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Daily Blog nugget.



This is the daily blog Nugget for today.

It is centres around relationship, inspiration and motivation.

It intends been a source of value addition that will enhance that the overall beauty of humanity is achieved .


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It was at the point of writing this message that was initially titled as:


THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST AS IT RELATES TO YOU that I ran into this particular word called:




For the sake of simplicity and to prevent my reader from checking for the meaning,it is necessary that I start my write up with the meaning of this word.


According to wikitionary:


Anastasis (plural anastases) is a recovery from a debilitating condition, especially irradiation of human tissue. rebirth. (Christianity) resurrection, especially the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Having settling the dictionary meaning of this word,it is now easy for you and I to read my message as it relates to you and I in this Easter season that is all about commemorating the suffering,death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


In spite the fact that Jesus Christ spent His time and season with twelve disciples and He was able to explain and describe what His views,vision and mission of His ministry on earth is all about,one could see that it was the people around Him that finds it hard and difficult to understand Him and see reasons in whatever He told them.


The twelve disciples were aware of the resurrection of Jesus Christ before He died and they listened to Him telling them about what will happen to Him.


In spite of all these,one can see that when the reality of resurrection happened,it was recorded that some women went to check His tomb early in the morning and they find out that He was not there again.


At this point,His disciples were no where to be found.They locked themselves inside due to fear of the unknown.


Even when the women that checked His tomb delivered what they saw to other disciples,they didn’t believe them until they run down to check by themselves.


All these references can be seen clearly in the book of Luke 24.


Now,how does this relates to you?


Life is all about relationship and every human being is a product of one relationship or the other accompanied with the fact that your success in life is a function of the quality of relationship you are into in one way or the other.


The best of every human is a product of the quality of relationship such a person is into in one way or the other.


Relationship is key.


Jesus Christ has His own and He started His ministry by searching and selecting them one after the other.


It can be concluded that the success of His earthly Ministry prospered on the quality of the search and selection of people that worked with Him.


Reflecting on His death and resurrection as it was chronicled in Luke 24,this is how the lesson of His death and resurrection relates to you.


The reflections are:


1.You are defined by the quality of people around you.You are a reflection of what these people are and you are an ambassador of their principles and doctrines.So,it is pertinent that your sort of relationship you seek for is in accordance to your principles and doctrines in life.


2.No matter how careful you are in choosing your inner caucus,get prepared for backstabbing and betrayal.People that you think will stand in the gap for you when the chips are down,will run away and locked themselves up in a place due to fear and some might not want to associate with you when you are in trouble.The disciples ran away,locked themselves up and chickened out just because Jesus Christ was treated as a criminal.


3.Those that will remember you and care for you are people that are far away from you.People that you didn’t expect that they will stand for you are the one that will look out for you.The kind of Mary Magdalene and all other women that defy fear and shame remembered the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day and went ahead to confirm what He told them.
In the course of His earthly ministry,these women were unknown but the disciples that were known buried their heads in fear and shame when the chips were down.







4.It is when you are in trouble that you will understand that people that are always around you are just there for you due to what they are receiving from you.When what they are getting from you is over,they will all fizzle out within a space of time.This is when you will observe that no one believe you and all the principles you shared with them are nothing to them.
This is the reason when those women were telling the disciples about Jesus Christ not being found at the tomb,they think those women did not know what they are talking about.This simply means that what Jesus Christ told them about His death and resurrection were mere fables to them,hence this polished their faithlessness.


5.Always expect the unexpected.People around you will be the first set of people that will not believe your story of conquest and victory at the end.They will doubt it and argue when you become successful. The disciples rushed down to the tomb to confirm their doubt and disbelief.So,you should expect this in the course of your relationship with people.


6.The best set of people you can help without being hurt is people that has no attachment with you,People that are close to you will end up hurting you and turn you into an object of shame and reproach once you are unable to attend to their needs.


These are some of the reflections I have encountered and experienced in life and reading about it on the pages of the scripture today made me to understand that human beings are the-same from one generation to the other.


In any of your caucus,there will be Judas Iscariot and there will be Simon Peters.


While you will be betrayed by some,others will deny you.


