Dear Friends,
Truly,the reality on ground seems scary and hopeless.

What we listen to is not encouraging.News of death has taken over the little space we have.

The spread of coronavirus–COVID19  keeps escalating with little hope of a possible end.

Humanity is been dragged to the end and we can all see that we are at the edge of been driven to perdition.

Never like this has the entire mankind been caught unaware by this magnitude of infection that has touched both the loved and those we hate.

In the midst of all these,the purpose of humanity is glaring.

It should be crystal clear to you and I right now that the spread of coronavirus–COVID 19 has forced you and I to know how we really need each other.

It has made the favored and the ‘unfavoured” to look for each other.It has made us to become our brothers’ keeper.

It is now that our leaders understand how important we are to them.They kept on chronicling messages to us checking on us to know how well we are.

No doubt about it,we have been busy running around to meet up with life exigencies but we left the essentials behind.

Now, families are more United,friends are more United, colleagues have dropped unnecessary ego and pride.

Now,our focus and subject of discussion rally around survival against the spread of coronavirus–COVID19

We are now more United with one voice accompanied with a non-partisan and apolitical view about what lies ahead of us.

Those who are rich and wealthy are beginning to give out without any enforcement,those are are intelligent are beginning to listen to those who are not intelligent and those who are filled are beginning to shed from their abundance given to the poor.

What are wonderful moment in the annals of human history.

Our highways are dry,our synagogues are locked and dry,the mighty and the strong edifices wasted money to build is vacant with no one thinking about who will occupy it.

Our ivory towers have been shut down.

Everything around us is beginning to become meaningless and an object of secondary value.

This is a practical way of divinity telling you and I that we have left the old path and all that seems to count to us is a deviation from the purpose of God.

Our mode of worship has been cosmetic and ungodly as long as it defies the concept of giving values to the next person by your side.

Our sanctuary of holiness has become dirty with pride,arrogance and ego been the outcome of our assumed self righteousness.

We failed in our approach to balance the concept of science and spirituality.

Now,the spread of coronavirus–COVID19  has made us to see the reason why science and spirituality must be balanced.

Now,the reality has dawn on us.

Powers and authorities have been subdued and confusion has taken over the highest places on earth.

No holy pilgrimage again,the Basilica is on lock and keys,men of God have died,sinners and those one who thinks they are holy have died with more been tied down on the sick bed.

Humanity is on a reset mode.

It is no longer a case of good health facilities.If it has to do with good and standard health facilities,Prince Charles wouldn’t have been a victim.

The world is gradually knowing the truth and at the end of this phase we all shall understand the really necessity of mankind.

In spite of all these,

Dear friends,

Do not be dejected or disappointed,

Keep playing,

Keep pushing,

Keep praying,

Keep pressing.

We are in it together.

We shall overcome.

We shall all have a story to tell when the next generation ask us.






Dear Friends,


On the 2nd of January 2020,I left office during break time to attend to few things at home.


While coming back from home,I observed a physically challenged man at Ogba junction using a roller to move from one point to another.


There was something unusual and strange about him that çaught my fancy,he beautified himself by putting putting on a shirt and a blue tie to match it up and he was there at the junction begging alms.


I would have love to take his picture but I refrained myself because he could feel embarrassed.


He looked unique and special just because he was creative in spite the challenge of being a cripple who the society we are have no plan for them at all.


Hence,my drift goes thus.


In life,I have never heard about anyone without a challenge and one should know that the beauty of life is expressed when you can maximized such challenge for your betterment.


Those that are weak are always down when they face challenges but the strong ones optimize their challenges to live above its limitations.


For a physically challenged man on a roller to think about dressing corporate under a scorching sun shows how rich his mindset is.


He is operating with a mindset that has evolved above his predicament of being limited.




It is a new year and the year has started rolling.


I want you to understand that how you see yourself matters a lot and it is one of the defining factors that would make your journey in this year to be fruitful or barren.


You cannot operate above your view about yourself.


If you think and believe that you are the best despite the challenges in your life,there is no doubt about it,better and meaningful life will be the outcome of your desires in 2020,but if you think otherwise,2020 might be worse off than the previous year.


Though,knowing how you see yourself can be orally expressed which is common but this expression is always confirmed in how you carry your personality around.


Those who have a better and positive understanding about themselves expresses it practically in the way and manner they handle the slightest issues around them.This is reflected in the way they talk and treat people around them.


While those who believed that their life is valueless and worthless expresses it by treating others disdainfully.


vision 1.jpeg


Your mindset and understanding are essential in empowering you to stay above the effect of any challenge you might be passing through and having power over the challenge you are passing through would be reflected in your Orientation and disposition to such challenge.


