THE JOURNEY OF LIFE.—-(6 Minutes Read).

The existence of every mortal on earthly pedestal can be likened to a journey that is defined within a period of time accompanied with a starting point and terminates in the process of time with an end point.

The moment of birth is the starting point while the moment of death is the end point.It is of essence to note that every living thing is bound to observe its existence within the confines of the startting point and the end point.

In between the starting point and the end point lies series of steps taken that will define to a large extent what the end point might end up becoming.This steps surfaces in terms of decisions and indecisions that either make us or mar us.


Since our existence on earth is similar and synonymous to a journey, the success of every journey embarked upon is as importanat as the journey itself.When we are on a journey, it is always accompanied with neccessary readiness and preparations targetted at making the best out of the journey embarked upon by you in terms of success, purpose and memory.


journey 1

This entails detailed and apt preparation and readinesss needed in investing  resources and approaches that will make all the necessary requirements for the success of the journey available.


The journey of our life, often times than none showcases itself in terms of decisions that are mandatory to be taken at one point or the other.


Every moment of our existence is defined within the nucleus of making one decision or the other.It is the decision made by us today that determines the reality, beauty or the ugliness of the future.The future expected by anyone is signalled by the decisions being taken now.To a large extent, our future relies on the decisions we are making presently.


The beauty of embarking on any journey is defined by being able to act to get  to the expected destination purposed at the beginning of the journey .It is getting to the expected destination of any journey that makes such a journey fulfilling and purposeful.


While we await the commencement of our journey , ironically,the first automobile that is ready and prepared to offer you a free ride might end up being the last.Though, the automobile might be rickety, dirty and fall short of your expectation, but it might end up being the first and the last that will deem it fitting and neccessary to offer you a ride to your expected destination.It might be this automobile that will define your destination.If you are reluctant or you refuse to see any reason to move to your destination with it, you have succesfully made a decision to elongates your waiting period or you have succesfully grounded your destiny by remaining on a spot forever.


It is only God that can determine whether there will be another ample opportunity for another provision to make a decision that will end up making you realising the beauty of getting to your expected destination.


The automobile mentioned above is proverbial.


It is akin to to all forms of decisions and indecisions that some of us have made some moment in our lifetime.It entails steps that must be taken by us to fulfill the beauty of our destiny at one point or the other.Some were able to make great impact and impart in life because they made great decisions on time.


journey 3

Greatness is defined by the prompt and apt decisions taken at one point or the other.


More often than none,it is a known fact that ugliness preceeds beauty and in many occasions beauty is always defined as a blessing in disguise through ugliness.The appearrance of the automobile might not be appealling , rough and ugly but it is expedient and pertinent for you to understand that what really matters in life is your ability to get to your destination not the ability to get the state of the art automobile that will trigger the beauty of your destiny when you get to your destination.


The automobile mentioned in this articles signifies decisions made by us in every facet of our existence.These are decisions made by us in every facet of human endeavour on a daily basis.These are dsisions made concerning many importand areas of our life which are:

  • Marital, dating and  relationship.
  • Academics,Vocational,Career and job opportunities
  • Family life —nuclear and extended.
  • Communal, settlement and accommodation.
  • Financial and entrepreneurial.
  • Spiritual and religious.


It is the decisions made by us on some of these subject matters that made us who we are.They either mode us or mar us.


Taken a wrong step simply connotes taken a wrong decision and a wrong decision simply act as a clog that slow down the wheels of progress of any human being.It enhnaces destiny to be grounded.


Though,every human is infallibe.It is pertinent for mistakes to abound but life has taught us from experience that some mistakes are irredeemable.


Many people are still struggling to unwind the complexity and complications that accompany their past mistakes till this present moment with the scar of the wound sustained in the course of the mistakes being seen by everyone.


The scars of wounds from past mistakes remained noticeable until the injured has another opportunity to right the wrongs of the past which might be a hard nut to crack atimes.


It is pertinent to note at this point thah we all have to be mindful, sensitive and conscious by being at alert when we are making decisions in life becuse it might end up being the first and the last with no room for correction if any mistake happenned along the line.


In conclusion,


Beware of this:

“The decisions you are making now might be the first and the last to obtain the reality and beauty of your desired greatness and it might be the first and the last that will end up grounding your destiny with no single opportunity for the mistake to be redeemed, corrected and changed”.





Look before you leap.









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