In the course of our existence, we are always in need of certain questions that boils down to our purpose on earthly pedestal.It is a phase that anyone who desire to be great will pass through in life.

It was at this point that I was inspired to dazzle into the world of writing when I realized that there are certain informations that centred around my genealogy and history  that I couldn’t lay my hand on the answers,even if I asked my parents, the story and answer might be distorted and not been able to proffer solutions and answers to my questions.

It was at this juncture that I realized the missing link between the past and the present, and between the present and the future.The missing link is simply history that is written down and kept for posterity.

Writing now became a way out of this quagmire because my vision is to have my words penned down in black and white so that in years to come I can direct my children, grand children and great- grand children to visit any material and articles of mine in order to have a first hand information about my challenges, aspiration, visions and dreams of mine while I was young with my contribution in terms of efforts and thinking towards providing solutions to the myriads of challenges facing the entire human race at this particular point in time.

It was at this point I started scribing gradually from one social media platform to another until I found myself in the world of blogging with flares for creative writing.


I started blogging as a greenhorn but it has become my world and the essence of my existence presently and I am trying everything possible to maximized writing as a tool to push my personal philosophy and idealogies to the larger society in my own little way.

No doubt about it, written word never dies.

Writings connect the past and the present,

Writings is the link between the present and the future.

Written words are the data of the  past, present and the future.

In view of this,I welcome all my readers, viewers and followers to my world of blogging with writing as my genre of blogging.



It is going to be a world of creative writing that will add value to the entire human race and it will promote the essence of human dignity in respect to personal development rooted in self discovery.

A world of creative writing is a world that will remain as long as the world we live in remains.

Thank you.