THE HELPING HAND–Deutronomy 15 verse 11.

As every product of creation is created for a specific achievable purpose so also every parts of our body is formed and designed to function for a specific and definite achievable purpose that ends up defining the usefulness and peculiarity of the particular part of the body.

It will tantamount to primitiveness and palaeolithism if a paragraph of this line of thought delve into different parts of the body but it will be sound to go straight to the specific part of the body this line of thought is all about which is the HAND.

No form of clairvoyance is needed and necessary by anyone to have the understanding of what the part of our body tagged hands are purposed and programmed for.

As it can be seen on every human body, the hand is positioned as an extension and the latter lower part of the arm of every human being comprising five differently shaped and sized fingers.As the hand is, in accordance to the scope of this line of thought, the hand can be premised to have a tripartite function.This functionalities are purposed for:

1.grasping, support and holding,

2.release and giving, aesthetics to human personality.

Even though there are some exceptions to some individuals that are physically challenged, every other human being possess the right and the left hands.No acts or endeavor can be successfully carried out without the engagement of the right and the left hands humanity is endowed with.It makes us convenient, balanced physically and psychologically and also gives us a sense of dignity, completeness, belongings and acceptability.

Our hands are destined and purposed for others to be lifted”


It is not the possession of two complete hands that matters but what really matters is the rightful application  and purposeful engagement of the totality of the strength in your hands to champion the welfare of others especially those that are revered to as less privilege in the society.

All milestone achievement and enduring greatness accosted to any human at any point in time have their root and route on the efficacy and fervency of proper engagement and reasonable productive usage of your hands.

A popular yoruba parlance chronicled a saying that believed that no one can be deceived  by the hand, it is what you use your hand for that you will get and another parlance is conceptualised that our destiny lies on the surface of our hands–“atelewo eni kitan eni je ati kadara eni wa lowo eni”.

Prosperity obtainable through positive engagement that has its source in productivity through commitment, integrity, dedication and hard work can simply be achieved on a platter of gold without any doubt on integrity when the proper usage and appropriate engagement of our hands are enhanced.

The hands given to us become a tool that will improve and upgrade the plight of posterity when the productive usage of our hands for prosperity is ensured through distribution and not by wanton accumulation.

The fate of posterity is secured when our hands is purposed and programmed for release through giving to others.

The only way humanity can take good and proper care of posterity is by fulfilling the divine purpose of our hands to release whatever is present at our disposal for the betterment of the world at large.

No doubt about it that abject poverty will continue to pummell humanity as long as the prosperity of many are in the hands of few. What will ensure the prosperity of posterity is for this generation to open their hands wild towards elevating and upgrading the plight of others and the less privileged with the mentality of giving without reluctance , resentment and eye service.

Our world with the emergence of greatness will beckoned on us once our hands are freely opened up to help others.God loves a cheerful giver.We attract the presence of divinity when we become a free giver or when we make free giving a culture and a lifestyle.

The survival of our our world is dependent on our ability and generosity to lend a helping hand.The next person beside you needs nothing but your timely outstretched hands.Nothing is too small or too big to release as a source and a tool of help for people that are in need.

It was scripturally chronicled that the needy and the poor will never cease in the land.–Deutronomy 15 verse 11.By this we are divinely commanded to open our hands wide to people around us.God’s blessings upon our life is purposed to be available for us in order to meet the needs of people around us not to engage in unnecessary and wanton accumulation.

That little resources that is of less value and importance to you might be meaningful and form the content of someone’s petition and a tool to salvage the plight of people around you.Be an  unrepentant and an untiring giver not a wanton waster.

Wanton profligacy can block the flow of God’s blessing into our life’s. Everything in our possession are given to us as litmus test or a trial in the form of biblical parable of talent to confirm how productive we are in managing everything lying fallow in our domain at a particular period of time.It can be visibly seen in this scriptural reference that those who manage their resources parsimoniously productively were put in charge of more resources  by God but those who toll on the path of obstinacy through laxity, levity , profligacy and lackadaisical in managing the little in their possession were rebuked and judged by God and what was kept with them was stripped from them and given to the faithful servant who manage and harness the  resources at his disposal properly and productively via multiplication -Matthew 25 verse 14.

The next person beside you need a helping hand.

Someone out there needs your platonic touch of love through giving.

Someone somewhere is on the verge of giving up,

Someone somewhere is on the verge of falling down,

Someone somewhere needs a helping hand like the air we breathe in,

Invest in locating such special person,

Your help is needed no matter how little and meaningless it might be.

Help more, hate less,

Train your mind to help

Help is needed by giving.

We secure destiny and posterity by giving to others.

Your hand is needed.

Be an instrument of help to others!

Giving is living!…


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