No matter how careful you are,they might all betray you and they might all deny you.


All of them might be Judas Iscariot and all of them might be Simon Peters.


In your bid to have good relationship with people,always watch out for those who will stab you at the back,those who will look down of you and make you to look worthless and valueless, those narcissist they think about themselves alone and once you rescind their selfish idea,you will end up becoming their enemy.


Without any iota of doubt,I believed I have shared my Easter message with you.




The first Easter ever without a Church Service.


The first low key Easter celebration ever witnessed by me.










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Practically, I realized that there is always the right time for everything we desired.


No doubt about it, our intention constitutes a major force that drives us into success to a large extent.


While the title of this great book has been with me many years ago, I was unable to have a complete manuscript.





Just be deciding to break limit in this year, I made it a target and it is quite surprising how my target is gradually becoming a book.


I wondered and pondered about the flow of words and I am greatly astonished how I have been able to move ahead without any hitch or clog with the frequency of words at the peak.












Now, the next chapter is being added gradually.



In life, you are going to experience low and high moment in your journey.People will pull you down and look down on you just because of envy and their inability to match up with the speed of your success.


They will talk you down and tell you more than one million ways by which you cannot achieve your intending feat.


Recently, I realized that no matter how long you spend with some so called friends and colleagues, you can never amount to anything.


Practically, I noticed that this has been my recent experience as I observed that I have been able to get my desires done when I was able to define my path far away from a particular personality.


The Spirit of some people around you is too toxic,acidic and poisonous that if you fail to do something about pushing them aside in your journey,you might end up been on a spot like them.


If you are not really in alignment with this,kindly check and read about the relationship of Abraham and Lot for you to understand the necessity of relationship in been a good determinant of how glorious your destiny would be.



Check yourself so that your destiny will not be checkmated by the wrong relationship you entangled yourself with.


The kind of company you belong to determines what accompanies you.


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•I will jump into river if you don’t dissolve our marriage —Husband Oja Oba/Mapo Court C Customary Court, Mapo, Ibadan, Oyo State, has dissolved the 40-year-old marriage between a couple, Isiaka Azeez and Muyidat Azeez on the accounts of irresponsibility, lack of care and disregard by the latter towards the former. Having heard both parties,…

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Frosty relationship between Sanusi and Ganduje deepens.

The governor of Nigeria’s Kano state has cancelled an annual city parade by the powerful traditional emir, officials said Thursday, a sign of the frosty relationship between the two leaders.

Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje scrapped the horseback procession by the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, after a security meeting held late on Wednesday.

The procession in the northern town of Kano, a symbolic march celebrating the power of the monarch, held to mark the end of the Muslim month of Ramadan, had been due to take place on Thursday.

The traditional march usually sees the emir pay tribute to the governor while on horseback.

It also includes a tour of the city with residents lining the streets, beating drums, playing drums and firing muskets.

But the governor’s spokesman, Abba Anwar, said the royal carnival was cancelled due to “security reasons.”

He said there had been warnings of a possible “breach of peace” during the event.

Sanusi is one of the most important rulers in the mainly-Muslim north, and one of Nigeria’s leading Islamic figures.


But last month, Ganduje carved up Sanusi’s powers by dividing the ancient Kano emirate into five, a move critics say was a bid to curb his influence.

Supporters of Sanusi say the cancellation of the parade was another move to cut his power.

Sanusi, a former central bank governor, became emir in 2014, inheriting an ancient title over an area the size of Israel with the population of Portugal.

He will comply with the government’s decision, his office said.

Instead, he would hold special prayers to commemorate the anniversary of his coronation.

Ganduje, who won re-election for another four years in March, is said to view Sanusi as a critic opposed to his victory.

The state anti-graft agency has recommended Sanusi’s suspension from office over an alleged misappropriation of 3.4 billion naira ($9.5 million, 8.4 million euros) of palace funds given by the state government.

The emir’s aides are also under investigation for alleged graft.

Sanusi and his aides deny the accusations.






Jennifer Lawrence engaged to Cooke Maroney.

Jennifer Lawrence already looks like a blushing bride.
The Oscar award-winning actress, 28, wore a blush pink gown from L. Wells Bridal Sunday to celebrate her engagement to art gallery director Cooke Maroney.