Dear friend,I am confident that you will read through and make a choice that will either make or mar what your intentions about 2020 is all about.


Be intentional in your drive to become better in 2020 by living above the grip of any challenge.



©mlstcommunications 2020


You have slept over some issues bothering you yesterday and the only decision made by you is for you to give up and run away.


I would like to put your mind into this.


There has never been anyone living on earth who deliberately give up looking for what to eat when he or she is hungry.


The only way you can quench your hunger and thirst is for you to embark on a journey or an effort that will give you good and water.


I would like you to know that your satisfaction concerning any form of endeavor embarked upon by you is a function of a deliberate effort to get what is needed to make such endeavor Successful.


No one has ever been successful without a tale of deliberate energy being invested into an endeavor that will birth the emergence of Success at one point in time.


Being thirsty and being hungry become good when the entity concerned is ready to do everything to ensure that provisions are made for such feeling to fizzle out.


In what area of your life have you been hungry or thirsty?


What are you doing to ensure that you quench your thirst and your hunger disappear?


Are you giving up on that effort or are you making any effort to get solutions?


I would like to tell you that you cannot get any result without you being responsible and responsive in giving your energy to what will attract the needed solutions.


You need to work on yourself.


You need to build yourself.


You need to push yourself beyond that barrier.


The limitations you are running away from will not move until you push it away from your sight.


Be tenacious in creating a solution that will enhance your desired solutions over any circumstance that is weighing you down.


There is more to gain and get if only you can raise up your head above waters.


There is opportunity around you that will make you better if you decide not to give up.


Make sure you remain hungry and thirsty for more.


This is the only way champions are made.


Hunger and thirst make champions.


Do you want to be a champion?


If you want to be:


Kindly,help me to remain hungry and thirsty.


There is more to your life when you remain hungry and thirsty.


Your destiny will blossom when you live a life of hunger and thirst but you must be hungry and thirsty for what is right and reasonable.



©mlstcommunications 2020

What to do when you are down.

There are different phases of life and every phase is always accompanied with one attribute and characteristics that might be favorable or unfavorable.


When the chips are down,do not get down and dirty with the chips wallowing in regrets and frustrations but rise on your feet,step on the chips,dust yourself up and move on.


There are many issues needed to be attended to,never allow yourself to be tied down with anyone that seems to be pulling you down.


Rise above the situation around you and make another move.


Remember,no one move forward by sitting down in a place.


Remember,no one occupies a space without it being vacant.


Your moving forward is in your ability to see every reason to stand on your feet to move forward.


Stand on your feet.


Stop sitting down.


Rise on your feet and stand tall.




you 2


Face your fears and conquer your fear.


Get furious with your obstacles and skip them all.


Project and propel yourself to another level whereby the phase of life that seems to be holding you down will end up becoming a thing of the past.



©mlstcommunications 2019


As another week is almost two days gone with today being the first working day of the week,what I want to ask from you is :


Can you do me a favor?


You may be asking and pondering what is the rationale behind this question but I want to let you know that I care about you and your betterment and progress is my concern day and night.


Life is practically filled with ups and downs that has no timely limit and these constitute in a large extent a clog to your progress and my progress.


There is always a wall of limitation to the progress and development of man while on earth.Everyone will have a fair share of this at one point in time while we are living here on earth.


In spite of this,no one has been chronicled to become better and achieve greatness by loosing grip and staying on the floor of defeat and disappointment.


Even,it is chronicled historically that the greatest of the greatest that ever lived on earth became the cynosure of all eyes and a reference point in history by been tenacious in their dreams and aspirations to become whatever they ended up becoming.


The question is?


Why are you thinking of giving up and throwing in the towel when you have not even started the journey that lies ahead of you?


It is practically truthful that all of us always think of giving up at one point in time but if everyone has been lazy in striving to become better at one point in time,do you think the world we live in would be better up to what it is today?


The little form of betterment and development humanity enjoys today has been a proof and an outcome of what some individuals laid down as a legacy at one point in time which has its root and route in tenacity, commitment, selflessness and dedication.


Then,why are you downcast this morning thinking about the negatives and defeats you have experienced in life?


I want you to know that before any of the challenges faced by you reared its ugly head,there are many forms of solutions to all the challenges.


What you just need to do is to find out how such challenges would become a launching pad for you to propel to the other side that is filled with grandeur, glamour,glitz, groove,bliss and breakthrough.



personal development 2
Can you do me a favor?



No one achieve a meaningful feat while buried in self pity.No one becomes better wallowing in the regrets and fear of the past.


