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While you crave for the desires of your heart and while you do everything in your capacity to see that the desires of your heart is fulfilled,you should never forget that this world is not about you alone but it is created for the sole purpose of you and others.
Whatever you are doing, whatever you might be running after and whatever might be given you satisfaction at this moment must have a human face that is centred around genuine Love towards one another.
The story of creation would have been insufficient if creation is all about one man but the story became meaningful because it made provisions for the birth of other people which made the world we are living to have a population of around 7 billion people of which you and I are part of the digit.
God would have been selfish if He made provisions for Adam alone at the point of creation but God fulfilled a purpose that gave you and I an opportunity of existence when God created Eve.
This was made possible through love.
Love is the purpose that must be fulfilled by everyone and it should not be done based on any factor.
Love should be carried out beyond racial, ethnic and religious affiliation.
Every human being should be treated as important as life is and no approach to oppress or subject anyone should be allowed to prosper.
Those who treat others based on skin colour and along ethnic and religious divides are sick and they should be subjected to psychological observation and analysis.
We are all thesame.
No one is superior than others.
This is why that in spite the technological and scientific advancement the world is experiencing,the modus operandi of reproduction involving man and woman remain thesame,the process of conception is thesame and the method of giving birth is still thesame.
Likewise,the birth of a new born child remain thesame.
It is only when we start living that many put on the toga of pride and speciality that is based on things that is transient and ephemeral.
And it is quite funny that no matter how special you think you are and no matter how fortunate you believe you are,you are not going to live the world alive.
So, as our entry into the world is the same, so also our exit is the same and no one entered with something and no one will leave with anything.
When you are coming,you come with nothing and when you are going,you will go with nothing.
What is the fuss and noise about how special and fortunate you are?
The possession at your disposal has a time frame and others or strangers will soon take over.
Where are the great men of old?
Even they have become irrelevant before they died.
The only thing you can leave behind is your love for your fellow brothers and sisters.
Love is the purpose of your existence which you must fulfill while you are alive.


The fulfilment of purpose desired by you can only be fully expressed by your love for your neighbor.



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HELP ME TO FIND MY LOVE.–(7 Minutes Read)

Days have passed us by,

Without the hope of seeing each other again,

Nothing to hold on to,

Nothing to lay on except empty spaces,


The shadows of your memory became a companion,

The flashes of the moments we spend together became a source of relieve,

The reality of our periods of ecstasy became what kept me going,


No one could ever believe that we are world apart,

It wasn’t our plan to call it quit,

We promised to be together forever,

In pain,

In laughter,

In rain,

In sunshine,

In light,

In darkness,

We promised to hold our hands tight and firm.


As time fades away,

Our closeness started fading,

We started losing the beauty of our friendship.

No one could ever believe that things have started falling apart.


How could I tell my story?

How could I recover from the pain of separation?

How could I cope with the pain of loneliness?

How could I relay my pain?

How could I get back on my feet without you?


Memories of the past kept haunting me,

Memories of our beautiful moments kept me down,

The rod of loneliness kept hitting me.


Never believe that I could be alone,

Never believe that you will be no more,

Never believe that you will be gone forever,

Never believe that you will leave me behind.


You promised to be my companion,

You promised to be a friend,

You promised to be there forever.


Where are those promises you made?

Have they gone like a candle in the wind?

Have they disappeared into the thin air?

Have they become empty promises?


Leaving me behind seems to be gradually becoming a reality.

A reality I am struggling to believe.

A reality I am doubting whether it is true or not.

A reality that shocked me to the marrow.



Amid my loneliness,

I am struggling to cope.

Amid this reality,

I am struggling to believe all is gone,


Without you,

All will be gone,

Without you,

The world will crash,

Without you,

Nothing will be left to hold on to,


This is a low moment in my life.

A shocking moment that beats my imagination,

A moment I lost my confidence, convenience and comfort.


I am still believing in what I saw the day I met you,

I am still holding on to what attracted me,

You have been a light,

You have been a sunshine,

You made me forget my hours of darkness,

You made me loose my moment of nothingness.


I have no choice,

I have no alternative,

I am still holding on to your promises,

I am still believing that you won’t stay long,

I am still believing that we shall be back together.


