In this part of the world, it is a known fact that being well to do is an access to oppression of the downtrodden.It is embedded in our culture that once we are better off in any way than the next person sitting by our side, it is expediently expected that the person becomes our subject, slave and subordinate without any itch.Wealth and riches are accosted and accompanied with pride in Africa and it is an acceptable norm for the old generation and it is also acceptable by the new generation.Definitely, this line of thought will be acceptable and glamorised by the next generation.

This article is not designed to praise and eulogise but it has been a subject matter months ago.While in the course of discussion with a colleague about the founder of Facebook visit to People’s Republic of China sometimes ago, we all deliberated on nothing but the simplicity of this great entrepreneurial guru.

His appearance is a wide deviation of what is obtainable in Africa.Once we have started making some few coins in Africa, ego and pride are the next attitude that we put on with praise singers accompany us to wherever we find ourselves.Even our religious and secular leaders  are not left behind in exhibiting this anti -God attitude or trait.

Our religious and spiritual leaders spends a bunch of their time  preaching about humility as it is exhibited  on the pages of all our spiritual books but in reality and practicality, they exhibit a kind of deviation and aberration that makes their homily and preaching invalid and unusable.

Their lifestyle displayed comfort and luxuries in extremism with many fleets of automobiles at their becks and call.

Our secular leaders are also culpable of this misconception that is a direct deviation of the main concept of what leadership is all about but seeing the youth of today treading on this path of putting their subjects and subordinate in bondage is mind boggling and mind blowing.

The young ones are expected to be agents of change in this part of the world but the reverse is the case.Once they have a chair and a table at their disposal in discharging their daily and professional duties, what follow suites is their ego being ballooned and their pride being vulcanised to high heaven and their shoulder being raised up to the ceiling.

The appearance and demeanour of Mark Zuckerberg is enough curriculum available for all our leaders in the secular and spiritual to read and study in order for all to understand that there is a  direct relationship between simplicity and humility.No one can profess simplicity and humility but fond of being a fashionista to the extreme.It is an abberration. 

The wealthy are spending less on buying clothe but the poor believed that appearing gorgeously is synonymous to affluence and wealth.This is untrue because it is a known fact that empty drum makes the loudest noise.The poor spends on trivialities and frivolities but the wealthy spend their resources to the last penny on investment.

Your true  self is not embedded in what you wear but it is confined inside what you have as a resources in your mind.Appearing gorgeously is not an antidote to mediocrity.The antidote to mediocrity has its place in your mind being developed to make an impart in the test of time.

It is not even his entrepreneurial wherewithal and dexterity that I found unfathomable, it is his simplicity and humble demeanour that I am finding difficult to comprehend because this is rare and strange in Nigeria.

Once a swindler or a “yahoo boy”makes some hard currencies illicitly and illegally, the whole town will be painted red, every boutique and club will be patronised in the spending spree and roads will be blocked with streams of ladies having their own share of the national cake.

This is a lesson to all in this part of the world.

It is appalling and disheartening that an atheist is showing us the way of divinity concerning humility and simplicity.

You are my hero and my mentor.

Simplicity and humility –The culture of the greatest. 



WHAT NEXT?—(3 Minutes read)


No doubt about it experience of life has taught us in diverse ways about the stormy vicissitudes of life that make life to be challenging and unbearable. It is not within the reach and scope of anyone’s mental ability and spiritual capacity to decipher when the storms of life will become fierce and raging.

Due to the shortsightedness and shallow mindedness of many, when issues concerning the storms of life are mentioned or tends towards becoming a subject and an object of discussion, many are quick in responding against this trend by mouthing and shouting “God forbid and that will not be my portion in Jesus Name” repeatedly as if to say  others that are passing through such a phase are being punished for their predicaments or they are enemies of God.



Times without numbers, people that are deeply spiritual have been seen to pass through unbearable phases of life like this and all that will be heard from them is “why me Lord”.As if to say God allowed such a phase in order to put them under curse or punishment.

It is not a gainsaying that the challenges of life are real and they forced their presence on people without their consent.The untold hardship many people are battling with are unimaginable and they are better left not being discussed because it has defied every reasonable approach to get urgent solution.

The irony of life is that what makes champions are challenges.The myriads of challenges is not what really matters, what matters is the stories of conquest that made champions out of those myriads of challenges.

Champions are moulded and made when the right attitude needed to turn challenges into stories of victory are available and applied within a period of time.It is attitude that makes winners not quitting and it is attitude that makes looser quit even at the advent of the challenges.Stories of victories and conquests ever related in the annals of history of mankind revolve around attitudinal approach that are positively channelled towards getting the head up even when the bowl is hot.

Challenges makes champion. The beauty of golds and many precious stones emerge when they passed through furnace.How will your stories be listened to without its contents being rallied  around battles and corresponding conquests and victory.

The load might be heavy but know that the weight will make you strong.


After the loss of your brother,

After the loss of your child,

After the loss of your wife,

After the loss of your job

After the loss of that contract,

After you have lost everything, 

After being deserted by friends and families,

What next?

Hold on when the sun is hot!!

Hold on when the bowl is hot!!