Lawrence paired the long-sleeve chiffon dress – which retails online for $2,300 – with a matching Roger Vivier purse, Fred Leighton jewelry and Casadei shoes, while her blond locks were pulled back in a timeless bun.

Her stylists, Jill Lincoln and Jordan Johnson, shared a picture of Lawrence’s completed look as the smiling actress strolled down a romantic, candle-lit courtyard.


“Here she comes!” the stylists captioned the Instagram post Monday. “We couldn’t be happier and more excited for #jenniferlawrence to become a #MRS.. this weekend we toasted Jen and her groom to be.. too good of a time was had by all.”


Lawrence’s makeup artist, Fulvia Farolfi, and hair stylist, Ben Skirvin, also shared the picture on their Instagram accounts.
“YES!!! What a joy to be part of this magic moment!” Farolfi wrote, while Skirvin added, “A wonderful day.”

The celebration comes months after the “X-Men” actress announced her engagement to Maroney, a director at Gladstone 64, a gallery on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, in February.





Will you wait till your wife calls you a 40 seconds man like…?

The recent buzz about the estranged and crashed marriage between a popular Nollywood celebrity in Nigeria known as Tonto Dikeh and her erstwhile hubby known as Olakunle Churchill swept across the length and breadth of the entire global world with Nigeria being the stage where the interview was granted.


This was accompanied by so many reactions and responses from within and outside the country with many fans on the social media platforms lending a voice to the way and manner such a domestic issue was handled.


She expressed her anger against the father of her child by calling his sexual performance in the other room as nothing but a disgrace to manhood. She called Olakunle Churchill “a 40 seconds man”


While some people were in support, some reserved their commentaries and others were against the show of disgrace that is unexpected from a woman who has gathered the respect of fans in the movies and entertainment industry called NOLLYWOOD.


In other to shade of digression from the concept of this article, the trending interview granted to Tonto Dikeh by a popular controversial journalist known as Daddy Freeze triggers many questions that center around many people being bothered about what it really takes to maintain a good relationship that will be a foundation for an expected marital bliss.


Hence,this trigger the need for a subtitle for this article which is:



The existence of anyone can never be made possible without such a life being a product of one relationship or the other.

Relationship is simply the connection or connectivity we have with one another or a nexus between one subject matter or the other.


While some of us are naturally talented and gifted in championing lasting relationship and maintaining it, others are not in any way good in creating a good atmosphere whereby good relationship will stand and flourish.


This might be a function of one factor or the other that always has its root or routes in parental upbringing and societal influences that are extremely conservative and reserved having a myopic view that is against the promotion of any factor that could buttress attraction to others and people around.


Though,this is not an alibi for the exhibition of weaknesses as it pertains to the maintenance of good relationship.


What seems to be working out in grooming our wards in some years ago are longer necessary.The need to training our children in a conservative and reserved manner is no longer efficient and effective in the present age of human existence.


So, it is the duty and responsibility of anyone who understands how weak or how bad she is in maintaining good relationship to look for a way to learn what is necessary for maintaining a level playing ground in any relationship.


Some people are lone-rangers naturally, although it is not that lone-rangers or introverts are bad in being reserved. They are the species of human that desire and crave for good relationship more than the so called extroverts but it is just that their approach and view about their desire is wrapped up in shyness and childishness.


Relationship build marriage.


Relationship is the foundation and pillar of any marriage.


No marriage can survive without parties or partners involved having good and sound understanding of what is good relationship entail.


Why am I writing all these?

The foundation and the longevity expected for a lasting marriage prosper on the ability of the parties involved having an understanding of what is necessary to make their dream and aspiration of a lasting marriage to become successful which could be granted solely when such a marriage flourish on good relationship.


Cn we pull out the understanding of what relationship entails from the necessity of having a successful marriage?


The answer is NO!


Successful marriage flourish on good relationship.


With this, it is necessary for anyone who desire having a blissful marital life to understand what it takes to make a successful relationship.


In the course of any marriage, it is the relationship that has been kept between all the stakeholders that will make such a marriage to be successful. These sorts of relationship are tripartite.


