Just now I was outside to trash my waste bin and buy a loaf of bread from a nearby shop.


As I paid for the bread at a cost of ₦300 and the lad that attended to me was able to dole out my balance at ₦500 initially but he ran around to look for the remaining ₦200 because I gave him ₦1000.


While the lad was running around to get the remaining balance of ₦200 from one shop to another,I was left in his shop with two young guys,while one is sitting down frolicking with his phone,the other tall one who put on a track suit was standing talking to the one sitting down and he kept asking questions from the guy sitting down.


I maintained my calmness and candour by not bothering myself joining their conversation because COVID19 has made a necessity for everyone to reduce gisting and talking.


Soon,my balance of ₦200 was ready and immediately I took my leave from the place.


As I was crossing to navigate near my fence,rushing a little bit so that my gate will not be closed against me as it was done yesterday,I noticed from afar but not too far a lady with a massive jog that I concluded that as big as she is with her massive status,she should be a married woman.


Even,she should be happily married.




She surprised me as she greeted the tall guy that was standing putting on a track suit.


Bros!!!Good evening o.


Longest time.


Eh!Longest time.


It’s been a while.He responded.


How are you Bros.


Is this your face.


I have not been seen you this days o…She continue exchanging greeting.


Make I come..She started greeting in Pidgin English.


Make I come greet you.


Bros!!! Stylishly reply that she can come at anytime.


It was at this point she really caught my fancy that made me to conclude that she is not yet married.


In spite the fact that she is excessively endowed at the front.


Her frontal endowment is above standard,it is at the maximum.


I kept wondering that many people are not lock-down at all.It is even impossible to lock-down such a massive milk factory.


On my part,I was wondering that some people are not in alignment with the present reality on ground.


How can you carry a massive jog to come and greet bros.


What will happen might at the end of Lock-down result in baby boom.


I kept wondering and pondering what will happen in the course of such a visit.


Can anyone lock-down excessive massive frontal endowment?


It might be impossible.


Then,I stylishly entered my gate before I am lock outside as it happened yesterday night.


What an obscene lock down experience.?


How possible is physical or social distancing when a woman is already promising a man a visit with a massive frontal attacking jogs?




Never mind my obscenity this time around.


I don’t want to be too serious this night.


Thank you for reading along.





As the days are adding up,so also is the numbers of infected shooting up with figures climbing over each other.


This is creating a kind of fear in the minds of many Nigerians resident in Lagos,Ogun and Abuja.


It will be a pain and a disservice to the entire Nigerian Nation if our policy makers based the elongation of this period of Lock-down on the increase in the numbers of infected discover.


If there decision of extending the period of Lock-down is dependent on the increase in the numbers of infected, definitely we are embarking on a long journey to freedom that might take the next 6 months for our deliverance from Lock-down.


Hence,the need to fashion out another template that is not imported but a locally made initiate that would not interfere with testing and inspection of the infected with Nigerians having there normal productive live un-caged would be better.


Importing an ideology from industrial world without looking for ways by which a locally made ideology can be extracted and applied to the situation on ground will be costly and looks unimaginable by Nigerian masses.


As we can see that the digits of infected keeps skyrocketing on a daily basis,it is getting a little clearer the the infection is getting its base at the communal stage and one needs to know that communal tracing in this part of the world might be a hard but to crack.


In addition,as we have total lock-down becoming effective,I observed that there is a missing link to effect community understanding of what the reality on ground is.


This can be done through communal awareness and sensitization of our community on a daily basis.


This ought to be handled by Local Government health and sanitation officers who are expected to cover the entire community with beagles and cars moving around to open the mind of residence to what the situation on ground is.


Without any iota of doubt,nothing has been done.


Meanwhile,this should have been a channel whereby the last person in the society would be aware of what COVID19 is all about.



raise awareness


Since,our decision makers has been able to confirm that the transmission of the infection has started permeating the communal surface coupled with the fact that every resident is on Lock- down,communal awareness and sensitization should have started in earnest without any delay.





In life,one should not expect perfection from every approach or methodology in use to manage an issue at any point in time.


So, every approach or methodology has a limitation.


In spite the limitation,there is a need for every approach or methodology to be subjected to performance appraisal that is targeted at revealing the area of strength or weakness of such approach.


By appraising the area if strength and weakness based on percentile,this will enable appropriate decision to be made which might warrant the balance of the area of strength and weakness to be a way out.


It is no longer a news,as we are already two days on into the second half of the lock-down,when I began to appraise it,I realized that it is somehow filled with limitations and these will be pointed out now in this write up.


While simulating a line if thought,I realized that putting a restriction on both human and vehicular movement ought not to be a rigid decision but flexibility needs to be applied to such move.


In a situation whereby there is an emergency that has to do with health,life and death,and it happened that the person in the eyes of the storm is not motorable,as in the person has to depend on public transportation to move to nearby hospital or health center,how on earth can such be achievable when there is a restriction of both human and vehicular movement.


Without any doubt,in the course of last week, someone faced similar situation at Iyana Ipaja whereby he was delayed by a Police Officer when he was on his way taken his wife who has fallen in labour to the hospital.
He was delayed after getting to the third road block by a female Police officer until a senior Police Officer stepped in and allowed the man to continue his journey to the hospital after wasting one hour which could have wasted the life of the mother and the child she was carrying.