While the strong and the wise rise up from defeat,the weak gets scared and stayed on the spot of defeat.


This is my message to you this morning that you have no choice other than you becoming strong to stay above the limitations of defeat and failures of the past.


No matter how ugly,stenching and drenching your past might be,waking up this morning is a pointer to the fact that you have a beautiful moments ahead of you.


You can only access this beautiful moments if you are ready to drop the load of your ugly past and stay away from its weight from holding you down.


Failures of the past is a signage of the success ahead of you.


Don’t think you are missing it.


Rather,think about you getting it all the time.


It is never too late for you to buckle up and stay above the hot waters that you find yourself.


Find your respite.


Get your relieve.


Life is beautiful having you around.


I am with you in your journey.


Don’t give up.


I need you.


You can talk to me.


Do me a favor.


Don’t give up.


Getting better is better than getting mad.





©mlst communications 2019


You have slept over some issues bothering you yesterday and the only decision made by you is for you to give up and run away.


I would like to put your mind into this.


There has never been anyone living on earth who deliberately give up looking for what to eat when he or she is hungry.



thirsty 1


The only way you can quench your hunger and thirst is for you to embark on a journey or an effort that will give you good and water.


I would like you to know that your satisfaction concerning any form of endeavor embarked upon by you is a function of a deliberate effort to get what is needed to make such endeavor successful.


No one has ever been successful without a tale of deliberate energy being invested into an endeavor that will birth the emergence of success at one point in time.


Being thirsty and being hungry become good when the entity concerned is ready to do everything to ensure that provisions are made for such feeling to fizzle out.


In what area of your life have you been hungry or thirsty?


What are you doing to ensure that you quench your thirst and your hunger disappear?


Are you giving up on that effort or are you making any effort to get solutions?


I would like to tell you that you cannot get any result without you being responsible and responsive in giving your energy to what will attract the needed solutions.


You need to work on yourself.


You need to build yourself.


You need to push yourself beyond that barrier.






The limitations you are running away from will not move until you push it away from your sight.


Be tenacious in creating a solution that will enhance your desired solutions over any circumstance that is weighing you down.


There is more to gain and get if only you can raise up your head above waters.


There is opportunity around you that will make you better if you decide not to give up.


Make sure you remain hungry and thirsty for more.


This is the only way champions are made.


Hunger and thirst make champions.


Do you want to be a champion?


If you want to be:


Kindly,help me to remain hungry and thirsty.


There is more to your life when you remain hungry and thirsty.


Your destiny will blossom when you live a life of hunger and thirst but you must be hungry and thirsty for what is right and reasonable.


©mlst communications 2019


I know how you are feeling.
The pain of dejection,disappointment and rejection are real

I know how you are feeling right now on your bed.

Your veins are aching tonight.

You have already tried and you are almost reaching your breaking limit with no tangible results to show for your efforts.

This reality is what everyone is bound to pass through at one point in the time in the course of our existence in life.

I have been there before.I am aware of this path of life that can only be expressed by the pain it offer.

The tear and wear of this phase of life cannot be denied by me.They are real as the life I am living is.

In spite of all these,do you think you are alone?

No!You are not alone.

Though,it always look as if you are alone but it is not.

You are just a little fraction of the numbers of people passing through one ordeal or the other.

I know that you always feel like the weight of challenges are being carried by you alone but it is until when you take time to listen to what others are passing through that you will understand that divinity has been on your side.

Everyone is created to pass through a dark path at a particular moment in life.This is a reality of life.

The goodnews is:

No matter how messy and miry situation might be, you are wired to stand above water.The innate power and potential in you are enough to turn the mess in your life to message.

The issue therein is:

Are you ready to take the bull by the horn ?

There is a need for you to face this reality and take the bull by the horn challenging whatever is making you to live a life that is below your expectations.

Nobody will help you until you help yourself to stand firm and conquer that fear that has been holding you down.

On your bed tonight,you might have decided to trash the efforts you have invested in an endeavour,but I want you to go back and revisit the endeavour.

Something is telling me that by tomorrow,things will work out in your favour.

Just sleep over it tonight and you will be strengthened to continue tomorrow.

You are born to conquer all not to give up.

Just to let you know that you are not alone.

We are all together to be the best in life.

Just keep moving.

We are all moving train that can never be stopped by any challenge.

Stay with me and I will stay with you.

You are not alone.

I am here with you.

We may be far away.

I am right here by your side.


