Don’t miss this.

There is a way dreams and visions can be fulfilled.


I have been on this book with the title years ago but I was unable to get it done and bring it to conclusion.


I shelved it and put it aside till now when the passion and what is needed to get it done is available.


This how you and I should handle some issues in our lives.


There are issues in life that the best way to handle it and get solutions to them is to be patient by putting them aside for a while before getting it done.


Therefore, that issue bothering you right now might not warrant you rushing,it might just need you been cautious about been calm leaving it to the natural forces of time and season to get it done.


Without any iota of doubt,time and seasons are natural forces that determines our fates while on earthly pedestal.Art Event Flyer (1)



The need to contribute in building a balanced society is necessary and essential.


No one in the right state of mind will overlook or underestimate the necessity to build a balanced society.


One of the ways to make this a reality is by being intentional in contributing our quota in building a society that will accommodate others that are seen and believe to be stranger in this world due to their inability to meet up with the demand of the society.


“A balanced society must be a society that

have provision for everyone”.


Although,this seems to be impossible and a hard nut to crack.


In other to make this possible,men and women of goodwill and good conscience need to arise to the occasion and safe the existence of humanity from being pummeled by the aftermath effect of having larger percentage of the needy in the society.


In the view of the above,Kingdom Promotion for the less privilege and the downtroddenis taking the bull by the horn to provide a platform whereby the needy in the society will be taken care of.






You are invited to be part of this.


Thank you.



Any form of donation can be made into this account number: ACCOUNT NAME:FADEYI FELIX FEMI ACCOUNT NUMBER:0236105575 BANK:WEMA BANK PLC



Fadeyi Felix Femi







You are cordially invited to be a partner to Kingdom Promotion for the Less Priviledge and the Downtrodden.


Your contribution in cash and gift will go a long way in taking care of the needy in our society.


Attach with this post is all that you need to know about KPLPD.




Contribution of a token will go a long way in making our society a better place.






For further enquiries,you can contact:








Any form of donation can be made into this account number: ACCOUNT NAME:FADEYI FELIX FEMI ACCOUNT NUMBER:0236105575 BANK:WEMA BANK PLC







She has been saying it long time ago that she is only girl in her class.

I was present today in her school to mark her birthday and I saw it life and direct that she is the only girl in a class of six with a beautiful female teacher.

On spite of this,I realized that she is free and fulfilled been in a small circle like that.

And so,we started taking pictures to mark her birthday.




Then,I was relieved after all has been done.

At least,there will be respite about birthday till when we are approaching the next one.

Congratulations dear.

On behalf of my family we appreciate everyone who has been part of our story till this moment.

Thank you all.



I was still ruminating on the success of yesterday when I saw a recognition that I wasn’t expecting in the nearest future.

My journey into writing started as a hobby and as a means of having my voice and views known across board.

However, something like this that started as an innocent passion met waves of fury and envy from those who lack the opportunity of knowing what their passion and purpose are all about.

Since,them I have never relented in pushing the best of my efforts out on different platform.

Towards the end of last year,by Providence and coincidence,I ran into a platform known as “autranum” and within a space of few days I have my published e-books in PDF format on this platform.

Now,you can trace three different e-books to me as the publisher with other manuscript warming up to be thrown out for readers consumption soon.

Never know that I would be picked out as the “writer of the month”yesterday.The first recognition ever since I started on this journey.

Glory be to God and thanks to everyone who deemed it fitting for me to be recognized.

This month is ending with this and it is a fact that I am breaking limits this year.

Thanks to “autranum”

I am grateful.


©mlstcommunication 2020


While the clock keeps tickling and time keeps rolling from one moment to another,while what started with littleness and a drop of affection and love turned gradually into what it is intended to be in terms of achievement and all round fulfillment,all we can do is to go all out to appreciate the success of our love and commitment in making the littleness of seven years ago becoming a source of hope, inspiration and aspirations to others.




It started without any stress on the 19th of March 2012,there was no delay and argument about our intention.

We declared and agreed about what we want for our lives and on the 5th of August 2012 which is my beloved birthday,the two families met and we had our introduction.

By the 21st and 22nd of December 2012,Ikoyi Marriage Registry welcomed us and gave us a certificate to validate and legalized our coñseñt to become husband and wife.




On the 8th of December 2012, we walked down the isle and tied the knuptial knot.

Not that we have all that is required to stand as husband and wife but we pushed ourselves having the intention of creating and building ourselves to become better gradually.

The results of our intention have been a product of our dedication and commitment to build a family according to the purpose and will of God which has made our union to stand without challenges.





While many people thinks that she is really taking good care of me in feeding me becoming fat and robust,what I realized is that she has been a giving me peace of mind.





Today marked another glorious year in our marital journey as we clocked 7,all we can see around us is bliss,glitz,grace and glory that has been with us from day one and it keeps expanding till this present moment.



We appreciate everyone who has been part of our journey from the day we met because our live have been a product of good people around us—friends, families and familiars that have been with us have been the source of what we have today.



At the foundation of of union,it has been God and God has been with us from the beginning to this moment.



Today is our 7th Wedding Anniversary and we have to appreciate God and Everyone around us who has been with us till this moment.



My mum,all my siblings,my in-laws,friends, familiars are all appreciated.




Climbing the 7th ladder without any stress and scratch is by the grace of God.




Congratulations to Mr.Fadeyi Felix Femi and Olaronke Oluwakemi FADEYI.



It is the dawn of a new era.



Let’s celebrate.




©mlst communications 2019

Do you want a year without a tear?

Ahead of us lies another opportunity of a new year that is filled and pregnant with chances and opportunities of making “the wrong right and making the right to be more right”.


As it is never too late to start putting dot on your “i’s” and crossing your “t’s” as 2019 is gradually rounding up.


It is never too late to start planning and preparing ahead right now.


A Publication is packaged for you ahead of the new year for you to be elevated,motivated and elated to get the best in the new year without sustaining a single tear.


You can have at all simplified for you in a PDF E-book at a token.



New you.png


It promised to hit your reading pleasure and delight as the new year start rolling.


Thanks for your anticipated response and support.




©Mlstcommunications 2019.





It was in 1988,

I was in Primary 4,

Being one of her best student in Class then.

She saw a gap of weakness in me,

She made up her mind to strengthen it,

She made up her mind to step into it.

She noticed that,

In spite my brilliance in her class,

My handwriting falls short of expectation.

As a good mother,

As a professional teacher,

She called my attention to it,

She arranged for how I will get better.


Sincerely and truthfully,

She took me back to the basic,

Even in Primary 4,

She started all over again,

Teaching and tutoring on,

The best way to write each of the alphabets.

Step by step,

I started getting it,

Letters by letters,

My handwriting begins to get shape.

Not only that,

It was later in life,

That I realized that she was the one,

That exposed me to the Montessori method of learning,

Most of the elementary poetry and nursery rhymes I knew by then,

She was the one who introduced it to her class.


I could remember that I was in Primary 4A then,

In CAC Primary School B in Okesa Ilesa.


No wonder,

She was blessed with children that are extremely brilliant,

I could remember the brilliance of Brother Gbenga Haastrup then,

He was a Professor in Ilesa Grammar School among his peers,

I believe Ilesha Grammar School 1993 Set members remember him then.


She was blessed with another genius too,

He is my classmate in Ilesha Grammar School,

Surveyor Biodun Haastrup is another great mind,

She produced from her loins.


The last time I saw her at a function in Ilesa,

It was during Haastrups’ family gathering on December 26th,

When I greeted her,

She could still remember me without any introduction,

She asked about my mum and my siblings.

I was pained when I heard about her demise,

All I could remember is her effort on me then,

She took me as one of her sons,

And she gave me a reason to shout encomium on her today,

While other teachers look away and did nothing in giving me what I want,

She stood in the gap and gave me a reason to celebrate her today.