This is one of the reasons why I opined in one of my submission in a write up that partial lock-down could have been the best for us.


There is a need for us to create a kind of model or template that will be about creating a kind of partial lock-down that is suitable for the society we live in.


A situation whereby we copy directly what is obtainable in other nations of the world will subject our people to suffering which might trigger violence and crime as it is been the reality on ground now.


Why can’t we enforce partial lock-down alone this path:


1.Corporate organisations that are offering essential services should be on operation but they must ensure social distancing by making sure that there staff enjoy off days at work so as to reduce clustering and unnecessary gathering of more than a certain number of staff per day.


2.Since public transportation are banned for now,why can’t we allow government buses to be operational since they will be able to adhere to government instructions so that commuters can make use of this means of transportation in case of emergency.


3.Why can’t we allow other means of public transportation offered by UBER and BOLT to be operational so that this services can take care of any form of emergency that could warrant moving patients from their homes to the hospital.


4.We have seen our security personnel misbehaving and causing pain and havoc to our citizens by been crude and cruel in their approach to forestall directives from the government.Watching a video whereby a Police Officer used a club to dismantle pepper and tomatoes sold by a woman is wickedness and it is quite uncalled for.


There is a need for our decision makers to think and toll along the line of partial lock-down as it will become unacceptable if this total lock-down continues for another weeks after this one.


A situation whereby we cannot imagine and create a modem that will be applied locally to give us solutions simply connotes that we are lazy in proferring a locally made solutions to the challenges we are facing.


Let’s start thinking about partial lock-down.


Total lock-down will end up becoming costly if care is not taken.


However,let’s continue to manage this total lock-down as the days are contrasting gradually.


This is my submission for now.




Life is always a reflection of different phases of circumstances and no circumstance is bad in itself until the person or party involved is able to manage such a circumstance effectively to the point of been beneficial or detrimental.

Such is my view about the present state of Lock-down that has become the present reality we are encountering right now.

Early today,my line of thoughts were all about what I observed as some realities of the aftermath effect of the present Lock-down in Lagos that has to do with insecurity of life and properties.

Right now,as an extension to the earlier post,my line if thought goes directly to another area of thought that is quite important to push aside.

Many of us are apprehensive and pensive about how we can survive this strange period just because of the financial burden it will put on them and this has added to what each and everyone of us have been thinking about trying to look for a means of survival.

Years ago,while in front of a Television programme anchored by Pastor Sam Adeyemi,he discussed how important it is that we should endeavor to save at least ten percent of our income on a monthly basis especially those who are salary earners.

As the present situation around us unfolds,what is available in the mind and face of many of us have been how we can manage ourselves to weather the storm of this period of Lock-down.

Errors and mistakes have been made by many of us in being profligate managing our resources especially the financial resources in which we wasted money on the non-essentials while we place little or no value on the essentials.

The present realities on ground has forced us to understand what is needed for us to survive at any moment of our life.

Life is the only thing that is essential right now and it is the only means for our survival.Our survival strictly depend on what we can put into our mouth.

Hence,there is a need for each and every one of us to know what is necessary for our survival now and after the lock-down or post COVID19 era that is ahead of us.



savings 1

These are:

1.Expenses must be made on resources that is needed for your survival.This simply means that your expenses must be on food.

2.Your investment into food chain will make you to recover from any financial loss you might have accrued.

3.As we all know that health is wealth.Investing in your health or in any business that has to do with adding value to people’s health will make you to recover every form of financial losses.

4.Farmers should not relent in being productive because everyone do whatever it takes to survive but the only means of survival will be provision of food.Any one who can stick with farming or the provisions of value chain addition to the food industry will be on the right path to recover financially.

5.Though many of us have made a mistake in being wasteful in the past,the need to create and maintain a saving culture is necessary because we have all learnt in the course of this pandemic that there is no need of being wasteful on non-essentials.

The best is to save our financial resources and ensure that we live a life of saving money in order to be financially buoyant.

In conclusion,a saving lifestyle is a life that looks ahead and think of ways to salvage the days of drought which no one knows when it will come just as the days of recent pandemic burst into our faces and some of us are struggling to know the way out of meager financial resources we have access to.

This is the continuation of my lock-down observations.

I hope I will soon be around to add to this discussion.

Thank you all.

I rest my pen for now.


©mlstcommunications 2020



As we all know that time waits for no one and as we all know that no matter how angry and furious we might be,the die is cast already,and the time for the second half of the lock-down has started counting.


One needs to guide and guard his or her sanity from the waves of confusion that is spreading like wild fire across the length and breadth of the entire world.


Now,that time has started counting,it is pertinent and compulsory that we should forget our pain and pang.


Let’s face what is facing us.


With the recent realities around,we can see that whatever is beneficial to us might become detrimental once it is not properly managed and effectively administered.


Lock-down is good,it is not an end in itself but a means to an end.It would have had a good end if the approach and methodologies used in getting it done is properly carried out.


In this part of the world,reverse is the case.


Now,this is my drift.


As insecurity triggered by hunger and inconvenience are the greenhouse effect of the lock-down in Lagos,it is crystal clear that one needs to learn these lessons.


These are:


1.Whenever you want to rent a facility which might be official or residential,you need to take cognizance of how secure the area is.


