As another week is almost two days gone with today being the first working day of the week,what I want to ask from you is :


Can you do me a favor?


You may be asking and pondering what is the rationale behind this question but I want to let you know that I care about you and your betterment and progress is my concern day and night.


Life is practically filled with ups and downs that has no timely limit and these constitute in a large extent a clog to your progress and my progress.


There is always a wall of limitation to the progress and development of man while on earth.Everyone will have a fair share of this at one point in time while we are living here on earth.


In spite of this,no one has been chronicled to become better and achieve greatness by loosing grip and staying on the floor of defeat and disappointment.


Even,it is chronicled historically that the greatest of the greatest that ever lived on earth became the cynosure of all eyes and a reference point in history by been tenacious in their dreams and aspirations to become whatever they ended up becoming.


The question is?


Why are you thinking of giving up and throwing in the towel when you have not even started the journey that lies ahead of you?


It is practically truthful that all of us always think of giving up at one point in time but if everyone has been lazy in striving to become better at one point in time,do you think the world we live in would be better up to what it is today?


The little form of betterment and development humanity enjoys today has been a proof and an outcome of what some individuals laid down as a legacy at one point in time which has its root and route in tenacity, commitment, selflessness and dedication.


Then,why are you downcast this morning thinking about the negatives and defeats you have experienced in life?


I want you to know that before any of the challenges faced by you reared its ugly head,there are many forms of solutions to all the challenges.


What you just need to do is to find out how such challenges would become a launching pad for you to propel to the other side that is filled with grandeur, glamour,glitz, groove,bliss and breakthrough.



personal development 2
Can you do me a favor?



No one achieve a meaningful feat while buried in self pity.No one becomes better wallowing in the regrets and fear of the past.


While the strong and the wise rise up from defeat,the weak gets scared and stayed on the spot of defeat.


This is my message to you this morning that you have no choice other than you becoming strong to stay above the limitations of defeat and failures of the past.


No matter how ugly,stenching and drenching your past might be,waking up this morning is a pointer to the fact that you have a beautiful moments ahead of you.


You can only access this beautiful moments if you are ready to drop the load of your ugly past and stay away from its weight from holding you down.


Failures of the past is a signage of the success ahead of you.


Don’t think you are missing it.


Rather,think about you getting it all the time.


It is never too late for you to buckle up and stay above the hot waters that you find yourself.


Find your respite.


Get your relieve.


Life is beautiful having you around.


I am with you in your journey.


Don’t give up.


I need you.


You can talk to me.


Do me a favor.


Don’t give up.


Getting better is better than getting mad.





©mlst communications 2019

How Nigerian Soldiers killed 13 terrorist in Borno.

The Nigerian Army said its soldiers engaged in the counter-insurgency operations have killed 13 members of the Boko Haram group and recovered 3 Gun Trucks, 3 Anti Aircraft Guns and 12 AK 47 Rifles.

The terrorists were killed while trying to attack a military base at Duguri Island in Northern part of Borno State.

Nigerian Army Operations Media Coordinator Colonel Aminu Iliyasu said the soldiers also recovers

3 Bandoliers of Anti Aircraft Guns and 270 Rounds of  7.62 mm Special ammunitions.

He said two out of the 4, soldiers wounded during the operation have been stabilized at a military medical facility where they were rushed to while the remaining two are awaiting air evacuation for further medical management.


Iliyasu in a statement said “The combined troops of Sector 3 Operation LAFIYA DOLE and Sector 2 of the Multinational Joint Task Force (Chadian Forces) led by Commander Sector 3 Operation LAFIYA DOLE on 28 November 2019, dealt a decisive blow on the criminal ISWAP terrorists at Duguri Island in the extreme Northern Borno area.

“The resilient troops, supported by the Air Task Force OPERATION LAFIYA  DOLE, while marching against extreme odds posed by marshy flooded terrain to clear NJARWA and DUGURU Villages made contact with the criminals who were hibernating in the area. The troops, having successfully cleared both villages, took up a harbour position at which remnants of the criminal ISWAP terrorists decided to cowardly attack them from their rear.

The dogged troops immediately responded with superior firepower, outmanoeuvred the criminal insurgents and handed them a well deserved defeat in the process. The Boko Haram criminals who were  mounted in 4 Gun Trucks with the intention of overrunning the troops harbour position from the rear. In the aftermath of the fierce fire fight that ensued, the gallant troops succeeded in neutralizing 13 of the ISWAP criminals.