Eventhough, she is gone,

She will be remembered forever,




Anytime you see my handwriting and you appreciate it,just remember that LATE Elder(Mrs) Olufunmilayo Adesola Haastrup gave me a platform.

May her soul rest in Peace.

Adieu for now.

I missed you Ma.

Thanks for being a mother to me in the journey of my life.

May heaven reward your good deeds.


She will be committed to mother earth on the 21st of September 2019 in Ilesa Osun STATE.


©mlstcommunication 2019




Below is the testimony of one of our customer that patronized HERITAGE PURE NATURAL HONEY few months ago.

She attested to the quality of the products and it’s effectiveness as an alternative to cough syrup.

Thanks for patronising our product.


“Very good for cough.I gave it to one of my children thats always cough and since then the cough has stopped.He has used different kinds of cough syrup ,until I was introduced to this particular honey,I just added garlic and soak for 3 days.It works like magic”.—

Mrs.Akiogbe Adeniyi Adenike.

28th of August 2019.



It is never too late.

You can be part of us soon.




MUSING ON BARRY AT 40–My 40th birthday.

I could remember and recollect vividly how I have free and undisturbed access to latest music records in my developmental age courtesy of my parents business then in Ilesa.
In Ilesa then,there were few music record stores and my parents has one of the best then.


The business involved dubbing of music with the usage of turn-tables,loud-speakers and other dubbing engines to copy music from a record into what is called cassettes then.

It also involved the sales of records directly to would be customers.
If you resident in Ilesa in the 80s and 90s,you should remember Aletile records store at Ereja Square,Gloria records Store at Ereguru,Odion records Store at Ereguru,Owaround records store at Orinkinran.These are the popular record store in Ilesa then of which Gloria records store at Ereguru belongs to my dad then.


It was this business that made me to have free flowing access to music directly.
Many oldies, highlife,Fuji,Apala,Awurebe,Juju and foreign music by Bob Marley are some of the music I can remember.


One of the music releases then that stuck to my mind when it was sent to me is the one by Barrister then which is about his 40th birthday.I could remember that King Sunny Ade and Ebenezer Obey made music about their 40th birthday which was a hit then.


I could remember then that I am always inquisitive and a little bothered about the speciality of 40th birthday and all I hope for in my mind is that one day I will be 40 years old.
It was a forlorn hope then that looked like eternity.



I never knew then that one day it will be a reality and I will be celebrating and happy just the way Barrister, Ebenezer Obey and King Sunny Ade were high to heaven then.
Just in a space of time,I could see the reality of what I hoped for in the land of the living.
Many waters has passed underneath the bridge,many of my mates have gone yonder and many people have lost hope of a greater future.
By God’s mercy,I have been able to stand firmly on my feet,I have been able to fulfill part of the deal I have with divinity and nature.
God has been faithful into me in making today a reality.

It looks like yesterday that I was announced and introduced into this world but today God had been the one who kept me up to this moment.

It is a double Celebration in Fadeyi’s family as my dad,uncle,friend and pal also shared thesame day with me.I thank God for the life of Mr.SA Fadeyi FCA for how far God has taken him to be a blessing unto his generation.As old as he his,he is young at heart.





All I can wish you is strength to remain alive and be a blessing unto your generation.


I appreciate my family, my mum, my sisters and brothers, my niece’s, nephews, cousins and in-laws.
Special appreciation also goes to all my friends–real and virtual friends scattered across the length and breadth of the world.
Never to forget my daughter and my wife.




They make my world worthy and meaningful in all ramifications.

Kudos to my beloved, the secret of what I am becoming in life.

I promised to spend my life celebrating and appreciating you because having a good wife or a good partner in the world of today deserves Celebration.
Since yesterday, I am overwhelmed seen series of comments on my Timeline.
I appreciate you all.
It is my 40th birthday.



Let’s raise the roof and pop champagne.


©Mlstcommunications 2019.


For past days now,she has been loud about today telling everyone on her way that today is her mum’s birthday.

She has made it a point of duty singing birthday ryhms in the hearing of the whole house reminding her mum what her mum must buy for her birthday.

The consciousness and sensitivity of ‘little mama’ to a day like this got me thinking about how I spent my childhood days.I don’t think I spent it the way little ones of today has 🐝 spending it.

Anyway,the reason might be due to exposure and places of residents.While I grew up in Ilesa,she is spending her lifetime in Lagos coupled with the realities of human existence in this age.

In other not to digress from the subject matter,I have been held down not knowing what to present this morning but it is impossible for me not to pen few lines on my timeline celebrating my heartbeat in life.




She has been golden in every facet of her life with calmness, gentleness and candour been her strength.

Virtues that I silently crave for and always put to rest in my personal life.

She has remained an epitome of beauty and a diadem of many colours.Her support to everyone around her is amazing to the point that I always ask her to be a little bit careful and conscious.

I doubt if I will ever be complete if I missed being her husband.Her contributions made me to have every reason to be focused and be a home boy .

What else can we say at this moment other than spending my time to celebrate an ebony and an Amazon that God gave to me at this moment of my life.



She is a year older today.

She is a year better today.

She is a year booming today.

She has been an exhibition of goodness every man should crave for.

She has been an answer to my prayer requests years ago.

I am grateful for keeping her to see the beauty of today.It has been God that has made it possible for you to be alive today.

Many waters has gone bye and you have been able to stay afloat becoming better in every area of life.

You have been successful in every area of life.You have a source of hope and help to people around you.

If I am chanced,I could have spend eternity celebrating you.

If I am chanced,I would spend the whole of my world telling the world the innate beauty in you.

You are a woman every woman should hold on to.




You are a mother that should be a source of inspiration to the entire woman world.

Today is your day,my beloved.

All I have to do is to wish you well and remind you how lovely you are.

Another 5th of August is around,let’s celebrate and pop champagne.

My beloved is a year older.

I love you forever.



©mlstcommunications 2019

Do you know any alternative to sugar?

Sugar consumption has been linked to be the cause of multifarious lifestyle diseases that has cost many people to loose their health to the cold hands of sickness and death.


According to,

Today, an average American consumes about 17.4 teaspoons of sugar per day, according to the United States Department of Agriculture.1 While this is down by about a fourth since 1999, when Americans’ sugar consumption was at its peak,2 It is still significantly higher than the 12 teaspoons that the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2015-2020, has set.3

This is definitely alarming, considering the average Englishman in the 1700s consumed only 4 pounds of sugar per year4 — and that was mostly from healthful natural sources like fruits, quite unlike the processed foods you see in supermarket shelves today.

What’s even more disturbing is that people are consuming excessive sugar in the form of fructose or high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS). This highly processed form of sugar is cheaper to produce, yet 20 percent sweeter than regular table sugar, which is why many food and beverage manufacturers decided to use it in their products.

HFCS is found in almost all types of processed foods and drinks today. Just take a look at this infographic to see just how much fructose is hiding in some of the most common foods you eat.


Sugar, in my opinion, is one of the most damaging substances that you can ingest — and what’s terrifying about it is that it’s very abundant in our everyday diet. This intense addiction to sugar is becoming rampant, not just among adults, but in children as well.


The bad news is that the human body is not made to consume excessive amounts of sugar, especially in the form of fructose. In fact, your body metabolizes fructose differently than sugar. As explained in the next section, it is actually a hepatotoxin and is metabolized directly into fat — factors that can cause a whole host of problems that can have far-reaching effects on your health.


Effects of Consuming Too Much Sugar

Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor of clinical pediatrics in the division of endocrinology in the University of California and a pioneer in decoding sugar metabolism, says that your body can safely metabolize at least 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day.

