I read this piece on the 18th of August 2017 on my childhood friends’ timeline on facebook and I quickly request for his consent to allow me publish it on my blog in order to satisfy the reading thirst of all my followers.

It is a piece that I am cocksure that it will motivate you.

Can I INSPIRE you?

Are you ready?

It goes thus:

Mary could have had a quiet normal life with Joseph, then she became favoured and everything changed.

However, nobody would have thought being favoured to be the entry port of the saviour of the world would have come with its own troubles.

Imagine as a lady,telling your fiancee you have been impregnated by a ghost.

Imagine scrambling for an inn to birth the kings of kings with no avail and eventually had to be a manger.

Imagine becoming a fugitive after the birth of a child.

Many of us would have cursed and gave up but Mary rode it all out.

Today, she is an integral part of the gospel because she mothered our saviour.


Listen to this.

You might be going through whatever you are going through now because you are favoured and like mother Mary ride it out and you’s be glad you did.

There are obstacles on the road only because you are bound on a destination.


“It is the storm you weathered that makes you a champion not the storm you run away from”—FADEYI FELIX FEMI.

ref:Luke 2 veres 1-20.

Special thanks to OLUWASEUN FATILEWA


WHAT DOES SUCCESS ENTAILS? —————(6 Minutes Read)


I published the original piece of this article on th 15th of August 2016 on facebook without any title.It is one of my random line of thought that I find quite amazing,useful and evergreen even after it was shared by facebook as a memory after one year.And at the point of viewing it this year, i deemed it fit that it will be beneficial and reasonable to share it with all my friends,followers and viewers on my blog.

It might end up being a new twist to the concept of success or it might be an addition to what all of us knew about success before.Whether it is a new twist or not,lets roll up our sleeves with our mind openned to accommodate this little idea of mine.

Can we start?

It goes thus:

Little steps with little efforts geared towards achieving little feats and channelled towards the promotion of a better society with the development  of every fargments of human endeavour in all existential simply connotes success.

Success is triggered when deliberate concerted efforts are made to implement ideas that will change the course and plight humanity towards achieving a common goals that will incorporate every dwellers of any communal society as part of the global community without making one to be superior to others.

According to Napoleon Hill:

“Patience, Perstitence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success”

Without any shade and iota of doubt, one could easily understand that before success can be achieved by anyone, there are so many parameters in form of attitude, understanding and characters that must become habitual in our quest for success.Some of these parameters are:


  • Vision
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Persevearance
  • Perspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty
  • Humility and meekness
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Being focussed and unrelenting
  • Being responsible and hardworking
  • Ability to create opportunity from any challenge.

It is until when all these parameters are well and carefully inculcated as a habit that one could be confident of being  qualified to be succesful.

In another twist, many wait believing that it is until when a massive feats of achievements are made that they can be qualified to be succesful.This is a wrong assumption.This kind of assumption only triggers and encourage many to be on a rat race competing with others they they believed have made better impart.

Success is simply triggered when we contribute in our own little ways and means in making what is difficult and unachievable by others to become a reality no matter how little, insignificant and inconsequential it might be.

It is until when every dweller of a society is viewed and treated as a stakeholde of the larger global world that success being yearned for by all and sundry for the reality of global peace can surface in no distant time.

It is on the platform of our contribution to better the lot of the society in our own little way that our names  will be inscribed in gold and our memoir will be a memeory that will be viewed by posterity in the annals of human history.


No successful impart and impact can be made by anyone without any effort to understand the essence of humanity and the yearnings of the next person sitting at a little distance to us.It is until when we are able to fathom the need of others and accept it as our own need that will be able to understand what is needed to be done per time and what steps need to be taken to fashion a way out to help people around us to meet the needed solution.

It is at the point of proffering the needed solution and implementing it with the reality at hand that any one of us who has been yearning to be succesful can be confident of being succesful.

What makes us to be succesful is the contributions and efforts made by us to alleviate the plight of people around us.No one should dream of being succesful if you can not see the need to make yourself relevant and available to fashion a way out in getting solutions to the need of others.

