been a championship fight, perhaps Griffin would have stopped the bout.

Alas, for Joshua, it went on.

Ruiz, whose father, a native of Mexico, got him into the gym when he was 6 and had his son in bouts a year later, shook up the boxing world. Johsua was the fan favorite and had all the hype for his first fight in the United States.

“If it wasn’t for my dad, I wouldn’t be here,” Ruiz said.

NBA star Kyrie Irving and rapper Meek Mill were among the celebrities in the house expecting Joshua to roll to a win and set up more ambitious, lucrative bouts against the likes of Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder and a few other potential opponents.

“Sorry I let my fans down, sorry I let my supporters down,” Joshua said.

Ruiz made some new ones.

“It is never over until it’s over with the Mexicans. God bless them. Congrats Andy Ruiz,” former UFC champion Conor McGregor tweeted.

Wilder, owner of the WBC crown, decided to give Luis Ortiz a rematch. Ortiz battered Wilder for parts of their fight in early 2018 before running out of gas and getting knocked out.

Wilder tried to steal the headlines this week when he announced his rematch with Fury was set for 2020. Wilder and Fury fought to a split draw in December in Los Angeles, with Wilder retaining his WBC heavyweight title after knocking down his British challenger twice.

Joshua instead heads toward a likely rematch against Ruiz later this year.

Fans booed when Ruiz was shown on the big screen holding a personalized Knicks jersey. He walked out to his press conference wearing the jersey — his coronation complete, a table full of championship belts all for him.

“My life is going to change,” he said. “I don’t have to show them no more.”





‘I’ll fight anybody, just get me an opponent’ – Anthony Joshua vows to keep US debut despite Jarrell Miller drugs failure

Heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has pledged that his American debut will go ahead as planned at Madison Square Garden in six weeks’ time after his original opponent Jarrell Miller tested positive for a banned performance-enhancing steroid.

The positive result for the drug GW1516 came from a random urine test which the unbeaten Miller had taken for the Nevada-based Voluntary Anti-Doping Association on March 20. Joshua had also undergone a similar test.

Miller, of Brooklyn, who was set to earn a career-high $6 million (£4.6 million) purse to challenge the Briton for three of the world title belts, was denied a licence to fight on Wednesday evening and replacements for Miller are being sought.

Eddie Hearn, Joshua’s promoter, told Telegraph Sport: “We are talking to other potential opponents. The first person I called when I learnt the news was Anthony, and he said ‘I’ll fight anybody. The event goes on. Just get me an opponent’.

“We had a dozen calls from fighters wanting an opportunity and we will go through the serious ones. Anyone in the top 15 in the world is acceptable, but the higher ranked, the bigger the name, the better.


“In an ideal world, we would prefer it to be an American opponent, but there are 17,000 tickets sold and 10,000 Brits are flying over. How many of those were coming to watch Miller?”
Former world title challenger Luis Ortiz or Polish fighter Adam Kownacki are potential replacements, but even Joe Joyce, the Olympic silver medallist and Commonwealth Games gold medallist put himself forward, although he is only 8-0 as a professional, as did Joseph Parker, who lost his World Boxing Organisation belt to Joshua in Cardiff a year ago.

“I’m ready to go,” Parker said on Wednesday. Another possible opponent is Londoner Dillian Whyte, who is ranked fourth with the World Boxing Association, though turned down a fight with Joshua scheduled for Wembley Stadium on April 13, saying he was unhappy with the deal and the timings. “Is Dillian Whyte in the mix? I don’t think so…” Hearn said. “Our plan is for him to fight in July.


“If he wanted the fight on June 1, AJ would take it. We are obviously moving into action and we are going to have a replacement standing by.”