But since most Americans are consuming about three times that amount, a majority of the excess sugar becomes metabolized into body fat — leading to all the debilitating chronic metabolic diseases that many people are struggling with. Here are some of the effects that excessive sugar intake has on your health:
•It overloads and damages your liver — The effects of too much sugar or fructose can be likened to the effects of alcohol.5 All the fructose you eat gets shuttled to the only organ that has the transporter for it: your liver. This severely taxes and overloads the organ, leading to potential liver damage.
•It tricks your body into gaining weight and affects your insulin and leptin signaling — Fructose fools your metabolism by turning off your body’s appetite-control system. It fails to stimulate insulin, which in turn fails to suppress ghrelin, or “the hunger hormone,” which then fails to stimulate leptin or “the satiety hormone.”6 This causes you to eat more and develop insulin resistance.
•It causes metabolic dysfunction — Eating too much sugar causes a barrage of symptoms known as classic metabolic syndrome.7 These include weight gain, abdominal obesity, decreased HDL and increased LDL cholesterol levels, elevated blood sugar, elevated triglycerides and high blood pressure.
•It increases your uric acid levels — High uric acid levels8 are a risk factor for heart and kidney disease. In fact, the connection between fructose, metabolic syndrome and your uric acid is now so clear that your uric acid level can now be used as a marker for fructose toxicity.

Sugar Increases Your Risk of Disease

One of the most severe effects of eating too much sugar is its potential to damage your liver, leading to a condition known as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).9

Yes, the same disease that you can get from excessive alcohol intake can also be caused by excessive sugar (fructose) intake. Lustig explains the three similarities between alcohol and fructose:10
•Your liver metabolizes alcohol the same way as sugar — Both serve as substrates for converting dietary carbohydrate into fat. This promotes insulin resistance, fatty liver and dyslipidemia (abnormal fat levels in your blood).
•Fructose undergoes the Maillard reaction with proteins — This causes superoxide free radicals to form, resulting in inflammation — a condition that can be also caused by acetaldehyde, a metabolite of ethanol.
•Fructose can directly and indirectly stimulate the brain’s “hedonic pathway” — This creates habituation and dependence, the same way that ethanol does.

Additionally, research from some of America’s most respected institutions now confirms that sugar is a primary dietary factor that drives obesity and chronic disease development.

One study found that fructose is readily used by cancer cells to increase their proliferation, promoting cell division and speeding their growth, which allow the cancer to spread faster.11

Alzheimer’s disease is another deadly illness that can arise from too much sugar consumption. A growing body of research found a powerful connection between a high-fructose diet and your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, through the same pathway that causes Type 2 diabetes. According to some experts, Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders may be caused by the constant burning of glucose for fuel by your brain.12

Other diseases that are linked to metabolic syndrome and may potentially arise because of too much sugar consumption include:
•Lipid problems14
•Heart disease
•Polycystic ovarian syndrome15.


One of the major and popular alternative to the consumption of sugar by human is the consumption of Pure and Natural Honey.


In conclusion, having HERITAGE NATURAL HONEY is the way out for your sugar craving.



The consumption of sugar has been linked to be the cause of many lifestyle diseases potent enough in damaging essential internal organ in human body. Heritage Food Concept is availing you an opportunity to kill your craving for sugar consumption by providing an alternative by introducing HERITAGE PURE NATURAL HONEY at a token. You can pay into this account number: ACCOUNT NAME:FADEYI FELIX FEMI ACCOUNT NUMBER:0236105575 BANK:WEMA BANK PLC PRICE:#2500 Once, your payment is confirmed, we shall notify you and make arrangement for upward delivery to your location as you describe it. Thanks.


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Patronize us now:


Call us on 08039500971.



Let me tell you something about her.

Who is the character,

I am about talking about?

Who is the person that caught my fancy right now?

Who is she that is forcing me to pen?

Who is she that is holding my line of thought right now?


She is a woman,

She is a mother,

She is a wife,

She is a grandmother.




She is more than a script,

She is more than a story,

She is a rare gem,

She is a diadem,

She is a diamond,

She is an enigma,

She is an oracle.

She is a goddess,

She is everything good.





I became known to her as a son,

We became her children,

She gave us life,

She is like a rock of Gibraltar till now,

She is an edge of support to us,

She dared all insults, shame and reproaches when the going become tough and rough,

She became all we can think about in life.

She struggled successfully to give us hope.


While we are growing,

Her help became our world,

She denied herself comfort to make us comfortable.

She became naked for us to cover our nudity.

She taught us the pride of being hardworking,

She tutored us to make a name through our challenges.


Till now,

She is still all we knew,

Till now,

She is still our hope,

Till now,

She is still our help.


We can never have a better mother than her,

We can never have a better grandmother than her.

We can never hope for a better figure in any other woman.


While growing up,

She defied every obstacle to make her contribution in our life,


While growing up,

She was busy doing three different jobs to put food on the table.


She is a good description of ruggedness and endurance,

Her perseverance and endurance is beyond our understanding,

Her dedication to make her children better is heavenly,

Her hope of a better tomorrow for all her children and grandchildren is eternal.

What can I do to pay her back,


We have nothing to pay her back.

All we have is appreciation.

All we have is to celebrate her on a day like this.

All we have to do,

Is to tell the entire world her story.


All we can do is to make the entire humanity aware of her dedication

So that her benediction on her birthday will be heard all over the world.

She is 65 years today.


She is my life.

May God bless you with more of today.


©mlstcommunications 2019



This publication was used to celebrate  the only woman in my life on the 5th of August 2018  on Facebook social media platform as she marked her birthday.


Since then, I have planned to share my thought about the love of my life with all my readers, viewers and followers but it has been dragging since the concept of blogging is quite burdensome,cumbersome and time-sapping but I decided to break this jinx and celebrate the mother of my beautiful daughter at this moment.


Pardon me for  being late in celebrating her on my blog space  now.


Whether it is belated or not,my line of thought concerning her is all that matters.


The phases of life are anchored and reflected by the realities of moments and seasons which are properly announced by the memories every moment and season presented to us.


While we wallow and struggle to free ourselves from the grip of the unexpected that was the reality of some moments,our hopes and expectations are always raised to the high heaven whenever we remember the beauty and celebration that always accompany some moments.


With or without pomp and pageantry, there is a moment of our life that all that we are expected to do is being appreciative and grateful for the gift of life.


The day of our triumphant entry to this world is a moment that needs celebration just because we are engraced and chanced to make it through the battle of child birth.


Another moment of my life that I always look up to has come.


It is a day that I will always celebrate the blessing of God in my life.


She has been the simple,soft and strong personality that I always watch and ask myself why she is calm,mature and not in anyway emotional just the way other women are.


She has a special way of giving everyone around her hope and assurance that is incomparable and her sense of reasoning and judgment can never be waved aside.


A silent and noiseless achievers making her impacts in a way and manner expected by a homemaker and a professional.


We are blessed to have you as a wife,a lover and a mother.


God has kept you this far to be part of my story. Your impact in my life is forever appreciated. You have really being the unseen hand that is making life to become beautiful and meaningful.


She is the answer to my prayers for a good woman.


She is an amazon and an ebony.


She has been there when the going was rough and tough , and she is still hanging on to see to the my success and achievement.


The story of my life will be incomplete and unjustifiable without her.


She is my wall of peace and my hope in the course of my sojourn on earth.


I couldn’t have asked God for a better woman.


I looked at other women and I observed that she is one in a million.



Just as “little mama “woke up this morning wishing you “happy birthday”by singing, I woke up this morning to write this piece celebrating you.


I pray that you will live to witness more of today.You are just starting, the rest of your years will be meaningful and you will be a blessing to this generation. The hand of wickedness shall be far away from you.


Don’t ever forget that someone somewhere will keep loving you till the end of ages.