2.Some areas have been known as the abode of criminals,tout,street urchins,thugs and area boys,living in such area is risky and it could be a source of concern and fear in times like this.


3.You need to ensure that your area of residence is not far from bank,hospital, supermarket,conventional market,ATM gallery and church or any other place of worship.


4.You need to ensure that your area is not far away from where you can get easy accessibility to public transport.


5.You need to ensure that your area has a provision for local neighborhood security personnel at night or during the day.


6.Be careful of staying in the interior part of your area.


7.You need to ensure that your area of residence and your axis of movement are not really dependent on major garages and car parks in LAGOS State because these public places are security threat to Lagos residence.


8.Government in Lagos State should also ensure that the reign of touts,thugs and street urchins in Lagos State is clamped down totally,if not what Almajiri is to the north will end up being the reality in Lagos State soon.


Though,some of these observations can be subjected to scrutiny and argument because getting a facility that has provisions for all these in Lagos is dependent on how wealthy you are but we need to understand that whether we have money or not,fear from insecurity has no respect for any social class.


Some of us that believed we have nothing to be bothered about as per insecurity is concerned can now relate with what it takes to be insecured as the present situations in Lagos State and Ogun State is degenerating to a point whereby every community has now embarked on vigilantes mechanism to stay safe during the day and at night.


With the reality on ground,one can easily opined that some areas of residence in Lagos States and environs are unfit for human habitation due to the presence of criminal minded people in such areas.


To a large extent,one of the reflections and realities of this season of Lock-down is that many of the things we look down upon as non-essentials have become important and more essential to us.


These are some of my observations presently.





Recently,I have been engrossed with the lyrics of Mariah Carey in one of the album titled ‘Bye Bye’


It is just an emotional piece that bring to fore the memory of people around me that has gone yonder.


I have been trying to be a man,
Putting myself together,
Pushing there memories aside.

On this side of the divide,
It has not been easy,
Flashes of overwhelming memories,
Keeps weighing me down.

All the good times we had,
Keeps haunting me,
All the beautiful times,
Spent together,
Became a cherished reality.

I kept on asking why,
I kept my pain,
I kept my pang.

Nothing is relieving at this moment,
Nothing is soothing right now,
Nothing is beautiful right now.

This is a time,
When the memory of good people,
Becomes a burden,



bye 1

How will I cope,
How will I manage,
Deeply I am hurt,
Deeply I am pained.

Loneliness feel my heart,
Quietness held me down,
Silence became a reality.

I kept asking myself about what life is all about,
I couldn’t figure it out,
All I could see,
Are the flashes of your memory.

Time is hard,
At this side of the divide.

You have gone to be at peace,
With your maker,
Leaving me behind to my fate.

What a twist of fate,
To loose the beauty of your faces
What a change of tide,
To loose a precious soul.

All I could hold on to,
Is the good time we had together,
Though it is gone forever.

Just to let you know,
How heartbroken I am.

All I could do,
Is to wish you ‘bye Bye’

Adieu to all my comrades.

Adieu to all the beautiful souls.

Tears are failing.

My hope lies in the memory you left behind.

Rest in Peace.


This is just work of fiction.

Nothing is attached to it.

Dedicated to the memorial of those I have lost.

Dedicated to the shinning stars who have crossed to the other side.

What a world.

It is well.

©mlstcommunications 2020







Day light robberies, molestation, thuggery and touting were overwhelmingly recorded in Lagos State and Ogun State recently and these were perpetrated by young and youthful minds that are expected to be a source of value addition to the productive sector of a nation like NIGERIA.


Appreciation to the kind of bad leaders we have across board in this part of the world.


In the course of electioneering campaign,politicians and their associates engages these tools of destruction,give them a stipend and engaged them in securing a kind of victory that put the entire nation in servitude from generation to generation.


While many of our leaders sit down enjoying the largesse of the evil they perpetrated in the course of election,it is now the average man that has struggled coughing out blood to make ends meet that is suffering for the evil perpetrated by leaders in our society.


This is a pointer to the fact that our productivity in the past in this country is nothing to write home about.


Just in the space of initial 14 days of lock-down carried out without proper welfare and palliative packages for the citizens,the beatitudes in people has started rearing its ugly head.Young minds has been turned into criminals without any restriction going from house to house to rob innocent people.


Not that anyone is in support of criminalities,it would have been justifiable and reasonable if these tours and street urchins gathered together and visit or attack people who used them during election as political thugs because these are the people that are sitting fat on the largesse of the entire country.


It is appalling and it is a kind of imbalance insult toiling to become a slap on the face seen our security personnel being overwhelmed for calls to save our souls,and residents that are supposed to be sleeping have been turned into emergency security personnel in the name of vigilantes watching over the streets of Lagos State.


As it is right now, situation on ground has successfully shows to the residents of Lagos State that we are all sitting on a gun powder that can blow on our faces at any point in time.


What has been abating the spread of criminalities in Lagos State has been the flowing and dynamic economic mechanism that is carried out on a daily basis by the small scale entrepreneurs in Lagos State.


With this,the recent happening around us,Lagos State government needs to know these:


1.There is a need for the State to invest more in youth empowerment that has to do with looking for a way whereby the informal sector of the economy will be improved and widened so that it’s dragnet will be able to accommodate more residents of the State.