The mind to be a helping hand and a listening heart must be available before anyone can qualified to be a good contributor to the plight of others which will end up entrenching your stand as being qualified as one of the success.

In conclusion,it is pertinent for everyone to uderstand what needs to be done to put a smile on the face of others by living a life of selflessness and sacrifice that will help in pulling others out from the quagmire of deep challenges that have been the present realities of the world we live in since ages.

It is when you contribute your quota in making others to smile that all of us living in the world can experience true smile obtainable from a world whereby all inhabitants are experiencing the realities of global peace that have been eluding the fabrics of our society.

We help ourselves by helping others.

If you leave others to face their challenges, you will end up putting yourself at a risk of experiencing the negative effect of what comes out of their challenges.No one should be left alone to face any challenge.

We should contribute our quota in being:

an eye to the blind,

a ear to the deaf,

a mouth to the dumb,

a cloth to the naked,

a shelter to the destitute.

Our streets are filled with less priviledged and people that are homeless with no hope of a better tomorrow.

Our society are filled with teenagers hawking and young girls that are into prostitution thereby becoming a victim of rape.

Our world is filled with crowd of heads looking up to us in becoming their guild for them to have a direction in life.

Our success will become definitive and handy until when we relayed our efforts about what we have done in meeting the needs of others.Success should not be defined in words alone, it should be defined in acts and in deeds with smiles and laughters bein seen on the faces of people we helped to pull out of darkness.

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As the drum of war beaten for many years is becoming loud and disturbing with it becoming a reality in recent times, caution must be exercised by the parties or nations involved in order to avert calamity that will descend on humanity when the drum finally torn into pieces or shred into many parts and the song of war turned into masacre and unnecessary loss of lifes and properties.

The noise of diplomatic impasse and row that have been in existence for many years between North Korea and the United States of America is gradually reaching a crescendo with the kind of speeches and words that are potent enough to trigger another war between the two countries with the risk of unpalatable humanitarian crises that might end up being the outcome of this war.

It was reported that the President of the United States of America–President Donald .J.Trump boasted that the”US is more powerful than ever before”in his latest warning to North Korea.It was also on record that a white House official added:

“We are not just a superpower.We are now hyperpower.The message is very clear–don’t test this white house,Pyongyang.Dont test Donald.J.Trump”.

Also the online report of the Telegraph on 10th of August 2017 reported James Maths, the US Defense Secretary called on North Korea to:

“cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people”.

war 3

In thesame vein, an online report by stated that North Korea has responded to President Donald J.Trump by accussing him of acting “senile” while he takes a working vacation in “on the golf link”.

Meanwhile,the commnder of the North’s strategic forces–General Kim Rak-gyom,insulted the US President in response to his threat to unleash “fire and fury” like the world has never seen “against a reclusive state.

In comments made via state media,Mr Kim said:

“Mr. Trump was “extremely getting in the nerves “of his soldiers by making comments showing his “senility again“.


With these waves of arsenals of provocations from the two sides, no clairvoyancy is needed to foresee and understand that war is brewing gradually which might burst on our faces soon with accompany humanitarian crises that will surface as the aftermath effect of the war which is quite imminent.


As the currents of threats and counter-threats keeps flowing and pouring in on a daily basis with its frequency surging up without any restraints,the leaders of the two countries are busy fanning the amber of hatred and singing the lyrics of war without any control, there is a need to surf and browse to check the current military standing of the two countries that are embittered against each other–North Korea and United States of America.

According to the information available on,in 2017, the military strength ranking of about 133 countries was considered in the report which was accompanied with their ranking at the end of the report.

United States of America was rated at the first position in the world while North Korea is at 23rd position on the global military strength ranking.

The ranking relied on over 50 factors to determine a nation PowerIndes(PwrIndx) score.


The consideration for the ranking was based on:

  • Ranking does not simply relied on the total number of weapons available to any one country but rather focus on weapon diversity within the number totals to provide a better balance of firepower available.
  • Nuclear stockpiles are not taken into account but recognised/suspected nuclear powers receive a bonus.
  • Geographical factors,logistical flexibility,natural resources and local industry influence the final ranking.
  • Available manpower is a key consideration;nations with large populations tend to rank higher.
  • Land Locked nations are not penalized for lack of a navy;navy powers are penalized for lack of diversity in available assets.
  • NATO allies receives a slight bonus due to the theoretical sharing of resources.
  • Current Political/military leadership is not taken into account.