Having you around has been the reality of the completion God wants me to have.


She is an angel in human form.


She is just a full package of blessings God gave to me.


I really appreciate your humility, love,calmness and gentleness.


All this can only be gotten from a woman that is God sent.


Without you, I would have made a mistake that nobody can correct.


Celebrating you today is one of the fulfillment and heart desire I always look up to every year.


I appreciate God for making you to cross my path.


I appreciate God for opening my eyes to know that you are the one.


Many fight their husband, but you always give me your peace and a hope of a better day ahead.


Many insult their husband but you always respect yours.


Many treat their husbands as a piece of rag, but yours is a king to you.


Many harass their husband as a piece of shit but yours is a gold.


You are a diadem and a diamond to me.


When people around me tells me that you are beautiful,I always understand that truly I made the right choice in character, attitude, beauty and humanness.


You are a woman that the world will soon bow down for you.


Just keep the love burning and I promised to be the best husband.


Thanks for the Pizza and the bowl of Ice- Cream we had latter in the day.





To my beloved :

I love you….


©mlstcommunications 2018

©mlstmedia 2018.




This topic kept being loud in my mind for days now and I have been struggling putting it down as an article but just now I managed to pen down something about this topic.


I hope this will serve as a source of inspiration and motivation to those who are interested in reading my piece of mind at this period.


The entire world is gradually recovering from the buzz of victory and the ruse of defeat that accompanied the just concluded world cup organized by Federation of International Football Association that was hosted by Russia.


Ruminating on the Final Match that was played between Croatia and France.It was visible observed that the ball possession throughout the 90 minutes of the match had Croatia having the highest possession while France has the lowest.


France’s ball possession was recorded to be at 31 percent, while Croatia  had it at 69 percent but at the end of the day,France took the lead.While Croatia was busy playing their heart’s out, France was busy scoring till the glory of the day was carried by France.


What a deviation from what is expected on the day.It beats the wildest imagination of all the viewers and spectators.This was quite against the run of play.


At the end of the 90 minutes,the team that is playing good football ended up being defeated while the one that is not performing lost the game.



Anyway, such is life.


We should always expect the unexpected.


Life always has a way of making the expected winner to loose and the expected looser to win.


In a bid not to digress too long from the topic,one needs to understand that life is always accompanied with unexpected turbulence and unimaginable whirlwinds that makes the existence of anyone on earthly pedestal to be less worthy of living stripping off the beauty that is expected by us to radiated in the course of our existence on earth.


It seems to be quite impossible for life to be without challenges accompanied with ups and downs.A life that is expecting to be without challenges is a life that is not ready to be in existence.Any life that wants to exist meaningfully must be ready to have its the essence of its existence accompanied with multifarious challenges that is potent enough to make anybody to loose focus of what life is expected to be about.


There is always a time and a season on the surface of earth.


There are seasons when things are rosy and there are seasons when things are rough.These seasons are seasons that should be part of expectation of anyone who desire to have a grip that of what life is all about.


So, when the season of our existence shift from being rosy to being rough,when the chips are down, what can someone do?



These are some of the remedies that must be applied when our existence on earth is being tossed up and down having the potential of sucking the inner strength expected to be available in the course of drowning challenges.


These are:

1.Maintain candor and calmness

2.Be at peace with yourself which signals maturity.

3.Look back at past mistakes and errors committed by you.

4.Make an overview of past occurrences and experiences.

5.Be truthful with yourself.

6.Learn from your mistakes.

7.Appraise the situation on ground.

8.Make necessary strategies based on the lesson you learnt.

9.Project into the future based on available resources at your disposal.

10.Launch and propel forward.


chips 1


With all these,the necessity to get back on your feet will be easily carried out with you sustaining minor fracture and injury which would make the scratch sustained in the course of the challenges to be minimal.


In conclusion, when the chips are down, the best means of getting back on your feet is to pick the pieces and move on.


You need the pieces.












After series of compilations and collations made from short articles that have been on online social media that have been accompanied with comments and responses from friends and familiars all over the world.


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50 BEDTIME NUGGET–FIRST EDITION. Compiled and collated for your reading pleasure. Thanks



After series of compilations and collations made from short articles that have been on online social media that have been accompanied with comments and responses from friends and familiars all over the world.


It is high time others that are yet to be part of other write-ups that are yet to find their place on to be available to other readers,viewers and followers.






This has been packaged at a cost that is just a token .


This is available at a token of #2000:00K/$3:00.


If you are interested,


You can make your payment to:



UBA ACCOUNT:2057016272.


Once payment has been made,send your email and other biodata to : for the material to be forwarded to you in PDF Format.


You can present your feedback through:


50 BEDTIME NUGGET–FIRST EDITION. Compiled and collated for your reading pleasure. Thanks



After series of compilations and collations made from short articles that have been on online social media that have been accompanied with comments and responses from friends and familiars all over the world.


It is high time others that are yet to be part of other write-ups that are yet to find their place on to be available to other readers,viewers and followers.






This has been packaged at a cost that is just a token .


This is available at a token of #2000:00K/$3:00.


If you are interested,


You can make your payment to:



UBA ACCOUNT:2057016272.


Once payment has been made,send your email and other biodata to : for the material to be forwarded to you in PDF Format.


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50 BEDTIME NUGGET–FIRST EDITION. Compiled and collated for your reading pleasure. Thanks



I have been around for couples of decades now.I don’t think i am wrong submitting that i am yet to see a life spent on earth without accompany torrential vicissitudes.The life of every mortal has been destined and divined to operate within the pendulum of torrential ups and down.


No doubt about it,it is this scores of ups and downs that becomes the subject of our experience in life.A life well spent is a life that has been pummeled and pushed apart by waves of challenges at one point or the other but what makes such life adventurous and eventful is the series of challenges such life had been able to overcome in the process of time.


The victory obtainable from any form of challenges creates an inner strength that birth the genesis of self discovery in every mortal man.No human existing on the surface of the earth can boast of life that is devoid of myriads of challenges but the difference in every man is whether we emerge as a champion or not at the end of the cycles of challenges we pass through at one point or the other.


Our world is filled with great mind and great men that have been able to weather the storm of life with many scars as a testimony for their ordeal in the hand of waves of challenges that seems to tear  asunder.No great story can become interesting without having the foundation of its contents on topics that rallies around failures with it terminating with conclusion that has to do with victories that boil down to light shinning at the end of every dark tunnel.


There are many dark tunnel but the beauty of every dark tunnel is the shinning light that occupies the end of every dark tunnel.


In the course of my sojourn till this moment,I am yet to see a dark tunnel without shinning light beaming at the end.


To all my readers,there is always a shinning light at the end of every dark tunnel.


Behind every dark cloud,there is always a silver lining.


Never give up,even when the bowl is hot.—Tupac Amaru Shakur.


Am I right? Am I right?? Am I right???












©Wordsmith Scribe 2018




©Fadeyi Felix Femi





The stages of development of a child starts from infancy and terminates at adulthood and each stage requires many forms of supports that are necessary to make each of the stages a successful endeavor expected to lead to the emergence of a complete and a responsible adult.

The various forms of support needed are categorized into different areas of developments viz:

1.Physical developments.

2.Emotional Developments.

3.Social Developments.

4.Financial Developments.

5.Intellectual Developments.

6.Spiritual Developments.

The perfect combination of all these should be confined in the nucleus of every child developmental curriculum.


Parenting or child rearing is the process of promoting and supporting the physical,emotional,social,financial and intellectual developments of a child from infancy to adulthood.

Parenting entails caretakers and the most common caretaker among others in parenting is the biological parents of the child in question.

What makes child bearing successful is nothing but good child rearing methods,ideology and philosophy.

