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“A GLORIOUS DAY BROTHER! GLORIOUS!” This is what I yell as I wheel my two-handed great sword through the air, slicing through the throats of three Insectoids. Their mandibles chitter in reflexive death throes as their decapitated heads thunk across the ground. Kor’Thank, my long-time friend and second-in-command of the First Legion, Raptor Cavalry, slices […]

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Dream More, Stress Less — CocoForCoconuts

Good morning bloggers! Quick question are you living happy and free? Take time to truly think about your happiness today. Living free is doing what you want when you want. Stop and think about what your dreams really are. Do you want to sit in a cubical the rest of your life or do you […]

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My little simple thought

I have been around for couples of decades now.I don’t think i am wrong submitting that i am yet to see a life spent on earth without accompany torrential vicissitudes.The life of every mortal has been destined and divined to operate within the pendulum of torrential ups and down.

No doubt about it,it is this scores of ups and downs that becomes the subject of our experience in life.A life well spent is a life that has been pummeled and pushed apart by waves of challenges at one point or the other but what makes such life adventurous and eventful is the series of challenges such life had been able to overcome in the process of time.

life-1The victory obtainable from any form of challenges creates an inner strength that birth the genesis of self discovery in every mortal man.No human existing on the surface of the earth can boast…

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