Every challenge of life is transient.

Every challenge is bound to expire.

Weeping may endure for a night.

Your joy cometh in the morning.

If you can hold on throughout the night, surely there is a brighter morning.

A crucial step needs to be taken as the next step.There is no need to mourn your loss forever.It is of no point sitting down on a spot without finding lasting solutions to the issues on ground.

You need to rise up and buckle up to weather the storm of life by maximising the inner strength in you to face the challenges of life.It is until when you believed that there is a brighter side to every dark side that your moments of regrets will fizzle out.

  • dedicated to those who loose their beloved ones in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose precious valuable things in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose their jobs in 2017






Recently, a trending issue burst out of one of the social media platforms and it keeps spreading like a wild fire across other social media platforms without control and it boiled down to  dearth of understanding and scarcity of deep cerebral wherewithal that is massively on display in  every facet of human existence and endeavour in this generation.The furore generated by this tends towards unending arguments and divergent views about the responsibility of female folks against the responsibility of male folks towards successful marital bliss that is not entirely based on inordinate quest for money and materialism.

Ours is a generation of emptiness and the glamorisation of extreme materialism are the major parameters believed to be the yardstick for the exhibition and display of success across every society in this generation.The cosmetic and superficial thought level on exhibition in this era makes the heart bleeds.

Confusion is obtainable and can be seen in every cycle of our society, the fabrics of our society keeps pulling apart because of the inordinate quest of this generation for money,mundaness and  materialism which seems to be uncontrollable across every area of human existence.

marriage 2


From every  practical perspective and observation, the usefulness and applications of money can be seen and viewed as a major item that add value to every contents and endeavour.Elementary definition in its simplicity defines money as a medium of exchange for goods and services.This simple and basic definition confirmed the  eternal usefulness of money in the day to day activities of any society including marriage.

Even the benefits of money in keeping personal and private  affairs of people running successfully cannot be underestimated in anyway.Multifarious landmark achievements are impossible without the application of  money at one point or the other.Even, it was chronicled and confirmed by a particular portion of the bible that money answers all things.

The importance of money can be seen  everywhere around us.No human endeavour, no matter how simple or complex it might be can escape the dictates and influence of money.It influences and add value to a large extent the kind of life we live alongside the quality of our lifestyle.Influence and affluence often times than none can never be separated from the possession of money at our disposal.Even, our society misinterpreted the possession of money as as defining factor of good luxurious and influencial life.


 One of the major institutions that is as old as the earth itself is the institution of marriage.It is the institution available and designed by GOD to keep humanity enlarging and increasing in population.Basic elementary definition explain marriage as a union between husband and wife.It is covenanted and instituted by GOD for procreation, enjoyment and companionship.It is the contribution from this institution that makes the world what it is today with a population of about 1.7billion people occupying the surface of the earth.It has been able to uphold one of the first commandment of God that we should increase and multiply without any resistance,and humanity has been able to fulfill this commandment with the statistics of world population irrespective of famine, wars,genocide and terrorism that is trying a lot in pummelling and  decimating world population.No matter the situation available at a particular period, it can be seen that no policy has been able to stop humanity from reproducing and procreating.


The recent frequent upsurge and increase arising in the form of misconceptions that tends towards conflict and clash between the essence of money and the essence of marriage is gradually becoming a monster that can be described as an ill wind that will blow no one no good.The rate and speed at which issues of broken marriages obtainable from divorce and separation boiled down to misconceptions of the role of money and it’s influence on marriages to a large extent.

From previous aforementioned definition of money and marriage, it can be deduced that both are existing on a parallel line.These are two different things that  are important on their own and they can never be substituted for each other as an alternative.

If at creation, God prefers money to marriage, God would have commanded the first woman and the first man to increase in money and produce wealth but that command of producing and increasing given to them simply makes marriage to be quite separate from money.On a practical note , no one can shy away from the effect and importance of money to every human endeavour.No doubt about it, money is important but marriage is far important than money.Often times than none, it is rare seeing a situation whereby money is celebrated openly or publicly with a vow and celebration except in the occultic and ritual cycle but marriages are always sealed with prayers and vows publicly with or without celebration.In the presence of contentment and commitment, marriage can survive the absence of money without any hassle and iota of stress. 

It is of essence to note that even though these two can be described as a two parallel lines, experience of life has shown that the two are two important entities that add values to our life, they both gives value to life especially  Africa society gives values and respect to whosoever is successful having both money and marriage.Approah to these two entities must be balanced before anyone can be seen to have a balanced lifestyle.

Extremism in obtaining and possessing money has been seen to be the source of many problems humanity is bedevilled with.Extreme approach to the issue of money will make the essence of marriage unattainable and unachievable. Money is needed for every marriage to be successful but marriage should not be mortgaged or sacrificed for inordinate quest for materialism, any deviation from this will make marriage to be valueless and the essence and role of marriage as one of the institution that build a balanced society will be destroyed.