They are:


1.Relationship with God.

2.Relationship between husband and wife.

3.Relationship with relatives and family members.



t and c 2
Will you wait till your wife call you a 40 seconds man like..?


It is quite funny that many couples put aside relationship with God and the relationship with  relatives and family members but they believe that they can stand on their own until challenges of marriage pushed them into divorce and all sorts of tantrums and hullabaloo that have been the order of the day on social media platforms.


If Tonto Dikeh and Olakunle Churchill have taken such a step in the course of their marriage or relationship, it could have been difficult for such a domestic issue between them to degenerates to to point of becoming available for public consumption.


No matter how, no couple should be handpicked, singled-out and apportion blame to when it comes to marital issues because marriage is driven by the society and the society also drives marriage.


Whenever a marriage crashes, it is the fault of the society and the parties involved. It should be noted that anyone who cannot keep and maintain a simple form of relationship should be sensitive to the fact that he or she might end up not having a successful marriage because the understanding and knowledge of what relationship entails must be learnt and applied properly before anyone will be able to cope with the demands of marriage.


To people who are blessed with the right understanding of what marriage entails, marriage is sweet and the sweetness of any marriage can be found and traced to the building and the maintenance of good relationship.


Good relationship entails:





5.Love and kindness








t and c 3
Will you wait till your wife call you a 40 seconds man like…?


Anyone that has a deep understanding of all the aforementioned can never be found wanting of struggling to have a blissful marital life.


Relationship is a responsibility and an investment that parties involved should be ready to make contributions which must be equally shared and the accomplishment of nay accompanied glory must be equally shared between parties involved.


So, anyone who fails to have understanding of the prerequisites necessities that will birth a successful marriage should stay off social media platforms ranting about the failure of their inefficiencies in having a blissful marriage.


The beauty of any marriage is not a function of how beautiful and classy your wedding day is.The beauty is resident in the outcome of the marriage in the process of time.


Those who glamorized their wedding day without the thought of investing in the success of their marriage through good relationship are beckoning to a journey of marital frustration that will soon end up in marital crash expected to become a source of online consumption.


Your weakness in maintaining a good relationship with the next person by your side might be a signal that you might have difficulties in having a good relationship with your spouse in the nearest future.


You might be confident that your partner is blindfolded in love right now but one secret about marriage is that it has a way of removing veils that has blindfolded your partner by the time the journey of marriage begins.


Your confidence is good and human but your assertion might ensnare you when you are married and yo will discover that love alone is not enough to build a successful marriage.


In conclusion, you can keep a lasting relationship when you become better person that is doing everything possible to become better in knowing what is necessary to keep a lasting relationship by ensuring that necessary knowledge and approaches are invested in making any form of relationship better.


Never wait and manage a marriage till it gets messy to the extent that your wife will call you an internet fraudster and a man that cannot last more than 40 minutes in bed.






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On my way to work today,I was observant of a scene that triggered this write-up.

At a particular junction,there was a struggle for passengers being asked to board a particular transportation company to Edo State.In their usual methodology of canvassing for passengers,there were about three of the canvassers that clogged themselves in a particular tricycle trying to encourage the would-be passenger to board a bus through them.

While I found such a scenario unnecessary and uncalled for,I saw a particular lady that was some distance ahead of me, expected to be walking fast but I observed that she slowed down which invited me to look around and noticed what she was looking at.

She was carried away by the scenario with smiles all over her face but I was somehow bothered about how a pretty lady like her could subject and submit her pace and speed to such a scene by slowing down to get entertained by the struggling bus canvassers.

In the course of me wondering and pondering about the predicament of the lady, something came to my mind as a submission.

I was like:

Anyway, what is good for me is a poison to another person and my fun could be a fury for another person.

Immediately,I pulled my thought off the scenario and continue with other line of thought.

Life has taught me to understand that every human is a product of one relationship or the other.Relationship goes a long way in defining and determining the fate of every human.
What you are apportioned and appointed to in life is a function of your relationship.

While those who live for today sees no reason to cultivate,nurture and maintain good relationship, people who are posterity conscious and sensitive nature,culture and maintain good relationship.

A wise one build bridges but a fool exhibits gullibility by destroying relationship.

