Hey Eyes + Words community! This event has been two plus years in the making and so we’re proud to finally announce the launch of the first ever Eyes + Words open mic poetry slam night. It’ll be held in the Playroom Theater at 7 PM on March 22nd, 2017. Space will be limited (62 […]

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Remember your First Love, how you once felt how the sound of His name made your heart melt? Remember the hope, how it lifted up your soul when by His stripes you were made whole? Remember the joy, how much you were elated when your life to Jesus you first dedicated? Remember the grace, how […]

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Like a flower unfolding Slowly without notice The blossom full bloom Was always there the flower Blossom full bloom Like a firecracker released into the sky suspended Gentle and soft petals drip rain The foreboding rain of life’s cruelty Flower of earth,color, so beautiful Picked and trimmed and put aside in a vase. Time is […]

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loves embrace Be not hidden Sounds burst Color Heart skip’s Butterfly’s below Vivid face Contours and hands My mind can’t erase Lingering, wanting… Own me Kindred soul Essence divided Scattered feelings Abstract emotion Claim my hand Hold my love Dance eternally Endure infinitely

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