Other caretakers may include viz:

  • Grandparents.
  • Legal Guardians.
  • Aunts.
  • Uncles
  • Family Members.
  • Family Friends.
  • Neighbors
  • Government and Society
  • Non-Parent blood relatives.
  • Foster care givers through adoption of orphaned children.

In addition ,parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child from the biological relationship which requires parenting skills or styles and a parent with good parenting skills or style may be referred to as a GOOD PARENT.



The description and the explanation of the concept of “good enough” parenting can be traced to the English Pediatrician and Psychoanalyst–DONALD WINNICOTT.He submitted and asserted that the concept of ‘good enough” parenting is a concept in which minimum prerequisites for healthy child development are met.

Winnicott wrote,'”The good-enough mother…starts off with an almost complete adaptation for her infants needs, and as time proceeds,she adapts less and less completely,gradually according to the infants growing ability to deal with her failure”.

From culture to culture,characteristics that make one a good or a “good enough’ parent varies.Research has shown that parental history both in terms of attachments of varying quality as well as parental psychopathology particularly in the make of adverse experiences, can strongly influence parental sensitivity and child outcome.

The outcome of development of a child from infancy to adulthood is an arduous task which is greatly dependent to a large extent on the resources pulled together by the parent or foster parent in the course of parenting.The essence of parenting that centers around responsibility with its outcome is a function of any of the four essential parenting skills or styles or the combination of the four that is maximized by parents towards the development of a child from infancy to adulthood.

In view of this,it is pertinent to delve into the four different essential parenting skills or styles that can be applied in the course of child rearing.



Parenting Skills simply connotes the overall emotional climate in the home at a particular period of time.

According to Diana Baumrind,there are four essential styles that can simply be referred to as parenting skills viz:

  • Authoritative Parenting.
  • Authoritarian Parenting.
  • Permissive Parenting.
  • Uninvolved Parenting.

Parenting skills are significantly related to children’s subsequent mental,health and well-being.The four skills of parenting involve the combinations of acceptance and responsiveness on the one hand and demand and control on the other.

While,authoritative parenting is positively related to mental health satisfaction with life,authoritarian parenting is negatively related to these variables.


Authoritative Parenting maintains a balance by combining a medium level demands on the child and a medium level responsiveness from the parents.According to Baumrind, authoritative parenting is simply described as “the just right” parenting style.The characteristics exhibited in authoritative parenting are viz:

  • Positive reinforcement.
  • Infrequent use of punishments.
  • Awareness of child’s feelings and capabilities.
  • Parents support the development of a child autonomy within a reasonable limits.
  • In an authoritative parenting,there is a give-and -take atmosphere in parents to child communication.
  • Research shows that authoritative parenting style is more beneficiary than the too-hard authoritarian style or the too soft permissive style.An example of authoritative parenting would be parents talking to their child about their emotions.


Authoritarian parenting styles symbolizes rigidity and strictness with high demands being placed on the child but parents are not responsive to the child.

In authoritarian parenting styles, obedience, adjustment,compliance and conformity to laid down rules and regulations from parents to child is enforced by punishment.

There is usually no explanation of punishment except that the child is in trouble for breaking a rule.

This parenting style is usually more strongly associated with corporal punishment such as spanking.

This is common among the working class families.


Permissive parenting is also known as indulgent parenting which is very common among the middle-class families than in the working class families.

In permissive Parenting,parents exhibits some of these characteristics viz:

  • No explicit rules involved in this style.
  • Child’s freedom and autonomy are highly valued.
  • Parents rely on reasoning and explanations.
  • Parents are highly responsive to the child’s needs.
  • Parents guarantees their child freedom from external constraints.
  • Children are generally happy.
  • Low level of control are shown by children.
  • Low level of self -reliance are exhibited by children due to non-availability of structure and standard at home.
  • Parents exhibits weakness in disciplining their children.
  • Parents are undemanding.


This parenting style is also known as neglectful parenting.This kind of parenting style is often displayed and exhibited when parents are often emotionally and physically absent.

Some of the characteristics that defines an uninvolved parenting styles are viz:

1.Little or no expectations by parents from the child.

2.Little or no communication between parents and child.

3.No responsiveness to a child’s need.

4.No demand in behavioral expectation by parents from a child.

5.Children of uninvolved parenting style tend to be a victim of another child’s deviance and may be involved in some deviance themselves.

6.Children of uninvolved parenting style suffer in social competence, academic performance,psychological development and problem behavior.



Parenting is a role and  a responsibility ordained by divinity for the entrenchment and enforcement of heavenly virtues and earthly virtues garnished with natural and cultural values that will birth the emergence of giants expected to be in-charge of the affairs of this world with preparations of legacies and code of conducts posterity will hold on to as a will and a constitution geared towards the enhancement, enactment and promotion of a balanced society that will trigger a social order which have human development being the focal point of each generation.

Without mincing words,the current waves of social disorder and the upsurge of torrential loss of values have been traced and linked to faulty background that is connected to weak parenting.

Weak Parenting can be seen being displayed at will and without any control and caution in the stratum of our society and is eaten deeply the fabrics of our society with virtues being dropped and mortgaged for vices.

Weak Parenting will simply birth the emergence of weak personality that lack self-confidence and self-esteem.According to the popular parlance:

“Self confidence makes a man,if you don’t have it,

You are twice defeated in the race of life”.

Self-confidence and self-esteem become real when the purpose of these two virtues are inculcated into the curriculum of the developmental stage of a child but it cannot be obtained through extreme pampering and cuddling being used by many parents nowadays.

Pampering kills the consciousness and sensitivity of a child to responsiveness and responsibility with such child being unable to operate under the consciousness of boldness because pampering makes self-confidence expected to be portrayed by a child being subjective to parental views and stand.

This can be submitted as a reason behind the situation when some couples get married,they still find it difficult separating or detaching themselves from the grip of parental care they have lived with for ages,making them trying to enforce some legacies in terms of dictates and demands that are originated from their parents.

“….this is how my dad used to do it or say it….”

“…my mum don’t say such…….”

These are some of the statements that are triggered by weak parenting or soft parental training that have been known to cause rift in many marriages.

Pampering a child might be thoughtful and meaningful but if it is done in excess or without a purpose,it will end up being a contributor and a facilitator of developing weaklings that has nothing to offer the larger society except fear and inferiority complex which will end up making such child a burden to the entire society.

The purpose of any approach to parenting should be channeled towards making a child better with the development of the child to be a complete human that has body,soul and spirit being developed but pampering a child might end up denying the child the opportunity of learning and knowing the essence of being a complete human being that is stable in all ways.

Pampering unjustly makes a child a liability.

It is quite appalling to observe the unpreparedness of many parents for the responsibility of parenting.They dazzled into parenting by acting on the spur of the moment and what is envogue which is obtainable and caused by demand,dictates and pressure from parents,peers and the society which end up forcing them to entered into marriage unprepared,thereby making them an unprepared parents.

An unprepared parents will offer nothing but an unprepared parental training that will end up producing unprepared offspring that are lacking and lagging behind in having the basic understanding of their roles and responsibilities to development of their immediate environment.

In the course of marriage,many married couples are guilty of having reference and respect for the lifestyle their parents trained them with,some are fond of preferring their mother-in-law and father-in-law staying with them attending to basic domestic chores in the course of their visit or stay.This is an aberration to what is expected in marriages but it becomes obtainable and visible due to the fact that many married couples are still reminiscing and basking in the euphoria of weak parenting they were brought up with.

Weak Parenting will build weak past,

Weak past will build weak future.

Thereby becoming a vicious cycle of weakness caused by weak parenting.

An unprepared parent will end up developing an unprepared wards or children that will not only be a burden to the parents but a concern to the entire society.