2.With the recent realities of pandemic as it cut across the entire globe,Lagos State government needs to understand that there is no excuse for anyone to be unemployed or under-employed in this country.The expose the spread of coronavirus has given us across board about the moribund health sector we are blessed with is enough.This shows that there are lot of gaps that needs to be filled up in the health sector.If our government is serious, investment in the health sector will end up being a money spinning sector in Nigeria and this will not leave Lagos State behind which will eventually made many young minds to be positively engaged contributing their quota to the development of the entire state.


3.The recent fumigation of public places been carried out by Lagos State government recently was surprisingly funny.I have never witnessed such before.


The implications is that this should have been a periodic exercise that should be carried out by the Ministry of Environment either by the State government or in conjunction with the Local government.


One expected that this should be done periodically from streets to streets and this could have been able to curb the sight of rodents,flies and the presence of mosquitoes that have been a permanent part of our existence.


Now,if Lagos State is ready to put this in place as part of their administrative role to the residents of Lagos State,one can easily understand the value chain addition of this effort to the economic and human development of the state.
Many personnel will be employed all over the state with investors in the manufacturing of fumigation chemicals making Lagos STATE their investment hub.


This will surely make many youth to be employed and engaged.


Hence,there is a necessity for the present administration to think along this part.


With this recent invasion,as a fall out of my discussion with colleagues few months ago,some of us would understand that one needs to be careful in the choice of areas of residents in Lagos State.





crimes 1


All the areas been affected by this invasion has been known as the abode of criminal elements before.


This is what should made the excuses given by our security outfit—Nigeria Police to be weak.


It is not that these areas are not known as an abode of miscreants before,so our Police Personnel should have strategically increase their surveillance eyes to these areas.
This would have been able to reduce the spread of this invasion on time.


A nation that has a small portion of her geographical location been overwhelmed by the invasion of touts, street urchins,thugs and armed robbers and under hours,about 130 promising young minds were arrested for one offence or the other shows that there is a missing link in what the leaders of such Nation is giving out inform of welfare of her citizenry.


It simply shows that the productivity of such Nation in low and it is a confirmation of how poorly productive such a nation is.


If this lock-down is extended,the damage this will have on the citizens of the affected areas will increase as fear and psychological trepidation would set in as part of the fall out the lock-down is having on the entire citizens of the affected area.


The questions bothering my mind is if the lock-down is extended for two months,what will happen in Lagos State,there might be total chaos and spread of social disorder across board.


Someone might be shouting:


God forbid right now.


Mind you,there is total lock-down in India for a month now.


©mlstcommunications 2020




It was at the point of writing this message that was initially titled as:


THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS CHRIST AS IT RELATES TO YOU that I ran into this particular word called:




For the sake of simplicity and to prevent my reader from checking for the meaning,it is necessary that I start my write up with the meaning of this word.


According to wikitionary:


Anastasis (plural anastases) is a recovery from a debilitating condition, especially irradiation of human tissue. rebirth. (Christianity) resurrection, especially the resurrection of Jesus Christ.


Having settling the dictionary meaning of this word,it is now easy for you and I to read my message as it relates to you and I in this Easter season that is all about commemorating the suffering,death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.


In spite the fact that Jesus Christ spent His time and season with twelve disciples and He was able to explain and describe what His views,vision and mission of His ministry on earth is all about,one could see that it was the people around Him that finds it hard and difficult to understand Him and see reasons in whatever He told them.


The twelve disciples were aware of the resurrection of Jesus Christ before He died and they listened to Him telling them about what will happen to Him.


In spite of all these,one can see that when the reality of resurrection happened,it was recorded that some women went to check His tomb early in the morning and they find out that He was not there again.


At this point,His disciples were no where to be found.They locked themselves inside due to fear of the unknown.


Even when the women that checked His tomb delivered what they saw to other disciples,they didn’t believe them until they run down to check by themselves.


All these references can be seen clearly in the book of Luke 24.


Now,how does this relates to you?


Life is all about relationship and every human being is a product of one relationship or the other accompanied with the fact that your success in life is a function of the quality of relationship you are into in one way or the other.


The best of every human is a product of the quality of relationship such a person is into in one way or the other.


Relationship is key.


Jesus Christ has His own and He started His ministry by searching and selecting them one after the other.


It can be concluded that the success of His earthly Ministry prospered on the quality of the search and selection of people that worked with Him.


Reflecting on His death and resurrection as it was chronicled in Luke 24,this is how the lesson of His death and resurrection relates to you.


The reflections are:


1.You are defined by the quality of people around you.You are a reflection of what these people are and you are an ambassador of their principles and doctrines.So,it is pertinent that your sort of relationship you seek for is in accordance to your principles and doctrines in life.


2.No matter how careful you are in choosing your inner caucus,get prepared for backstabbing and betrayal.People that you think will stand in the gap for you when the chips are down,will run away and locked themselves up in a place due to fear and some might not want to associate with you when you are in trouble.The disciples ran away,locked themselves up and chickened out just because Jesus Christ was treated as a criminal.


3.Those that will remember you and care for you are people that are far away from you.People that you didn’t expect that they will stand for you are the one that will look out for you.The kind of Mary Magdalene and all other women that defy fear and shame remembered the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day and went ahead to confirm what He told them.
In the course of His earthly ministry,these women were unknown but the disciples that were known buried their heads in fear and shame when the chips were down.