“The troops also captured 3 Gun Trucks, 3 Anti Aircraft Guns, 12 AK 47 Rifles, 3 Bandoliers of Anti Aircraft Guns and 270 Rounds of  7.62 mm Special ammunition among other critical assets. Unfortunately, 4 of our highly courageous troops were wounded during the encounter. Fortunately, 2 of the wounded soldiers have already stabilized in a nearby military medical facility while the other 2 are awaiting air evacuation for further medical management.

“The Theatre Commander Operation LAFIYA DOLE, Major General Olusegun Adeniyi, on behalf of the Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusufu Buratai, commends the troops for their gallantry  and professionalism in the face of very daunting whether and terrain conditions. He also extended his appreciation to the Force Commander, Multi National Joint Task Force for the wonderful collaboration and support demonstrated by his troops so far. “He further urges the troops to keep the pressure on the criminal Boko Haram elements until they are totally wiped out”.





Chris Brown’s baby son christened Aeko.

Chris Brown‘s baby son is called Aeko.

The 30-year-old rapper – who already has five-year-old daughter Royalty with his former partner Nia Guzman – announced on Instagram on Friday (29.11.19) that him and his ex-girlfriend Ammika Harris have chosen the unusual moniker for him. Alongside a picture of him looking at his phone, Chris wrote: “RORO & AEKO(ECHO) (sic).”

Up until now, the former couple haven’t publicly spoken about their tot’s birth, but they did both take to social media to post cryptic messages, which fans of the ‘No Guidance’ hit-maker thought was about their new arrival.

Ammika posted on her Instagram story on Thursday (21.11.19): “I was in love, when I first saw you.”


And Chris shared an image of himself with the caption “11-20-2019”, which fans thought was his son’s birth date, as well as a second image of himself wearing a hoodie emblazoned with the word “born”.

The news came after it was reported in August that the pair were due to welcome a baby boy, following their split earlier this year.

It was also claimed at the time that Ammika and Chris “are getting along well” and Chris is looking after her “financially, medically and emotionally”.

In June, Chris hinted at his baby news on social media, referring to Ammika as his “baby mama”.

Meanwhile, last year, Chris agreed to “significantly” increase his child support payments to Nia Guzman.

The ‘Loyal’ hitmaker had been paying his former partner $2,500 a month to support their daughter Royalty, and he agreed to increase the sum considerably following months of discussions in mediation.

The musician reportedly also agreed to buy a house for Nia and to pay over $100,000 of her legal fees.





Why NFF slammed Gernot Rohr?

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has questioned Gernot Rohr for his anti-contract activities.

Coach Rohr recently revealed to some sections of the media about the lack of commitment on the part of Amaju Pinnick’s board.

According to the German, he is being owed over $100,000 while calling for respect in that regard.

However, that has not gone well with the country’s football ruling body and they are demanding for answers from Rohr for exposing to the public some aspects of his agreement.

In his reaction to this development, NFF’s technical director Bitrus Bewerang has described it as “highly unprofessional”.

“In as much as we appreciate the work that Mr. Rohr has been doing with the Super Eagles in the past 40 months, his recent penchant for breaching provisions of the contract he signed with the NFF and the Code of Conduct for coaches is not good for the relationship,” said Bewerang as reported by NFF’s statement.


“The NFF wishes that Mr. Rohr continues in the job because of the team he is building for Nigeria which looks promising and has earned some good results since he took charge, but he cannot continue to nonchalantly cause the NFF as a body and Nigeria as a nation, reputational damage through his utterances and actions.

“As at today, the only money that the NFF is owing Mr. Rohr is the differential in his new contract (about $30,000) which our financial advisors have to align and interface with AITEO before payment (as the improved contract came into effect in the last half of the year), and which process was concluded on Friday last week.

“He will soon be paid. Mr. Rohr has talked about the bonus from the 2019 Afcon, which is not contractual but discretionary on the part of the Federation. The present NFF started the policy of paying players a percentage of tournament bonus during the 2018 Fifa World Cup just to motivate them, outside their bonuses and allowances.”

He continued:


“We did not pay any bonus for the 2021 Afcon qualifying matches against Benin Republic and Lesotho because we are in the process of negotiating with the players on a new template of bonus payments based on performance after qualification for championships. This is still being discussed.

“The NFF is very much alive to its responsibilities but will not tolerate disrespect for the body and the country Nigeria by anyone.