Our promises are eternal,

Our hope is everlasting,

Our love is beyond the terrestrial.

Our love transcends the celestial,


We might have lost everything,

Our promises might be fading away,

Our hope might be dwindling.


Our hearts remain in love,

Our love remains in our heart.


Don’t keep me waiting,

Don’t keep me hoping for nothing,


Who could believe that I will be alone?

Who could believe that I will spend tonight without you?

Who could believe that my bed will be vacant?

Who could believe that I will be talking to the wall?

Who could believe that empty spaces will keep my company?

Who could believe that my pillow will be soaked with tears?

Who could believe that I would be left with overwhelming silence?

Who could believe that tonight would be silent without your touch?


I am gradually loosing it,

I am gradually loosing my candor and calmness,


Someone should help me,

To find my love.


Someone should help me to bring my love,

I am lonely

I am really missing my love.


If you see her,

Tell her that I love her,

If you find her,

Tell her that I missed her.


Please come back to me,

I need to whisper in your earing,

I must tell you something beautiful and needful.


Please come back to me.


Don’t keep me waiting.

Don’t make my bed vacant.


Come back!


Come back!!


Come back!!!



NB:This publication is a product of fiction and imagination of the author.


©mlstcommunications 2018


©mlstmedia 2018




It was quite unusual and strange,

Closing early from work,

All I needed is rest

All I want is complete relaxation,

What I want is to dodge the stress of the day.


The rush hour scared me,

All I could do is to rush with the rush hour,

As I was getting to the bus stop to pick a cab,

Amid my desire to get a cab without delay,

As I was about entering the cab,

I realized that the cab is almost filled up,

As I was trying to figure out where I could place my butt.


I heard a feminine voice,

Asking me to come over,

Telling me that there is a vacant seat by her side.

I refused being budge by her demand,

All I want is a place to calm my nerves for the time being.


Never take cognizance of her,

Never gave her the right countenance,

All I could offer her was a harsh look,

All I could offer her was a weary countenance,

What I want is a place of comfort and relaxation,

Then I sat down,

I breathe a sigh of relief.

Though, she was not bothered by my unfriendly countenance.


Immediately, the cab filled up,

I was happy that I will be home soon,

Though, the journey home was boring,

Everybody seems to be focused and unconcerned,

Tiredness and fatigue overwhelmed the entire cab,

It might have been a hectic day for all for us.


She started talking,

She started getting friendly and familiar,

Initially I ignored her and her conversation,

She remained adamant and resilient,

Trying all she could do in her capacity to break the ice.


I tried my possible best to ignore her,

She was outspoken and a natural extrovert,

She kept on dishing out gist as it comes to her mind.


Later it became embarrassing,

When I didn’t give her any answer,

She kept talking,

At a point I decided to change my mind,

I started conversing with her.


While we were gisting,

I observed how fulfilled she was,

When I started talking with her,

I observed a kind of relief on her face,

I confirmed how desperate she is to relate with someone

Later I asked her some questions,

I discovered that she has been expecting me to relate with her from the onset,

A reason while she offered me a seat by her side,

We kept talking,

We kept rolling from one discussion to the other,

Passengers and driver kept wondering if we had known each other before,

Our relationship was quite strange.


It was as if we had been friend for a long time,

Our chatting was smooth and soothing,

As I was expecting before,

My journey home was damn relaxing and soothing.

She really made my day,

She was current and versed in almost all subject matters,


We got to the point of departure,

She alighted and bade me goodbye,

We exchanged pleasantries and waved at each other.

She rushed back and call my name,

I was surprised and kept wondering,


She asked for my digit,

I gave her my digit,

We ended up exchanging phone numbers,


While alone on my way home,

The memory of this damsel was overwhelming,

It was as if a veil was removed from my eyes,

I observed and realized,

How beautiful she is,

She is an ebony with complete dark-skinned,

The thought of her  arrested my being,

I am yet to recover from having part of my day with her,


I expected to relax at the end of the day,

It is getting to a week now,

I am yet to find a place to trash the memory of her,

The memory of her beautiful face stick to my mind,

And all I could wish myself is to see her again.