4.It is when you are in trouble that you will understand that people that are always around you are just there for you due to what they are receiving from you.When what they are getting from you is over,they will all fizzle out within a space of time.This is when you will observe that no one believe you and all the principles you shared with them are nothing to them.
This is the reason when those women were telling the disciples about Jesus Christ not being found at the tomb,they think those women did not know what they are talking about.This simply means that what Jesus Christ told them about His death and resurrection were mere fables to them,hence this polished their faithlessness.


5.Always expect the unexpected.People around you will be the first set of people that will not believe your story of conquest and victory at the end.They will doubt it and argue when you become successful. The disciples rushed down to the tomb to confirm their doubt and disbelief.So,you should expect this in the course of your relationship with people.


6.The best set of people you can help without being hurt is people that has no attachment with you,People that are close to you will end up hurting you and turn you into an object of shame and reproach once you are unable to attend to their needs.


These are some of the reflections I have encountered and experienced in life and reading about it on the pages of the scripture today made me to understand that human beings are the-same from one generation to the other.


In any of your caucus,there will be Judas Iscariot and there will be Simon Peters.


While you will be betrayed by some,others will deny you.


No matter how careful you are,they might all betray you and they might all deny you.


All of them might be Judas Iscariot and all of them might be Simon Peters.


In your bid to have good relationship with people,always watch out for those who will stab you at the back,those who will look down of you and make you to look worthless and valueless, those narcissist they think about themselves alone and once you rescind their selfish idea,you will end up becoming their enemy.


Without any iota of doubt,I believed I have shared my Easter message with you.




The first Easter ever without a Church Service.


The first low key Easter celebration ever witnessed by me.







©mlstcommunications 2020


Walls were built,
Riches were made,
Wealth were created,
Shoes were made,
Clothing were made.
Apparels were made with no measurements.

Far above their needs,
Far beyond their wants,
Out of wisdom and reasoning,
They live large.

Scattered across the globe,
Edifices were built,
They filled up every holes,
With the wealth of the nation.

Out of their subjects,
They made a pauper.
Out of their servants,
They made them miserable and unfortunate.

Commonwealth of the people,
Were wasted.
Profligacy became the order of the day.

They became high and mighty,
They pushed their subjects into slavery,
Scattered all over the world,
Is their kith and kind,
Living in opulence,
Across the length and breadth of the world,
Lies the affluence of their wards.

No one could challenge them.
They became stupendously wealthy,
Living far and large on,
The prosperity of the people.

People and their subjects,
Kept wallowing in abject poverty.
The harrowing hunger of the land,
Cannot be controlled and contained.

The young lamented,
The old cries out.
The youth were dejected.

The negligence continued,
The impunity reached the high heaven,
They built a wall of defense,
They built a fortress around them.

There was a twist of fate.
It started like an epidemic,
Their levity and laxity,
Turned it into pandemic.

Pandemic keeps spreading like a wild fire
Their negligence keeps their thinking,
At bay,
Until the man in the eye of the storm,
Jumped in,

They were carried away by,
The height of their walls.
They had false hope,
Just because the strength,
Of their fortress cannot be overwhelmed.

Their fortresses were endangered,
Their walls were broken,
Their hope was infected.

Until it dawned on them,
The man in the eyes of the storm,
Jumped in,
Without any notice,
Without any security details to challenge,
No question was asked by anyone,
Until the seat of power was taken over,
And it was shut down,

When the unexpected came visiting,
Their fortress was hopeless,
Their walls was dejected.

Pandemic of great magnitude,
Set in and everyone was shut inside.
Hospitals in abroad,
Cannot hold them and give them succor,
They were all trapped in a hole called NIGERIA.
No medical trip abroad,
No safe haven in the land of the white.



Moribund hospitals became their last hope,
Unqualified doctors became their physicians.

They spent their lifetime,
Building a gloomy future for our health sector,
They embezzled and flaunt,
Their ill gotten wealth,
Without shame.

Now it dawned on them,
That charity begins at home,
Neglecting their homes makes them a scavenger.

Borders were shut,
No place to run into,
The reality of yesterday,
Became the reality of today.

What a world,
Our leaders were caught unaware,
With the comatose of our health sector.

The hospital they rejected,
The health sector they looted,
Now became their place of abode.

How can someone describe the present situations,

It simply exposed the :

The folly in my clime.


“Gathering and accumulating resources at the expense of the citizen makes you a devil and it is just a matter of time that you will have your reward”.


My heart is broken and I am disappointed with the leaders I am blessed with.



©mlstcommunications 2020.



Life has a way of teaching us lessons from the experiences and encounters we had in the process of time.


These lessons are fertilizers that enhances all round development and growth in your bid to become matured in the course of your journey in life.


Though,some of these lessons might be too minor to us and some of us are already aware of some of it but this exposition is targeted to be a reminder to us in the course of our journey in life.


These lessons are:


1.Friendship should not be approached by assumption It is by choice and not by force.


2.You have to be classy and choosy in talking to people.It is not everyone that deserves your time talking to them.Talking to some people makes you vulnerable to the venom of jealousy,hatred and envy.