Meanwhile in New York, Amir Khan went head to head with Terence Crawford, the World Boxing Organisation champion, at a news conference ahead of their welterweight clash at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. Khan said that he is “inspired” by the support of the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard, revealing to Telegraph Sport that he abstains from sex for six weeks leading into his fights. Some boxers believe abstinence helps them retain vim for training and the contest itself.
“I’ve always been like that, I like to be getting into fight mode without thoughts of that, so from about six weeks out there is no sex,” said Khan. “It’s something different boxers do differently. I’ve even had my own apartment training for this fight. I think staying away from sex just keeps you more in your animal spirit side, retaining something inside you.”





‘Devastated’ Jarrell Miller to appeal decision to revoke his licence for doping test failure

Jarrell Miller says he has “never knowingly taken any banned substance” and intends to appeal against the decision to revoke his licence following an adverse doping test.

Miller, who was due to fight British heavyweight Anthony Joshua in his native New York on June 1, produced an adverse result for a metabolic modulator in testing carried out on March 20 by the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA).

He retains the right to request another sample be tested and to reapply for a licence, and has now stated his intention to “vigorously appeal” against the decision.

“I am absolutely devastated upon hearing the news my boxing licence has been revoked in NY State and I will be vigorously appealing this decision,” he wrote on Instagram.

“I have NEVER knowingly taken any banned substance and when I found out the news last night I was totally shocked.

“My team and I stand for integrity, decency & honesty and together we will stand to fight this with everything we have!

Joshua’s camp are still working towards a fight at Madison Square Garden on June 1, with Matchroom chief executive Frank Smith stating on Wednesday night that his organisation were “looking at other potential opponents”.
Miller continued: “This was a voluntary test that I was very happy to do and these results came just one week after another voluntary test that I had taken which was completely clean.

“I refuse to just lie down and let my dream be taken away from me when I know in my heart that I’ve done nothing wrong.

“Fifteen years of hard work. I’m a WARRIOR .. I don’t need a banned substance.

“Remember, don’t believe everything you hear and see. The facts will prevail and I shall be vindicated. I don’t have anything to hide and the truth will make itself known.”





Anthony Joshua’s opponent, Jarrell Miller, submits positive PED test

Unbeaten heavyweight Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller of Brooklyn, N.Y., has submitted a positive test for a banned performance-enhancing substance, throwing into peril his fight against three-belt champion Anthony Joshua on June 1.

The positive test, first reported by ESPN.com, stemmed from a random urine test Miller (23-0-1, 20 knockouts) took March 20.

While Miller co-promoter Dmitry Salita said in the ESPN report that he is “obtaining further information,” and that Miller “continues to train for his June 1 fight against Anthony Joshua,” it would likely take a negative B sample and significant new information for the New York State Athletic Commission to approve Miller for the bout at Madison Square Garden.

Miller was reportedly due to earn $4.5 million to fight Joshua.


Joshua promoter Eddie Hearn confirmed he’s been informed by the Nevada-based Voluntary Anti-Doping Assn. of Miller’s positive test, and said he’s awaiting further guidance from the New York commission.

Asked who’d be next in line for the important date that Joshua plans to keep, Hearn told the Los Angeles Times in a text message, “Anyone who wants it! Can’t rule anyone out.”

The substance found in Miller, GW1516, was identified by BALCO founder Victor Conte as a selective androgen receptor modulator.

“It is basically like a steroid that targets muscle tissue only and not organs,” Conte wrote to The Times in a text message. “Potent and effective anabolic substance … .”

Joshua’s two most prominent possible opponents, World Boxing Council champion Deontay Wilder and unbeaten lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, each have upcoming fights, with Wilder to meet Eastvale’s Dominic Breazeale May 18 in Brooklyn, and Fury taking a stay busy bout in Las Vegas June 15.

Joshua’s International Boxing Federation mandatory foe, Bulgaria’s Kubrat Pulev, is suspended by the California State Athletic Commission after kissing a female reporter on the lips to close her post-fight interview with him in Costa Mesa last month, and Pulev’s disciplinary hearing is scheduled May 14 after he suffered a bad cut in his victory.

Another top-ranked contender, England’s Dillian Whyte, previously had a falling out with Hearn, so the promoter’s interest in initiating contact with Whyte appears unlikely.