“NFF can never be happy owing coaches in its employ which is the reason why the present administration took the unprecedented step of putting in place a sponsor specifically to pay coaches’ salaries.

“Last week, we paid all the national team coaches and we are putting in place a mechanism to ensure we don’t owe them going forward. We commend Aiteo for its belief in the NFF and for always making funds available to pay the coaches.”

Nigeria finished third in the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations staged in Egypt and currently lead Group L of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations qualification with six points from two games.





I will not fall sick or die young.—Boborisky.

– Popular cross dresser Bobrisky has reacted to a Rivers state prophetess who prophesied sickness upon him

– The controversial individual penned a lengthy note on social media and heavily berated the cleric

– According to Bobrisky, God is not a man, and for that reason death and sickness will never be his portion

Social media was recently set abuzz after one Rivers-based female prophet came out to share her prophesy upon the life of controversial cross-dresser Idris Okeneye aka Bobrisky.

Legit.ng earlier gathered that the prophet via a post shared on social media, claimed that she received a message from God concerning Bobrisky. She said if he does not change his abominable ways, he would end up getting an incurable sickness.

Well, it appears the self acclaimed male Barbie, who is currently vacationing in Dubai, has got wind of the news, and in response, he penned a lengthy note addressed to his haters and the prophet in particular.

Bobrisky started out by noting the amount of hate he has amassed simply because of how he chooses to live his life in Nigeria. According to him, there are several other pressing issues in the country that need urgent attention, but people have decided to get busy with his personal affairs.

“How am I the problem of Nigeria? How does being a cross dresser, and a transgender woman translate to abomination? It is rather bemusing to me that a lot of people will have me killed, than the evil politicians and people in power punished,” his message read in part.

Bobrisky called out to anyone that know the prophet to tell her that she would be the one experiencing sickness if she does not desist from going after him, and hiding under the guise of spirituality.

He wondered why she has not seen a solution to Nigeria’s problem but would rather concern herself with his affairs.


“Why hasn’t she seen how we are going to eradicate crime, joblessness and corruption in Nigeria? They are always seeing things about other people’s lifestyle that hurts nobody,”Bobrisky said. 

In conclusion, Bobrsiky noted that God is merciful as such, he would not be dying young.

He said:


“My greatest joy is that God is not man. God is kind, he is full of love and compassion and I am loved by him, I will not fall sick or die young, because God is a good 


Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that Bobrisky, took to social media to build anticipation for his new body and has assured his fans he’ll show it off in a short time. He had earlier revealed he was undergoing major surgery in Dubai.





Why ‘Madame X’ tour was cancelled by Madonna?

Madonna canceled her intimate “Madame X” tour dates in Boston on Wednesday, stating she was experiencing “overwhelming” pain and would not be able to perform at the Wang Theatre during her scheduled dates from Nov. 30 to Dec. 2.

“Please forgive this unexpected turn of events. Doing my show every night brings me so much joy and to cancel is a kind of punishment for me, but the pain I’m in right now is overwhelming, and I must rest and follow doctor’s orders so I can come back stronger and better and continue the Madame X journey with all of you,” Madonna shared in an Instagram post to her 14 million followers.

Her tour promoter, Live Nation, confirmed the news, saying in a statement, “As we are unable to reschedule the Boston dates due to the tight scheduling through the balance of the year, refunds will be automatically issued to the credit card on which they were ordered.”

No changes have been announced for the remaining dates on the tour, which picks up Dec. 7 in Philadelphia.

Earlier this month, Madonna told an audience she was suffering from a torn ligament and knee problems as she wrapped up a three-night stand at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Theatre. But attendees at a subsequent 10-night stint at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, which just wrapped up Monday night, said she appeared to be in top form.


The tour has her taking a detour from large stadiums and ventures to performances in intimate venues, with 12 numbers in the 21-song set list being from her “Madame X” album, released in June.

Madonna has canceled a few other dates on the tour. She had to postpone the opening dates of the tour in New York due to production delays. Then after several days at the BAM Howard Gilman Opera House in New York, Madonna called off the show due to injury. Madonna also canceled her Nov. 12 opening night L.A. performance at the Wiltern.

Some fans have complained about the unusually late hours for the tour dates, which were announced with more traditional starting times, then publicly pushed back to 10:30 p.m. At a Las Vegas date, she reportedly didn’t begin the show until midnight.

