No to domestic violence!!!—(3 MINUTES READ).

Marriage was covenanted and instituted to be enjoyed but not to be endured.God instituted marriage with a covenant for the purpose of enjoyment and procreation right from the beginning of time.



Just as everything in existence on the surface of the earth faced a kind of paradigm shift after the fall of man as a result of sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden,so also the institution of marriage have its own fair share.



Though,the issue of domestic violence in its variety has been in existence from time immemorial but the upsurge of its occurrence recently is mind-boggling and mind blowing  and heart melting.



To an extent the institution of marriage is expected by divinity to be respected and maintained carefully by all the parties involved due to the vows and covenant it is premised and founded upon but nobody can deny the deviation in the context and concept of the institution of marriage  as it is obtainable  recently cutting across race and tribe globally.



There have been stories of battering,emotional and psychological abuse with maiming and killing in so many marital institutions recently which is a deviation of what is expected to be the outcome of the institution of marriage.




The scripture frowned against divorce but the scripture is also not in support of any marriage that will endanger the lifes of the parties involved.



Without mincing words,no marriage is worth dying for no matter how rosy or roughened the marriage might be.



It is better to part with your life intact than to part with your life snuffed out in the course of managing or maintaining any marriage. due to the negative orientation and the stigmatization of our society viewing divorce and separation as a sacrilege and a taboo especially in African Society.


DV 2

Once any trace of sinister and threat to life started showing its ugly face in your marriage,you should not be floppy and sluggish in calling it quit because nothing is worthy enough to be mortgaged or used in replacement for our life.



Life is sanctimonious and sacrilegious above everything in existential on the surface of the earth.It is expediently expected for everyone as a custodian of life to do everything reasonable to protect the life given by God.



Violence and all forms of abuse should be prevented from eating the fabrics of our marriage.It should not be allowed to swallow up the essence of marital bliss desired by God for every human being.It destroy  homes and it increases the rise in the occurrence of single parenting that has been viewed as one of the reason for the decadence that is on the increase in our society.


DV 1



Without any iota of doubt,successful marriage can never be obtained on a platter of gold.It requires selflessness and sacrifices that is devoid of self-centredness.All the parties involved need to be responsible and responsive to physical,spiritual,financial,emotional and psychological needs and necessities of the family because irresponsibility and irresponsiveness of one partner triggers the abuse and violence and the effects of this ends up destroying the beauty of the institution of marriage.



Life is good.

Protect yourself .

Don’t be careless about your life.

Life is beautiful.

No to domestic violence!


No to violence against women(VAW)!!


Every form of domestic violence is anti-human and it is cancercerous and malignant to the existence of humanity.


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Do you know HIM?(2 MINUTES READ)

Without mincing words,without any shadow,without any coloration,without any shade and without any dim,giving is giving no matter how irrelevant,insignificant and inconsequential it might be.What matters when we give are:

1.The cost

2.The heart

3.The motive

Giving can never be too small or too much.Whenever it gets to a point whereby we think we have nothing to dole out in giving to others,we should sacrifice ourselves and time to service the needs and benefits of others without any flash of resentment and exhibition of reluctance.

Like never before,humanity is in need of sacrifices that are tangible and substantial enough to pull mankind out of the abyss and doldrums of extreme penury and abject poverty.

This simply signifies that giving should be an art and a culture that should be endless and continuous because the essence of our existence on earth is not just to be around and fill a space but to contribute our quota to meet the needs of others around us.

Our world needs selfless service and sacrificial endeavours that will cater for the needs of the present generation and that of posterity like never before.As new births are recorded with a soaring population across the globe,this is a confirmation that more people will be in need of one thing or the other.


The imbalance that is obtainable in every stratum of our global society will be defeated once the haves are going a long way in meeting the needs of the haves not in deeds and in sacrifice.

No matter how unimportant we think we are,someone very close to us believe in us and thinks that we are important in meeting his or her immediate needs.

As a matter of fact God believed in giving to the point of death that he gave His only begotten Son for our salvation and the redemption of the world from the grip of darkness and stronghold of hell which was triggered and orchestrated by sin committed by Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden which was coined and regarded as the fall of Man.

Since then,God has been looking for a way to reconcile humanity back to Him in order for mankind to reign supreme in glory.

Nothing can be compared to giving a life in exchange for the lost soul of men.

The greatest gift ever was given through the shedding of blood on the Mount of Calvary by Jesus Christ the Son of God.

JESUS CHRIST–The greatest giver ever.

Do you know Him?

The greatest sacrifice ever paid for the salvation and redemption of mankind was through the shedding of blood of a man called JESUS CHRIST.

However, despite HIS-JESUS CHRIST’S show of sacrifical love,the heart of many are still in quandary of believing whether HIS–JESUS CHRIST death and ressurection is real and many submitted that it is just a fairy tale.

I want to tell you that Jesus Christs’ message of redemption is as real as the life we are living.HIS–JESUS CHRISTS’ death and ressurection assures us all of victory on earth and reignship in eternity.

Nothing is better than accepting JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and saviour.In HIM, the hope of the future is assured.





God is waiting!God is watching!!—(3 minutes read)

The significance of every moment remains irrelevant until premium is placed on the tickling of the clock that announces subtly the passing and the disappearance of our lifespan with the feebleness of our life.

Moments are the elements that make up our life in aggregate and in totality,no matter how insignificant our life might be,moments are simply the fragments and fractions of our lifetime which counts and add up in bits to either mar or make the essence of our existence.

