This articles was published on facebook by a friend of mine this morning and in his generosity, he sent it to my whatsapp and he asked me if it can find a space in my blog.

Anyway, I appreciate your kind gesture bro.

You have made your contribution to me and a positive impart to enlighten the teeming Nigerian Students are faced with another round of nationwide strike.

The article goes thus:

The association of Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) has embarked on an indefinite dtrike.While many will frown at the purpoted selfish decision but to surprise everyone who frowned at it,I sincerely support union and I stand  by them because this appeared to be the only approach the Federal government understands.

Strike actions have been working like rocket science in Nigeria since 1900.

Remember the old saying…

“All work and no play makes a Professor a dull tutor”.

All lectures in government universities will like to go into recess.It will offer them quality time to rest, research and possibly travel travel around the world to bring solution to our ever glaring challenges.

Who else thinks going into indefinite break will not help the Nigerian students at large?

Is idle man’s brain not the devil’s workshop again?

The brain needs to constantly be active, so the Nigerian students who are supposed to be busy learning in schoos are now idle and by nature must put the brain to drive mode, maybe yhis time in a negative activities.

So when the universities resume and bulk salaries are paid, don’t be surprised when professors are kidnapped again for ransom, phones are collected with slap and other ugly social vices.The break allows the mind to learn evil or good, whatever is available unless where parental guide is sustainable.

Oh!Yeah, I remember China is doing great and their population is incredibly large.Is it noy high time we competed with China and grow our population?

How can we achieve this without ASUU Strike?ASUU-STRIKE 2

So careless ladies can help us into nine months twerk and preferably deliver twins, triplets or quadruplets.

What a way to boost the population and maybe one day  we will meet or overtake China Population, by then we will start chasing them technologically.At least we have started somewhere.

Must a Nigerian University Student completes his academic sojourn in the normal calendar without distortion?It is totally wrong to complete a four year’s course in four years or less.How can we achieve this when we do not belong to the privately owned universities?

So ASUU must remind Nigeria parents that sending children to Nigerian public universities comes with a price including regular strike action at will without recourse to our feelings.

Thanks, you are the best.

Lastly,agriculture is trending lately.

Cassava exportation too is on the increase.Nigerian needs to earn foreign income via massive involvement in agriculturl activities but people needs to be forced into farming to achieve the operation “everyone must farm”.

ASUU ha chosen to demand for some  of the agreements the Federal Government ignored over the years.

Now, Nigerian Students can choose not to be idle but cultivate in farmland even if it is small scale farming.We just need to see the opportunities in a messy mess.


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