I tried to give her a call,

I discovered that I didn’t save her digit,

The only thing that could save me,

Is for her to call me,

Maybe we could have more time to gist again.


The thought of her kept creeping into my head,

Everything on my mind is always paused whenever I remember her,

She is gradually taking hold of me,

She is a stranger that  stole something away from me.


I kept asking myself so many questions,

Am I in Love?

I have been trying to give answer to this,

I have been trying to dodge reality,

Something in me,

Kept confirming that I have soft spot for her,

Something in me kept telling me that I am gradually losing it,

A silent voice kept telling me that I am in love,


I kept blushing and shying away from the truth,

I kept asking myself,






Where do I belong?

What do I do?


Falling in love with an angel or with a stranger?


Which is which?

Am I in love?



NB:This is just a product of imagination and fiction.


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©mlstmedia 2018






Once bitten,twice shy!–(5 minutes read)

Never expected to see you again,

Never expected that we would meet again,

I thought you have gone,

I thought you had bid farewell.

I thought the moment we share together is gone,

I thought the memory of our friendship has disappeared into the thin air.


Even though, we part on a wrong note.

Even though, we didn’t expect that it would be over,

We planned to stay together forever,

We agreed to stick together till eternity.

It was meant to be for better,

It was meant to be till eternity.


As days pass us by,

Realities started dawning on us,

Our weaknesses started consuming us,

Our strength was nowhere to be found,

We started struggling,

We started seeing each other fault,

We started nagging and complaining.

We started avoiding each other.

While we are still glue together,

We started finding fault in each other.


Our relationship became burdensome,

Our friendship remains a word on our lips,

Our hope of being together forever became a forlorn hope,

While we are together, we became strangers,

The glitz of our past moments started crumbling,

The bliss of our relationship started fizzling out,

The beauty of being together started haunting us.


We seek for solution but there seems to be none,

We expected time to heal but things remain the same,

We expected a change but none was available.


As time pass us by,

We realized that two parallel lines can never meet,

As moments rolls away,

We realized that the best we can offer ourselves,

Is nothing but separation,

We realized that we are not compatible.


Many days have gone now,

Many years have passed us by,

While I was busy basking in the euphoria of the moment,

I saw you from afar,

Our eyes meet,

And all I could see is the flashes of the moment we had together,


How beautiful it could have been,

If we have been able to achieve our goals,

How blissful it could have been,

If we are still together.


While we are separated,

Many waters have passed underneath the bridge,

Many people have come and gone.


The memory of the time we spent together remained,

I became a victim of the good old days,

When all I have is you,

And all you have is me.


Could I ever have you again,

Could I ever be with you again?

Could I ever spend time with you again?

These are the silent voices creeping into my thought now,

This is how I have been imprisoned at this moment.

How I wish I could turn back the hands of time?


I couldn’t muzzle any strength to bring you back,

I couldn’t summon the courage to be with you again,

Even though I desired your presence every day of my life,

I am scared to try once again,

The memory of past moment kept hunting me,

The best we can do is for us to continue,

But one question that kept ringing,

Is that how can it be possible for us to ensure that,

The memory of the past would remain in the past,

How sure are we that the experience of the past will not affect our present desire?


These are the questions,

We cannot proffer answers to,


This made me to realize that,

The best we can offer ourselves,

Is for both of us to maintain our stand,

By staying away from each other,

We are not meant for each other,


It is wrong to force ourselves again,

It is too late to start all over again,

It is too late to ignite the fire of love between us again,

The passion for love between us is dead.








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MLST ARTICLE:How I lost her!How I met her!!My love story.(5 minutes read).

I thought she would be there for me,

I thought she would be available,

I thought she would be reliable,

I thought she would be my friend forever,

I thought she would fulfill her promise,

I thought she would be my wife,

I thought she would be mine for eternity.



Just like every other day,

Just like every other moment,

We met like a stranger,

We met by chance,

Fate brought us together,

We talked like a familiar,

We ended up being a partner,

We discussed like a friend.



On the day we met,

I noticed her beauty,

Her countenance and demeanor arrested me,

Till I ask for her bio-data and digits,

Her softness caught my breadth,

Her simplicity was catchy,

Her smile was magnetic and attractive.