©mlst communications 2019


Towards the end of yesterday,as I was in my living room with my family cooling off and gisting with television programme going on,my daughter started singing and when I asked her how she knew the song and the tune of the lyrics,she told me that her school bus driver always play it whenever they are going to school in the morning.
She kept singing and later I joined her singing and I was amazed about how she really put in everything in her singing such a song at her age.
I kept pondering on it how she managed to like such a song because I really liked the music too.
At a point, I was wondering how my love and her love for such song and many from the particular gospel artiste is so deep to such an extent.
Despite the fact that her ability to speak Yoruba flawlessly is low,she sang along with me and I marveled at her.

I asked her on a second occasion to know how she understand such lyrics and she still responded in the affirmative telling me her source.
It was at this point that I kept wondering and pondering how Tope Alabi’s music is becoming a transgenerational influence that binds families and relatives together.
Definitely,Tope Alabi is a transgenerational influencer and a leader of repute in her chosen career.
Nowadays, there are leaders all over the world but it only few that understand what it is all about.
Many believed that it is a means of oppressing, suppressing and subjugating their subordinate by treating them as slaves and objects of disrespect and dishonor forgetting that it a channel of influence that ought to make the leader and the led better in every ramifications of life.
Our life goes down to extinction every single second and we move to the edge of the grave gradually without any notice.
Some of us know this but many are oblivious of this fact and they keep on misbehaving while they are life.
The question is:
What are you leaving behind when the curtain is drawn?
Is it confusion?
Is it pride or ego?
Is it oppression or suppression?
Is it all sorts of negativities, bad attitude and characters?
Is it obstinacy or selfishness?
The ball lies in your court and it is duty to decide which part you will choose and what path you will trend upon.
Tope Alabi is doing well in shaping the destiny of many now and the destinies of the future generation is being shaped by her lyrics now.
Her music is becoming a nexus between old generation and new generation.
She is doing her bit and she will be remembered for it.
What are you doing now in adding values to this generation in that small space occupied by you?
What are people around you saying about you?
Are you known for good deeds or bad deeds?
No one is perfect and no one is expected to near perfection.
You cannot push out negative force to people around you and you will expect them to accept such. They will push it back to you in the same measure and quantity.
It is never too late for you to change your ways’ changed life is possible only when you are alive,you cannot get it done when you are no more.
When we are still alive,let’s do all to be an addition to this generation.
No one wants a burden.
Be a blessing to others not a burden.

©mlstcommunications 2019


Are you loosing your grip?

Recently,I was bothered about myself being unable to publish a single book this year.


Later, I promised myself that next year will never be allowed to roll out without a single book been traced to me as the author, at least E-book.


Then, compilation of ideas, thoughts and words started and I made up my mind that the new year will start with a book published by me.


In spite of this decision, it came with an ample of challenges,stress and sweat that made me to spend hours on my seat yesterday in order to make something out of nothing.


At the end the beauty of a new E-book emerged and I was extremely satisfied that my effort was not in vain.


Life and all its exigencies are akin to my experience yesterday.There is nothing that one decides to do in life that would be rosy.


Every decision always come with series of challenges, dissappointment and failures that if someone is not careful, such idea might end up suffocated without it seein the light of the day.


Anyone that desire getting anything done in life must be ready to be committed and sacrificial with many hours that would be burnt off to make it a success.


How have you been feeling presently with your projects and desires?


Are you giving up?


Are you throwing in the towel?


Life is a battle that no one would escape fighting in this battle.If you fail in planning and preparing for the battle of life, you will end up becoming something irrelevant in the scope of things while you are alife.


I want you to know that you are not wired as a human being to give up.


You are not created to chicken out.


You are made to fight and be victorious.


You are wired to be succesful in everything you put your mind upon no matter how tedious and hard such endeavour might look time.


Time and season has a way of making our effort to look immaterial and unsuccesful but it is necessary that the best you can do is to keep such endeavour aside and keep working on it until it becomes succesful.


There are times of failures.


There are times of success.




wishes 1.jpeg


No matter the timing, the best is for you is to keep working and keep making things around you going.


Time will come when such a thing will become succesful and you will be glad you have done something meaningful while you are existing.


The evil someone can do to himself or herself is to fold his or her hand doing nothing as a source of contribution to humanity while on earth because our presence on earth is for contribution to humanity.


“No matter the situation around whatever you are doing right now,the best you can do to yourself is to hold on and keep the flag flying by adding to it gradually until it becomes successful.”


Keep the ace while you hold the pace.


Do not loose your grip.


©mlstcommunications 2019





In the course of official duty this morning,I have to continue with an official obligation that warrant carrying out an inspection in the finished product warehouse.

