Hmm…… 30th of September 2016…what a day!!! Three months left in 2016…… While musing over how swiftly and speedily year 2016 have been,I remembered this topic.Many wate…




30th of September 2016…what a day!!!

Three months left in 2016……

While musing over how swiftly and speedily year 2016 have been,I remembered this topic.Many water has passed underneath the bridge,many rain has fallen and this year in its peculiarity with other years has presented its challenges in every ramification.Every area of human endeavor have been stressed beyond limit with no possible way out till now.Many countries have been pulled down and pummeled with wars and battles and economic recession is drifting Nigeria apart on a fast lane.

Back to the genesis of my early morning musing that birthed the theme of my blog post tagged “In everything”.

give thanks 1

In transit yesterday,on my way home from Ogba to Obawole,i eavesdropped the conversation of a woman co-passenger in the bus yesterday.She sat directly at my back in the last row of the bus.While she was in the middle of a phone conversation,i picked some content of the conversation and the little understanding i had about the conversation pushed me into deep rumination that ended up into a revelation.

She was received a call and all she was telling the caller is that they should be more fervent in their prayer that God should protect someone from not dying.From this i understood that she was coming from the hospital and a relation of her which might seems to be an in-law is on the point of death or in coma in a hospital.

I felt very bad with this aged woman predicament even to the extent that when the driver drove past her bus-stop and she was complaining of how she will get a bike that will take her back to the bus-stop where the driver ought to have halted,the compassion in me arose and i dole her money to get a bike.

Many of us might be complaining about the situation in the country presently but we always forget that we are better off than those who are on the hospital bed in this period of recession,many are battling with terminal diseases and many are hopeless of the situation of their life.Many started year 2016 with us but their obituary have been pasted and they are now underneath the earth surface.

Is it that we are better off than any of this people?


It has been the faithfulness of God that has been firm as the sky.

It is all these that occupied my mind this morning and i felt like sharing to remind us all that no matter the situation of things around us,God has been faithful in keeping us to see the end of the month of September 2016.






The rationale behind my day starting with musing about the next America Presidential Election is somehow strange to me but I felt there is a need to put one out of my zillion lines of thought down in black and white.

As the D-day is drawing nearer gradually, everybody all over the world knows that every campaign and election terminates with the appointment of a President and it’s running mate no matter the numbers of political parties that presented their candidates for the election.

As it has been from time immemorial, two popular American citizens have been presented for the forthcoming Presidential election with their running mates from the two popular political parties in existence in America.

The Democrats and the Republican have been the two party system being operated in America.I doubt if there has ever been another one since democracy started in America. Electoral post in America has been vied for by candidates from these two political parties.

Since 2008,  when Senator Barack Hussein Obama emerged as the President of United States of America from the Democrats till this present moment, American has had a fair share of what is expected as a qualitative and a progressive form of leadership being yearned for by everybody all over the world though there has been some policies hiccups during his administration but a lot of Americans can testify that he is one of the best American President that can be submitted to be in the class of Abraham Lincoln and Bill Clinton.No doubt about it that there is a lot of confusion about some of his policies, like granting gay rights which have  been viewed in the religious cycles all over the world as sacrilegious but to an extent he tried in the area of employment generation that are are always generated in their thousands almost every month.

Now, there are a lot of hullabaloo and furore about the present Presidential Candidates.For many months, their campaign manifestoes have been overwhelmingly consuming.Every space and domains on social media are conspicuously filled with their campaign slogan and mantra.

This left nothing but a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea for all Americans in their choice of the best candidate come November 2016 . A decision to move forward or backward.

The world is waiting earnestly to witness American election.

If Hillary Clinton wins, she is going to make a record as the first  female American President and probably the first family in America to have husband being a one time occupier of the Oval office and also the wife being an occupier too and maybe one day Chelsea their daughter will occupy oval office too.

Donald Trump seems to be a greenhorn somehow, though he might be popular but it will be like a donkey passing through the eye of the needle for him to win the election.If he wins the election, I believe there is something good about him that American prefers but I think if he carries out a tittle of his manifestoes especially the ones that has to do with foreign policies, United States Of America will end up having more enemies with their contribution towards dividing the world into crumbs.

This is just my view.I am a Nigerian, it is left for Americans to decide their fate.

I know that all the promises made by any of these two candidates will not be cancelled like the one we are experiencing in Nigeria and they will not spend a bunch of their administration blaming previous administration. 

I love to see a stronger American Nation that will maximise every resources to make the world more United. 

God bless United States of America. 

God bless Nigeria.




It is not a gainsaying that the best in every human being can never be assumed to be over.The best in you and I is crying for expression on a daily basis.The best in you is yet to come.

From personal experience, as the best in gold can never be expressed without it passing through fire or furnace, so also the best in every human finds deep expression in challenges that tends to pull us apart.Often times than none, self-discovery begins when we champion our efforts towards self discovery.It is when we handle the challenges of our life alone, that we discover our strength and our weakness.





It is a pity that the weak minded waits for forlone moment for help forgetting that the help needed is within the confines of his or her genetic make up.

Eventhough, some school of thought believed and premissed that it is not good to be alone but I observed that being alone pays and it is the secrets for all round personal development and upliftment.Though, this is the philosophy of the strong. 