The benefits of a relationship might not surface now but it might be a source of transgenerational blessings that people that will acquire such benefits are still out of the scene.

Looking at it very well, any form of relationship we are into today might be a fulcrum that will launch and project our children to the realm of the beauty their destiny will offer.

The relationship you built today might be what your children will rely upon as a source of comfort when you have gone yonder.

It is quite necessary for anyone who desire to build a meaningful life to have meaningful relationships that cut across every religious, ethnic, corporate,social and tribal divides.





While some people are good at building relationships and maintaining it, others have failed in their efforts to build a successful relationship.

Some of the factors that makes many people to find it difficult building a relationship and maintaining it is all about being anti-social, domineering and controlling.

When you are a burden to people around you socially,you can never expect people to glue and gel with you with such a retrogressive behavioural attitude.

Not that I am drifting towards gender divides and bias,being controlling and domineering is quite common among the women folk.

They are fond of exhibiting such attitude once they are dealing with men which is quite wrong and unacceptable.

Though,some might think that this is what feminism connotes but it is not.

Such attitude might seems to be a source of strength for some women but it makes them to draw negative and wrong perception to themselves which might be the reason while many are struggling to leave the realm of being an introvert that cannot maintain a relationship.

In conclusion, relationship entails respecting and maintaining each others boundaries without anyone dominating and controlling each other.



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Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez recalls adorable story on how they met

Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend has admitted she fell in love at first sight with the football star after they met when she worked in an upmarket Madrid clothes store.
Stunning Georgina Rodriguez claimed the feeling was mutual following their June 2016 encounter.


She told Italy’s Elle magazine in an interview: “The first meeting with Ronaldo was at Gucci where I worked as a sales assistant.


“Days later we saw each other again at another brand’s event and it was then we could talk in a relaxed atmosphere, outside of my work environment. It was love at first sight for both.”

The 25-year-old brunette, who swapped Madrid for Turin last summer after Cristiano signed for Juventus , painted an idyllic existence of life in her new home city with her partner of nearly three years.

The pair have a one-year-old daughter called Alana Martina and Georgina, born to a Spanish mum and Argentinian dad, is also raising Cristiano’s near-two-year-old twins Eva and Mateo and eight-year-old son Cristianinho.

Georgina admitted in an interview with glossy Spanish magazine Hola! in February she would love to become the football star’s wife but quashed rumours they are already engaged.

She told Italy’s Elle magazine her typical day consisted of waking up the children, changing them and having breakfast together before playing with them and preparing lunch, followed by a nap, a gym and spa session and a spot of TV with Cristiano before bed.


She added in the interview, headlined: ‘My life with Ronaldo’: “Home is where my family is. The place where I am happiest is my home, with my children and partner.

“Our house is our refuge, our temple built with so much love.”

Georgina, who grew up in the Spanish Pyrenees city of Jaca, has been a rock of support for Cristiano since it emerged he is being probed by Las Vegas police over 2009 rape claims.

The footballer has denied raping American accuser Kathryn Mayorga at a hotel in the city.





HELP ME TO FIND MY LOVE.–(7 Minutes Read)

Days have passed us by,

Without the hope of seeing each other again,

Nothing to hold on to,

Nothing to lay on except empty spaces,


The shadows of your memory became a companion,

The flashes of the moments we spend together became a source of relieve,

The reality of our periods of ecstasy became what kept me going,


No one could ever believe that we are world apart,

It wasn’t our plan to call it quit,

We promised to be together forever,

In pain,

In laughter,

In rain,

In sunshine,

In light,

In darkness,

We promised to hold our hands tight and firm.


As time fades away,

Our closeness started fading,

We started losing the beauty of our friendship.

No one could ever believe that things have started falling apart.


How could I tell my story?

How could I recover from the pain of separation?

How could I cope with the pain of loneliness?

How could I relay my pain?

How could I get back on my feet without you?


Memories of the past kept haunting me,

Memories of our beautiful moments kept me down,

The rod of loneliness kept hitting me.


Never believe that I could be alone,

Never believe that you will be no more,

Never believe that you will be gone forever,

Never believe that you will leave me behind.