The construction of the finished product warehouse has three floors with the down floor.

So,it it necessary that I have to climb the stairs case in order to get to the last floor which is the point at which the inspection will be carried out.

While pushing and propelling my weight on the stair climbing up,I kept on feeling how difficult it is for me to push against the force of gravity that was pushing me back.

In essence,it was difficult to climb up and I need to expend more kilojoules of energy to get myself to the point of inspection.

But when I got to the point of inspection and I finished my findings,I felt relieved when coming down the stair.I spent less energy and lesser time to get down to the down floor

It was at this point that I was inspired writing this piece.

While going up,it was difficult climbing up with more energy needed to climb and more time was spent going up the stairs.

So,I felt like a weakling with a fragile bone.

While coming down the stairs,the story was different and I felt like a champion with me having more strength to move down the stair cases.

The journey of life can be likened in description to what I experienced and encountered on the stair this morning.




With personal experiences and with the little I have heard from people around me,the story of people growing up in life is always painful and sometimes sluggish and bleak.

No doubt about it, moving ahead or propelling forward in life is always costly with pain and more energy is always spent in terms of resources needed to be successful in life.

People pass through many difficult situations before they become what they are today and before any feat of success can be acquired,it is always with tears and sweat.

Most of the time,tears and sweat confirm the genuity of any feat of Success that is real and original.

You are not supposed to be bothered with whatever the situation around you might be now because as you are busy spending time and energy to move up to the top of the ladder in your chosen path in life,once you achieved your intentions,it is very sure that the energy and resources expended by you will be gained back easily.

You might look like a weakling now with no one to help in making your heart desires becomes a reality,what you need is internal strength that will propel you to the point of achievement that will make you a cynosure of all eyes and when this is done,you will be relieved and the strength you have lost climbing the ladder of success will be gained back without anyone been part of you.

A lonely path awaits you in your journey to Success and stardom.

Do not feel bad now that you are moving alone in your quest to be successful,rather look ahead to the beauty of your desired Success and ensure that it is obtained the way it has been imagined.

And when you are done achieving it,all that has been done in investing resources will be gained back in due time.


Self-confidence! Do you have it?

Dear All,

I do not know how you have been living your life,

I do not know how you have been coping with the hiccups of life,

I do not know your experience in life,

Neither do I know your expectations in life.


I do not know the challenges ahead of you,

I do not know how you are going to weather the storm of life,

Neither do I know when the challenges will emerge.


I do not know how promising the future ahead of you is,

I do not know the formulation for beautiful future,

Neither do I hold the ace to a glorious years ahead.


I would like you to know,

I would like you to understand,

I would like you to expect the unexpected.


Whether the future is promising or nor,

Whether the years ahead would be fulfilling,

Whether the hope of a brighter tomorrow will come to reality.


What is needed by you is planning,

What is needed by you is preparation,

What is needed by you is courage.


Planning,Preparation  and courage are means to an end.

They are needed to fine-tune and polish the inner strength in you.

They are needed to build originality in you.


What you need is nothing but self-confidence .


In conclusion,

Self-Confidence makes a man,

If you do not  have it,you are  twice defeated in the race of life.


My question is:


Do you have it?


No matter the darkness,keep pushing until your light start shinning


©Mlstcommunications 2019




How can you get out of the wood.

Everyone of us is quite aware of a particular popular game known across the length and breadth of the world as golf.


Despite the popularity of this game, some of us are not aware of the intricacies and technicalities involved in being a player of this game not to talk of a player becoming a world champion with feats of records in the course of their golfing career.





Recently, the entire world was overwhelmed with the victory of a man that made him to become a cynosure of all eyes.


His name and career nose-dived at a point and no one dares remembering anything to do with him except his past achievement in the course of his golfing career.




His recent breakthrough became a source of inspiration, motivation and celebration that engulfed the lips of everyone who desire becoming great in life.


His name is TIGER WOODS.


He has been a world champion on several occasion but at a point his golfing career and family life suffered dryness and drought that made him to fizzle out of the list of world champion.


For good eleven years, his name was out of the honor list of popular world golfers with him becoming nothing to talk about in the world of golf until he came out of the woods to become the best source of celebration that the entire world is recognizing with now.


According, the recent tweet authored by the President of the United States of America about the success of Tiger Woods recently:


“Congratulations to @TigerWoods, a truly Great Champion!” Trump tweeted

shortly after Woods sank a short putt to secure his 15th major title.

“Love people who are great under pressure. What a fantastic life comeback for a

really great guy!” he added later.




Tiger Woods has been congratulated since after he made a surprising comeback to become the face of success across the length and breadth of the entire world.


