ANKARA(Reuters)—-Iran has dismissed a U.S demand for U.N nuclear inspectors to visit its military bases as “merely a dream”as Washington reviews a 2015  nuclear agreement between Tehran and six powers including the United States.

U.S President Donald Trump has called the nuclear pact-negotiated under his predecessor Barack Obama–“the worst deal ever”.In April, he ordered a review of whether a suspension of nuclear sanctions on Iran was in the U.S Interest.

The U.S ambassador to the United Nations,Nikki Haley,last week pressed the International Atomic Energy Agency(IAEA) to seek access to Iranian Military bases to ensure they were not concealing activities banned by the nuclear deal.

nilli haley

“Iran’s military sites are off limits…..All information about these sites are classified”,Iranian government spokesperson Mohammed Baqer Nobakht told a weekly news conference broadcast on state television.

“Iran will never allow such visits.Dont pay attention to such remarks that are only a dream’

Under U.S law, the state Department must notify congress every 90 days of Iran’s compliance with nuclear deal.The next deadline is October, and Trump has said he thinks by then the United States will declare Iran to be non-compliant.

Under terms of the deal, the International nuclear watchdog can demand inspections of Iranain installations if it has concerns about nuclear materials or activities.

IAEA inspectors have certified that Iran is fully complying with the deal, under which it significantly reduced its enriched uranium stockpile and took steps to ensure no possible use of it for nuclear weapon, in return for an end to International sanctions that had cripple its oil-based economy.

During its decade-long stand-off with world powers over its nuclear program,Iran repeatedly rejected visits by U.Ninspectors to its military sites, saying they had nothing to do with nuclear activity and so were beyond IAEA’s purview.

Shortly after the deal was reached, Iran allowed inspectors to check its Parchin military complex, where Western Security services believe Tehran carried out tests relevant top nuclear bomb detonations more than decade ago.Iran denied this.

Under the 2015 accord,Iran could not get sanctions relief until the IAEA was satisfied Tehran had answere outstanding questions about the so called “possible military dimensions”of its past nuclear research.

Iran has placed its military bases off limits also because of what it calls the risk that IAEA findings could find their way to the intelligence services of its U.S Isreali foes.

“The Americans will take their dream of visiting our miliotary and sensitive sites to their graves……It will never happen”.Ali Akbar Velayati, a top adviser to supreme Leader Ayotollah Ali Khamenei Iran Highest authority told reporters.

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Writing by Parisa Hafezi.

Editing by Mark Heinrich.

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Female Nigerian wrestler,Oduayo Adekuruoye, has narrowly missed out on becoming the first Nigerian woman to win a gold medal at the ongoing World Wrestling Championship event in France.

Adekuruoye had just settled for the silver medal and that is historic in itself as no Nigerian wrestler has ever attained that feat in wrestling’s flagship event in the female championship.

The female wrestler became the first ever female Nigerian wrestler to get the final of the world championship on Wednesday.

oduayo adekuruoye 2

The commonwealth Games gold medalist was defeated by Japan’s Haruna Okumo in the 55kg category 5-4 and settled for a silver medal instead.

The 23-years old wrestler qualified for the final after defeating Iryna Kurachkina from Belarus 10-0 in the semi-final match.

Another Nigerian representative, Blessing Oborududu lost her bronze medal match 7-8 in the 63kg category to Columbia’s Jackeline Castillo.


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The quality of our life is dependent on the quality of choices made by us.Decisions mould or mar destiny.By our decisions, destinies are made or marred, by our indecisions, destiny are made or marred.Our choices triggers our swift arrival to the centre of our destiny.The emergence of the beauty of our destiny is solely centred […]



This articles was published on facebook by a friend of mine this morning and in his generosity, he sent it to my whatsapp and he asked me if it can find a space in my blog. Anyway, I appreciate your kind gesture bro. You have made your contribution to me and a positive impart to […]



I wrote this piece on the 22nd of July 2017 on a particular social media platform and when I submitted it to my viewers, followers and readers, someone close to me , an elderly person to be precise commented that: “Son, you are conjuring a new earth where perfection will reign.This present world will continue […]


Life is turn by turn. — THE WORDSMITH–MLST

Yesterday and day before yesterday,after the day’s work, I was at the bus-stop waiting for bus with other commutters to take me home.It was somehow strange to me sighting sea of heads of passengers waiting for commercial bus that will take them home to their various destinations. Due to this situation and the thought of […]

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What a memorable day—-(6 Minutes Read)

I was in the middle of an official obligation yesterday when I received a call.

I was shocked to the marrow when I received a call yesterday from an unknown voice and an unknown guy updating me that I have a package.Efforts made by me to ask him about the purpose and the source of the package proof abortive, though I understand that the source of the package asked him conceal it as a secret until it get to me in order to make the surprise valuable.