To make my article substantial and tangible, I handled a task on my own today successfully without any external contribution. I can submit that this feat was providenced to an extent and it is platformed on the believe that I can do all thing in Christ which strengthen me.

A data that I have once glanced through without understanding it became so understandable this evening without any atom of stress and it made my work simple without being under any tutelage or direction.

Today is quite eventful and memorable in my official engagement.

The weak sights challenges and chicken-out.

The strong sights challenges as an opportunity to emerge as a champion.

The best in you will surface when you are ready to take personal responsibility for personal development. 

Be the best.



The world is waiting for you.




WHEN WILL THE EXCUSES END?—–(3 minutes read)

This is the question I kept asking myself now.I have been opportuned to watch and listen to both President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo interviews on several media platform but to my utmost consternation, I realised that their response has always been centred around unending blames and excuses that I realised that it is gradually becoming burdensome and a tautology. 

A rocket scientists is not needed for Nigerians to know that previous administration has done nothing but evil, the impart of their maladministration is written and chronicled on the surface of every sector of this country.

Long time ago, Nigeria economy has been struggling for survival but no one dares to proffer solution to our low ebbed economy.Now the die is cast, Nigeria as a country is been tossed around on the high sea of economic recession but the economy is on an emergency waiting for who will revive it.



Since recession simply denotes low productivity of good and services that encompasses low supply of goods and services which makes demand of goods and services to soar high with the accompany prices of goods and services ballooned to high heaven.

Now, the urgency in form of emergency is on all of us to see to the revival of our ailing economy by being responsible in making our economy bounced back to a better position.Since, our economic past has been bad which can be traced to wanton profligacies , flamboyancies and extreme wastefulness of resources.

An average man on the street needs nothing but an improvement of our economy with the provision and availability of goods and services at an affordable prices.

Nigerians are tired and bored of listening to the rationale behind the economy dipping into recession.We have had enough of “why we are in recession”.What we want now is technical but simple explanations of the steps being taken to take our economy out of recession.

Many steps might have being taken by the present day government but there is a need to sell it to all Nigerians without continuing with the blame game.It is quite unacceptable for a government that will be two years old in 2017 to keep giving us flimsy excuses that boils down to ineptness, ineptitudeness and mediocrity exhibited by past administration which this administration cannot deny that they are not part of people that contributed to the quagmire the entire country is in now.

How can this administration be spending the available scarce resources at their disposal in unending blame while they are supposed to be busy maximising what is available on the practical solutions that will get our economy out of recession. 

With the kind of floppiness and sluggishness  exhibited by this administration, someone should not being disappointed if this administration failed to fulfill a tittle of their electoral manifestos.

I believe Nigerians who carved and changed the meaning of All Progressive Congress to All Promises Cancelled might somehow be justified at the end of the day.

There is an urgent need for this administration to rise up to the challenge of reviving this ailing economy. 

The blame game and flimsy excuses should stop.

I am tired of it.It is makes me throw up.I felt sleepy when I listen to this blames.

When is it going to stop!!!

Are we going to spend 4 years blaming past administration? ????

Someone should give me an answer.

I am confused.


Even up till now, it is even getting miry with a lot of ineptness,cluelessness and ineptititudeness being on display on the Nigeria corridor of power.I am confident that this four years will end with nothing to show for it .

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I have been thinking about this but I have been trying bottling it.The persistence of this issue on social media mostly in sarcastic form forced me to lend my voice on this issue.



To an extent, I believe that the issue of marriage or getting a life partner should be a personal and private issue that should not be thrown to public domain.It is quite uncalled for when every dick and Harry keeps wagging their tongues on issues that boiled down to your life.






Many commentaries even relayed previous interviews whereby you mouthed and boast that you can use money to get a man.Now, granting another interview that contradict the previous one shows the level of your immaturity.



A woman of your age ought to be matured in mind and in thought.You are not expected to give answer to such an interview questions that has something to do with your personal and  private life.



Your issue has turned to what others have turned into subject of jokes and fun.The worst part of all this furore about your desperate need of a man at 36 is that it will make other ladies that are passing through similar ordeal to feel bad about their wound.

These days with the spate of single ladies scattered all over the world, I don’t think it is right for anyone to make jest of them under any disguise.Though, it wasn’t that people are making jest of them, it is you that caused it by granting interviews to what can be described as a wrong step in a wrong direction.


Do you think that this will bring solution to what is on ground?




The solution is in you doing the right thing.It will not be too extreme to submit that you are proud when someone put into consideration your reply in the previous interview whereby you believed that you can buy a man with your money.


I think by looking back now, you have known practically that money can never hold a man.A woman that desires a man will cry to God and make sure the needful is done.Your affluence might be another stumbling block because African men are so difficult that they can never marry a woman that has many possessions at her beck and call because they know that pride can never be far from such a woman.





Womanhood is being challenged a great deal by singleness and the search for life partner, I will be the last person that will make jest of women that are looking for husband.It can never be easy for a woman to be single and the implication in African settings can never be dared by any woman.

I pray for you, that those who mocked you now will be invited for your marriage in Jesus Name.


Every single woman on the surface of earth today will end up meeting the right man before this year end.

For no one shall wants his mate.