According to a report by REUTER:


“The victory on Sunday was one of the greatest comebacks in sports history, as the

43-year-old ended an 11-year major title drought having overcome personal and

professional setbacks including a highly-public divorce and multiple surgeries.”


Tiger Woods is a man that is on record to have lost all he ever worked for in the past being a failure in his professional and personal life until he was able to gather the pieces of his failed past to become a source of relevance in 2019.


This is a practical story of a man who didn’t give up in his bid to become better in life. He could have thought of been satisfied with past achievements and end up shutting his mind against any thought of improvement that would made him to become what he is today.




Instead of throwing the towel, he encouraged himself and worked on himself until his failures becomes the success that entire world is associating with.



Being in the woods is all about having negative and unexpected experiences that is always difficult for any one of us to handle.


Many times we are always fixated at a point in the journey of life that all our efforts to find a solution to the challenges of life proofs abortive.


While some of us becomes better at the end, so many people end up fizzling out with nothing to show about other than stories of continuous failures.


Despite whatever the challenges might be, one can learn and unlearn from people who had passed through series of challenges and overcome.


Some of the ways of getting out of the woods are:

1.Appraisal of the past achievements.

2.Dedication and commitment.

3.Being focused.

4.Resoluteness and resilience.


6.Passion and Perseverance.



9.Continuous training,tutelage, learning and coaching.

10.Being optimistic.


With some of this in place, challenges of life that seems to remain unyielding could turn out to be a channel whereby successful feats of achievements could be obtained by anyone who desire it.





In conclusion,




Let’s congratulate him.





©mlstcommunications 2019.






Have you written yourself off?–(9 minutes Read).

Sometimes ago, I read this piece on someone’s timeline on Facebook. At the end of my reading which I enjoyed but I was humbled and became thoughtful of what I read in the piece.

The enormity of lessons and experiences available in the course of our journey in life makes learning to be a continuous process that no one in life can really discard.

It was in the light of this that I made it a responsibility on my path to share this piece on my blog with my readers, viewers and followers.

This story simply confirmed the twist of life.

It goes thus:

Life Lessons is uncountable!!
Never ever write yourself off.
Few weeks ago, I was driving on Apapa-Oshodi expressway and stopped briefly under the Ilasamaja Bridge to pick a call. Suddenly, a Danfo bus pulled up beside me, the bus conductor jumped out and landed by my side. I was about to be robbed!

However, the conductor had other plans…

‘Oshodi Oshodi Oshodi o…’

I heaved a sigh of relieve and breathed deeper, then I saw a guy I’d known for long. Years of separation couldn’t play on me any trick. He was one of the brightest guy in our class, and had won for us a couple of Inter-School competition.

He was of a modest middleclass family that valued education and when he says a word is ‘adjectival proverb’ or ‘future present past participle’, we dared not argue because he was usually right.

Always ahead. He had a way of mentally working out complex mathematical equations without writing. He was a silent threat to the ‘booboo’ teachers and would sometimes challenge their answers’ which later earned him cold hates. Gbenga was that hot and was named one of the most likely to succeed in our class.

‘Oshodi…Oshodi…Oshodi oke o…’ He continued.

I pushed out my head from the car and ‘hala’ his nick name.


He was shocked. Only his old allies would know that name, I guessed. He looked intently at me and then screamed. I came out of the car and we hugged fiercely, like old thieves, gallons of his sweat rubbing all over me, but I cared not. I was happy to see my old friend.

‘Viko ómó’lòpè, what’s up? O ti sha-pra-pra gan o…’

He hailed loudly in street parlance. We however couldn’t talk as he had to get back to work, and his driver ‘oga’ was blaring the horn angrily. So I took his phone number and watched him go adoringly.

Gbenga ran back to the moving Danfo bus, jumped in and clung tightly to the door as if his entire life depended on it. He gave me a parting smile and flashed a decolorized teeth supposedly darkened by excessive marijuana smoking and deepseated apathy to dental hygiene.

God, what happened?

I stood, rooted to that spot and sadly watched him disappear into the fast moving Lagos metro.

Then came flurry of emotion.
I cried.





As I drove on, I flashed back to another flip-sided slice of life that made me conclude afterall that life is a scam.

I was on Admiralty Way in Lekki and stopped at AP/Tantalizer Junction to shine my shoe. I was admiring the Aboki doing his work with much passion when a black Range Rover halted suddenly behind me and the screech of the tyres made me dive for safety.

God forbid bad thing!