I thought she would be a good girl,

I thought she would grow up to become a woman of my heart,

I thought she would be considerate and reasonable.

Not knowing that I am deceiving myself,

Never knew that I am living in a fool’s paradise,

Never knew that I am building my castle in the air,

I followed my intuition,

I respected my decision,

I promised her love and comfort,

I gave her my word and world,

I offered her a hand of hope and help,

I brought her closer as a friend and a familiar.



I allowed her to into my world,

Even though, I didn’t expect that she would accept my proposal,

I expected her to turn me down,

I expected her to rescind my overture,

She disappointed me,

Without any hesitation,

She give in to my proposal,

She agreed to love me,

And I agreed to love her.



As time passes on,

As day goes by,

She started changing,

I started observing her,

She kept complaining,

She kept lamenting,

She kept giving excuses that are flimsy and thin,

I tried to figure out,

What could be the reason for her pride and obstinacy,

I discovered that she is bored,

She might have found another man that is up to the task,

I observed that her claim of loving me is fake.

I realized that all the promises she made to me is fluke and a piece of deep deception,

I nearly lost it,

I nearly cried,

I nearly ran gaga.



Despite all her flaws,

I maintain unusual calmness and candor,

I kept my piece,

I kept holding on,

I kept loving her.


Time kept rolling on,

She became worse off,

Days kept passing by,

She became selfish with her demands and desire,

She became proud and arrogant.



My love for her dwindled,

My likeness of her fades away,

I called her attention,

She flared up,

She shouted at me,

She raised her voice at me.



I observed later that hatred is eating her up,

On my part,

I made up my mind,

To call it quit,

Love is over,

I quit on time,

In order to move on,

I bid her goodbye.



Three months later,

I met the love of my life,

Six months after,

We got married.

More than five years now,

We are happily married.

Doing good and basking great.



What I learnt,

Some of us are always in love with people that hate us,

Love is beautiful when you are in love with a beautiful soul.








This publication was used to celebrate  the only woman in my life on the 5th of August 2018  on Facebook social media platform as she marked her birthday.


Since then, I have planned to share my thought about the love of my life with all my readers, viewers and followers but it has been dragging since the concept of blogging is quite burdensome,cumbersome and time-sapping but I decided to break this jinx and celebrate the mother of my beautiful daughter at this moment.


Pardon me for  being late in celebrating her on my blog space  now.


Whether it is belated or not,my line of thought concerning her is all that matters.


The phases of life are anchored and reflected by the realities of moments and seasons which are properly announced by the memories every moment and season presented to us.


While we wallow and struggle to free ourselves from the grip of the unexpected that was the reality of some moments,our hopes and expectations are always raised to the high heaven whenever we remember the beauty and celebration that always accompany some moments.


With or without pomp and pageantry, there is a moment of our life that all that we are expected to do is being appreciative and grateful for the gift of life.


The day of our triumphant entry to this world is a moment that needs celebration just because we are engraced and chanced to make it through the battle of child birth.


Another moment of my life that I always look up to has come.


It is a day that I will always celebrate the blessing of God in my life.


She has been the simple,soft and strong personality that I always watch and ask myself why she is calm,mature and not in anyway emotional just the way other women are.


She has a special way of giving everyone around her hope and assurance that is incomparable and her sense of reasoning and judgment can never be waved aside.


A silent and noiseless achievers making her impacts in a way and manner expected by a homemaker and a professional.


We are blessed to have you as a wife,a lover and a mother.


God has kept you this far to be part of my story. Your impact in my life is forever appreciated. You have really being the unseen hand that is making life to become beautiful and meaningful.


She is the answer to my prayers for a good woman.


She is an amazon and an ebony.


She has been there when the going was rough and tough , and she is still hanging on to see to the my success and achievement.


The story of my life will be incomplete and unjustifiable without her.


She is my wall of peace and my hope in the course of my sojourn on earth.


I couldn’t have asked God for a better woman.


I looked at other women and I observed that she is one in a million.



Just as “little mama “woke up this morning wishing you “happy birthday”by singing, I woke up this morning to write this piece celebrating you.