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Just like every other Saturday, the 17th of September started with a bright morning unlike other days of the week that were filled with clouds and unabated heavy downpour.I was in the office to attend to some official duty and at the same time preparing for a marital union celebration somewhere in the city but looking back at the experiences I encountered throughout Saturday, I can simply submit that it is never too late for you and I.Eventhough the night might be dark and slippery, our God is busy preparing a place for you and I.


Who will ever believed that the wife of Saturday can gloriously locate her better half at the beginning of this year.Somehow the signal that all hope have been lost was visible everywhere.At a point, I was in the midst of a discussion with her elder sister who is my colleague in the office  and i asked whether she is looking down on herself that she can never get a suitor.As if I know what God is planning for her, it was not up to 2 months that her sister whatsapped me that she is bringing her suitor home for introduction.I was elevated to ecstasy when this good news was relayed to me by her elder sister.On Saturday, it became a reality.What she was dreadful of became a source of testimony today.


Years ago in 2007, I was a class teacher to a tiny little girl in Senior Secondary School 1 of Durable Comprehensive High School Ijegun, she was one of the best among her peers then at the age of 13 or 14.

Even when I left, the employment for a better relevant employment, I am still in touch with her till date.She finished her higher education in accountancy at the age of 21 with second class upper degree.Since, she finished her National Youth Corp, I have been interested in seeing her getting a job on time.Without calling me , I was the one that called her to send her curriculum vitae for job opportunities. On the 17th of September, I was also elevated to ecstasy when she informed me that she has gotten a job in a telecommunication firm in ilupeju for the post of an accountant and she started appreciating my kind gestures to her when she was in need of job.We ended up our chat with pieces of advice from me that she should give her best to whatever she is doing.

Personally, I see all these as a fulfillment of what I have been asking God for to make me a source of help and hope for others in my own little way.I am humbled that I am part of these testimonies I witnessed on the 17th of September 2016.

Surely, our God is a God of faithfulness.

Congratulations to Elizabeth Oluwatibiloba Nkechiyenre Obioha. God has destroyed the grip of marital stagnancy in your life.I pray that as you are becoming fruitful in your home, the house of your enemies will become desolate.All their children will die for you to have peace and fruitfulness in your husband house in Jesus Name.I pray your honey moon encounter will be an encounter for fruitfulness in Jesus Name.I see your home and table surrounded with children in Jesus Name.

Congratulations to Adebayo Omoladun. I Knew long time ago that you are a promising bright child, as you have started on the pedestal of greatness, I pray that the seed of greatness will continue to germinate in your life in JESUS NAME.

To all the people in the line of expectation for a testimony from God, I pray that every issue of concern shall become a testimony for you in Jesus Name.

God is never too late.

The load might be heavy, the load will make you strong.

Hold on to God.

He will surely fulfill His promise in your life.



The fall of man in the garden of Eden broke the fellowship between God and man, since then, the obligation to restore the broken relationship between man and God has been of essence to God.God in his infinite wisdom sent many chosen men to earth in order to serve as a link and mediator between God and man but none of this people was able to restore man back to God through the remission of Sin.The old testament was chronicled on this from the beginning to the end involving the offering of many sacrifices that serve  as as method for the atonement of sin.

Despite all these efforts to restore the original plan and purpose of God on earth, all the efforts proved abortive until God sent His only begotten Son to shed his blood for the remission of sin and the restoration of mankind to God.It was through the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST on the Mount of Calvary that the broken relationship between Man and God was restored.–John 3 verse 16.This birth the the new testament which was chronicled to be an extension and a perfection of the old testament.

redemption 1

Through this restoration, mankind was  given another opportunity to live within the confines of the original purpose of God for mankind in the garden of Eden but this is made possible for anyone who is ready to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour.

Till this present moment, God desired that all His children will live as gods while on earth but through ignorance and sins, the devil has been taken advantage by denying many children of God the opportunity to enjoy the plans and purpose of God for them on earth.

These brought forward the need to restore back that which Jesus Christ died for to in order to have a meaningful expression in the life of all his children–Job 20 verse 18.Salvation will become less meaningful if it is devoid of restoring the original plan and purpose of God for mankind which has been stolen by the devil through the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

The right time for the restoration of the glory of God draws near.

God is set once again to validate and confirm his restoration agenda for you and I.


Indeed, you shall be restored–Joel 2 verse 25, Psalms 51 verse 12.






Someone foreign to the culture of the Nigeria south-western state might have his or her tongue clipped  having difficulty to pronounce “OWAMBE”.This is really a common parlance used in describing social gathering and any form of party organised in any part of yoruba land in Nigeria.Literally, it simply connotes “I am there” or I witnessed it”.



Every Saturday of every year can never be vacant of one owambe or the other in yorubaland, it is deeply embedded as part of cultural virtues of the yorubas and it is exhibited as an important part of the yoruba society.



Not that other tribe or part of the world are not social but one can easily observe a unique way by which all resources are maximised for the success of such a gathering in yorubaland.”Owambe(s)” of few hours is always celebrated as a celebration that will last a long time.



Not that celebration is awful and absurd but one can never shy away from the volume of resources that goes down the drain in the process of organising a gathering that is societal and eventful.



No doubt about it, it is always filled with fun fare, jamboree and  eventful with series of programmes that makes such a day complete and satisfactory. Right from the colourful attires with varieties of foods having different meats and fish as a good companion.It is only available statistics that can provide the numbers of cattle, goats and rams from the Northern part of the country that are sacrificed in the course of owambe every year in Nigeria.



