The quality of our life is dependent on the quality of choices made by us.Decisions mould or mar destiny.By our decisions, destinies are made or marred, by our indecisions, destiny are made or marred.Our choices triggers our swift arrival to the centre of our destiny.The emergence of the beauty of our destiny is solely centred around our choices in the past,in the present and in the future.

The yearnings of every woman is a love that will last .The heartfelt desire of every woman is a love that will stand the test of time.The innermost longings of every woman is a love that permeates the challenges at the surface and transcends from the platform of friendship to the platform of marriage established by God and has its core values in divinity.

Every woman desires love that will transcends from the platter of marriage to motherhood.Every woman needs love that will transform in the process of time to grandparenting.Every woman dreams of a marriage that will be eternity personified and heavenly proofed.

By making my choice in you,I find eternity and deep fulfilment in you.Your simplicity and humility kept me in awe till now.You are created from the beginning to be a true definition of what womanhood is all about.

I have no reservation to appreciate you.I have no reluctance in celebrating your worth in the midst of other women.The only one who scaled all odds to share the totality of her destiny with me deserves no reluctance and shyness, but the totality of my time and attention more than anything in the world.

Words are not enough to show how grateful and appreciative I am to mouth and speak about your worth.Thanks for being the mother of my angel.

On this note,from the depth of my heart, I appreciate you for being my choice.

Thanks for accommodating my strictness, excesses, exigencies, intricacies and controversies.Thanks for sharing thesame month with me.

With the whole fibre of my being, I am wishing you a HAPPY PROSPEROUS BIRTHDAY.


Have a blast!!!

Have a swell day!!!

May the host of heaven honour you by being your shield and buckler.

May the right hand of God rest on you till eternity.

May your path be lighted with greatness.

May you be a voice in life.

May you celebrate moments like this till 120 years–Exodus 6 verse 3.

Once again, happy birthjday to my beloved–OLARONKE OLUWAKEMI RACHEAL FADEYI.

This was published on facebook last year to celebrate my wife on her birth day in 2016.



Now,I am celebrating her birth day in 2017, with this short prose authored by me this morning.

When the journey started,

She was my beloved,

I thought that,

That is what she is,

I thought tha was enough,

In the course of our sojourn,

After a moment together,

I discovered the more in her,

She is more than my beloved.


As if to say,

I just met her,

As if to say,

I was blind,

My eyes popped openned to reality,

I realised that,

She is adorable.

She is an epitome of beauty,

She is a diadem of inestimable value,

She is my eternal reality,

She is my heavenly bliss on earth,

She is the reality of my conjugal bliss on earth,

The only one that flashes her dimples to calm my nerves,

The only one that dissolves my fury,

With flashes of her white dentitions,

The only one who listens to me,

The only one who reason with my whispers,

A perfect match for an imperfect man.


The best among her peers,

She plays the role of motherhood with utmost candour and calmness,

She interpretes the role of womanhood with perfect understanding,

She is a trojan and a role model,

She is a quiet unassuming achiever,

She is an exhibition of beauty,

She is an exhibition of perfection in all ramifications,

The only one that challenges me to do more running after my dreams and visions.

Birthday cake 3

Today is your day,

Youa are a year old today,

I have no reservation,restrictions and reluctance,

To celebrate you,

Words can never be enough to appreciate you,

You are a dogged shinning star.


Your resilence is a surprise,

Ever since we met,

Right from the first day we met,

You have been a blessing,

You handled our first meeting with utmost maturity and responsibility,

God bless the day I met you.

You made the journey of our union easy and simple.


No doubt about it,

You are one in a million,

A rare gem,

Angelic and heavenly in all ways.


All I wish you today,

Is more fulfilling days on earth,

All I can wish you,

Is to pray for you,

Your path will be lighted with greatness,

All I wish you today,

Is that,

You will be exempted from evil,

As you increase in days,

The days of your enemies will continue to fizzle out,


What else can I say,

Than to wish you,


All the forces and elemnts presents at the moments of creation will work together for your good and for your upliftment.






Join me in celebrating the mother of my princess.



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I wrote this piece on the 22nd of July 2017 on a particular social media platform and when I submitted it to my viewers, followers and readers, someone close to me , an elderly person to be precise commented that:

“Son, you are conjuring a new earth where perfection will reign.This present world will continue to slide into disorderliness until it is replaced.Take heart son and let us work for our salvation”–Pa Fadeyi Ayoade Samuel FCA.

Since then, I have been asking myself if truly I was conjuring impossibilites because from the above comment, it can be deduced that my wishes are impossible on the earthly pedestal.

My dear reader,

My dear viewers,

My dear followers,

Please after reading my arrays of wishes,

Kindly tell me if truly I am conjuring the impossibilities but before you tell me,

Kindly read along with me.

Lets the reading starts……

How I wish my generation respect the truth,

How I wish my generation placed value on what is right,

How I wish my generation placed premium on virtues,

How I wish the essence of humanity is appreciated,

How I wish equity and equality are meted out properly and fairly in managing the affairs of the society,

How I wish we all believe that injustice to one is an injustice to all,

How I wish every human portrays humility and shun pride,

wishes 1

How I wish the downtrodden has a voice,

How I wish the poor are taken care of,

How I wish my generation witnessed no wars and battles,

How I wish all nations of the world are at peace with each other,

How I wish every society and every community exists in utmost serenity, tranquility and comfort,

How I wish my generation has a mind of building an eggalitarian society,

How I wish we all run after living a purposeful life,

How I wish our leaders are sacrificial and selfless,

How I wish the occuppiers of our pulpit, altars and every place of worship are true representatives of God and spiritual ambassadors,

How I wish humanity can practice agape love,

How I wish my generation believed in doing the right things,

How I wish our highways are free of teenagers hawking,

How I wish rape, prostitutions and child trafficking are no more,

How I wish the hungry can be well fed,

How I wish the son of the mighty and the daughters of the weak can eat together from thesame plate,

How I wish our streets can be free of crimes,

How I wish my generation can have a class-less society,

How I wish child trafficking can be no more,

How I wish famine and drought can be a thing of the past,

How I wish everyone can be educated,

How I wish there is no spread of diseases,

How I wish our world is free of plaques,

How I wish my wishes for a peaceful world can be abated.

As long as our world is filled with wishes and hope for a better day, our generation will forever be on a long walk to freedom.

If wishes were horses,

Beggars would ride.

wishes 2

I hope that my wishes will become a reality one day.

How I wish I am not conjuring the impossibilities,

How I wish my readers, viewers and followers understand the depth of my pain,

How I wish the world can listen to my voice,

How I wish I have a chance to open my mouth,

How I wish I am chanced to influence the plight of the masses,

These are the arrays of my wishes and concern.

In conclusion,

Am I conjuring the impossibilies?

Kindly comment and tell me.


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