Many Nigerians are yet to recover from the news of the dismissal of three officers of the Nigeria Police.Many Nigerians are in awe when the news of their dismissal pop up and engulfed the entirety of social media platforms and other news media platforms recently.

This is a feat that is quite unexpected from the security arm of government that has been known and recorded to be one of the most corrupt arm of government in Nigeria.

No doubt about it, the dismissal will serve as a deterrent to an extent to all other irresponsible Police Officer that are bent to dent and destroy the image of the Police Force,and it will also serve as a plus to the fight against corruption that the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari have been mouthing since inception.

The stories and explanations surrounding this illegal extortion and detention is one in a million of the kind of horrible experiences many innocent Nigerians had witnessed and experienced in the time past in the hand of our law enforcement agents.

The Nigeria Police as a whole has a statutory function of maintaining law and order by potecting the Nigeria citizenry but this statutory functions have been relegated and trashed by maximizing it as a tool to oppress innocent citizen through corruption and other corrupt acts.

Their dismissal was an outcome of series of complaints and petitions against the conducts of the Police Officers from innocent Nigerians who had been a victim of their illegal activities over a long period of time.

After the reception of the complaints, careful investigation was carried out by Police Headquarter in Abuja which led to the arrest and apprehension of the accussed Police Officers which was later followed by an Orderly Room Trial conducted at the zone Two Command Headquarters, Onikan Yaba,Lagos,the accussed were found guilty of two count charges of offence against discipline as provided for in paragraphs C (ii)Corrupt Practices and E(iii) Discreditable Conduct of the First schedule of Police Act and Regulations cap .P19,Law of the Federation of Nigeria 2004


3 dismissed officer 3

The proceeds of the extortion was recovered up to the last penny or dime from the accussed Police Officer and the punishment of dismissal from service as recommended by the Adjudicating officer ended up being the outcome of the disciplinary measures.

The dismissed officers are:

  • Inspector Okelue Nkemeonye
  • Seargent Bramoh Sunday
  • Seargent Yussuf Olukoga

They were until their dismissal attached to Area ‘N’ Command Ijede-Ikorodu under Lagos State Police Command.


three-dismissed-officers 1

An official query was issued to ASP Bayo Obadiah who lead the accussed officers in this unacceptable conduct .The query was issued by AIG Zone 2 Lagos .Both his reply and query have been forwarded to the office of the secretary Force Headquarters, Abuja from where it would be sent to the Police Service Commission as required by Police Regulations.

In view of this recent reality in Nigeria, it can be submitted that a bright day lies ahead of the Nigerian Society whereby our society will be cleansed totally from corruption and other corrupt acts.




My early morning spiritual encounter— (5 minutes read)


It was quite unusual as I woke up early this morning and when I checked my phone to have an idea whether it is 5AM already, I was amazed to see that it was just barely after 2AM.

Not that I didnt know the reason why I woke up that early but I was really pressed at that moment to pray but I struggled with it for some minutes asking myself what exactly do I need to pray about but the longing to pray was quite heavy on me.

What to pray about, I dont have an inkling but after some few minutes.I stood up from where I lied down and I obeyed my Spirit-man.

Even at the point of standing up and lying on my couch to pray,I didnt have the connection needed to communicate with God but my Spirit-man was just bent on forcing me to pray.

Then, I kept asking myself about what I am going to use as a content or a subject of my prayer but I was bothered that precious time being wasted in the middle of the night when others around are busy enjoying their sleep with the favourable weather we are blessed with recently.

holyspirit 3

Recently, there have been a continuos unabated downpour since we are in the raining or wet season and wet season in a coastal city or environment are always cool and wet in the real sense of it.Only God knows the last time we have a mild beam of sunshine.Everyday has been filled with clouds with every available space being wet and filled with water and residents have been cautious of putting on cloths that can stand the present realities in order to be prevented from flu and cold or other communicable diseases that accompany wet season.

Back to my subject matter.