Truly, the Yoruba culture is one of the rich culture available all over the world but it is quite appalling to note that the demands of meeting up with this cultural values is quite tensed and unbearable.Many people go along way in leaving their comfort zone and inconveniencing themselves to get any of their owambe meaningful and successful. 



Despite the gloomy low ebbed economy being witnessed all over the world, one would think that their will be a recession to such an extravagant and flamboyant celebration . People always goes to the extreme in sourcing for fund in the form of borrowing in order to be acceptable to their invitees, colleagues , families and friends.




owambe 1



From this , investors and  smart entrepreneur need not to go far to understand that the south-western part of Nigeria is a fertile ground for investing a bunch into event planning and other source of social activities that will make every owambe acceptable to international standard.This sector of our economy is a gold mine awaiting a lot of resourcefulness to tap into it.It can also serve as a source of IGR and forex for Nigerian government only if the capacity to maximize every available opportunities inherent in this sector towards massive employment, taxation generation and infracstructural development of Nigeria society.



In considering the fabrics and attires that goes into making owambe colorful, beautiful and eventful, one needs to know that it will aid massive geometric development of the textile industries that have been moribund  since ages in Nigeria.The food and beverages industries are not left behind as one of the sectors that can be developed from the affinity of the yorubas for owambe.The demand for food in any of this gathering is a pointer to the fact that the agricultural sector will not be left behind in the course of overall general development. 



To cap it up, it is pertinent to note that extremism in organising owambe and it’s accompany demands through unnecessary profligacies is unreasonable and unacceptable, moderacy is needed in everything needed to be done for any engagement and social gathering.




OWAMBE 3 (1)

On a personal ground , as a conservative I believe to a large extent that owambe is profligacy and wastefulness. The essence for frugality and persimoniosity should not be mortgaged at all.



The need to champion and channel every available resources at our disposal is of essence and importance.What is wasted in every social gathering is enough to take good care of the indigent and downtrodden in the society.



I wrote this piece sitting down in a marital owambe at Sam Ethnam Airforce Base in Lagos. 

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Great feats and achievements in life is not a function of perfection but it is platformed on unrepented ability for excellence.What abled-bodied athletes find difficult to give to Nigerians have been given to us on a platter of gold.

It has been a harvest of medals for Nigerian contigents in the recent paralympics in Rio Brazil. Sighting an African country being on the 9th position in the medal list is something worthy of encomium and celebration.

The world will be a better place if equal opportunities can be given to all the inhabitants of the world to showcase their hidden talents.This idea of paralympics is one of the ideas that makes our world to be more accommodating to all and sundry because it proffer a level playing ground for every one to discover their hidden purpose and potentials.

Gone are the days that the physically challenged are irrelevant in our society.Presently, there are many physically challenged that are walking on the surface of the earth as 7kings, Queens, Princes and Princesses. Their rulership and royalty have been seen and viewed to surpass that of the able bodied men and women anywhere in the world.

This assertion and submission are confirmed in the fleets of feats and achievements garnered as accolades by this people in every facet of human endeavour and this has made their relevance to stand at par with abled-bodied men and women.

kudos to the people and policy makers that gave these people a level playing ground all over the world.

Bravo to the mind that conceived the idea of introducing paralympics. 

This is one of the progressive ideas that keeps championing the course of humanity towards making our world all better place.

The days of looking down on the physically challenged is over.

The world is now looking up to them for solutions to myriads of challenges drifting humanity  away into perdition.

Nigerian society should give them more opportunities to showcase their talents in every area  of human endeavour.The solutions our society is yearning for might be resident in their hands.We should allow them to be at the helm of affairs of this country. It will not be too much for them to manage our political landscape.

Lagos State Government under the administration of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode celebrated one year in office this year, he gave them a platform to be seen by all and sundry this year.A plus to his form of leadership that is channelled towards giving everybody a level playing ground to be relevant in the society.

Truly, disability is not synonymous to inability.

Equality is the way forward .

Congrats to the Nigerian 2016 Contingents to Rio Paralympics. 

You are all appreciated.

Thanks for making us proud.

Thanks for making Nigeria relevant in the comity of Nations.

Thanks for giving us hope of a better future.




Flipping through the pages of the scripture, one can observed vividly that as blessings are real, so also curses are real.Blessings can be submitted to be the outcome in the form of renumeration and reward for obedience to superior instructions and commandments while curses can be seen on the pages of the scripture as an outcome of disobedience to God’s commandment.Even in the secular realm, obedience to laid down rules and regulations terminates with rewards while punishment terminates any form of disobedience.It can be simply submitted that disobedience attracts curses and obedience attracts blessings.

All through the scripture, it can be seen vividly that God hates disobedience but loves obedience to all given commandment.The bible contains instances that simply buttress this assertion.Numbers 5 verse 23, Numbers 22 verse 6, Deutronomy 28 verse 15, Deutronomy 28 verse 45, Deutronomy 29 verse 21, Deutronomy 30 verse 7 , 2nd Chronoicles 34 verse 24.These are some of the pages of the scripture that chronicle basic explanation of what blessings are and what curses are.