3.Let the contents of your chat with people be based on some factors. It is not what you tell party A that will be acceptable by party B. It is pertinent you know what you will discuss with some people.You have to check the quality of the people you are talking with before you start talking. Some sets of people are too low to understand and assimilate what you are discussing with them. If you are not careful,they will gate you and tagged you as someone who is too proud and who is doing all to outshine them.


4.Never give attention to every discussion.At times,they come to you to hear about what you will say but at the end, whatever you say will be used against you.


5.Be mindful of the people around you. Some of them are destined to be a clog to your progress.


6.Having a class is good but be prepared for hatred especially when you find yourself in the midst of people that are negative minded. Once they cannot meet up with your standard,they will gathered together and hate you.


7.Family is every thing.I am still wondering about how fulfilling I am in the course of this lock-down been with my children. The constant and continuous call of daddy,mummy and grandma triggered a high level of fulfillment in me.


8.Work vigorously on yourself in order to maintain good relationship. Good life has its root and routes in the maintenance of good relationship. Never trade good relationship for any mundane thing.
Life is fulfilling having good people around you. Never underestimate the benefits of good relationship,it is the secret of success and fulfillment. Don’t allow anything to stand in the gap of good relationship.


9.Marriage is good by all means,work on your marriage by been responsible and responsive to its demand.


10.It is not reasonable in anyway to start chasing side-chicks just because your wife has lost her shape and beauty at all. This is tokenism that is too minor to break the covenant of marriage.


11.Envy,pride and jealousy are silent acidic,toxic and poisonous evil that make someone to become an outcast due to the fact that if you possess this negative force,no one will like mingling with you. They kill relationship easily.


12.What you cannot give,do not ask for it because selfishness is costly and it makes you to loose the best friendship could have offered you.


13.Your attitude and character define you. Making a mistake that people hates you shows how gullible you are. No one will tolerate and cope with dirty attitude and flat character. The best you can do is to work on yourself and become better. Never think that people will accept you for who you are because there are many people in the world that have good character and attitude.
Therefore, expecting that people will accept you for who you are will turn you to a lone ranger who have nobody around to call upon as friends.


Attitude and character are the determinants of the beauty inherent in your destiny.


14.Do good always but always remember that the fact that you help people does not mean that they will appreciate you. This is common among those who are close to us. Endeavor to help people that are far away from you. You might be digging your grave helping people around you. Let your hands of help be stretched far away from people that are close to you.Stretch your hands out to people that are far away from you.


15.Life is fleeting,fading and unreliable. Whatever might be standing as a source of confidence,ego and pride for you right now will end up become a burden to you. Even before death knock your door,all the materials and wealth gathered and garnered by you will become outdated and not useful as time and season makes materials around you to become lifeless.


16.Expectations from people is the easiest means of heart attack.Human beings offers nothing but disappointment which makes you terrible and horrible.


17.If you are married,ensure that you do everything to love your wife.No woman outside your matrimony has any good plan for you.They are around to kill your destiny and makes you a destitute.


18.One of the best moment in life is moment spent with your family and relatives.Hence,ensure that you maintain good bonding with your family and relatives.


19.While in relationship with anyone–friends,colleagues and familiars,always look out for narcissists tendencies in people around you.These are people that thinks only about themselves.They will like you when they have something to get from you but when this is over,they make you look stupid and valueless ending up hating you just because the music is over.


20.Always push out positive energy because it is the energy you push out that people will push to you.Positive energy are not always enough because every body wants it,so everybody sees it and store it up but no one wants negative energy.As you push out negative energy,people around you push it back to you.


The best you can do is to help people and give them hope of a better tomorrow.


These are the sets of reflections that occupied my mind in the course of this lock-down.


These are nuggets that I kept on thinking about for some days now.


No doubt about it,my mind has not be locked down.


And you,is your mind locked down?


©mlstcommunications 2020



It took me few hours to know that today is Thursday.

I thought today was Wednesday.

Is this one of the effect of COVID19 Lock-down.


Definitely,inmates in the prisons can never escape this kind of psychological reality.



This pandemic is so strong that it has a way of changing everything existing on the earth surface.


The psychological effect of this pandemic on mankind is worse than the spread of the pandemic itself.





The psychological effect might be far costlier than any other thing the entire world might be talking about now.


Culture,creed,views,manners,approaches,formulas and methodologies are been altered for this pandemic to fizzle out.


What a time in the annals of  human history.


©mlstcommunications 2020





New York ‘the city that never sleeps’ is now asleep, all day quiet.


Paris the ‘center of romance’ lives in echos.


Rome ‘the eternal city’ is deserted.


Disney is out of magic.


London is caged in silence, the Queen speaks to her people from a hidden room.


Mecca is empty! Nobody to ‘stone the devil’.


The Chinese wall is no longer a fortress.


The G8 nations are speechless.



The developed world suddenly on its knees.


Churches, mosques, great parks, monuments, stadiums are filled with unfilled spaces.


The busiest places at present were hitherto the most dreaded: hospitals and cemeteries.


The famous football leagues, the fashion shows, exotic weddings, festivals all lost to



Celebrities have run out of celebrations. Our titles, status and privileged positions are stale.


With all our boastful ‘citizenship’ we cannot step out of our houses.


With all our savings in gold and cash, we can only buy food to eat and toilet papers to take care of the waste.


We usually went to watch animals in cages, now animals roam our empty streets, watching us in our ‘cages’.


