One simple thing in form of desire common and peculiar with every human existing on eartly pedestal is the drive to achieve more and get better in the course of our existence.

It is a common denominator and peculiarity existing as an authority and a force within every human existing on earthly pedestal.

It is potent and powerful enough to lure some people into evil while others are lured to do good within their capacity.

There is the presence of two potent authority or force existing on earth.

These are viz:

  • The force of light
  • The force of darkness.

It is the force of light that birth the presence of evil while the force of light establishes the presence of good.

There is a drive in every human like a wild fire that spur everybody to crave and yearn for the achievement of better things and better days in life.

This drive is always  trigger a battle between the force of evil and the force of good.It is a battle for the control of the desires in the heart of every human.

While this drive make some people to tread on the path of good,others make up their minds in treading on the path of good.

This variation is always dependent on the view and approach of everyone to the issue at hand at any moment in time.

This is one of the basis of whatever is obtainable in the world today but it is a known fact that the force that drive people to the path of evil is stronger and more influencial than the force that lure people to tread on the path of good.

While the former seems to be attractive, it is always ephemeral, transient and destructive.The latter in its own manner and ways is  less preferrable and  less attractive.

With the attractiveness portrayed by the influence of evil on the fabrics of human existence,many people are drawn and lured to find their place of abode doing evil while fewer number of people have the understanding that doing good is better in every ramification.

Due to lack of understanding that numb the consciousness of many to operate in the realm of light that is needed to translate and empowers their ability and capacity to do good,many people opt for eveil without considering the effect on the general existence of humanity.

These set of people always forget that there is a particular law on the surface of the earth that stand as a reward to whatever is good or whatever is evil on earth.

According to the law of Karma or cause and effect:

“Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind….what we sow is what we reap.And when we choose actions that brings happiness and success to others,the fruit of our karma is happiness and success.”

Ths above stated law have its base in every religion on earth and nature makes it a law that is entrenched and supported in every human ideaolgy and philosophy.

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From this, it can be deducted that every action is naturally subjected to the Newton’s third law of motion which states that :

“For every action, there is an is equal and opposite reaction”

In essence, it should be noted that life has made it crystal clear to everyone that nothing goes for nothing.Every steps taking by anyone is bound to be accomp[anied with rewards or renumerations at the appropriate time.

If anyone live doing good, it is an established fact and law that the reward of good will be good.

If anyone decides to live for evil,it is an established fact and law that the end result will be evil.Nothing can change it.

No matter the level of your contribution to the plight of others around you,no matter how lackadaisical you are in your approaches to champion a course that will be beneficial to others, life has made it as a law that will be fulfilled that at the right time, you shall account for your stewardship in the course of your existence on earth.

As a female, as a woman and as a lady, never forget that you have missed it from the beginning if you think that the only way you can get better is through your pants and bra.

Note this.

The end will surely justifies the means.

As a guy, as a boy and as a man, never forget that if you think that the only way out for you to get on the right track in life is to engage in crimes and vices,you have already missed it and it is pertinent to note that if the long arm of the law catch up with you, you will end up paying with your life in jail or behind the bars.

Nothing can be more rewarding than a life lived on purpose of doing good and championing a course that will make human existence better than the way it is presently.

We are existing to contribute our efforts to make the world we live in a better place for us and for posterity.

Any act that is against the purpose of contributing to make the world better is anti-human and the reward is always soar, toxic and acidic.

Life is good when we live our life being a source of respite to other people around us.

Life becomes bad if we live our life doing one form of evil to other people around us.

Goof begets good.

Evil begets evil.

Those who knows that the secret of life with its mystery lies in the good we do while we are living on the earthly pedestal but this becomes an understanding that is meant for only those who are operating under wisdom but a fool will always sees life as an avenue and a channel to backstab others in order to gain recognition and relevance forgetting that in a matter of time, evil will end up attracting evil.

No doer of evil or perpetrator of any form of vices and criminality shall go scot-free.

A day has been appointed for the reward of both good and evil.

Good might be less preferable and attractive but the rewards is deep,extensice, expansive and trans-generational.

Evil is more preferrable and more attractive though transient but the rewards are soar, toxic, acidic and it might also be extensive, expansive and trans-generational.

Life is good!!!

For you to see good,

Do good to others!!!






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