Without any iota of doubt, one can see that many on the surface of the earth today are living under one form of blessings or one form of curse.Any form of living in conformity with the plan and purpose of God for humanity can be traced to have its base and foundation on God’s blessings but any form of existence devoid of God’s plan and purpose can be traced to an exhibition of curse at one point in time.Blessings and curses can have their validity from one generation to another.Blessings and curses transcends one generation to another.

As it a known fact, that everyone is the architect of his fortunes and misfortunes.Our existence under the blessings of God demands personal responsibility and our existence under spell and curses are all about personal responsibility. GOD desires that all His children will live under His blessings but many are living outside the blessings of God which can be traced to irresponsibility, irresponsiveness, laxity, ignorance and disobedience.

As it is written, if the son sets you free, you shall be freed indeed.Your freedom from spell and curses has been paid for by Jesus Christ on the mount of cavalry. No child of God is permitted to be trampled under the influence of any spell or curse, your existence is supposed to be within the confines of God’s blessing without any struggle.

By the anointing, yoke shall be broken. The time for all the yokes hanging upon your life to be broken is ripe now as you join us at Living Faith Church Worldwide,Faith Terbanacle Cannanland,  Sango-Otta for a moment with God to destroy every generational curses hanging upon your life.

This Sunday, the 18th of September 2016. GOD is set to set you free.

Come one, come all.

ref:Biblical references–NKJV



A healthy democratic dispensation is known anywhere in the world when there is a vibrant opposition party.Democracy looses it’s grip and power to turn the plight of the downtrodden and less privilege around when there is no strong opposition party on ground.

APC as a political party leveraged on this submission by being powerful and  vibrant, a kind of influence that spur APC into limelight on the corridor of power today.

There is a need for an opposition party that can stand at par with the ruling APC to be on ground now.This will keep APC on their toes and it will prevent them from resting on their hoarse.

PDP as a political party has all the paraphernalia to stand as a viable opposition party but the lack of internal democracy that destroyed the existence on the corridor of power in 2015 is yet to leave their domain.

In the forthcoming gubernatorial election in Edo State, the best thing that could have happened to Nigeria democracy is for PDP to defeat APC at the poll so that APC will realise in time that they are gradually loosing their ground because it is crystal clear that APC can never obtain a landslide victory at the poll in 2019.It is clocksure that  APC  will loose some polls to PDP or any other party that the electorates deem fit to be on the helm of affair of this country in 2019.

It is pertinent for every Nigerian to desist from voting for a unitary system of government.All and sundry should do everything within their power to build a political party that will stand at par as an opposition to APC.

I believe if APC begins to see the handwriting on the wall , they will sit tight and look for ways to upgrade the plight of common man on the street.



The recent “change begins with me” mantra has generated many furore and the hullabaloo about it keeps making  space in our national discussion and public domain.Many Nigerian raised eyebrow against this and it was viewed from many angles as another means of cancelling all the promises made to Nigerians by APC during the electioneering campaign in 2015.

Personally, at the point of watching President Muhammadu Buhari given this speech, I looked at it from another angle as a stylish means of our government being irresponsible and irresponsible to the plight of average Nigeria masses. Initially, I submitted that our President is becoming a professional motivational speaker.

On my way to work this morning, what I saw changed my perspectives about the “change begins with me “mantra.

How can the arm of government that has the constitutional duty to maintain law and order be the one that has larger percentage of his operatives breaking the law.I was appalled sighting Police officers in their RRS truck driving at high speed against traffic along Metalbox road, Ogba. This is the highest form of indiscipline that are not supposed to be portrayed by the arm of government that are deemed to be a  first hand custodian of law and order in Nigeria.

It is pertinent to note that if the present day government is trying to govern in accordance to this mantra and the citizenry are not seeing any reason to corporate with this mantra, Nigeria as a country should not expect any change across board.

This mantra simply placed a joint social responsibility on the government and the governed.It is when this responsibility is carried out jointly that our national social life can feel the effect of patriotism and nationalism portrayed by citizens of many developed countries.

In our daily activities, in our personal dealings and in our corporate duties, all our efforts should be geared towards changing our mentalities and approach to the way things are handled that seems to be retrogressive in all facets of human endeavour.

Nigeria will be great until we change our ways.

There is urgent need for:

1.Discipline across board in the entire Nigerian society

2.Prudency, honesty and integrity

3.Punctuality.We should erase African time mentality from our cerebral.

4.Obedience to law and order without being forced

5.Professional ethics, ethos and norms of the society should be maintained by all and sundry.

6.Patriotism should not be mortgaged for personal aggrandisement. 

7.Corruption should be barnished.  

These are some of the ways that seems to be necessary before we  can all witnessed the birth of a new Nigeria all of us are yearning for.

Truly, change begins with me!!!

Are you ready to change???

What about you?



Push this across to public domain today on social media platform but I noticed and realised that responses given and granted are not tangible and substantive enough for what I expected as responses against or in support.

Flipping the pages of the scripture with other versions of the bible, it was only Revised Standard Version of the bible that chronicled this as nose-ring in Genesis 24 verse 30.

It was recorded that Abraham servants presented a nose-ring to Rebeccah at the point of his confirmation that Rebeccah is the woman his master begged him to find for Isaac.

Immediately, Rebeccah brother saw this in her sisters hand, he noticed without any doubt that his sister has found a suitor.