After news reports that boos broke out as fans waited, she responded on Twitter with a video of herself saying, “Here’s something that you all need to understand, and that is that a queen is never late.” In her long L.A. stand, she was reported as coming on closer to the 11:00 hour for the shows, which were advertised by the theater as being “approximately two hours and 20 minutes long.”

In early November, Madonna told a San Francisco crowd that she was “battling a cold, suffering a torn ligament and had a bad knee — ‘and no hours of sleep,’” according to a San Francisco Chronicle review. Nonetheless, said the paper, the star “still managed to pull off a spectacular show.

It was rife with bawdy humor, attitude, sex, loads of swear words and references to her private parts. It was basically everything you’d want from a Madonna concert. She demanded the same level of effort from her audience, despite inexplicably sweltering temperatures inside the theater. … ‘You’re kind of lazy — just putting that out there,’ Madonna said, midway through the show. ‘It’s OK. Because I’m not.’”





FIFA Ranking placed Nigeria at 31st Position.

Nigeria have moved to 31st position in the latest Fifa World Rankings for November.

The Super Eagles, who dropped a place in October, recovered from the slip after they started their qualifying campaign for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations with victories against Benin and Lesotho, on November 13 and 17 respectively.

Gernot Rohr’s side rallied from a goal deficit to defeat their West African neighbours 2-1 in Uyo then they travelled to Maseru to beat the Crocodiles 4-2 in their second Group L game.


Nigeria gathered 1493 points this month and they are ranked as the third-best footballing nation in Africa behind Senegal and Tunisia who occupy first and second place respectively.

2019 Afcon champions Algeria are fourth while Morocco, Ghana, Egypt, Cameroon, Mali and DR Congo complete the top 10 teams on the continent.

The next Fifa rankings will be released on December 19.






You have slept over some issues bothering you yesterday and the only decision made by you is for you to give up and run away.


I would like to put your mind into this.


There has never been anyone living on earth who deliberately give up looking for what to eat when he or she is hungry.



thirsty 1


The only way you can quench your hunger and thirst is for you to embark on a journey or an effort that will give you good and water.


I would like you to know that your satisfaction concerning any form of endeavor embarked upon by you is a function of a deliberate effort to get what is needed to make such endeavor successful.


No one has ever been successful without a tale of deliberate energy being invested into an endeavor that will birth the emergence of success at one point in time.


Being thirsty and being hungry become good when the entity concerned is ready to do everything to ensure that provisions are made for such feeling to fizzle out.


In what area of your life have you been hungry or thirsty?


What are you doing to ensure that you quench your thirst and your hunger disappear?


Are you giving up on that effort or are you making any effort to get solutions?


I would like to tell you that you cannot get any result without you being responsible and responsive in giving your energy to what will attract the needed solutions.


You need to work on yourself.


You need to build yourself.


You need to push yourself beyond that barrier.






The limitations you are running away from will not move until you push it away from your sight.


Be tenacious in creating a solution that will enhance your desired solutions over any circumstance that is weighing you down.


There is more to gain and get if only you can raise up your head above waters.


There is opportunity around you that will make you better if you decide not to give up.


Make sure you remain hungry and thirsty for more.


This is the only way champions are made.


Hunger and thirst make champions.


Do you want to be a champion?


If you want to be:


Kindly,help me to remain hungry and thirsty.


There is more to your life when you remain hungry and thirsty.


Your destiny will blossom when you live a life of hunger and thirst but you must be hungry and thirsty for what is right and reasonable.


©mlst communications 2019


One of the major issue some of us are having is having a platform that will push us out of obscurity to limelight.

Many struggle to the extreme to find a way whereby their voice could be heard at one point in time and this make them to look as failures just because they remain unknown in their chosen field of endeavor.

It is not bad in itself to face this kind of challenge in life,but it becomes bad when you are doing nothing at your disposal to push yourself out of the scriptural miry clay.

You can never be known until you know what to do to make yourself known to others by any meaningful means you think will make you to be known.

This is one of the reasons I have been religious about the open writers challenge 3 that started in few weeks ago.

I have been able to meet so many prolific writers on the platform that made me to understand that humanity is blessed with many talents that if maximized appropriately,the world we live in has no reason to be where it is at this moment.

We all need a productive platform for any one of us to excel in life, and we must endure and ensure that we are not disillusioned and discouraged in our pursuit of anything we think will shed light on whatever we are doing

The past few days have been encouraging for me seen and reading through people’s mind through their writings and I am satisfied that at this point of my life, my write ups have a place on a platform that is filled with many writers across the length and breadth of the world.