Pampering with all its excuses is not an evil in itself but it should be done with moderation and it should be done with a defined purpose so that its abuse will not lead to the emergence of children that lack the basic understanding of the essence of humanism and existentialism caused by their inability in knowing what is expected and expedient by them to offer as a contribution to the entire society.

On a lighter note,they end up becoming daddy’s pet and mummy’s puppet but our world needs giants that will be a trailblazers with strong hinds feet.

It is extremely pertinent for parents to raise up giants with less dependence on them by encouraging them to have a strong mind sensitive and accommodating to the challenges and vicissitude of life with accompany solutions to them one after the other.

Parents need to be firm in training and fierce in developing their children because our world needs giants and lion-hearted men with eagle-hearted women not chicken-hearted ones that will end up making our world unbearable.

Strong mind development and strong will power should be inculcated and enshrined on the wall of all our children’s mind at earlier developmental age not pampering that will lead to the emergence of weaklings and adult thumb-suckers.



There is no single or definitive model of parenting.

With an authoritarian and permissive(indulgent) parenting on opposite sides of the spectrum,most conventional and modern models of parenting fall somewhere in between.

Parenting strategies as well as behaviors and ideals of what parents expect,whether communicated and /non-verbally also play a significant role in child’s development.

On a final note:

Are you a “good enough parent”?

Which of the parenting styles suit your approach to child upbringing in the context of this article?

Which of the parenting style do you think is the best in bringing up a matured and a responsible child?






Nigerians React As Lagos Records First Case Of Coronavirus — Information Nigeria

via Nigerians React As Lagos Records First Case Of Coronavirus — Information Nigeria



No one could actually belief that the ever busy Fagba junction could be as dry as the way I saw it this night while I was on a road work.


The entire Agege-Fagba-Iju axis was so dry that I couldn’t believe my eyes seen as far as my eyes can go.


Really,the lock-down is really effective with shops and many retail outlets under lock and key.


As the digits of the infected keeps soaring gradually with 151 on record this afternoon and 174 this evening,one needs no soothsayer to understand that we are on a long road to freedom from the scourge of corona-virus.


I pray that our health system and facilities will not be overwhelmed even though divinity and Providence are on our side given us time to do the needful in preparation for a surge.


In the 34th paragraph of the speech rendered by our dear President few days ago announcing the recent lock-down in three major cities in Nigeria-Lagos,Abuja and Ogun State.


Therein,lies a particular word that many of us are not aware of.


I have pointed it to many people but they care less in understanding the weight of such word.


The recent lock-down was chronicled in the 34th paragraph of his speech and it contained a word known as ‘initial’.


It was mentioned therein that the lock-down will take effect for initial 14 days.


This simply connotes to a large extent that if there is no visible sign of reduction in the spread of COVID19,the period of lock-down can still be extended which I know can be another 14 days extension.


What really baffled me was that many of us didn’t saw this and we did not bother about the implications of such stylishly proposed extension would have on our existence.

Some of us argue blindly and failed in our bid to have information about what is going on around us.


The question and the fear I am having boiled down to this hidden word.


If there is any need for extension of this lock-down period,can we cope with it’s accompanied challenges and demand?


Can this initial  14 days be enough to nip in the bud the spread of corona-virus in our society?


If the worse come to the worse,can this country handle the emergency that will accompany the upsurge in the numbers of infected people?


Without any iota of doubt, NIGERIA as a nation is in a deep shit and our hands are gradually beginning to burn gradually as the numbers are increasing geometrically.


Lock-down is good and it is such a palliative that might work but it will be effective in nations that has a standardized welfare packaging systems on ground.


It is now that we will understand the reason why a good data base is essential.It would have been ba good backup for us to identify the infected and the process of isolation and quarantine would have been less arduous.


But,this is where we are now struggling to get things done in an acceptable manner.


What sort of a nation is Nigeria.


Anyway,nations of the world that will expect good leadership from at this moment are buried in shame and reproach as they are unable to arrest the spread of COVID19 with thousands of their citizens going down like chicken.


Good leadership is overrated as leaders in the world in every sphere of human existence are loosing their grip in curtailing these unseen force of viral infection that is putting you and I apart.


Hidden in his speech is a hidden word that might burst on our faces when we are subjected to another 14 days of lock-down.


I pray this will not happen.


Good night all.


©mlstcommunication 2020.



It was strange yesterday in Lagos as the fear and panic that overwhelmed people I saw on my way home is strange and out of this world.


The entire human space was filled up yesterday and it is a pity that the the precautionary measure of social distancing was hung and suspended.


I have never witnessed the kind of emergency that suppressed people yesterday as everyone wants to buy everything available.





At a point,I kept asking myself if the world is at the end as it has a resemblance of moments of rapture that I watched in movies years ago.


No doubt about it,we are in a strange era whereby many people of my age and even those who are older than me have never experienced this kind of period all over the world.


Humanity is suppressed and subjected to panic, trepidation and fear with everyone on an emergency mode to escape the possibility of being counted among the censures of the infected.


With the recent happening globally,one could understand that there are so many worse situation than war and hunger that can put the entire mankind on a hold and one of it is what we are all experiencing.


Never in a lifetime could I expect that the world will be on her knees with everyone suspending all that matters for an opportunity to survive what some of us were taught in schools as a mere virus,not knowing that infection with virus is not something to joke with.


Expectations in this year have been twisted and some have even been suspended just for an invisible war between lower organism and a higher mammal.


What really matters about life now is life itself.


War times are not as spreading like this,this is more than war.


Superpowers in the entire world are been dealt with by this infection and they are caught unaware suddenly not knowing what the solution might be in the nearest future.






This is really forcing and conferring a sense of another level of reasoning on every human to have a rethink about the purpose of humanity.


Many people have chronicled many materials about the purpose of our existence,of which many of such materials are out of substance but now,the spread of this infection is practically shedding more light about the purpose of humanity in a practical way.


The purposes of human existence as it is now are:


1.Every life counts.No one is superior than another.Your title and position mean nothing.


2.Money and materials been accumulated without reason is a waste of time.


3.Every human being is knitted in one way or the other globally.


4.Our priority should be about the enhancement of human dignity across board.


5.Personal and public hygiene must be enhanced all over the world with more researches in bio-security and health.


In conclusion, there should be a change in global system and the entirety of this change should be structured towards enhancing the dignity of every human being with the protection of human environment.

No one should be your enemy now because we all have a common goal and thus goal is about your survival.

There is no enemy now,we are all looking for ways to remain alive as it is now.

Let’s ensure friendliness and be with one voice to defeat our common enemy called COVID19.


Writing from the comfort of my home.


Let’s endeavour to write in this compulsory holiday so that we can learn.


©mlstcommunications 2020



The recent realities in the world is really championing a new course for the entire human race.


Many of the known culture,creed and beliefs are been jettisoned for a new one which is forced on us by the spread of coronavirus.


There are many nearly impossible instructions now.


Hand shaking is replaced,washing of hands for 20 seconds with the usage of hand sanitizers almost every moment has taken over.




hnm 3


There are so many ‘don’ts’ now which has really reshaped the course of mankind with social distancing and lock-down taken their toll on our psychic presently.


These have made many of us to forget many good virtues we are known for as I almost forgot that the 30th of March is my baby brother’s birthday.


Even,I almost forgot that today is the beginning of a new month, until I saw messages from friends around me wishing me a happy new month.

The nearly impossible instructions given to us to curtail the spread of coronavirusis somehow funny.


At a point I took my time to study people around me in a particular place recently to check how far they have been religious and cautious about the ability not touching their nose,ear and eyes,but I realized that it is nearly impossible as this is one of the involuntary actions that I was taught in my elementary Integrated science class in Ilesa Grammar School in the ’90s.