From this it can be deduced, that the possession of a nose-ring indicates favour and acceptability of a lady by a man, it is one of the gift a man will give to a lady to ask for her hand in marriage just like In this age we also have many material possession and gift that a man gives to a lady as a form of request to ask for a lady’s hand in marriage.

No place in the scripture was it recorded that it is wrong or it is a sin.

I will never agree with anyone arguing that it is a sin.

Tagging it a sin is a form of what the bible described as philosophy of men which the bible admonish Christians to stay away from.

With this little and simple submission, I can affirmatively submit that it is not a sin.

Using it is not compulsory, any lady that is convinced of the usage can do so .

Wearing of nose-ring is not a sin.

contrary view, suggestions and observations are welcomed as a comment on my



Marital vows imposed the role of leadership on the husband.

Being a husband is a role of leadership that is shown through responsibility in every facet of marital lifespan.

A married man represent everything God represent to all human in existence.

The responsibility imposed on any married man attracts authority that is binding on every member of the family.

Authority becomes smooth and meaningful when it is channelled through selfless discharge of responsibility for every party involved in the marriage–wife, children, in laws, neighbours, colleagues and friends. 

Marriage makes every married woman a subject and a partner to the husband.

The genesis of confusion inherent in marital union recently can be traced to misconceptions of what is expected from parties involved.

As a wife, you become envious unconsciously when you have resentment towards the authority of your husband.


marriage 3

Whenever you developed a thick skin to your husband corrections and views, the authority given to him by divinity is simply challenged, this will end up triggering misunderstanding and confusion. 

Challenging your husband authority and corrections is never a crime.It is acceptable and can be described as what is in vogue in this present age.

This simply signal your desire to share in the authority given to your husband by divinity and marital vow.

As stated earlier, authority becomes reasonable and meaningful when the corresponding responsibility is discharged without any iota any and atom of resentment and reluctance.

Wisdom demands that , as a woman , challenging your husband authority and corrections simply denotes your desire and passion to share in the discharge of authority given to him.

Since authority simply connotes responsibility. You must be ready to share the responsibility of your family.

No wife should challenge or be indifference to the correction and authority of his husband without her readiness to share the responsibility of the family.It will tantamount to meaningless insubordination when you are deaf to your husband correction when you are not ready to carry the responsibility of the family.

No reasonable woman should adhere to part of the concept of woman emancipation channelled towards inequality between husband and wife without her readiness to share in the responsibility of the family.

Equality between husband and wife simply connotes shared authority.

Shared authority demands shared responsibility.

Never challenge your husband authority without your contribution towards sharing the responsibilities demanded for a marriage to be successful.




The word “recession” recently forced itself on every Nigerian and it became part of our vocabulary.No single day can pass us bye without our daily tabloids being filled with it bodly written or printed.As popular as this word is, the meaning of this word might be strange but the implications and effect can be seen by every Nigeria. 


According to the definition copied on,  a recession means a fall in gross domestic product GDP or national output.


Economic recession is usually characterised by :

1.High unemployment

2.Falling average income

3.Increased inequality

4.Rising bond yield

5.Higher government borrowing

6.Fall in tax revenue

7.Budget deficit

8.Output loss

9.Impact on workers

The impact of a recession depends on how long it lasts and the depth of the fall in output.

The fall in output simply denotes and implies fall in productivity which might make basic commodities needed by the populace to be scarce.The scarcity will give room for the forces of demand and supply to take over.Lower output triggers lower supply of goods and this will lead to increase in demand which will end up increasing the price of commodity in the market.

The recent economic reality witnessed across the length and breadth of Nigeria is shocking and strange , unimaginable and unfathomable by many Nigerians due to the high expectations that followed the landmark victory Nigeria masses handed over to the government of the day by rejecting former administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

The electoral manifesto and promises of the APC government were so compelling and attractive that many Nigerians believed that the plight of average man on the street will experience a paradigm shift for better.

The bunch and bulk of this economic woes, hardship and downturn can never be blamed on this administration because it has started creeping and crawling in gradually at the end of the last administration which was mired with unreasonable degree of ineptness, ineptitude, corruption and mediocrity with stories of non performance being relayed on a daily basis from our corridor of power in Aso Rock and in all the thirty six states including Federal Capital Territory in Abuja. 

Now, Nigeria economy is in recession with rising cost of goods and services accompanied with high indices of unemployment soaring high on a daily basis, and the daily news of retrenchment aired on media platforms makes the heart of many heavy.

The impart and impact of this low ebbed economy has resulted in a forceful paradigm shift of every facet of our existence not for satisfaction but for survival.

No doubt about it, Nigerians can be described to be wasteful in their approach to manage every resources at the disposal but the present economic realities has been able to curtail and checkmate many forms of profligacies Nigerians are known for although many  are still shying away and struggling to belief the adverse impart of this recession on every facet of our existence.

Frugal management of scarce available resources with parsimonious utilisation and maximisation of scarce resources targeted towards increasing national productivity output seems to be the only way out to salvage the implications of this economic recession.This is the only way by which our national, corporate and personal existence can be preserved without it being dented and affected by the impact of recession.

The present day government needs an urgent drive towards economic approach and policies that will serve as a palliative to cushion the effect of this negative economic realities.Since our reliance on crude oil is no longer beneficial and attractive, there is an urgent need to diversify our economy through the diversification of every resources inherent in all  sectors in order to increase our productivity output in a short term.