You promised to be my companion,

You promised to be a friend,

You promised to be there forever.


Where are those promises you made?

Have they gone like a candle in the wind?

Have they disappeared into the thin air?

Have they become empty promises?


Leaving me behind seems to be gradually becoming a reality.

A reality I am struggling to believe.

A reality I am doubting whether it is true or not.

A reality that shocked me to the marrow.



Amid my loneliness,

I am struggling to cope.

Amid this reality,

I am struggling to believe all is gone,


Without you,

All will be gone,

Without you,

The world will crash,

Without you,

Nothing will be left to hold on to,


This is a low moment in my life.

A shocking moment that beats my imagination,

A moment I lost my confidence, convenience and comfort.


I am still believing in what I saw the day I met you,

I am still holding on to what attracted me,

You have been a light,

You have been a sunshine,

You made me forget my hours of darkness,

You made me loose my moment of nothingness.


I have no choice,

I have no alternative,

I am still holding on to your promises,

I am still believing that you won’t stay long,

I am still believing that we shall be back together.


Our promises are eternal,

Our hope is everlasting,

Our love is beyond the terrestrial.

Our love transcends the celestial,


We might have lost everything,

Our promises might be fading away,

Our hope might be dwindling.


Our hearts remain in love,

Our love remains in our heart.


Don’t keep me waiting,

Don’t keep me hoping for nothing,


Who could believe that I will be alone?

Who could believe that I will spend tonight without you?

Who could believe that my bed will be vacant?

Who could believe that I will be talking to the wall?

Who could believe that empty spaces will keep my company?

Who could believe that my pillow will be soaked with tears?

Who could believe that I would be left with overwhelming silence?

Who could believe that tonight would be silent without your touch?


I am gradually loosing it,

I am gradually loosing my candor and calmness,


Someone should help me,

To find my love.


Someone should help me to bring my love,

I am lonely

I am really missing my love.


If you see her,

Tell her that I love her,

If you find her,

Tell her that I missed her.


Please come back to me,

I need to whisper in your earing,

I must tell you something beautiful and needful.


Please come back to me.


Don’t keep me waiting.

Don’t make my bed vacant.


Come back!


Come back!!


Come back!!!



NB:This publication is a product of fiction and imagination of the author.


©mlstcommunications 2018


©mlstmedia 2018






What’s up, bro! Titus greeted Tony in a casual manner.

I am cool and good bro. Tony replied Titus.

I have been expecting to see your face since morning. Why do you have to wait till break time before you show face in my office?

You just kept me in the dark since morning because my ears have been itching to listen to the continuation of our gist that has been on for past week and I believe that by now, my ears will be filled up with more gist from my friend. Titus kept talking to Tony while Tony just kept looking at Tony with his face with smiles and a kind of satisfaction.


I am deeply sorry bro! My boss welcomed me with arrears of reports this morning and in an unusual way and manner, he gave me a deadline to complete the whole job before break time. He really tried to spoil my day, but I struggled very hard to maintain my calm and candor since I don’t want to start a new working week on a wrong note. I have just been busy, if not, I would have been with you since morning to give you more gist about my weekend bro. Tony replied Titus.


It is already lunch time, lets proceed to our meeting place where I will be entertaining you with my gist and I promised to foot your bill today because I was able to fulfilled the desire of my heart in the course of the weekend.

Tony kept talking to Titus.


Really!!!Titus was exclaimed and other staff that were with him in the office turn their faces to Titus wondering what could have been so interesting to Titus that he raised his voice in deep exclamation as if he just won a jackpot.

OH! I am sorry for my uncontrolled outburst and while Titus was apologizing, Tony tapped him and informed him that he should stand up on his feet. Then, Tony and Titus moved from their position in the past 30 minutes and walked towards the exit from Titus office.


While they were about exiting the company’s premises, Titus drew the attention of Tony to a particular lady that was busy walking a few distances from where they were.

Is that not the NYSC lady you housed? Titus asked Tony.

Where is she? Tony asked.

Over there. Titus replied.

She is the one. Tony replied.

Oh! Sorry!!I forgot to tell you that Tricia resumed for her primary assignment this morning.