As it is now,it is pitiful that we are been forced to adapt to a way of life that is quite strange but it is pertinent for all of us to try as much as possible to remain calm and ensure that we do not loose all the good virtues we are known for just because of the psychological effect COVID19 is having on us.


Many virtues are been left behind and all we talk about is the increasing decimal of those who are being infected on a daily basis.


Without any iota of doubt,in spite of the noisome pestilence,God has been faithful keeping me and my family to witness a new month.




hnm 1


In this month of APRIL,one of the special one in my life will be a year old just in few days time.


No matter how the lock-down might be,we are celebrating in this new month.


To everyone reading this,do not be carried away or be fearful,this new month is a month of celebration for you and I as we shall all be vindicated at last from the scourge of coronavirus.


The night might be long,ahead of you is a bright new day.

Weeping might endure for a night,


Joy comes in the morning.


Let’s shake our ‘bumbum’ as we dance to the lyrics of a new month.


Happy New month to everyone.


©mlstcommunications 2020



Dear Friends,
Truly,the reality on ground seems scary and hopeless.

What we listen to is not encouraging.News of death has taken over the little space we have.

The spread of coronavirus–COVID19  keeps escalating with little hope of a possible end.

Humanity is been dragged to the end and we can all see that we are at the edge of been driven to perdition.

Never like this has the entire mankind been caught unaware by this magnitude of infection that has touched both the loved and those we hate.

In the midst of all these,the purpose of humanity is glaring.

It should be crystal clear to you and I right now that the spread of coronavirus–COVID 19 has forced you and I to know how we really need each other.

It has made the favored and the ‘unfavoured” to look for each other.It has made us to become our brothers’ keeper.

It is now that our leaders understand how important we are to them.They kept on chronicling messages to us checking on us to know how well we are.

No doubt about it,we have been busy running around to meet up with life exigencies but we left the essentials behind.

Now, families are more United,friends are more United, colleagues have dropped unnecessary ego and pride.

Now,our focus and subject of discussion rally around survival against the spread of coronavirus–COVID19

We are now more United with one voice accompanied with a non-partisan and apolitical view about what lies ahead of us.

Those who are rich and wealthy are beginning to give out without any enforcement,those are are intelligent are beginning to listen to those who are not intelligent and those who are filled are beginning to shed from their abundance given to the poor.

What are wonderful moment in the annals of human history.

Our highways are dry,our synagogues are locked and dry,the mighty and the strong edifices wasted money to build is vacant with no one thinking about who will occupy it.

Our ivory towers have been shut down.

Everything around us is beginning to become meaningless and an object of secondary value.

This is a practical way of divinity telling you and I that we have left the old path and all that seems to count to us is a deviation from the purpose of God.

Our mode of worship has been cosmetic and ungodly as long as it defies the concept of giving values to the next person by your side.

Our sanctuary of holiness has become dirty with pride,arrogance and ego been the outcome of our assumed self righteousness.

We failed in our approach to balance the concept of science and spirituality.

Now,the spread of coronavirus–COVID19  has made us to see the reason why science and spirituality must be balanced.

Now,the reality has dawn on us.

Powers and authorities have been subdued and confusion has taken over the highest places on earth.

No holy pilgrimage again,the Basilica is on lock and keys,men of God have died,sinners and those one who thinks they are holy have died with more been tied down on the sick bed.

Humanity is on a reset mode.

It is no longer a case of good health facilities.If it has to do with good and standard health facilities,Prince Charles wouldn’t have been a victim.

The world is gradually knowing the truth and at the end of this phase we all shall understand the really necessity of mankind.

In spite of all these,

Dear friends,

Do not be dejected or disappointed,

Keep playing,

Keep pushing,

Keep praying,

Keep pressing.

We are in it together.

We shall overcome.

We shall all have a story to tell when the next generation ask us.





Far away from reality,
I was absent,
My mind was fixed,
Nothing seems important to me,
My thought was about myself.

Suddenly,I looked up,
I raised up my head,
To behold a figure,
I tried to look elsewhere,
I tried to dodge,
I tried to make no meaning out of it.

She was too angelic,
She was too natural,
An ebony,
An Amazon.
A diadem.


senorita 1

Far away from me,
The scent of her beauty,
Overpowered and overwhelmed me,
I was unable to move,
I was unable to mutter a single word.
I was transfixed on a spot.

Until I move closer to her,
I couldn’t control myself,
I have lost my masculinity to a damsel,
She has taken the last strength in me.

Looking at her,
Made me to think otherwise,
She has a strange physique,
Her posture is out of this world.

Her mammary gland is firm and fitting,
Her rear is quite alluring
Her complexion was glowing.
Nature has blessed her.

I couldn’t wave her,
I subjected the best in me,
To her thought,
I lost my control and my strength failed me.

The only thing I could do,
Is to move closer,
And confirmed the angel I am looking at,

When I take a little step,
She took more steps away from me,
As I decided to run after her,
She started flying,
As I increased my pace,
She doubled up.

What can I do to meet her,
She seems to be ahead of me ,
I kept struggling to meet her,
She kept moving far away from me.

She is a reality I crave for,
Her beauty is irresistible,
How can I get hold of her?
How can she become mine?
How can she stand by my side?

She is my senorita.
I couldn’t help myself but to 
Fantasy about her.

The thought of her sumptuous breast 
Is too much to bear,
The thought of her superfluous back,
Made me to crave for her companion.

All of a sudden,
I heard my name from afar,
Only to discover that it is time to wake up,

Then, it dawn on me,
I have been in a dream.

Who woke me up from such a beautiful dream,
It was my wife.

Dear,time has gone,

You are getting late.

I couldn’t narrate my dream to her–my wife,
I gave her a furious countenance,
Stylishly telling her,
Why she woke me up.





senorita 2

Someone should give me a replay of such dream,
I want to see my senorita.

Please,don’t run from me.

Even though,I am married.

I want my SENORITA.


This is simply a work of fiction.


I listened to a lyrics about senorita this afternoon,checked the meaning and I decided to create a content about such beautiful word.


Dedicated to all my Senorita.




©mlstcommunications 2020.



Special apologies to those who will find this post strange and surprising as it deviates from the norm of writing I am used to and known for.


This post is partly real and partly fictitious but it is written as part of my affinity for content creation.


As I closed from work today,my family will be thinking about what made me to stay late outside but little did they know that I lost my direction.


Suddenly,I noticed her with a white top and an black trouser that carved out a perfect figure eight.


As I was about recovering from this beautiful sight,I realized that there were up to six able bodied men that were carried away by this figure.

It was while feeding my sight with this beautiful structure that I lost my direction and I noticed that I am already in alignment with her direction.


Her figure was quite irresistible that I was prompted to take the picture of the ebony that has made me to get back home very late since I followed her direction while on the road which took me some few minutes to realized that I am already off-road and before I could retrace my step,time has gone.


Really,her ‘chelsea’ and ‘barca’ were superfluous and she is endowed at the back.






No one can shy about it,that one good thing about African Ladies is the superfluity of their endowment at the front and at the back.


Just take your time at any of the rush hours to feed your eyes with different shapes and contours nature endowed our ladies with.


No wonder,the spate of “sidechicks and sidecocks” are quite alarming these days as it is only someone that has a genuine spirit of God that can win the temptations lurking around us on a daily basis.


“Black is beautiful.”


African Ladies are beautiful and the endowment they are made of could make someone to become rudderless loosing his direction cheaply.


It is another International Women’s day and it is damn appropriate to appreciate every beautiful woman around us right now.


The need for every woman to rise up to the occasion of making our world a better place is essential.


Let’s stop domestic violence and let’s endeavor to build an egalitarian society at this moment.


In the light of this,I am wishing every good and every beautiful woman around me belated International Women’s day.