While on the safer side, I glanced back to see the idiot behind the wheel, then I saw a familiar face. ‘No! Haba! It couldn’t be him’ I argued within me, then wiped my face for a clearer vision. The loser was still there, smiling stupidly. The face rang a louder bell, and of course, I remembered him.

‘What in hell could Bala be doing inside this Range Rover?’ I queried myself.

It is tragic to be dumb, and a tragedy to be stupid, but it is a curse to be both. Bala was dumb and stupid! His parents were extremely poor! That, conjoined with his non-existent academic performance which affected his confidence and social life, he was simply termed a failure and had severally been assured he wouldn’t amount to anything in life. He agreed, and we all agreed with him. So we treated him as nobody, a scumbag.

‘Well, maybe Bala had finally fulfilled his destiny and become a driver as predicted’ I concluded, grinning sheepishly.

What a stupid miscalculation!

Balarabe, the dullest guy in my class was the proud owner of the R2. Back then, this guy could not even write a decimal point with a bottle, but now signs cheques with gold pen and cruises posh SUVs about Lagos. We hung out out at The Sailors Lounge and he told me how he reinvented himself. He attended few crash courses, changed his orientation, worked with a shipping company in Apapa Wharf, became hardworking and brutally honest. His boss loved him and mentored him in shipping and importation business until he stated his own company.

A CEO of a Shipping Company!!!
A scum of the earth?!

I couldn’t sleep that night as I kept musing over Gbenga and Bala.

So I concluded.

The race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, nor riches to men of understanding, nor favour to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.

It is not over until it is over.
Gbe body é



_The Movie is still on and it could soon start to favour you_

➖ Reinvent Yourself
➖ Get started again with much agility and faith!





The question is:


Have you written yourself off?


Do you think it is over?


Do you think you have lost all?


Never give up.


Those who give up while they are still living are dead already.


SOURCE: Unknown Author


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This short piece was written on the 2nd of March 2016 as part of my daily post or publication on facebook.The source of the inspiration which is personal remain somehow unknown and unclear but I believe the content therin will serve as a sort of resources that will enhance our self-esteem that will birth a kind of re-orientation about our view along the line of maintaining good personal and corporate relationship.


It is observed that many of us become saddened,moody and pensive when we get an inkling that we are been mocked and talked about by others.It is a kind of attitude that is common across the length and breadth of the entire human race whereby many people spend a bunch of their time backbitting and throwing stones at others.Many of us are actors of this irrelevant and many of us are victims of this irrelevant.


It is necessary for many of us to understand and develop a thick skin with blocked ear to some of this irrelevancies that is commonality among human being remains unquantifiable.


According to Winston Churchill:


“You will never get to your destination when you throw stones at every dog that bark at you”


You will get nothing out of life if you are bothered about what people are saying about you.Being bothered and being suspicious about what people are saying about you is a sign and a product of immaturity and low self-esteem.


Like food,people will feed on your matter.


Like water,people will gulp your issue to quench their thirst.


Like a dog, people will nag their loose tongue.


Even the dead are being talked about everyday.


I want you to have this in mind that those who gossip about you remains at your back forever.




When people talk about you!!!


One of the best effective ways of knowing the level of maturity you are made of is simply shown outrightly through your response and reaction to whatever people are saying about you.


When you expected little or nothing from people around you,your reaction and response to disappointment will be minimal and less-shocking but when you raised your hope about people and build your castle in the air, you will end up being saddened and biittered when you are disappointed .


I want you to know this mystery that you are being gossipped about because you are important to them,if you are not important to them, they will never spend a bunch of their precious time debating and deliberating about issues that concern you.




So, whenever you have an inkling that you are being gossipped about, just have this understanding that your life is meaningfully filled with virtues that are important to them,hence they are jealous and they desire having an opportunity to possess such a virtue.


Instead of complaining and reacting to people’s view and assertion about you,the best response to the contents of their gossip is top wave it aside with a bare hand and move ahead with your life being focussed on your purpose in life.


It is only those who are incapable of discovering their purpose in life that spend their little time at their disposal discussing issues that has nothing to do with them.


When you want to know and understand the worth of any man,it is necessary to know what the mouth of such person says about another person.


As life is real, gossipping also is real.It is an evil that almost every human is guilty of but the worst of its evil spring up when the person being gossipped about becomes embittered and saddened about it.


Since no two wrongs can make a right, it is better to manage your emotion in terms of response and reaction towards whatever people might be saying at your back.


Kindly allow whatever is being discussed at your back to remain at your back.Do not brink it forward to your face so that you will not end up frowning and it will prevent you from wearing a harsh look accompany with you looking for a way to revenge by taking your own pound of flesh.