Have you been doing anything to make yourself known to others?

One thing that is cocksure as an attribute to any success is your passion and perseverance in ensuring that whatever you are doing as a craft or a hobby is made known to others in attracting success to yourself or maximizing such as a source of blessing to others.

As open writers challenge is gradually winding down,I am grateful for a platform like this,I wish everyone that has participated good Success in any of their chosen endeavor and the brain behind this beautiful idea is appreciated too.


Pushing ideas across to people is really difficult and challenging,it requires much sacrificial endeavor and the intelligence that will make people to accept it is a hard nut to crack.


It gulp time and other forms of resources which might survive or suffer death.


This made anyone that is reasonable to really appreciate any form of effort being invested as a form of idea by other people.


Thanks for giving me a place to showcase what I am passionate about.


©mlst communications 2019.


Many of us are theoretical to the extent that we do not know the difference between a Friend and a foe due to the fact that the basic understanding of what friends stand for are no where to be found in this age and season.


While many believed that friendship is all about jamborees and funfare,others believe that it is more than that.


While someone is asking for my views and write up,someone sometimes ago nearly cut my head that my submission is all about her personality.


Since then,I understood that the best way to know and test a friend is checking on their disposition about the slightest thing you are doing with your life which some might conceived as an attack to their personalities.


Friendship is all about dedication, commitment and selflessness.Once, any one of these seems to be absent,you need to appraise yourself and probably quit.


In this age and season,many people just want to be close to you when you keep on giving and sacrificing your time and resources for their cause in life but you become a foe the minutes you stopped giving unnecessary audience and attention to anything that concern them.


Friendship is synonymous to two hands that can never get clean if the two hands are not locked together rubbing each other to remove any form of dirt the two hands might be entangled with.


You can know a friend or a foe by their attitude and responses to anything that concerns you.


Once they are not there in remembering whatever that concerns you,just shift and leave their space accompany with you tagging them as opportunist or a foe.


It is important to tell you that while someone is exhibiting jealousy and hatred about whatever you are doing, always understand that there are millions of souls longing to have a title of what you are doing.


While I have been accused of writing about issues that concerns personal life of an entity,there have many people asking me why they have not been seen any of my write up.


While a friend will ask about your progress,an enemy will always look for a way to pull you down and discourage you.


The difference is:

A friend yearn for your betterment but a foe look for ways to tarnish your image and pull you down.


Never be confused about the numbers of time they spent with you or the numbers of hours you spent with them,in the process of time,if you open your eyes wide with wisdom,you will understand and see where they belong.


They are opportunist that will do everything in their disposal to turn you into a puppet as long as you are doing their biddings and they will keep deceiving you that you are a friend.


When you take time to check,you will understand that the difference between a Friend and a foe is thin and slim.


It is only the deep that can fathom the difference.


©mlst communications 2019


I know how you are feeling.
The pain of dejection,disappointment and rejection are real

I know how you are feeling right now on your bed.

Your veins are aching tonight.

You have already tried and you are almost reaching your breaking limit with no tangible results to show for your efforts.

This reality is what everyone is bound to pass through at one point in the time in the course of our existence in life.

I have been there before.I am aware of this path of life that can only be expressed by the pain it offer.

The tear and wear of this phase of life cannot be denied by me.They are real as the life I am living is.

In spite of all these,do you think you are alone?

No!You are not alone.

Though,it always look as if you are alone but it is not.

You are just a little fraction of the numbers of people passing through one ordeal or the other.

I know that you always feel like the weight of challenges are being carried by you alone but it is until when you take time to listen to what others are passing through that you will understand that divinity has been on your side.

Everyone is created to pass through a dark path at a particular moment in life.This is a reality of life.

The goodnews is:

No matter how messy and miry situation might be, you are wired to stand above water.The innate power and potential in you are enough to turn the mess in your life to message.

The issue therein is:

Are you ready to take the bull by the horn ?

There is a need for you to face this reality and take the bull by the horn challenging whatever is making you to live a life that is below your expectations.

Nobody will help you until you help yourself to stand firm and conquer that fear that has been holding you down.

On your bed tonight,you might have decided to trash the efforts you have invested in an endeavour,but I want you to go back and revisit the endeavour.

Something is telling me that by tomorrow,things will work out in your favour.

Just sleep over it tonight and you will be strengthened to continue tomorrow.

You are born to conquer all not to give up.

Just to let you know that you are not alone.

We are all together to be the best in life.