Since the two countries at a logger-head with each other have access to Nuclear bomb,one could think along the line that the entire world is about to be exposed to the adverse effect of nuclear explosion if care is not taken.

In conclusion,it is pertinent to note that every war and battles always end on the dialogue table.It is better for the two countries to make use of the benefit inherent in the dialogue table to rule their decision and if it is done, this might prevent and protect humanity from being exposed to the bitter pills of destructions that will end up being the reality of the war.

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ref:Telegraph online reports



Not quite long, I was chanced to eat some fruits that I think it worth sharing the delicious experience I had while consuming it.

The fruit I am particular about is known as AFRICAN WALNUT.This will be accompanied with the benefits of eating african walnut.


African Walnut is simply an uncommon fruit that grows in parts of Africa especially West Africa.It is a fruit that is white in colour but covered with a black shell that must be cracked and removed after it has been boiled for some minutes before it can be consumed.Their exist a particular strange thing about this edible delicacies that  gives out satisfaction when eating it but it triggers thirst in the course of eating and whenever someone drinks water after eating it,the introduction of water triggers bitterness.This is something unexplainable about the combination of water with this fruit but it makes African Walnut to be unique among every other fruit that is available in the continent of Africa.



It is of essence to note that the benefits of African Walnut surpassed to a great extent its usage for consumption alone.It possesses some important elements that offers usable health benefits to the body.Some of these elements are Copper,Manganesse,Molybdenum and Biotin.

Walnut also offers plant based Omega-3 fats.

Some of the health benefits of African Walnuts known are:

1.Maintenance of ideal Weight over time:

African Walnut is a fruit that is beneficial in controlling weight because it is associated with increased satiety.maintainance of ideal weight 1

maintainance of ideal weight 2

2.It impacts Male Fertility:

African Walnut provides an improved reproductive health in men by improving sperm quality, sperm vitality,sperm motility and sperm morphology.

impacts male fertility 1

impacts male fertility 2

3.It gives support to brain health:

Due to the facts that African Walnuts contains a number of Vitamins E,Folate,melatonin, Omega-3-Fats and antioxidants with other neuroprotective compounds, African Walnuts is a food and a fruit that helps in improving brain health.

brain health.jpg


4.It fights type-2-diabetes:

People diagnosed with type-2-diabetes have nothing to worry about when they add African Walnut into their dietary consumptions since African Walnut helps in controlling weight,overweight adults with type-2-diabetes will experience a significant reduction in fasting insulin levels.

type 2 diabetes 2.jpg

type 2 diabetes 1

5.It contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties:

African Walnuts is one of the fruits and food that can be used in fighting free radicals in the body because it contains rare and powerful antioxidants.



6.It fights Cancer:

The risk of Prostrate and breast Cancer can be reduced drastically by the consumption of Africa Walnut by reducing the rate of growth and the spread of cancer in the body.


7.It offers multiple vascular benefits:

African Walnuts can be used to improve heart health to people with heart diseases or those who have increased risk of heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors.

heart health

8.It helps to strengthen hair:

African Walnut helps in reducing hair fall and improve hair growth to certan extent.It is a good hair food because it contains biotin.

strengthened hair

9.It is helpful during pregnancy:

African Walnut eating during pregnancy may starve off nausea and also help in boosting brain development in the child.pregnancy

10.It possesses anti-inflammatory contents:

Since it contains many plant chemicals including tanning, African Walnut helps in fighting inflammation which also help in fighting asthma and rheumatoid.

anti inflammatory content

Without any iota of doubt, it can be concluded that African Walnut is a fruit that is wrapped up with multi-dimensional benefits that will add value to our health as individual by being potent in fighting terminal diseases and other lifestyle diseases that are known to be on increase in the society.

If you are unaware of these health benefits, starts eating African Walnuts now.

Though it is seasonal, look for it.