Agricultural, solid minerals, human resources and other important sectors like educational and health sectors should be developed without leaving behind infrastructural development.There is an urgent need to develop our power sector,5000mega watts is not enough to revive our economy from recession at all.Ministry of power, works and housing should do more to maintain this 5000 mega watts with plan and processes that will increase power output to 30000 mega watts in short term.

This will easily revive the manufacturing sector with the development of agricultural sector in pari pasu so that agricultural output can fill the gap of dearth of basic raw material bedevilling our manufacturing sector .The importation of local and international cutting edge technology should also be tapped into in order to make our manufacturing sector vibrant.

Effort should be made in enhancing the production and manufacturing of finished products that have quality that can stand at par or even superceded what is obtainable in the international market .This will increase the volume of our foreign exchange earnings that has plum due to low crude oil price.

The development of our educational sector should be at the front burner of our developmental policies, there should be a paradigm shift of our educational curriculum towards introducing and exposing our students to the practical and entrepreneurial aspect of their chosen discipline from elementary education to university education. 

Health sectors, tourism and information technology are some of the sectors that will turn our economy to a destination for foreign investors with adequate investment to improve security because all these will become achievable in a peaceful environment where there Is safety of life and property.

With all these, all hands must be on deck to channel every effort at our disposal to make Nigeria the economic hub of AFRICA.




Amazing is an understatement when listening to former President Olusegun Obasanjo yesterday in Abeokuta after having a close door meeting with one of the factional leader of People’s Democratic Party.It is of importance and utmost necessity to submit that this is a right step in a right direction at the right time.This is the time for all men of good will in Nigeria to champion a course whereby our democracy will have a strong opposition base and presence that will serve as a tool to put the ruling party on their toes.

Advocating for strong Party in power and in opposition is a good intention and a desirable petition from someone of the calibre of President Olusegun Obasanjo which is worthy of applaud and emulation for every progressive that believe in making our democracy better in all ramification.

No doubt about it , the presence of a strong party in power with a strong party in opposition will simply birth the presence of a healthy democracy which has been the yearning of every Nigerian that believe in the emergence of a better Nigeria that can stand at par with what is obtainable in the democracy of other advanced economy.It is until when a strong party is an power is accompanied by a strong opposition party that the dividends of democracy can be a reality.

On the contrary, by referring to what has happened in the time past, President Olusegun Obasanjo will never cease to be controversial in his opinion and submission to issues.There seems to be a deviation from what his ideology and philosophy is when compared with what he displayed and offered while occupying seat of power to what is coming out from his mouth now.Can we assume that he was blind and deaf to the voice of reason while in power or the mundaness of power blindfolded him that he wasn’t allowed to see his mistakes and misdemeanour then? To a large extent, someone can opine that he is doing everything in his capacity to correct all the mistakes he made while in Aso rock because he cannot be left out of the blame of what is on ground now in Nigeria.To an extent he laid the foundation because democracy started with him in 1999, so whatever we have now can be traced to him as the person who started it.

The weakling, suppression, oppression and subjudigation of opposition party was his pet idea when he was in Power.The manner and approach by which he used state power to frustrate the governorship tenure of office of Bola Ahmed Tinubu in Lagos State is something that will never vacate our corridor of political history in a jiffy. No one could ever believe that Obasanjo will be the one that will be releasing statement that boils down to asking whether the ruling party is strong or whether the opposition party is strong?

Former President Obasanjo did a good job in releasing this submission but it will not be to the extreme for someone to opine and submit that he is controversial.He would have changed this country for good but he deviated and derailed by shying away from what is necessary to herald the emergence of this country as one of the greatest in the comity of nations across the world.

In conclusion, can it be perfect to describe him as a repentant elder stateman or a controversial elder stateman?

My fingers are crossed!!!



The recent technical defeat and decimation of Boko Haram and some of its terrorist cells by Nigeria military is commendable and it has been receiving so many kudos across the length and breadth of the country even international communities are not left behind in giving credence and credibility to the success stories recorded by Nigeria military.

No one can doubt the fact that Boko Haram has been defeated technically as it is promised and envisaged by the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, though some pockets of attacks are being witnessed in some parts of Nothern Nigeria presently.

 The safe rescue of the Chibok schools girls kidnapped in their dormitory by Boko Haram during the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan remained a challenge and a hard nut to crack by this administration with no one having the inkling about how these girls can be rescued from the claws and dungeon of Boko Haram.

This issue has attracted so many interest in the domestic and international cycle with placard carrying demonstration that swept the entire globe when it happened freshly with the wives of some President lending mouth against this form of inhumanity.It was at this juncture that the group tagged “bring back our girls” was birthed, since then this group has been diligently committed to lending  their voice to influence  the safe release of this girls that have been forcefully taking away from their parents and recorded to have been married to unknown Boko Haram insurgents.Many among these girls have been forcefully married out and forcefully coverted to Islamic faithfuls by Boko Haram terrorists.

It is not a gainsaying that the trend of criminality in Nigeria is alarming, mind blowing and mindboggling which crept into the fabrics of our society gradually in different phases starting as religious riots and demonstrations in the time past.