Both of us came to work together this morning. I have been busy and I have not been able to check on her and since she is working at the Human Resource Manager Office, I don’t want to have any issue with the Human Resource Manager because I suspected the Human Resource Manager that he is trying to extract information from me the other time she came to collect her appointment letter whereby the Human Resource Manager was pointing it to me that Tricia is a beautiful lady.

I was suspicious and kept thinking about his motive probably he might be interested in her and he was just busy trying to check if there is anything between the two of us.

And from what I have heard about the Human Resource Manager, he is ruthless and wicked when it comes to issue of him going out with anything in skirt.

So, that’s why I have not been able to come around to check on her since morning and I don’t want us to be familiar while we are at work.

Tony submitted.

Ok! That’s very thoughtful of you.

You really made a good point, but I doubt if such could be possible at all because both of you can not be acting like stranger while both of you are at work since both of you always come to work together and as a lady, she will want to go home with you at the end of the day. She might also have been busy, if not, she would have come around to check on you in the office.

If she comes around and ask of you in your department, are you going to deny her access to you? Titus asked Tony.


At this point, Tony was mute, and he could not alter a single word to respond to the question Titus asked him but after a few minutes,

Tony responded and made it clear to Titus that it seems to be impossible, but he was just scared about what could come out as an issue from most of the randy men in his place of work.


Anyway, can I beckoned on her so that she can join us for lunch? Titus asked.


Don’t do that.

If she is around with us, I will be unable to render my gist to you since it concerned her, and she rendered a kind of drama in the course of the weekend.

In short, she is somehow behaving funny and assuming that she is the right one

Though I appreciated her because she thinks she is fighting for what should have been hers and she didn’t hide her feelings that she is jealous.

Tony concluded.


Are you serious?

Oh! My God!!My friend is in trouble.

How manage?

How can she be jealous?

What is she jealous of?

Titus kept asking questions and kept wondering what could have happened that a lady that was barely known to Tony in the space of few weeks became jealous.


Don’t blame her at all.

Women are known to be emotional and they are known to be weak in bottling their emotion.

So, don’t let us paint her black and bad.

She is a good lady.

She just had an emotional trip off, but she was matured to understand later that the best that can happen between both of us is to maintain a kind of platonic friendship and relationship.

Even though, I am still watching her clandestinely so that she will be able to maintain the terms and condition we discussed in the course of the weekend since she is  still living with me.

Tony answered Titus.


OH! I have heard you.

Just be careful.

Titus submitted.


Tony and Titus kept discussing while they kept walking briskly to the canteen outside the company’s premises to observe their lunch break.





Good afternoon Madam. Tricia greeted.

You are welcome Madam. A lady who is a colleague to Tony answered Tricia.

What can I do for you because it seems you are looking for someone.

Yea.I would like to see Tony? Tricia responded.

Sorry, Tony has gone for break with a friend called Titus.

OH! It is true. He would have gone to observe his break time. I will give him a call so that I will be able to locate where he is.

Ok! MA. Thank you, Ma.

Pretty Miss, you didn’t tell me your name so that when Tony comes back I will be able to deliver your message.

OH! Pardon my overlook. I am Tricia by name.

Ok! I will deliver your message.

Thanks. Tricia turned back swiftly while holding her phone in her hand and she was trying to push a call through to Tony. As she was busy with her phone, she exited Tony’s office and few minutes later she called Tony.


You didn’t even bother to invite me or called me while you are going for break. I was amazed getting to your office and one of your colleagues told me that you are off to break with your friend called Titus. Tricia kept challenging Tony while making call.

I am sorry, Tricia. It was not intentional at all.

It was just an overlook. I have been busy since morning and even famished. So I bolted out of the office immediately it was break time to put something in my stomach and to be able to relax a little bit. I am very sorry.


Ok! Can I come around to meet you where you are now? Tricia asked Tony on the phone.

While Tony was trying to mutter some words in response to Tricia demand, Tricia cut him short asking him to give him the direction of the location of the canteen.


While the conversation on the phone was ongoing, Titus was just kept awashed looking at Tony and the kind of conversation going on between Tony and Tricia.

Immediately, Tricia and Tony finished conversing on phone, Titus started talking to Tony.