Up to three times the delivery guy kept calling in order to get the description given to him and I kept asking him to give me an inkling of what the package is all about but he dodged and rescind from given me an answer.

He kept calling until he got to my company’s security post asking for me, although the security personnels didnt allowed him to come in until I left my office to attend to him in the reception.

When our eyes met each other, the package ended up in a surprise that I least expected on my birthday.When I saw him, he said that it was sent from my beloved and my adorable.

NB:If you want to know more about my beloved, kindly read my previous post tagged “CELEBRATING AN ICON”.


She made my day.My mouth was wide openned and everybody around me noticed this package.Although,I seek for the consent of the security personnel to allow the delivery guy to follow me with the package while I gave him a distance ahead in order not to make it conspicuous to other workers around.

Without any hesitation, they understand my stance and stand.We carried it out the way it was planned but I was just asked to allow the delivery guy to fill a visitor’s form.

Then, the package got to the office, though it was transparent but it was seen only by the people who are in my inner caucus.

The delivery ended up having an inscription on it tagged:





I couldn’t have had anything surprising from someone dear to me at this moment of my life.She has been a pillar and a voice in my life.She always goes ahead in doing the right thing even when i didnt talked about it.

Yesterday was my birthday and the day was unique, special and classic in all ramification in my own little way.

While we are still breathing and living, one of the few things we can offer ourselves as a gift is appreciation.

With the whole fibre of my being I appreciate everyone that took their time to send their praises,prayers,encomium,eulogy and wishes.It was tidal and torrential yesterday with the contents that popped up on all my social media platforms with heroes and amazons sending their wishes and appreciation to me.

It is an understatement to conclude that yesterday was my  day.

Yesterday is our day.

It belong to all of us as long as we are living,breathimg and existing on earth.

I cannot forget in anyway how valuable you guys are to me.You are all part of me irrespective of the distance between all of us.You guys celebrated yesterday with me as a family.I am yet to recover from basking in the euphoria of yesterday.

I am elevated and elated into ectasy.

I am highly appreciative of your concern and wishes to me .

In a bid to have a fulfilled birthday, it is pertinent to remember people that have crossed my path in one way or the other.People that have contributed immensely, actively and passively to the journey of my life till this present moment.

You are all appreciated and celebrated.

The journey of my life have been made interesting at one point in time with some special people who are deceased now and have gone yonder.I appreciate them all and I am using today to remember them one by one.It is a pity that they are no longer living but the little time we had together while growing up is really appreciated today.

Above all, my appreeciation goes to the creator of heaven and earth who made my living to be real and who has been the source of my existence till this present moment.If it has not been God, I would have been consumed by my enemies, I would have fallen by the arrows of my foes but God’s mercy has been everlasting with God’s faithfulness that has been firm as the sky has made it possible for me today to be alive adding another 365 days to my days on earth.



In thesame vein, I am also happy that I am a year old today in the world of blogosphere.Being a blogger has been tasking,tedious and challenging but it has been my passion that has been driving me forward to do something that will be meaningful to me and to the entire world at large.I appreciate all my followers, viewers and readers for all your comments and suggestions for the past one year.You guys have been my mentor and I am glad to have crossed your path.

I cannot forget this post on my birthday yesterday.It touched my heart and I was speechless but I am grateful that what I stand for in life is being appreciated on my birthday.

Thanks to the author:JOY ONYEKWERE IFY.

It reads:

“It is a nice thing that letter ‘F’ surrounds you…

For it brought you Faith and a wonderful family.

‘F’also made Fate bring you pass my path those years in high school.

I couldn’t have asked for a better tutor.

….and so I celebrate today with you in the love of Christ.

I celebrate your impact to mother earth.

I celebrate you because you’re not dormant human.

Just like the wind of the earth, I pray that you move with ease to places your heart desires.

May your hands find more gifting.

Keep shinning sir.

More fruitful years in good health


This is one of the best birthday wish and gift I have had in my life.It simply confirmed my stand and my stance on the essence of humanity that we are living to add value to what we met on ground not to devalue what we meet on ground.

While I was with the author in more than a decade ago, I just finished my university education in Chemical Engineering but in a bid not to sit down doing nothing at home looking for my dream job, I took up a teaching job in a secondary school.I was then a subject teacher and a class teacher but the amazing thing was that I did my job professionally that others that are qualified in Education was in awe of my dexterity.

I became a friend to all the students in the schools and I am happy that till now some of them remained a friend and they have been able to find their feet planted in one profession or the other.