We are in the season of Walnut in Nigeria now.

It is accessible in the market now.



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The waves of dismissal in the rank and file of the Nigeria Police is a confirmation of the decadence, rotteness and corruption that have been a permanent reality in the Nigeria Police for many years without any form of control of the excesses of larger percentage of these Police Officers.

Not quite long, about four officers were dismissed for offenses that have to do with illegal extortion by officers of the Nigeria Police in Lagos and fews days after,it was reported that another four officers guarding the home of the former President of Nigeria–President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan were found guilty of theft and they were culpable of the offence after they were tried in an orderly room proceeding.

The dismissal was announced by the Federal Capital Territory(FCT) Police Command which was in line with First Schedule of Police Act and Regulation 370 Cap 19.

The dismissed officers are:

  • Sgt.Musa Musa with force number –436691
  • Sgt. Gabriel Ugah with force number–425210
  • Sgt. Ogah Audu with force number–261898
  • Sgt.John Nampak with force number–235422

These officers have been alleged to have stolen some valuables from the residence of the former President located at No.89,Fourth Avenue in the Gwarimpa District of Abuja.According to the FCT Police Public Relation Officer, Anjuguri Manzah,efforts have been intensified to arrest one Mallam Shuaibu, who is an accomplice and presently at large.

The FCT PPRO further stated that the dismissal was in compliance with the vision of the Inspector General of Police(IG), Ibrahim Idris, to rid the Nigeria Police of Crime and save the image of the Police.

The dismissed officers were alleged of theft that  was conducted by systematic looting carried out over a period of three months beginning from March 2016 until they totally stripped the house of all movable items, which they sold to dealers at the Panteka second hand materials market in Tipper Garage Gwarimpa.

This simply confirmed that there is a lot of bad eggs in the rank and file of the Nigeria Police that must be cracked and trashed.


Just yesterday,I observed a display of indiscipline on the part of some officers of the Nigeria Police while I was on my way home.It beats my wildest imagination and reasoning when I observed the reckless usage of siren by these officers.They were held down in a traffic jam in Ogba towards sunday market and all they could do to ease the traffic jam was to blare siren at high decibel needlessly.

This shows that their knowledge of the impact of noise pollution to their immediate environment is low and they are oblivious of the fact that they are committing a crime by becoming a public nuisance.

Without any iota of doubt,their knowledge about environmental impact assessment of noise pollution is low with the way the siren disturbed residents and all other predestrians that plied the route yesterday night.

It is quite appalling when a security agency saddled with the responsibility of maintaining law and order are the one breaking law and order without blinking an eyelid.This is simply a display of impunity that must be frowned against by all reasonable Nigerians.

Kudos to the Inspector General of Police–Ibrahim Idris for taking the bull by the horn but more indisciplined officers needs to be looked out for and flushed out without any resistance or hesitation.

gej 3

The questions on my mind is that:

Who is saintly among the rank and file of the Nigeria Police?

If the momentum of the dismissal of erring Police Officer is maintained and upheld reasonably to an extent, I hope Nigerians will wake up one day with the reality of having no one putting on a Nigeria Police uniform again because the rank and file of the Nigeria Police have little or nothing to show and proof of  being a credible security agency.

No matter the reality, lets maintain this status quo of punishing and dismissing indisciplied and erring Police Officer but it must not be by dismissal alone , it must be followed by prosecution by a court of Law.





It is appalling and quite disheartning how the expectation of the management of Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation NNPC turned bloody and sour as their hope in exploring and surveying mineral geological deposit of crude Oil in the Lake Chad resulted in kidnapping of their staffs in which some of their staffs and officers of the Nigeria Military lost their lifes.

Though, it was also reported that many Boko Haram Islamists were killed in the shoot out that accompanied the rescue of the abducted officials by the Nigeria Military.

This gory incidence could have been avoided and averted if the Nigeria Government and the Nigeria Military Authority are proactive enough in being reasonable in their appraisal of the security of the area before allowing the search for crude oil to be carried out along that axis.

This is a needless occurrence and it is quite uncalled for.The exploration was badly planned and poorly timed without giving any consideration to the unexpected that end up marring the aim and objective of the exploration.