I pray that you will live to witness more of today.You are just starting, the rest of your years will be meaningful and you will be a blessing to this generation. The hand of wickedness shall be far away from you.


Don’t ever forget that someone somewhere will keep loving you till the end of ages.



Having you around has been the reality of the completion God wants me to have.


She is an angel in human form.


She is just a full package of blessings God gave to me.


I really appreciate your humility, love,calmness and gentleness.


All this can only be gotten from a woman that is God sent.


Without you, I would have made a mistake that nobody can correct.


Celebrating you today is one of the fulfillment and heart desire I always look up to every year.


I appreciate God for making you to cross my path.


I appreciate God for opening my eyes to know that you are the one.


Many fight their husband, but you always give me your peace and a hope of a better day ahead.


Many insult their husband but you always respect yours.


Many treat their husbands as a piece of rag, but yours is a king to you.


Many harass their husband as a piece of shit but yours is a gold.


You are a diadem and a diamond to me.


When people around me tells me that you are beautiful,I always understand that truly I made the right choice in character, attitude, beauty and humanness.


You are a woman that the world will soon bow down for you.


Just keep the love burning and I promised to be the best husband.


Thanks for the Pizza and the bowl of Ice- Cream we had latter in the day.





To my beloved :

I love you….


©mlstcommunications 2018

©mlstmedia 2018.




I thought it is all over,

I thought I have lost you,

I thought an end has come.


I glanced around seen the end,

I groaned thinking I have thrashed all,

I panicked about my error and mistake.





At the edge of loosen you,

I discovered how precious you are to me,

In my mystery,

I stretched my hands,

reaching out to you,

My effort was abortive,

It was like a candle in the wind,

The softness I had for you,

Started fading away and quenching,

With no strength to lighten it again.


I cried out,

I groaned,

I gnashed my teeth,

Help was not in sight.


When I see you been moody and saddened,

I lost control of myself,

My confidence kept beating,

My conscience becomes my enemy,

My heart kept pounding and pouncing.





I knew I goofed in my choice of words,

I disrespected you and maltreated you,

I made you passed through the pain of unguarded utterances.


Within a few minutes,

My mouth attracted hell,

Demons fed on my words,

Hell was let loosed.


All I have build with you crashed,

I suffered and languished in pain,

No one is around,

To listen to my story of foolishness,

There is no one around that knows that I am dying gradually,


As my confidant,

I pull my cloak of pride and dishonour,

I removed my cloth of loose words,

I burnt my apparel of foolishness.


Like a prodigal son,

I went back to you,

I reached out to you,

I sought for your hands,

I reached out to you.


Though, you find it difficult,

To listen to my plea of forgiveness,

I am ashamed asking for your hands of forgiveness,

Despite this,

You accepted my prayers of restitution.


How can I describe you,

You are such a rare friend,

I can’t afford to loose you.


Though, I have an option of walking away miserably.


You accepted me,

You restored my confidence,

You strengthened my weakness,

Above all, you gave me a second chance.


It is painful accepting me back into your life.

I caused your tears flowing,

I pushed you on the path of pain and regret..


I promised to make up with you.


I promised to remain a listening ear,

I promised to be a shoulder you can lean on,

I promised to be a pillow to lay your head on.


Though, we are not destinied to be married,

I want you to know,

How much I love you.



Love 1


You are such a darling.


Thanks for today.


The only one that loves you,

Might rush and be hasty,

To err,and caused you pain,agony and distress,

but will rush and be hasty,

In seeking for your hands in forgiveness.


Now I know that,

The grip of our happiness,

Lies with our friends.

Friendship should not be taken for granted.


A friend that is ready,

To strengthen your flaws and weaknesses,

Is a real friend.

Never walk away from such friend.


To every pain,

Restitution and forgiveness are soothing,

They are priceless elixir to trouble minds.


Your real friends will always offend you,

Your real friends will always  accept your pleas for forgiveness.


It is difficult to account nad correct,

The impact of our mistake,

It might be costly and destructive.

Hence be mindful of others.


To err is human,

To forgive is divine.


Thanks for being there.



This is a true life experience presented in this article in the form of a poem.


“We appreciate ourselves better when we hurt others hastily but sought for forgiveness before it gets late”


















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