Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction? Checkout this funny slideshow…

From time immemorial,it is known across every stage of human civilization that the essence of human beings putting on clothes are all about adding value to both inner beauty and natural beauty.

It also serves as an object that offers coverage of human intimate parts or private parts.

No doubt about it, the fashion world has evoled tremendously throughout history to the point that some fashionista believed in deliberate and intentional indecent exposure or flashing of their intimate parts which is usually done when they decided to leave their private parts exposed.

Nowadays,wardrobe malfunction seems to be a common incident and a common language or terms across the length and breadth of the world entertainment industry and it is common among superstars and megastars all over the world.

With these,the need to understand the meaning of this popular phrase tagged “WARDROBE MALFUNCTION” is ripe.


It is simply “an unanticipated exposure of bodily parts”.

It is an accidental exposure of a person’s intimate parts due to temporary failure of clothing to do its job.It is quite different from indescent exposure or flashing,as the latter are intentional and deliberate.


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The question is:

Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction before?

Without mincing words,experiencing it is always embarrassing with it making such a person cynosure of all eyes because the attention of every other audience will be shifted to the embarrassing accidental exoposure of parts of the body that are tagged to be private.

In conclusion:

Have you ever experienced wardrobe malfunction before?

If yes,kindly comment and share your experience.


Towards free roads in Lagos State.

Pedestrians and other road users in Lagos State can breathe a sigh of relief with the recent development in Lagos State now.

The banning of the operation of Vehicle Inspection Officers on Lagos Road came as a suprise some weeks ago but this was further reiterated by the Lagos State helmsman today in Lagos State.

It has been confirmed that the ban of VIO on Lagos State is not going to be temporary but permanent as this was the statement released by the governor of Lagos State,Akinwunmi Ambode on Tuesday in Lagos State.

bANNING OF VIO IN LAGOS 3He also stated that the operations of the Federal Road Safety Corps should be restricted to highways alone.

These are some of the reasons given by the the Lagos State helmsman as some of the basic reasons behind traffic gridlock on our roads and highways in Lagos State.This was stated while the governor was at a public function inaugurating the Pedestrian bridge,lay-by and slip road at Berger Bus Stop.


Ambode stated further that these agencies contribute immensely to traffic challenges on our roads.


He finally submitted that technology will be employed to track and monitor vehicle registration and MOT certification.




5 Basic Ways of Maintaining a healthy Lifestyle.

In recent times,the spread of diseases and the spate at which people contact diseases is quite alarming and disturbing which signals the inability of many people to live,manage and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It can be vividly observed that the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle has become a luxury to many people with fortunes and resources being wasted in seeking solutions to ailments and diseases that can be concluded to be as a result of poor healthy lifestyle.

With the unsual spread of terminal and communicable diseases,it cannot be a mistake to look deeply into some basic ways by which  a healthy lifestyle can be cultivated and nutured into a habit and a culture personally and within the confines of our community and environment.

The five(5) basic ways of maintaining a healthy lifestyle are:

1.Maintaining a good personal and environmental hygiene.

2.Maintaining a good eating habit.

3.Creating ample quality time for rest and relaxation.

4.Observation of Periodical Medical Check Up.

5.Maintaining Physical and Psychological balance through exercise.

These are some of the basic approach by which a healthy lifestyle can be maintained without incurring huge financial indebtedness.

If all these can be religiously adhered to by all and sundry,the rate at which diseases are contacted will be reduced drastically and the records of death traceable to terminal diseases will reduce progressively.

The inability of humanity to see reasons in maintaining a lifestyle that will cooperate with the state of their health is really expensive and the cost from the loss of good health remains eternally unquantifiable in the annals of human history.

No doubt about it,according to Mahatma Ghandi,


Invest on your health.


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Thank you all…..

Even though I have shown and registered my appreciation to all my followers and viewers on facebook today but i think it will tantamount to disservice and ingratitude not registering my emotion on my blog space.


Just within a space of January and February,my blog space i have bee able to gather more than fifty followers and this made my blog space to be more interesting,encouraging and engaging.

I started as a neophyte,a greenhorn and a novice but it is only my passion that is looking for deep expression in writing with the advice of people around me that spur and lure me into the world of blogging.

I have spent bunch of my time not having an inkling of what to hold on to in order to have a successful career but many followers that i have not met physically have been my source of encouragement and inspiration.

Even though,i have re-blogging most of the time with the thought in my mind challenging me whether the author of the material and content I am re-blogging will be at peace with me but I have seen many authors appreciating my efforts in re-blogging their contents even without taking permission.



I am someone that desired constructive criticism and my my mind is opened to learning new things that can make me a better resourceful and a profitable blogger.

This has given me an opportunity to relate with other nationals all over the world and i really appreciates every comments and likes.

I have no reservation and resentment to submit that I am humbled having taking a step of faith into the world of unknown and abyss of unknown.

Truly,there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you all for being my support and my source of inspiration.


Thanks a bunch.

I am elevated into ecstasy.

You are appreciated.

I am banking on you all to be better off every moment.






My Personal Appraisal…. (2 min read)

Express Impacts

Written by Express Impacts’ Team Member: Faydelmix

Founder and Owner Of:My Little Thought

Express Impacts’ Team, Contributor, Media/News Publisher, Religion and Successful Living Writer

I have been passing through a personal appraisal recently and I have been looking for a way to put my thought down in black and white. I hope this submission captured my understanding and recent exposure about this life. I hope it will represent the view of my readers to a large extent.

“Struggling and futility remain unabated as long as we remain steadfast, dedicated and committed to what we are not destined and designed for.

We are all wired for a different purpose at the point of creation but discovering the purpose has been a hard nut to crack by many. Hence, we embark on an unending rat race that have nothing but struggles, failures and disappointment as the outcome.

We permanently maintain our lane…

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Eagerly waiting to meet a man who is waiting for every situation of life to be perfect.

No doubt about it, the man is not yet created.

Has there ever be any perfect situation in life?

No need for deep thinking, voodoo and clairvoyancy. 

The answer is NO.


Everything that seems to be perfect in this world,

Were forcefully made to be perfect.

Whosoever awaits a perfect situation,

Will end up waiting till eternity.

Every piece of perfection around us,

Were made perfect by man.

Today started with unabated heavy downpour,

The shallowminded awaits when it will stop before they set out, 

I see it as a blessing from God,

I set out and drenched inside it to make my dream for today a reality.

Happy was I that I was drenched by the blessing of God this morning.

Never expect life to be perfect.

It is your responsibility to force perfection into life.

Never wait for when the coast is clear before you set out,

Never wait for cloud to clear before you start,

Never waits for the high hills to become plain before you made a move,

Never waits for rain to starts before preparing for farming.

Every situation demands you forcing it to be perfect.

If you cannot walk, JUMP!

If you cannot jump, RUN!!

If you cannot Run, FLY.

Just make sure you are moving.

Slow movement is better than no motion.

The world is waiting for your impart.



Good morning to all my readers……