It is quite appalling and disheartening getting wind of a trending issue on social media recently that has to do with a particular lady submitting that she can never marry a man that is not on a salary of 200thousand monthly. This can be seen as  misconception and lack of understanding of what marriage is all about.With these unbending submission, many  married men would have been unmarried if every lady has this orientation.It is of importance to know that there will have been an upsurge of diverse social vices if everybody is holding on to this idea that can be tagged as  anti-social.The adverse effects of this anti-social approach would have surfaced in the society in the form of:

1.Many men will turn to desperados in other to make money,

2.Marriage will be an exclusive reserve of the well to do and money bags,

3.Poor men will be deprived of the opportunities to tie the knuptial knot,

4.More mature ladies will be kept on awaiting list even though menopause beckons,

5.It will cause population being decimated with the reduction in working class and the productive class of the population. 

6.Population dependent ratio will be on increase,

7.Productivity will decrease and Inflation might rise.

8.Increase in crime that has to do with rape and sexual perversion

9.Upsurge in the rate of conception out of wed-lock

It is common in our society now that when a man is marrying a woman that is unemployed or has no source of income, no one bothers to raise an eye brow to such marital relationship but when a lady introduces her hubby , the next thing from friends, family and familiar is to know whether he has a job or not.This is due to the fact that our cultures believed that it is the work of a man to take good care of his wife.Only God knows who construe such an idea that seems to be ineffective now putting into consideration the recent low ebbed economy being witnessed in all the nations of the world .


To an extent, the possession of money and the accumulation of money is a pointer to progress and success in any human endeavour even in the course of marital union, it simply defines and exhibit bliss that is expected to be one of the outcomes of marital union.

On the contrary, it is quite impossible for a successful and blissful marriage to be achieved when the quest for money and materialism outweighs the quest to meet up with other demands of  a successful marriage in terms of dedication and commitment to the covenant of marriage that is eternally binding the partners involved.

For the uptenth time, a successful marriage leverages on abundance of money and other materials if it is available because money and other material can never be an end in itself for the success of a marriage, it is a means to an end not an end in itself.

What triggers marriage is love for one’s partner which must be added to with other virtues that are well known to be the foundation of successful marriage.No marriage can withstand the absence of responsibility, commitment, dedication, respect, mutual understanding and sacrifice.Even in the presence of all the monies in the world, if all these are absent, the marital union is bound to hit the rock.This can be traced to the reason why people that are known to be wealthy in the world are not known to be the only one having blissful and successful marriage but many poor people are on record to have successful marriage.

What makes marriage successful and blissful is not confined inside inordinate quest for money and materialism, it is far beyond items that we can hold with our bare hands, it is resident in our unequal drive to sacrifice the whole fibre of our being to make our marital union a success and something exemplary to others that are looking up unto us as their mentor.

Often times than none, extreme drives and urge to possess money and other materials kill marriage easily and it can be viewed to be the rationale behind broken marriages that are on increase everywhere in the world.

No one who successfully replaced the tenets of marriage with the quest and urge for materialism will ever have a successful marriage.Successful marriages are marriages that are not allowed to be weighed down by the quest for money and the urge for materialism but these are marriages that are built on upholding all the tenets of having successful marriage that rallies around love, dedication, commitment, sacrifice, mutual understanding and the ability to channel the whole resources at our disposal to make the marriage an example and testimony .


The non-conforming sociocultural ideology  further entrenched in the fabrics of our society by the new generational preachers of the gospel that are fond of preaching that if anyman cannot take care of his house is worst than an infidel but recent flipping on the pages of the scripture reveals that provision in the house is a joint responsibility of the husband and the wife.This was revealed in the descriptive verse on the meaning of a good or virtuous woman In Proverbs 31.Even from this portion of the scripture, one can see that the largest portion of provision in the home falls on women.

This submission is not premised on the fact that men should be irresponsible in taking care of their home but it is premised as a source of correction and control to the myriads of demonic ideas being preached by many men of God to keep their subjects and subordinates in bondage.

With this trending issue, no wonder the increase in marital breakdown and the inability of many ladies to settle down is on increase and it looked as if GOD has refused to answer their prayer.It is not so.

The reason for the delay in their prayers not being answered can be traced to the content of their mind that is not at par with the plan of God for them.

Preachers of the gospel should tread slowly in passing what is not genuine biblically to their subordinate because it is not a gainsay in that confusion is greatly looming in Christianity. Every Child of GOD should pray for a partner that they will both engage in  taking care of each other not one partner taking the brunch of responsibility while the other is busy with frivolities and gallivanting around with no contribution to the plight of others.

It is pertinent and important for every child of GOD to meditate on the word of GOD.What makes someone matured in his or her work in Christianity is having personal encounter with God.All the trailblazers in the scripture had personal encounter with God.Abraham, Jacob, David, Joseph, Solomon, Paul, Jona, etc had personal one- on- one  relationship with God not with any man of God.

An itch free walk with God demands taking personal genuine scriptural and spiritual steps with God because GOD wants to know you by your name and call you by your name as GOD called little Samuel by his name when he was living with Prophet Eli. God is never interested knowing you through the taxonomy of your denomination and through your General Overseer.Though , this is necessary for baby Christians but matured Christians needs to have their names on God’s call line in order to enjoy personal one on one conversation with God that is devoid of any human medium.


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