Readers’ wildlife photos (and video) — Why Evolution Is True


Today we’re celebrating urban wildlife. Here are photos from Anne-Marie Cournoyer in Montreal, who (with me) is co-owner of the Café Sauvage, a feeding station for the local beasts. Here are some of the customers (I leave it to readers to identify them): And speaking of squirrels, here’s a juvenile from reader Christopher Moss. His […]

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Readers’ wildlife photos (with extra science) — Why Evolution Is True


Reader and professor Bruce Lyon at the University of California at Santa Cruz (America’s most beautifully-situated university) sent a science-y post about his latest work with sparrows. His notes are indented: These photos on golden-crowned sparrows (Zonotrichia atricapilla) follow up an early batch that Jerry kindly posted here. Along with two of my former graduate students, […]

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It’s hot. Really hot. It feels as if we’ve been stuffed into a convection oven and I pray for a breeze. The temperature and immobility are making me sleepy but there’s no way we’re leaving. We’re in Kenya on a WildEye Photographic safari. Our jeeps are parked along a 20-foot embankment where the Mara River bends almost 90 degrees. From here, we […]

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We have photos from three contributors today. The first photo was conveyed by Gayle Ferguson: I’ve attached a ‘wildlife’ photo for your website. The photo was taken by a colleague of mine (Phil Battley) out of an office window. His caption is this: “Young female New Zealand falcon [Falco novaseelandiae], Massey University, Palmerston North, NZ. […]

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