Humanity has been prone to spend a bunch of available moments to discover the essence of creation but little has been gotten as a result from the discovery.And the search for an answer we are known for has been a recurrent decimal and denomination for ages .


god is watching 3

It is a pity that the whole essence of our existence need not to be searched for once the relationship between the creator and the creature is firmly established.Without mincing words,the whole essence of every human existence rallies deeply in the relationship between God and man.

Discovering the essence of our existence comes to bear without any shade and dim when our service to better the lot of mankind and other creature in existence is paramount to us and it is carried out within the confines of the plan and purpose of God.

Confusion that is available and obtainable in every facet of human endeavor can be traced as the outcome of the disconnect that occurred when the original manual and manuscript of creation were replaced with man’s ideology and philosophy which is prone to trial and error with endless mistake and imbalance.

The yearnings of mankind to be independent of its source and origin is the reason for the upsurge of confusion that is tearing the fabrics and stratum of human existence apart.

No doubt about it,every nooks and crannies of the earth is burning with challenges and vicissitude being the order of the day.It is until when there is a genuine repentance and return to the content of the original manual and manuscripts of creation with every effort geared towards abiding by the instructions of the manual and manuscripts that the abysmal confusion humanity is thrown into will be defeated and deflated.

An endless search for solution to the alarming problem humanity is facing will disappear when we are ready to comply and conform in totality and not in part to the commandments of God.

Reluctance and part obedience simply connotes disobedience

God is your source.

God is waiting.

Go back to HIM.

He has all answers to your questions.

Nobody that is existing on earth can claim total freedom from the maker of heaven and earth.We are all products of God’s ingenuity and creation with all that is in display on earthly pedestal.

Staying away from God is simply a means of expressing ingratitude that every human is known for .The acknowledgement of God in all that concern us is what makes us to be appreciative of what God has done for us in creatiing a world that is accommodating for every human to exist.

Your living without the knowledge of God is an insult and a slap to God’s personality but the mercy of God has given us an ample opportunity to return to God  before it is too late.

Your acknowledgement of God will save you from the perilious time.




Rice—Our cultural Inheritance. –(4 Minutes Read).

Some couples of days ago,sometimes last week,every tabloid and social media platforms were engulfed with the news of massive availability of rice from one of the eastern Nigeria States,precisely Ebonyi State coupled with the utterances that was traced to the state helmsman that there will be an all out ban and total destruction of imported rice in Ebonyi State.


As it is before,this generated a lot of comments,outrages and unending furore that center around differential opinion on this issue that boils down to a common single staple food that has been outside the reach of the common man since this present administration declared a different uncommon stand in their approach to the importation of rice.


No doubt about it,this administration has taken a firm stand that will encourage the local content initiatives that past administration has been clamoring about,which will launch Nigeria into the realm of prosperity since it will boost employment generation and foreign exchange reserve will jack up.

Rice Plantation

On the contrary,this administration failed in preparing for the negative effect of their economic policy that it is being witnessed in the form of skyrocketed prices of a bag of rice which has not been affordable by many Nigerian, although the high dollar to naira exchange rate contributed immensely to this upsurge in price.What is expected from the present day government is that palliatives that will cushion the effect of hike in the price of rice should have been put in place before the outright ban for waiver granted to rice importers is scrapped.


As the news about the massive availability and production of local rice becomes ripe and matured some few weeks ago,it is quite disappointing for this present administration to mouth that Nigeria as a nation will soon be exporting rice to enhance and boost foreign exchange earning.This can be described without any iota of doubt as a situation of misplaced priority by the government of the day.


Reason demand that the government of the day should be bothered about how the production and availability of rice can satisfy and meet up with our local and internal consumption demand.


Elementary economics about the principle of demand and supply hinges on the fact that when supply of a commodity is higher than the demand,price of such commodity will crash without any struggle.


At this moment in our national existence, as a nation finding solutions to many challenges pummeling the fabrics of our national existence,a sensitive,responsible and responsive government should fashion out ways by which the prices of common commodities in the market will be available and affordable to the common man.It defeats any form a reasoning for the government of the day to be bothered about boosting foreign exchange earnings when tour citizenry are being ravaged with famine and hunger.


The yearnings of every Nigerians on a daily basis is that the prices of rice should crash in no distance time since rice is one of the staple food commodity that has been entrenched as a culture in the Nigerian culture for so many decades.


It will be a disappointment for Nigerians if what they have been used to for forlorn years is taking away from them because of an economic policy that seems to be one-sided or lopsided.


The consumption of rice has found a solid foundation in our cultural values across the length and breadth of our country,it can be described as one of the unifying factors.It will tantamount to irresponsibility and wickedness for any government to take it away from us because it has become a heirloom that has been passed from one generation to another in Nigeria.Every decision and policies from the present day government must be marshaled to preserve this custom by all means because posterity might demand an explanation for it one day.


 In conclusion,local production of rice and other staple foods massively is a welcome development and it must be maximized and optimized to tackle and banish unemployment,famine and hunger in our land.


A hungry man is an angry man.


Lets support the local content initiative that will empower our nation to feed her people.


God bless Nigeria.





My thought…..(2 Minutes Read)

Can our world know peace without our world being torn into pieces by war?


Can there be prosperity without our penury in our world,


Can there be hailing without wailing in our world,


wordsmith scribe (3)


Can there be abundance without lack in our world,


Can there be kindness without wickedness in our world,


Can there be upliftment for all without some people being pulled down,


Can our world be a true reflection of all her inhabitants,


Can our world be filled with voices without noise from others,


Can humanity exists in integrity and dignity without any human rights abuse,


This is the mind of a troubled man who is looking for solutions to all the challenges


that is tearing the fabrics of human existence.


I looked around with no one around to give me an answer to the seas of questions

bothering my mind.

Heaven Please!!!


I need an answer.