With our expensive clothes and shoes, our house clothes and pyjamas are the latest fashion.


AND despite all these ‘oddities’…the world still goes on; the sun still shines; the birds still sing.


When this long night finally gets over and a new day sets in, let us not forget the lesson of the long night – that the only essential is LIFE, the rest are but dispensable prefixes and suffixes – BUSY EMPTINESS.


Copied from Oyaremi Abiodun Sulaiman’s Facebook Wall


©mlstcommunications 2020



This is the truth I knew long time ago.

Many of us make a god of people forgetting that no human being is better than the other.


No doubt about it,many of us based our references and respect for others on the visible achievement such person has been able to attain in the process of time.


My question is:


In spite of the accolades and laurels of achievement,are they better in anyway than you and I?


With the present and recent realities across board on the surface of the earth,we can all see that no one is better than the other as long as we are still living.


While we are here presently watching the popular and the privileged ones misbehaving and putting everyone at risk,we need to understand that nothing could make the best of any human as long as we are on this pedestal.


Hence,this observation is the reason why the entire humanity is facing the kind of challenges that seems to be unexpected right now.


And it is appalling that the majority of these challenges are contributed and carried out by the popular ones who we think should be better off in doling out solutions to us right now.


A country believed to have mastered perfection in science,innovation and technology ended up infecting the entire world with a virus that has no vaccine yet.


Men of God keeps confusing us about the days of Anti-Christ relating it to viral infection and 5G technology.

Meanwhile,the scripture tells us that the Anti-Christ would emerge after rapture.


Has rapture taken place?




But many preachers of the Gospel keep confusing us about what the scripture termed heresy.


The insult there is that these people are educated and exposed but looking at their perspective now shows that they are confused and it can be concluded that they have spent their times putting their followers in bondage.


While one sees the innovation of 5G as a demonic innovation,another one is saying it is not.


Is this not confusing?


If not for the fact some of the popular ones refused to do the needful when they jet into the country, NIGERIA would have been able to be on top of the situation on ground now,but majority of the so called elites entered this country without doing what is right to nip the coronavirus infection in the bud.


It can be clearly seen that many of the elites we doff our cap for are not in anyway worthy to be counted as a role model.


We always waste our time looking up at them.Meanwhile,they are more confused than you and I.


The best of every human being is to be the best version of himself or herself and ensure that the best of yourself is reflected in whatever you do.


She knew how popular she is and her household knew that they are influencer but she cannot remember her purpose in life until she gave in to social life that has to do with birthday Party around this time when the only thing needed by you is to look for a way whereby you will meet the need of the less privileged but she fumbled and find herself in a ditch that might swallow her career.


They are popular but they don’t understand the purpose of their popularity.


Hence,they are messing up.




copying 1


Government raised an enforcement against congregating at a point but we all knew how popular people that go against it were.They were all above the law.Meanwhile,these are people who are educated and much more exposed than you and I but they disobeyed simple instructions that is needed for you and I to become better.


If you make them your role model,what will be your gain?


Will you like a generation that will be destroyed and lost by disobedience?


This is why I am telling you right now to be yourself and be careful about who is standing ahead of you telling you what to do.


Many of the people you look up to are just theoretical in their views and stand but in the face of practical reality,they fizzle out cheaply expressing their gullibility and confusion with pride and unalloyed arrogance.


Be yourself.


Stop copying.



©mlstcommunications 2020



No one could actually belief that the ever busy Fagba junction could be as dry as the way I saw it this night while I was on a road work.


The entire Agege-Fagba-Iju axis was so dry that I couldn’t believe my eyes seen as far as my eyes can go.


Really,the lock-down is really effective with shops and many retail outlets under lock and key.


As the digits of the infected keeps soaring gradually with 151 on record this afternoon and 174 this evening,one needs no soothsayer to understand that we are on a long road to freedom from the scourge of corona-virus.


I pray that our health system and facilities will not be overwhelmed even though divinity and Providence are on our side given us time to do the needful in preparation for a surge.


In the 34th paragraph of the speech rendered by our dear President few days ago announcing the recent lock-down in three major cities in Nigeria-Lagos,Abuja and Ogun State.


Therein,lies a particular word that many of us are not aware of.


I have pointed it to many people but they care less in understanding the weight of such word.


The recent lock-down was chronicled in the 34th paragraph of his speech and it contained a word known as ‘initial’.


It was mentioned therein that the lock-down will take effect for initial 14 days.


This simply connotes to a large extent that if there is no visible sign of reduction in the spread of COVID19,the period of lock-down can still be extended which I know can be another 14 days extension.


What really baffled me was that many of us didn’t saw this and we did not bother about the implications of such stylishly proposed extension would have on our existence.

Some of us argue blindly and failed in our bid to have information about what is going on around us.


The question and the fear I am having boiled down to this hidden word.


If there is any need for extension of this lock-down period,can we cope with it’s accompanied challenges and demand?


Can this initial  14 days be enough to nip in the bud the spread of corona-virus in our society?


If the worse come to the worse,can this country handle the emergency that will accompany the upsurge in the numbers of infected people?


Without any iota of doubt, NIGERIA as a nation is in a deep shit and our hands are gradually beginning to burn gradually as the numbers are increasing geometrically.