The North-Eastern part of Nigeria has been known to be the abode of Islamic fanaticism and extremism to an extent because many forms of Islamic extremism have occurred in the past in some parts of Yobe State.

The recent occurrence that led to maiming and massacre with wanton destruction of properties in a higher Institution environ in Zamfara State which ended with the loss of life of about eight people than eight simply signified that Nigeria as a country still has a long way to go in curtailing religious extremism.

With this recent happening, it will be a disservice and a deceit to the intelligence of Nigerians to accept that terrorism has become of thing of the past.With this it can never be an extreme opinion to submit that our dear nation is not yet free from the grip of mental and religious fanatiscm. 

The phases of insurgency in the form of extremism and terrorism started with religious riots and rampages that made  Southerners , westerners and easterner to bear the brunch  of religious excesses and extremism in the time past can be viewed to have been handed lightly by previous administration, even at the onset of the advent of Boko Haram, many influentials, leaders and politicians that belong to the other political divide then gave credence to the onslaught and rampage of Boko Haram by submitting that it is the low ebbed economic situation and unemployment cum famine and hunger in the country that led to people laying hands on arms to bring the Nigerian State down which was some of the statement made to pulled down past administration in other for this new administration to take power from the ruling party then. Many politicians used it a tool to furnish their political rivalry, ego and popularity. 

No doubt about it, this administration has really done fairly in tackling this hydra-headed monster called Boko Haram that remained absolute in the quest to establish an Islamic Caliphate.

It is quite appalling and a shame to the security personnels and paraphernalia in Nigeria reporting the recent arrest of some of the major kingpins of Boko Haram in Nigeria. No right thinking person will believe that these insurgents can be living among other law abiding citizens of this country.At a point we were made to understand and believe in the trans-border migration of this criminals into Nigeria from other neighbouring countries but it is disheartening when it was aired on public daily tabloid about the arrest of these insurgents.This simply connotes that a criminal can be living large on Nigeria soil for long without being traced because if it is not that the tempo of fighting against insurgency was increased by this administration the recent arrest will not have been made possible at all.

Even despite the technical defeat of Boko Haram Insurgents and other forms of criminality in Nigeria, the approach being maximised can be viewed as a means to an  end but not an end in itself.

How can a country  find it difficult to maximise the ease obtainable in the usage of close circuit television camera to tackle criminality and insurgency reasonably? How can a country  lack the political will to have the Biodata of all her citizen?By now, with the gory experience of wanton massacre and butchery of innocent Nigerian, every nooks and crannies of this country ought to have been installed with close circuit television.

There is an urgent need for technological approach to be maximised in stamping down the trend of insurgency and criminality in Nigeria.It is until when the necessary technological approach needed to tackle criminality and insurgency is available and maximised that any progressive mind can rightfully submit and take pride in the technical defeat of Boko Haram and other forms of criminalities. 

The usage of force and military engagement can only offer temporary and immediate solution with high level of collateral damage incurred with human rights violation.It is pertinent for military and political policy makers to approach the tackling of insurgency and other form of criminality by holding up to substance and staying away from chasing shadows.

Some of the approaches that can be channelled towards the reduction in criminality and insurgency are:

1.Nigerian youth must be productively engaged.

2.Sensitisation about the essence of religious tolerance.

3.Nigeria society should be demilitarised because there seems to be an easy means of criminals getting hold of weapons and arms.

4.Human friendly and environmental friendly approach should be used in tackling criminality and insurgency.

5.The fight against corruption must be continuous and permanent. 

Every religious denomination should be encouraged to thread on the path of preaching the pros of religious tolerance and the cons of religious intolerance.Preaching and homily during spiritual gatherings should not be allowed to relegate and make other religion inferior and fake.Sermon that will make the inhabitants of every society united must be preached and aired in all the nooks and crannies of this country. 

There is an urgent need to wield political power that will establish real and true federalism so that every tribe and region will have a sense of belongings in the project of a new Nigeria that is build on service to our father’s land as it was envisioned by our founding fathers in the course of their struggle for independence.

Any form of conscious and unconscious approach targeted to make other region and tribe inferior and less important will end up triggering aggitation and regional affinity for secession.

It is on this aforementioned approach that affinity for insurgency and criminality can efface without combative military engagement.


Why do we spend a great bunch of our time day in day out on trivialities, frivolities and footlings when the main essentials of our existential are left unattended to??

Why do we wave what is important to our life with a bare hand but stick to issues that will pull our neighbours down??

Why is our world  engulfed in hate, oppression , enslavement and subjudigation? ?

Why are we suffering in the midst of abundance??

Why are we less concerned about the plight of the downtrodden? ?

Why are we killing in the name of religion??

Why is it that hunger and abject poverty is the lot of majority and minority are living in extreme wealth??

Why do you dedicate little time to discuss issues that will add to you??

Why do you look down on others when you are not a demi-god??

Why do you assume immortality when the breathe of mortality oozes from your nostrils??

Why are you proud and pompous??

Why do you look down on others??

Why do you treat others like piece of rag??

Why do you act as something when you are nothing??

Why do you pretend??

Why are you a shadow of yourself??

Why do you lie??

Why  are you living a fake life??

Why do you hate??

Why do you kill??

Why are the orphans not catered for??

Why is my world,

Why is your world,

Drifting on the path of extinction and destruction??

Why! Why!! Why!!!.