Solari names his first Real Madrid squad with stars missing out

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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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I need one more chance.

Never knew we could go this far,

Never knew I could offend you,

Never knew I could be on an unbended knee,

Never knew that my love for you is deep.

To err is human,

To forgive is divine,

Divinity has forgiven my errors,

I am in need of your forgiveness.

No doubt about it,

I was distracted,

I left you uncared for,

I wasted my time looking at other mundane,

I took you for granted,

Eventuality,my mind keep telling me not to leave you behind.

Now,I have weighed the two sides,

I have seen all,

What I needed to know,

Have been seen,

All I needed to see,

Have been seen.

Now, I could relay my story better,

Now,I could make the right judgement,

I have run after shadow,

Now,the reality has dawn on me.

I am back to seek for your forgiveness,

I am back to take your hands back,

I am longing to have those good old days,

I am yearning for your unconditional love,

That no one can give to me,

Only you can accept my flaws,

Only you can overlook my errors and mistakes,

I have been selfish and unreasonable in seeking my desire,

I really want you back into my life,

My life would be empty without you,

The smoothness and soothness of your world drive me to love you more,

The gentleness of your world give me a soft spot,

I couldn’t imagine spending a part of my life without you,

Now,I am feeling the coldness of what my mistake caused,

My mistake is really hurting and taunting me.

The only help I need from you,

Is your hands of love,

Stretched to accept me back into your life.

You filled the emptiness in my life,

You gave me hope of a better life,

That only you can guarantee,

Please,consider my low moment,

Please,give me another chance,

Please give me another moment of love,

Please,give me another chance to behold the sanctity and purity of your Love towards me.

Without you,my life will crash and crumble.

This is my pleasure,

Hope you will find a place in your heart to take me back,

Still kneeling down,

Still begging you,

Until you open your hands wide to accept me.


I need one more chance.

Please,give me another chance.

NB:This is work of fiction and imagination of the author.Any similarity and coincidence is unintentional.

Thank you.


HOW SHE MOTIVATED ME.(10 minutes read)

It was early morning on the 3rd of September 2018, I decided to observe an early morning road show that will only involve long distance endurance trek channeled towards shedding some ounce of fat that has accumulated in adding to my weight since everybody around me kept complaining about the bloating nature of current physique.

In spite the early morning drizzling, I despise this disturbance and I view it as a blessing in disguise because I believed that the coolness of the weather will be a source of strength to me in going a long way in keeping myself fit by the road work I am embarking on.

While I was busy with myself trekking on the high way, I was lost and carried away, but I was enjoying and basking in the euphoria of the showers of rain and my ability to fulfill my aspiration in embarking on…

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