Hope someone we read this simple epistle that is a practical addition to my spiritual life.I am putting it down as a prophecy that will serve as a source of building and edification to anyone who is yearning and serious in developing in the realm of spirituality.


After a little period of lying down on my couch,initially I wanted to relieve the burden and heaviness in my spirit that is not allowing me to know what I should prayed about by going into praises and worship as this is what I was taught by many of my spiritual teachers and leaders but I refused because of the fact that if I entered into the realm of praise and worship, I might end up constituting a nuisance to others that are busy sleeping especially my wife and my little daughter.

At the point of thinking about this, my spirit spoke to me that if you want to know about what to pray about, start your prayer by speaking in tongues because this will clear and remove all the clogs that are blocking your sensitivity to what that needs to be prayed about.

Immediately, I yielded to this instruction, there was a free flow of prayer contents and I was able to pray freely without having any resistance and restriction in knowing what to pray about

holy spirit 2

This experience is one in a million to me.It is a raw personal encounter with the Holy Spirit and this has been my yearnings for long because I desired being led by the Holy Spirit in order to know what to do per time at the appropriate time because this makes someone to live a life that is devoid of errors and mistakes in the physical and in the spirit realm.

Nothing makes our walk with God amusing and less stressful when we are accompanied by the Holy Spirit.This is the reason why Jesus Christ promised the disciples at the point of His exit that He will send the Holy Spirit to them after His ressurrection and the Holy Spirit was called the comforter that will be around to explian other things that are not clear to the disciple, and forty days after Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, as all the disciples were in the upper room, the Holy Spirit descended on them and they started speaking in a strange language on the day of pentecost.This was the moment of explosive encounter the world has yet to recover from because it is on this day that every believer of our Lord Jesus Christ was endued with power that can subdued principalities and powers of darkness–Acts of the Apostle 2.

Your development and maturity in christianity starts at the point when Holy Spirit is involved in your approach to things that pertains to spirituality.

The Holy Spirit is a teaching Spirit that is commissioned to comfort us in our journey in Christianity and to explain deep spiritual things to us that seems to defeat physical human comprehension.

Everyone who engages the Holy Spirit in seeking the face of God on the altar of prayer will have a smooth and a stress-free prayer life without any doubt because it helps in coveying our request to the throne of Grace directly without the prince of persia standing in the gap to block the response to the answered prayers like that of Daniel.–Daniel 10 verse 13.

Another purpose of the Holy Spirit in our journey in spirituality is that is is a fervent partner that helps in dousing fear and it helps in boosting our faith whenever we are down with doubt and our trust in God seems to be fizzling and fading out.No spirit and tongue filled christian will ever remain fearful and doubtful because the Holy Spirit is a powerful and a fearful force that no demon and principality can withstand His presence when we are on the altar of prayer.

Speaking in tongue is the heavenly language of the Holy Spirit that is an identity of communicating expressly directly with God without any interference with any environmental and territorial demonic forces that might want to stand against prayers of believers.

This is the encounter I had early this morning and it is an addition to my spiritual strength.

Without any doubt, God has been faithful.




Is there any reason for Prostitution?— (5 Minutes Read).


I wrote this piece on a particular social media platform yesterday and it was a product of my recent observation on Sunday,9th of July 2017 while on transit in a particular area in Lagos which is popularly known to be the base of prostitution in Lagos Nigeria and I think it is befitting to pen down some few words about my experience and observation that confirmed to an extent that this particular area in Lagos State is an abode of prostitute.

Here comes a piece that describe what I observed in simple words that will be easily understandable to my readers.

Are we set for the gist,

If you are ready,

Lets keep the ball rolling.


prostitute 1

They started taking up a spot.

They started coming out from different angles.

The sight of blouses exposing belle buttons filled my eyes.The sight of fresh lumps with mold of flesh and boobs was on display.They have their skimpy dresses on exposing their laps which is a raw material for advertising to would be clients,pimps and other business associates.

