President Donald Trump’s list of high profile resignation and termination of appointment of his cabinet members keeps soaring with the latest resignation of white house communication director,Mike Dubke.

mike dubke

Though,the communication director offered to stay till the end of the president’s first foreign trip,which wrapped up this past weekend,Mr.Mike Dubke resigned on May 18,2017.

It was gathered from a reliable source that the meeting President Trump had with his communication team of May 15 led to the resignation of Mike Dubke.

In the course of the meeting with his communication team,President Trump expressed dissatisfaction and frustration with his communication team over anonymous leaks to the media.

The growing list of high profile firing in the white house since the inception of President Donald Trump Administration on January 20,2017 include:

1.Deputy Chief of Staff–Katie Walsh

2.National Security Adviser–Micheal Flynn

3.FBI Director—James Comey

4.Attorney General—Sally Yates.


It was a gory scene of horor,wailing and tears in Kabul,the Afganistan Capital on Wednesday as scores of people lost their lifes after a car bomb explosion torn the capital city.

The Wazir Akbar khan district of the city was affected as close to 80 people lost their lifes while about 320 people sustained various degrees of injuries.



The explosion was observed to target areas that are close to foreign missions ,embassies and government buildings.The explosion happenned around British, Canadian,Iranian,Turkish and Chinese Embassies.

No terrorist organization has claimed responsibility for this heinuous dastard act of inhumanity yet.

The Last Phase.

There is an inevitable phase every mortal is created and designed to pass through.It is an important phase in the life of every mortal eventhough almost everyone born of a woman behaves as if this phase is either not important or less important.

It is an exit point between life and eternity.It is a point of no return for everyone born of a woman.It is the final moment for everyone living on earthly pedestal.

One uniqueness of this phase is that it is not a respecter of your:

Spirituality and Religiosity,

Fame, Fortunes and Power,

Money and Wealth,

Post ,Position,Possessions  Provisions and Popularity.

Achievements,Accollades,Laurels and Accomplishments,

Beauty and Ugliness,

Bravery and Cowardice,

Ego,Pride and Humility,

Intelligenstia,Brilliance,Dullness and Commoners,

Low,High and Mighty,

Tallness and shortness,

Colour,Country and Continents,

Race,Ethnicity and Tribe,

Rich,Poor and the downtrodden.

It is a phase that turns everything into nothing.

It is a phase that humbles the proud.

It is a phase that weakens the strong.

It is a phase that makes all humans to be answerable and accountable for all acts and deeds while on earth.

It is an emotional phase that triggers wailing and gnashing of teeth.

It is a phase that is annoumced by weeping,sobbing and regrets.

It is a phase that takes away the best of men.

It is a phase that silences the proud.

It is a phase that disgraces the worst of men.

What exactly is this inevitable phase of human existence that is important and popular in the annals of human history?

It is a phase that many of us prefer celebrating eventhough it is quite wrong and it is a show of hypocrisy humanity is known.

Without mincing words,have you ever think about your last moment on earth?

Have you ever think about what people will say when the curtain is drawn?

What will be the general comments at your graveyard?

DEATH is a phase of inevitable departure that no one can dodge.

It is the last phase that we cannot be denied of.

It is a transition to justification,glorification,condemnation and damnation.

DEATH is the phase being talked about by your author.

Every mortal shall experience and encounter the sting of death.

No immortality without the sting of death.




Death will be the last moment for every mortal being.

At the end,

“No one can hold mortality strong hand”—-(William Shakespeare).

“Death —A counterfeiting Sleep”—–(William Shakespeare).

“To-morrow,and to-morrow, and to-morrow,

Creeps in this petty pace from day to day,

To the last syllable of recorded time;

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools,

The way to dusty death,

Out,Out,brief candle,

Life’s but a walking shadow”—(William Shakespeare–Macbeth,Act V Scene V.)


#motivation#inspiration.—Shakespeare’s Death Quotes.



Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction? Checkout this funny slideshow…

From time immemorial,it is known across every stage of human civilization that the essence of human beings putting on clothes are all about adding value to both inner beauty and natural beauty.

It also serves as an object that offers coverage of human intimate parts or private parts.

No doubt about it, the fashion world has evoled tremendously throughout history to the point that some fashionista believed in deliberate and intentional indecent exposure or flashing of their intimate parts which is usually done when they decided to leave their private parts exposed.

Nowadays,wardrobe malfunction seems to be a common incident and a common language or terms across the length and breadth of the world entertainment industry and it is common among superstars and megastars all over the world.

With these,the need to understand the meaning of this popular phrase tagged “WARDROBE MALFUNCTION” is ripe.


It is simply “an unanticipated exposure of bodily parts”.

It is an accidental exposure of a person’s intimate parts due to temporary failure of clothing to do its job.It is quite different from indescent exposure or flashing,as the latter are intentional and deliberate.


The question is:

Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction before?

Without mincing words,experiencing it is always embarrassing with it making such a person cynosure of all eyes because the attention of every other audience will be shifted to the embarrassing accidental exoposure of parts of the body that are tagged to be private.

In conclusion:

Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction before?

If yes,kindly comment and share your experience.