While I was doing the teaching job, I was reproached because the renumeration was nothing than a stipend but it is now I realised that my steps were ordered to the school to contribute to the life of this young ones then.

Now, I have my testimony and I really appreciate the little efforts I made while I was a subject teacher and a classroom teacher.

This is what I am yearning for in life that I want to remain a force of influence in the life of everyone that come across my path.It is in the fulfilment of this yearning that the essence of humanity will be fulfilled.

In conclusion, I am grateful and appreciative once again.

Thank you all.



The Sultan of Sokoto and the chairman Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar has declared September 1st,2017, as Eid-el-Kabir, Sallah day.

The announcement is containe in a statement , signed and released by the Chairman, Advisory committee on Religious Affairs to the Sokoto Sultanate Council, Prof.Sambo Junaidu today August 23rd.According to Junaidu, the declaration followed the sighting of the new moon of Zulhijja on Tueday, August 22nd.

“The advisory committee in conjunction with the National Committee on Moon Sighting had received various reports on moon sighting across the country Nigeria confirming the sighting of the new moon of Zulhijja on Tuesday, August 2017”.It said.

The statement added that Muslims in Nigeria would observe Friday September 1st as Sallah Day.

It added that the Sultan fecilitates with all Muslims and wished them Allah’s guidance and protection.

The statement also quoted Abubakar as urging Muslims to continue to live in peace and engage in continuous prayers for the development and progree of the country and the world at large.

sultan 1


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Not quite long, I was chanced to eat some fruits that I think it worth sharing the delicious experience I had while consuming it. The fruit I am particular about is known as AFRICAN WALNUT.This will be accompanied with the benefits of eating african walnut. WHAT IS AFRICAN WALNUT? African Walnut is simply an uncommon […]


My first annivesary—Moment of Appreciation—-(3 Minutes Read).

At this point in 2016,I took a blind ditch into the sea of blogging without having an inkling of what is all about but I kept learning and re-learning all the time.

At the inception,all I have at the back of my virgin mind was a passion to have a platform whereby my thought will be available for others who are interested in going along with me irrespective of my race, tribe, ethnicity, religious and social affliations.

Initially, I found my grip on facebook but on the 22nd of August 2016, I find myself on a blogging platform that has made the essence of blogging to be as simple as any nursery rythm I grew up with.

To my amazement, I was extremely glad that I have more than 400 followers on my blog eventhough I am on a free mode.

Without mincing words, I appreciate all my viewers, readers and followers and those who are going to be a part of me in the nearest future.I want everyone to know and understand that it is one year exactly that I launched my blog officially and looking back today, it has been awesome being with all my readers, followers and readers.

I am humbled and I really appreciate everyone.


In thesame vein, while I am still basking in the euphoria of the first anniversary of the nativity of “mylittlesimplethought”, today is a day I openned my eyes to appreciate the beauty of life and nature.

Today is my birtyhday.

It is a day of mix feeling.A moment of celebration and reflection to analyse how far I have gone in running after my passion and my desire.I have desired to live a life that will be remembered for the little contribution of mine in making humanity better.It is this desire that pushed me to launched into blogging so that one day people will be able to read about what I stood for in the course of my existence on earth.

At this point in time, what I can do is to appreciate everyone that has been part of me from the beginning of my existence till this present moment including you that is reading my submission right now.

You have been part of me.

You have been someone I looked up to all the time.

You have been someone I want to read about your comments on any of my submission whenever I am busy blogging.

You made blogging to be my life.

You made writing to be the essence of my purpose and existence.

I cannot believe that I will be having more than 400 followers waiting to read what I have to write about.

How well can I express my deep gratitude to everyone?

The only thing that I can do is to use the opportunity of today to appreciate everyone and to seek your support in helping me to get more readership on my blog.

first anniversary 1

As part of the first year anniversary,I am glad to inform everyone that my blog name will be changed to a more simpler name that will define the main purpose of my passion for blogging and my desire to satisfy you whenever you are reading my stance on every issue that relates to mankind and humanity.

Now, I will be changing from: with wordsmithscibe as the motto to with my little simple thought as the motto.Also my blog logo too will be changing too.






I sincerely appeal to everyone to continue with their support by following, viewing and reading my articles all the time.

In the course of this new year, my main goal is to upgrade from a free mode to premium mode which is aimed at serving everyone better.

I hope our being together will be purposed to have a joint voice that will champion a course that will make humanity and the world we live in better.

I am grateful to all.







It has been God who has given the inspiration to be part of you in the world of blogging.

It has been God who has given me the opportunity to be alive at this moment of my life.

It has been God who has been my shield and my buckler for almost four decades.

God is my fortress and my foutain.

God is the giver of my inspiration.

I am grateful to God.