My eyes were filled with breast popping out of their bra-less top.

I was initially unconscious of the realities around me and when I checked my time, I realised that darkness has taken over and the daughers of the night are strolling out of their enclave one after the other.

It was when a would be commuter signalled and beckoned to the automobile conveying me that I was conscious about happennings around me.

It was then I noticed that I am transisting through the popular OPEBI-ALLEN AVENUE axis famous for her ability to accommodate the trade or the business of prostitution which made it to be the headquarter of prostitution in Nigeria.

Prostitution is one of the oldest profession or means of survival and making ends meet known to mankind with different histories of humanity having it chronicled and it cut across every race,ethnicity, tribes and nationality.

Even places and parts of the world that are known to be popular with the application of Islamic Law known as SHARIA LAW are not exempted from the practice of the profession of prostitution.

I could remember vividly in the course of my compulsory one year National Youth Service Corps–NYSC in Yobe State,I stayed in NEPA’s Lodge then with a brother and a friend named Bola Ogunbanjo in 2005/2006 Batch B NYSC Scheme.

To my utmost consternation,chagrin and dismay, the next street or junction close to our abode habours a place or a joint where sexual businesses are being transacted very close to the football and movie centre where we normally relax and unwind.

In a State whereby Sharia Law is being practiced.

What a deviation to what such a society is expected to be.

Back to my subject matter.

It was really surprising that it was not all the young ladies I saw were beautiful and attractive in the real sense of it and it made me to ponder and wonder about the rationale behind men that engages their services for being loose and randy.

Most of the men that patronised them are well to do in the society and I am still amazed and perplexed why men will descend so low and trashed their dignity and integrity in having just a second with these ladies because I observed that some of them are even looking tattered and unkempt.

It is quite baffling how a young lady that has a promising future will wake up one day and all she could think about as a lifestyle is to decide and determine to spend the productive part of her life filing by the road side looking for a man that she will be an object needed to satisfy his uncontrollable “randiness”.

Though, I dont want to be judgemental in my view and analysis but I want to be objective in the sense that if some of them are queried about their chosen profession and lifestyles,all they might embark upon is to go to the extreme in having streams of alibi to hold on to as a defence of their illicit and illegal means of livelihood.

At this juncture, we should not be oblivious and forgetful of other class and categories of ladies that are not professional in their approach but believed that life is all about maximizing and mortgaging their private parts or properties to satisfy men by sleeping with them.

No one can feign ignorance about the risk of contacting other deadly sexually transmitted diseases that can be gotten from having sex with several partners.The thought of this deadly diseases made me wonder about what could make a reasonable person to embark on a journey of self destruction by choosen prostitution as a way of life.

They are everywhere.They are busy plying their chosen profession.The city is filled with prostitutes and their contamination is on rampage and knows no bound.

In conclusion, there is one OPEBI-ALLEN in Nigeria but there are many OPEBI-ALLEN around you and the next person by your side might be one.

They are in your offices with every private and public organisations having a space for them.

They sleep with their bosses and even surbordinates to obtain favour in the form of promotion and atimes it is done for all -round sexual satisfaction but some of the mudanes they achieved through this dirtiness does not worth a while.

Some “OPEBI-ALLEN AVENUE” can beg and sleep with a mad man in order to get what they already have or what they did not need.

It starts with nothing but a lifestyle that is centred around having a begging mentality.

Once a man noticed this in you , you end up paying for what you bargain for.

May God give our daughters a good life that is based on self-confidence devoid of begging mentality.

Self-confidence makes a man, if you do not have it,

You are twice defeated in the race of life.

Godliness with contentment is a great gain.

Why prostitution?

Someone should give me an answer.



Never give up.—-(5 minutes read)


The 5th of July 2017 is a precious day in my entire family that I cannot forget as long as I am still breathing.It is a day that is a simple confirmation of the fact that no human on the surface of the earth has any reason to throw in the towel and give up.