According to available news online:

The kidnapping of the 10 staffs was carried out around Jibi village in Borno State after a gun duel between security agents acompanying them and the suspected Boko Haram Fighters.Jibi village is in the Magumeri area of Borno, northwest of the State Capital, Maiduguri.

It was reported that the vehicle conveying the exploration team was trapped and it fell into a ditch which was followed by Boko Haram Fighters shooting at the entrapped convoys, although the security personnel were able to repel the shooting but they were overpowered by the Boko Haram Fighters.

This led to the loss of many of the exploration teams and many casualties were recorded at the end of the gun duel.


At this juncture, it must be noted that the the Nigeria Government has not in any way defeated Boko Haram Insurgents which has been recorded to have killed more than 30 thousand Nigerian since the insurgency started in 2009 with many children and women being kidnapped.

It is wrong and unacceptable for anyone to assume that the state of security in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria can be based on feelings, permutations and assumptions because if the real state of security has been accessed properly and professionally,the killing of Military Officers and some of the exploration teams could bave been avoided.

This waste of life is needless and uncalled for.

It is a show of disgrace and a slap to the quality of Nigeria security apparatus which has been viewed and submitted in many quarters to be sub-standard .


May the soul of the departed find solace in the bossom of the Lord.

May their soul rest in Peace.


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At this point in time in the history of our national existence where all that is being obtained on the corridor of power can be submitted to be a deviation and a digression from what is expected from a country that is clamouring to be classified as one of the top economy in terms of development in near future.

All around us are so many issues and myriads of challenges that are begging for attention and all round solutions but it is applalling that our approach to give a lasting meaningful solutions to these challenges seems to be a mirage and a hard nut to crack.

Someone can never be wrong in asserting that our legislative arm of government–upper chamber and lower chamber are not in anyway performing optimally in putting the entire nation on the path of national rebirth and development.

From this,it will not be a disservice to Nigeria as a whole if someone try to dissociate himself or herself from the macabre dance our leaders are known for with mediocrity being on display without any pause and control.

One of the main security outfit in Nigeria that needs total rebirth and urgent overhauling is the Nigeria Police Force.It is a security outfit that is shaddled with the responsibility of protecting the entire citizenry with basic statutory function and duty of maintaining law and order across the length and breadth of the country.


Renaming 1

It is quite disheartning that the recent realities of the unprofessional and inimical conducts of many officers within the rank and file of the Nigeria Police Force seems to be an abberation of what is expected in terms of standard of operation SOP of our Police Force that might end up giving birth to national development of every sectors of the Nigeria Society that has been eluding the entire citizenry for a long period of time.

Instead of fashioning ways by which Nigeria Police Force will be people friendly with their performance in curbing crimes and vices to be a top notch among all other security outfits in Nigeria, it is quite disappointing that our refferred senators of the red chambers embarked on a naked dance in the markets by merely changing the name from Nigeria Police Force to Nigeria Police.

The question is:

Will this renaming give birth to a security outfit that is professional enough in diffussing the waves of criminalities and social vices that has been rearing its ugly head in terms of extremism,terrorism,political thuggery,militancy,financial crimes and frauds and all other vices that have eating deep into the fabrics of the Nigeria Society.

Nigeria Leaders need to buckle up and fasten their seat belt in being reliable, responsive and responsible in toiling on the path of reasoning by engaging in intellectual approach that will douse the waves of insecurity that seems to be defeating any reasonable solutions in recent times.

Our legislative arms of government are expected to pass bills on the floor of the National Assembly to proffer workable solutions to the issues of insecurity that our Police Force seems to be struggling to find solutions to.


Renaming 3

Nigeria Leaders should up their games in being proactive in their legislative duties by promulgating laws that have direct impact and impart in tackling the myriads of challenges being faced by the masses.

Renaming the Nigeria Police Force is nothing but a show of low understanding or utmost lack of understanding of what is neccessary to take Nigeria as a country to the realm of development that will make Nigeria to be referenced and recognised in the comity of Nations.

This is simply a deviation from the right path.

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