Just keep moving.

We are all moving train that can never be stopped by any challenge.

Stay with me and I will stay with you.

You are not alone.

I am here with you.

We may be far away.

I am right here by your side.


©mlst communications 2019


Towards the end of yesterday,as I was in my living room with my family cooling off and gisting with television programme going on,my daughter started singing and when I asked her how she knew the song and the tune of the lyrics,she told me that her school bus driver always play it whenever they are going to school in the morning.
She kept singing and later I joined her singing and I was amazed about how she really put in everything in her singing such a song at her age.
I kept pondering on it how she managed to like such a song because I really liked the music too.
At a point, I was wondering how my love and her love for such song and many from the particular gospel artiste is so deep to such an extent.
Despite the fact that her ability to speak Yoruba flawlessly is low,she sang along with me and I marveled at her.

I asked her on a second occasion to know how she understand such lyrics and she still responded in the affirmative telling me her source.
It was at this point that I kept wondering and pondering how Tope Alabi’s music is becoming a transgenerational influence that binds families and relatives together.
Definitely,Tope Alabi is a transgenerational influencer and a leader of repute in her chosen career.
Nowadays, there are leaders all over the world but it only few that understand what it is all about.
Many believed that it is a means of oppressing, suppressing and subjugating their subordinate by treating them as slaves and objects of disrespect and dishonor forgetting that it a channel of influence that ought to make the leader and the led better in every ramifications of life.
Our life goes down to extinction every single second and we move to the edge of the grave gradually without any notice.
Some of us know this but many are oblivious of this fact and they keep on misbehaving while they are life.
The question is:
What are you leaving behind when the curtain is drawn?
Is it confusion?
Is it pride or ego?
Is it oppression or suppression?
Is it all sorts of negativities, bad attitude and characters?
Is it obstinacy or selfishness?
The ball lies in your court and it is duty to decide which part you will choose and what path you will trend upon.
Tope Alabi is doing well in shaping the destiny of many now and the destinies of the future generation is being shaped by her lyrics now.
Her music is becoming a nexus between old generation and new generation.
She is doing her bit and she will be remembered for it.
What are you doing now in adding values to this generation in that small space occupied by you?
What are people around you saying about you?
Are you known for good deeds or bad deeds?
No one is perfect and no one is expected to near perfection.
You cannot push out negative force to people around you and you will expect them to accept such. They will push it back to you in the same measure and quantity.
It is never too late for you to change your ways’ changed life is possible only when you are alive,you cannot get it done when you are no more.
When we are still alive,let’s do all to be an addition to this generation.
No one wants a burden.
Be a blessing to others not a burden.

©mlstcommunications 2019


Why Suarez rates Messi as the best?

Lionel Messi proves he is the best player in the world day after day at Barcelona and “everyone knows” it to be true, says Luis Suarez.

Uruguayan striker Suarez last month celebrated the fifth anniversary of his debut for the Camp Nou giants, and since his switch from Liverpool to La Liga he has forged a devastating partnership with Messi.

This season is proving no different, with the duo contributing 14 La Liga goals between them despite Messi having missed early games of the season with injury.


The debate as to who is the greatest player in the world between Messi and former Real Madrid rival Cristiano Ronaldo, now at Juventus, has rumbled on for over a decade.

But for Suarez, there is simply nobody better than Argentinian Messi.

“Messi has helped me a lot in my personal growth,” he said. “We had an affinity from the beginning. From coexistence came friendship, and the moments I spent with him also helped on the pitch,” Suarez told Barcelona’s official website.

“Everyone knows that he is the best in the world. He has proven it and continues to prove it day after day.

“He has shown me his companionship a thousand times. He helped me when I was fighting for the Golden Boot. The other day, at Eibar, he gave me a goal.”

Despite heading into the international break at the top of La Liga, Barca coach Ernesto Valverde has found himself under pressure having seen his side drop 11 points from 12 matches this term.

Barca have a tricky period over the coming month, with Champions League fixtures against Borussia Dortmund and Inter, a trip to Atletico Madrid and the rescheduled Clasico with Madrid on December 18.

Suarez, though, is relishing what is to come.

He said:


“A very nice month is ahead. We like those, both as footballers and also people. There will be a Clasico too.

“You have to be mentally and physically prepared. Maybe we won’t win every game or have it easy, but we hope to do our best with the support of the fans.

“We have not had a simple league start. We gave away points that in other years we hadn’t lost, but we know that other teams are also competing well.”