Winners never quit and quitters never win.

This is my story.

Are you ready?

Let me share my story with you.

The 13th of December 2017 was a great day in my family as my brother who happenned to be the last born and the last of the three men my mother gave birth to walked down the isle and tied the knuptial knot with his hearthrob.

Though I was unable to attend the wedding due to the nature of my official duty that is quite demanding but the wedding was succesful and everything went the way it has been planned and projected.

It is expected that every marriage must be fruitful after some months into the marriage but this marriage I am writing about failed to produce a child and it became a very sensitive issue that everybody keeps believing God for.

Many stories and incidence of miscarriages became the order of the day and at a point, our hope for this marriage becoming fruitful was out of view.

The only thing we hold on to was our faith in God that has promised never to leave us nor forsake us—Hebrew 13 verse 15.

Days started counting with weeks and months adding up to make a year and years keeps adding up from 2014 up till 2017.The marriage seems to be barren.

In the course of this year,like two months ago,while in a mobile telephone conversation with my sister, she informed me that my brother’s wife is now an expectant mother that we should pray for a succesful delivery.

Since the moment I received this message, I have raised an altar of prayer for the succesful delivery of my brother’s wife.

On the 5th of July 2017, i received a call from my sister who happenned to be the only woman my mum had and the first born of the house that my brother’s wife called me that my brother’s wife is already in the hospital in preparation for delivery and she asked me to pray along but all i told her was that she should not worry that she is coming out of the hospital strong with a baby looking healthy.

Few hours after this conversation, another call was received by me through my sister again that she had delivered a bouncing baby boy.

It was on this incidence that the glory of God descended on us in our family and the barrenness and delay close to three years now was terminated and destroyed.

It would have been three years by 2017 December without an issue but God disgraced the devil and gave the entire family reason to be glad and rejoice.

My brothers and sisters with all my friends,what is that issue bothering your mind and you think all hope is lost?


never give up 1

What you need is to believe in God that is interested in making you happy by fulfilling all promises made by Him.

There is no need to give up as long as we are still breathing.

Giving up is for the cowards but those who are strong and fearless are seen to be brave without loosing any battle.

God is not yet ready to loose any battle no matter how inconsequential and insignificant it might be.

For you to live a winning life, there is a need for you to know and believe a God that has never lost any battle because the battles of life are real and they are quite different from every other battles being fought in the physical.Battles of life are real ,invisible and spiritual but with help of God, they are not invicible.

God is never too late to attend to your situations and turn around your circumstances for your good.God is the omnipresent that is busy doing the right thing that will make you realise the purpose of God for your life.

To humans, God might be slow but in the midst of God slowness, God is busy using time to perfect the situation around you.

God has promised to turn every issue in your life to an occasion of testimony–Luke 21 verse 13.

With this, why do you have to give up when God is just starting with you?

Why are you complaining and murmuring?

Is it becoming too late?


God is never late.

God always answer us at the right time .

God always show up at a time when all hope has been lost.

No matter what you might be passing through now, God is telling you to slow down and look at what He has started doing in your life.

God has done it in my family and God has promised to do more but what is remaining is that you have to be patient to allow God to finish the work HE started in your life.

Just as my family received their bundles of Joy,so it has been confirmed that you will receive your bundles of Joy at the appropriate time and season.

Dont give up!!!

Your miracle is on the way!!!

Just keep trusting God!!!

God has promised to fulfill all His promises concerning you whether the devil likes it of not.

No matter how turbulent the tidal waves might be, God has promised to stay with you and grant you a safe landing at the right moment.

For it is written:

“Those who put their trust in God shall never be put to sahme”—-Romans 10 verse 11.

As it is written concerning my brother having a child after almost three years,everyone of us should remember that those who wait upon the Lord shall be strong .

No matter what it will take,

I will admonish you to wait,

For God to perfect that which that conerns you.

No matter the time,

No matter the wasted years,

It is better to wait now.

Never give up!!!

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