Nevertheless,I nearly lost my direction to an ebony in Ogba,


Her physique was tempting with her perfect figure eight .


Never think too far,I am already with my family.


Just a work of fiction partly practical and created to entertain you.


The greatness of any society is a function of inherent greatness deposited in the inhabitants of such society.
Likewise,the abnormalities and mediocrity exhibited by any society is a reflection of traits of abnormalities and mediocrity been displayed by the inhabitants of such society.
These are two extremes that defines either the beauty of a society or the decadence in a society.
This is the story of what has been the resultant reality in a nation known to be the largest congregation of black people on earth.

As it is now,one can easily conclude that Nigeria is a nation that promotes abnormalities and makes mediocrity fashionable.


How can leaders of thoughts in a country decides to give amnesty to terrorist to the point of giving them scholarship to study abroad?
Terrorist that have made life miserable for many families,criminals that killed and maimed innocent Nigerians with wanton destruction of lives and property going to more than a decade of constant and continuous war and arson against the Nigerian state.
Just in the middle of campaign against insurgency, someone just woke up from slumber and decided that the best way out is to give them amnesty.
While many law abiding Nigerians,graduates and students are not afforded the opportunity of any form of welfare from Nigeria government,someone now think that the only way out is to promote criminality and make terrorism fashionable.
While nations like Niger Republic took some captured Boko Haram terrorist to the gallow and they were shot by firing squad,it is a pity that Nigeria leader decided to romance captured Boko Haram sect by lionizing them giving them academic scholarship.
With this step,someone should know that the future of our country is being handed over to terrorist and one day some of them will end up occupying seat of authority and they will be powerfully prepared with latent potentials to promote the aim and objectives of Boko Haram sects across the length and breadth of the world.
How can our leaders give what Boko Haram sect detested to them?
How can they be given chance to be educated since they are extremely against western firm of education?
Without any iota of doubt,it can be concluded that the Boko Haram sect is an invention of some political class to get to power at some point,but the deals between them became sour and members of the sect now vented their anger against the Nigerian state.
It is becoming clear now that people who introduced and invented this sect are beginning to use political and executive power to protect them and make them to be reintegrated back to the society.
This simply connotes that our society is a society that promotes,propagates and plants criminalities into the fabrics of human existence.
The step been taken by our leaders in window dressing evil and giving it cosmetic make-up will offer our society nothing but an extreme spread of evil that will eat deep the fabrics of the society soon.
In conclusion,those who planted Boko Haram Sect are beginning to show their faces gradually and they are beginning to ensure that members of this sect become princes and kings among us.
One day, Shekau will end up becoming the governor of Borno State,or Yobe State or Adamawa State.
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I was amazed seen many of us been amazed about the numbers of divorce applications in an Abuja court recently.


Why are we scared about this figure?


With the reality of what is happening in the world,no one should be surprised by the time marriage and it’s accompanied values become obsolete and the institution of marriage will end up fizzling out with remedy.


Nowadays, civilization is gradually destroying what marriage stands for.We prefer to align ourselves with what the western world described marriage to be and trashed our traditional values concerning marriage.


I wonder how on earth a wife will turn her husband into house-help in the name of love and she will still be bragging about it in the public that her husband handled all domestic chores.


I am not in anyway against husband helping his wife to carry out domestic obligation but it should not be something that a reasonable woman will turn to a source of pride and something to brag about in the public.


Some of us might think it is impossible but I am sure of what I am talking about.


Personally,I am the domestic type and I wash every cloth I see in my laundry basket every Sunday even curtains are not exempted but I will be mad at my wife the day she push it across to me that it is my duty.


I love washing cloth and I have asked her not to wash my cloth since it is something I can handle but it should not be seen as an issue that someone should be proud of.


The same goes with kitchen obligations too.


When the parties involved in marital union have wrong understanding of what marriage entails,how do you think that the spare of divorce will not increase.


If as a woman,you find it difficult to give respect and regards to people you meet on a daily basis,how do you want to cope with your husband in the house.


The same goes with men too that cannot control their affinity for ladies.If you keep seeing every lady as a property on the bed,you will have issues with your wife that will trigger divorce or separation.


The world has never witness spate of divorce at all.


Infact,we are just starting as those that are commissioned to teach the word of God about it are busy preaching rubbish just to be relevant in having more crowds coming to their place of worship.


A generation that lost wisdom and understanding will end up going into extinction.


If you don’t have the right understanding of what marriage is all about,just go to the court and apply for divorce because you are just postponing the day of evil which will caught up with you soon.


In conclusion,countless numbers of divorce application in the court of Law and granting of such application by any court is far preferable and better than a single death certificate granted by any hospital.


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As your word plants your world,so your world also determines your word.


A different world speaks different word.


Every world is created by a particular word and every word is related to a particular world.


This is as a result of the kind of exposure and experience available at our disposal.


A mind or a personality residents in the United States of America can not speak the same word someone in Nigeria is speaking.


Presently,a Chinese citizen will dwell his or her mind on Coronavirus, though other nations of the world might be feeling the heat of this epidemic but someone resident in Wuhan Province will speak more about it than any other person in the world.


No one can leave his or her life out of the world around him or her.


This is the reason why you need to check the kind of world any of your acquaintance or colleagues is living in before you become closely knitted with such personality.


If you fail in knowing this,this might affect your relationship because this will affect reasoning and views and no matter how much you invested into such relationship,it will crash.


A smooth relationship is the one that is build out of a world that speaks the same language in terms of views and reasoning.


You cannot expect someone that spent his or her formative years in the slums to do without envy,pride,arrogance and suspicion to speak the same word as someone that live his or her life in an environment whereby protection of human dignity,love and respect is the order of the day to become cheap to the extent that what people are saying about him or her will become a subject of concern.


In conclusion,ensure that you put yourself in a world that is in tandem with your word.


Not every relationship is worthy of your time and resources.


Build a class for yourself.


Stop giving your space to riff-raffs.


Save your attention and space from being plagued by riff raffs.



©mlstcommunications 2020


We were both in the bathroom early this morning preparing her for the day and suddenly she said:


Daddy,how I wish everything is ok?


I paused a little and deep down in my mind, I was thinking about what could be going on in the mind of a six years old girl to think along this line of thought early in the morning.


Later,I pushed it back to her and asked her:


Is everything not good?


She repeated in the affirmative that everything is not ok.


Then,how do you mean?I probed further giving her a chance to unbottle her deep concern.


Then, she wow me further and farther telling me that there is no Keke again and there is no bus again.


Then, I was like how did you know this?


She confirmed that she understand what is going on by asking me if there has been Keke and bus in the past few days.


How did you know then?I asked again


She answered in the affirmative that she observed it and also heard her mum discussing it recently.


Then, I told her that it is your governor that caused it.


I was touched and shocked how she quickly understand what is going on presently in the society.


It is a pity that gradually those we are going to leave the future of our society into their hands are beginning to understand that we have failed them and we are still failing them in the manner and approach we have been handling issues and challenges that we are facing.


It is gradually becoming an acceptable norm and a culture in Lagos State as the hullabaloo that accompanied the banning and restriction of marwa and Okada in Lagos State without the provision of alternative is gradually fizzling out.


As usual,Lagosians have accepted their fate and commuters are faced with the challenge of spending more time waiting for bus accompanied with hike in transportation fares.


Even,periods of the day that are not rush hours are faced with the challenge of long queues on the road.


It is quite appalling that we are been pummeled by this kind of challenge at this period of our existence whereby we find it hard and difficult to maintain a kind of reason that will make public transportation less stressful.


A government that cannot make the welfare of the governed a priority needs to have a rethink.


If a little girl can be concerned about the situation around us early in the morning, one needs to know that our generation has failed.



©mlstcommunications 2020