My guy, I have just confirmed what you were telling me about Tricia few minutes ago.

She is emotional, and she is really wants to be in control of you which is just her method of telling you how mad she wants you as a suitor or a life partner.

You better make up your mind and make the right decision on time.

Meanwhile, nothing is wrong with her. She is beautiful, sexy, charming, attractive and alluring.

It is yours to decide whether you will give her what she is asking you for gradually.

Don’t be sluggish my friend.

You are a man, be snappy with your decision. Titus submitted.


While Titus was talking, Tony kept thinking about what he needs to do about the thought of Tricia that is gradually consuming him.

Meanwhile, he is not yet sure whether Tiffany will be interested in having him as a life-partner.

Eventhough, he tried getting across to Tiffany in the morning, but she didn’t pick her call and she didn’t try calling back till now.

Tony kept talking to himself while he was having his lunch.


As this was going on, Tricia showed up, but it was Titus that saw her from afar while she was trying to figure out the actual seat Tony and his friend occupied. Titus waved to her and signaled to her to come over and it was at this point that Tony discovered that Tricia is around walking towards him from the rear.


You guys are really enjoying and having a nice time here this afternoon.

No wonder I was not invited. May God forgive both of you.

Tricia challenged both Tony and Titus.

How many times do you want us to beg you?

We are sorry for leaving you behind and we promised that we would always bring you along with us whenever we are going on break.Titus responded.

Are you satisfied now? Even though, you are finding it hard to believe me, I believe you will be able to believe what Titus just told you now. Tony started talking with Tricia.


What do you want to eat now or maybe you are still crossed with us?

On a serious note, what do you want to take for lunch? Tony asked.

As Tricia was struggling to decide what she will take for lunch, Titus called on one of the employees of the canteen owner and asked her to bring a plate of fired rice and chicken for Tricia.

Do you prefer soft drink or ordinary water? Titus asked.


What a coincidence! How do you know what is on my mind?

How do you know that I prefer fried rice? Tricia asked Titus.


Do you want to know? Titus asked.

Anyway, I am somehow good at reading people’s mind.


Oh! That’s great. Tricia responded.

While Titus and Tricia were getting along well, Tony was just deep in thought.

Though, he was enjoying the company of Titus and Tricia.

He was happy that Titus has been able to help him to keep Tricia busy by engaging her in a chit-chat before the arrival of the meal Titus ordered for her and as they were busy talking, a plate of fried rice and chicken with a chilled able water was placed in front of Tricia.


Oh! My food is here, Tricia exclaimed but before she started eating, she appreciated Titus for the order and Titus asked her to start eating because they are running out of time.

At that point, breaktime will be over in few minutes time.


Can we start going back to Office? Tony asked Titus and Tricia.


We are waiting for Tricia to round up. Titus answered.


Tricia!!!Can you be snappy? Tony engaged Tricia.


Please, kindly allow the sleeping dog to lie.

Since, you have been cold and decided to avoid talking with me since when I came around.


If not for Titus that have been keeping my company, this lunch break would have been boring.


Now, you are asking me to be fast when you have been doing as if I am a stranger to you.

Meanwhile, we stay under the same roof.

Don’t worry, I know what I will do for you when we get back home.


When it remains you and I, I will show you pepper.


Anyway, if not for Titus that has been friendly I would not stand up now but let’s be on our way.


I am done.

Shall we? Tricia concluded.


Meanwhile, when Tricia was complaining about Tony’s cold attitude towards her, Tony was just busy staring at her and looking at how funny she is while she was busy performing drama in the presence of Titus and Tony with her drama attracting other people’s attention in the canteen.


You are just funny. Tony replied.


It is alright please. Titus cut in.


As it got to 2:00PM on the dot, the trio stood up and started walking down to the company’s premises but they kept mum until they entered the company’s premises and everybody walked down in different direction to attend to the last phase of their official duty for the day.


See you at the close of the day. Tricia bid Titus and Tony farewell.


Mr. Tony, have you been able to see the lady that asked of you during break because she promised to call you and meet you at the canteen where you are having your lunch.


Yea. Thanks. I saw her and we were together till when break was over.


Thanks a lot.