Lock-down is good and it is such a palliative that might work but it will be effective in nations that has a standardized welfare packaging systems on ground.


It is now that we will understand the reason why a good data base is essential.It would have been ba good backup for us to identify the infected and the process of isolation and quarantine would have been less arduous.


But,this is where we are now struggling to get things done in an acceptable manner.


What sort of a nation is Nigeria.


Anyway,nations of the world that will expect good leadership from at this moment are buried in shame and reproach as they are unable to arrest the spread of COVID19 with thousands of their citizens going down like chicken.


Good leadership is overrated as leaders in the world in every sphere of human existence are loosing their grip in curtailing these unseen force of viral infection that is putting you and I apart.


Hidden in his speech is a hidden word that might burst on our faces when we are subjected to another 14 days of lock-down.


I pray this will not happen.


Good night all.


©mlstcommunication 2020.



It was strange yesterday in Lagos as the fear and panic that overwhelmed people I saw on my way home is strange and out of this world.


The entire human space was filled up yesterday and it is a pity that the the precautionary measure of social distancing was hung and suspended.


I have never witnessed the kind of emergency that suppressed people yesterday as everyone wants to buy everything available.





At a point,I kept asking myself if the world is at the end as it has a resemblance of moments of rapture that I watched in movies years ago.


No doubt about it,we are in a strange era whereby many people of my age and even those who are older than me have never experienced this kind of period all over the world.


Humanity is suppressed and subjected to panic, trepidation and fear with everyone on an emergency mode to escape the possibility of being counted among the censures of the infected.


With the recent happening globally,one could understand that there are so many worse situation than war and hunger that can put the entire mankind on a hold and one of it is what we are all experiencing.


Never in a lifetime could I expect that the world will be on her knees with everyone suspending all that matters for an opportunity to survive what some of us were taught in schools as a mere virus,not knowing that infection with virus is not something to joke with.


Expectations in this year have been twisted and some have even been suspended just for an invisible war between lower organism and a higher mammal.


What really matters about life now is life itself.


War times are not as spreading like this,this is more than war.


Superpowers in the entire world are been dealt with by this infection and they are caught unaware suddenly not knowing what the solution might be in the nearest future.






This is really forcing and conferring a sense of another level of reasoning on every human to have a rethink about the purpose of humanity.


Many people have chronicled many materials about the purpose of our existence,of which many of such materials are out of substance but now,the spread of this infection is practically shedding more light about the purpose of humanity in a practical way.


The purposes of human existence as it is now are:


1.Every life counts.No one is superior than another.Your title and position mean nothing.


2.Money and materials been accumulated without reason is a waste of time.


3.Every human being is knitted in one way or the other globally.


4.Our priority should be about the enhancement of human dignity across board.


5.Personal and public hygiene must be enhanced all over the world with more researches in bio-security and health.


In conclusion, there should be a change in global system and the entirety of this change should be structured towards enhancing the dignity of every human being with the protection of human environment.

No one should be your enemy now because we all have a common goal and thus goal is about your survival.

There is no enemy now,we are all looking for ways to remain alive as it is now.

Let’s ensure friendliness and be with one voice to defeat our common enemy called COVID19.


Writing from the comfort of my home.


Let’s endeavour to write in this compulsory holiday so that we can learn.


©mlstcommunications 2020



The recent realities in the world is really championing a new course for the entire human race.


Many of the known culture,creed and beliefs are been jettisoned for a new one which is forced on us by the spread of coronavirus.


There are many nearly impossible instructions now.


Hand shaking is replaced,washing of hands for 20 seconds with the usage of hand sanitizers almost every moment has taken over.




hnm 3


There are so many ‘don’ts’ now which has really reshaped the course of mankind with social distancing and lock-down taken their toll on our psychic presently.


These have made many of us to forget many good virtues we are known for as I almost forgot that the 30th of March is my baby brother’s birthday.


Even,I almost forgot that today is the beginning of a new month, until I saw messages from friends around me wishing me a happy new month.

The nearly impossible instructions given to us to curtail the spread of coronavirusis somehow funny.


At a point I took my time to study people around me in a particular place recently to check how far they have been religious and cautious about the ability not touching their nose,ear and eyes,but I realized that it is nearly impossible as this is one of the involuntary actions that I was taught in my elementary Integrated science class in Ilesa Grammar School in the ’90s.


As it is now,it is pitiful that we are been forced to adapt to a way of life that is quite strange but it is pertinent for all of us to try as much as possible to remain calm and ensure that we do not loose all the good virtues we are known for just because of the psychological effect COVID19 is having on us.


Many virtues are been left behind and all we talk about is the increasing decimal of those who are being infected on a daily basis.


Without any iota of doubt,in spite of the noisome pestilence,God has been faithful keeping me and my family to witness a new month.




hnm 1


In this month of APRIL,one of the special one in my life will be a year old just in few days time.


No matter how the lock-down might be,we are celebrating in this new month.


To everyone reading this,do not be carried away or be fearful,this new month is a month of celebration for you and I as we shall all be vindicated at last from the scourge of coronavirus.


The night might be long,ahead of you is a bright new day.

Weeping might endure for a night,


Joy comes in the morning.


Let’s shake our ‘bumbum’ as we dance to the lyrics of a new month.


Happy New month to everyone.


©mlstcommunications 2020