I AM A VOICE…….. I AM NOT A NOISE—-(2 Minutes Read).

Being Known to be succesful in what is impossible for others to achieve is my passion and desire.

Our life begins to count when we are passionate about an endeavour that we end up being known for while we are existing on earthly pedestal.

This simply connotes a life of relevance that makes someone to be relevance and impartful.

The essence of our existence begins to be meaningful when we discover the purpose of our existence but purpose is birth through personal appraisals that is triggerred through soul searching called SELF DISCOVERY.

Self discovery is a personal assessment that grants us access to personal discovery of our innate worth and values.


No one is irresponsible and useless.

We are all created to be useful for one purpose or the other while we are living but it is appalling that it is few people that live their life in the centre of their purpose.

The few ones that live their lifes at the centre of their purpose are those who understand the essence of their existence on earth.

In thesame vein,Self discovery is tantamount to understanding our strength and weaknesses with deep exposure to our innate ability and talents.It is this discovery that helps our understanding ,knowledge,vision and dreams by enhancing our desire for greatness to be channelled towards maximizing our talents, vision and dreams to implant the consciousness of people around us with our importance and relevance so that at the point and moment of existing the earthly gate and every other phase of life, we can all be remembered for something impactful and impartful.

People become irrelevant, irresponsible and useless when it is crystal clear to everyone around that their presence is nothing but a mass  of matter that has weight and occupies space.

Self discovery is a personal responsibilty that can never be assigned to another person.Those who think it should be done for them by another person are just displaying and exhibiting deep irresponsibilty and abysmal irrelevance that is tantamount to nothing but lack of knowledge and understanding of what the existence of humanity entails.

Once again, my goal is to touch the lifes of people around me to the best of my ability.

This desire is what triggered my sojourn into the world of blogging by making  a voice for myself and creating a platform for myself whereby the world we live in will one day remember that I AM VOICE,I AM NOT A NOISE.  

I AM A VOICE IN THE WILDERNESS…………Mark 1 verse 1-8.


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