Whatever is being said at your back should remain at your back till eternity.This is one of the secrets of longevity that will help in making you to understand the value of your purpose in life accompany with efforts that will make you achieve such purpose in the course of your existence.


When you are saddened about people talking about you,you have given them cahnces and opportunities to control your feelings and emotions.Once this happened, you have exchanged the power in you in response to your reaction about what has been said about you.


Your response and reactions in the face of adversity is what determines whether you will end up winning or loosing in the course of your fight for conquest or victory.When your reaction and response is negative, you have given your enemy power over you but once your reponse is calm and positive, all your enemies become weakened and they end up loosing their power and potency that might have been used to cage and control you.


The golden key to your happinness lies with you.Never give loose it through your response and reaction to situations around you.No matter how long you live on earth, there will always be moments of ups and downs but it is your preparation and readiness for staying above the reality of any moment that will determine how matured you are and how capable and able you are to ride the roller-coaster of life that is always unstable.




Can you measure the Kilojoule of inherent latent energy wasted and expended when you react and respond negatively to whatever rumour is being peddled about you?It is quite ironical that many of us spend our energy on what we not add any value to us and one of the areas we wasted energy on is our reaction and response to gossip from people around us.


No matter what the situation might be, you have what it takes to live your life above whatever the rumour that might be peddled and spread around about you.


Rumour mongering and gossipping are parts of human life.If humans refrain from this, I dont think the existence of human beings could be possible.


When you consider what is being rumoured and gossipped about you as irrelevant and inconsequential, it will reamin a minor issue that can never remove anything from you and you will be able to stay afloat and be in charge of your emotion.


To cap it all:













Sadness takes away virtues and values from you.It is a stylish and a slow channel to making someone becoming a beast that has lost the grip of what life is all about.


Sadness does nothing but  weakens your nerves and bones thereby becoming old and worn-out withing a little period of time.


Sadness makes you look haggard and unkempt.







#Rumour mongering#









WHAT NEXT?—(3 Minutes read)

No doubt about it experience of life has taught us in diverse ways about the stormy vicissitudes of life that make life to be challenging and unbearable. It is not within the reach and scope of anyone’s mental ability and spiritual capacity to decipher when the storms of life will become fierce and raging.

Due to the shortsightedness and shallow mindedness of many, when issues concerning the storms of life are mentioned or tends towards becoming a subject and an object of discussion, many are quick in responding against this trend by mouthing and shouting “God forbid and that will not be my portion in Jesus Name” repeatedly as if to say  others that are passing through such a phase are being punished for their predicaments or they are enemies of God.






Times without numbers, people that are deeply spiritual have been seen to pass through unbearable phases of life like this and all that will be heard from them is “why me Lord”.As if to say God allowed such a phase in order to put them under curse or punishment.

It is not a gainsaying that the challenges of life are real and they forced their presence on people without their consent.The untold hardship many people are battling with are unimaginable and they are better left not being discussed because it has defied every reasonable approach to get urgent solution.

The irony of life is that what makes champions are challenges.The myriads of challenges is not what really matters, what matters is the stories of conquest that made champions out of those myriads of challenges.

Champions are moulded and made when the right attitude needed to turn challenges into stories of victory are available and applied within a period of time.It is attitude that makes winners not quitting and it is attitude that makes looser quit even at the advent of the challenges.Stories of victories and conquests ever related in the annals of history of mankind revolve around attitudinal approach that are positively channelled towards getting the head up even when the bowl is hot.

Challenges makes champion. The beauty of golds and many precious stones emerge when they passed through furnace.How will your stories be listened to without its contents being rallied  around battles and corresponding conquests and victory.

The load might be heavy but know that the weight will make you strong.


After the loss of your brother,

After the loss of your child,

After the loss of your wife,

After the loss of your job

After the loss of that contract,

After you have lost everything, 

After being deserted by friends and families,

What next?

Hold on when the sun is hot!!

Hold on when the bowl is hot!!

Every challenge of life is transient.

Every challenge is bound to expire.

Weeping may endure for a night.

Your joy cometh in the morning.

If you can hold on throughout the night, surely there is a brighter morning.

A crucial step needs to be taken as the next step.There is no need to mourn your loss forever.It is of no point sitting down on a spot without finding lasting solutions to the issues on ground.

You need to rise up and buckle up to weather the storm of life by maximising the inner strength in you to face the challenges of life.It is until when you believed that there is a brighter side to every dark side that your moments of regrets will fizzle out.

  • dedicated to those who loose their beloved ones in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose precious valuable things in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose their jobs in 2017