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I published the original piece of this article on th 15th of August 2016 on facebook without any title.It is one of my random line of thought that I find quite amazing,useful and evergreen even after it was shared by facebook as a memory after one year.And at the point of viewing it this year, i deemed it fit that it will be beneficial and reasonable to share it with all my friends,followers and viewers on my blog.

It might end up being a new twist to the concept of success or it might be an addition to what all of us knew about success before.Whether it is a new twist or not,lets roll up our sleeves with our mind openned to accommodate this little idea of mine.

Can we start?

It goes thus:

Little steps with little efforts geared towards achieving little feats and channelled towards the promotion of a better society with the development  of every fargments of human endeavour in all existential simply connotes success.

Success is triggered when deliberate concerted efforts are made to implement ideas that will change the course and plight humanity towards achieving a common goals that will incorporate every dwellers of any communal society as part of the global community without making one to be superior to others.

According to Napoleon Hill:

“Patience, Perstitence and Perspiration make an unbeatable combination of success”

Without any shade and iota of doubt, one could easily understand that before success can be achieved by anyone, there are so many parameters in form of attitude, understanding and characters that must become habitual in our quest for success.Some of these parameters are:


  • Vision
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Persevearance
  • Perspiration
  • Knowledge
  • Honesty
  • Humility and meekness
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness
  • Being focussed and unrelenting
  • Being responsible and hardworking
  • Ability to create opportunity from any challenge.

It is until when all these parameters are well and carefully inculcated as a habit that one could be confident of being  qualified to be succesful.

In another twist, many wait believing that it is until when a massive feats of achievements are made that they can be qualified to be succesful.This is a wrong assumption.This kind of assumption only triggers and encourage many to be on a rat race competing with others they they believed have made better impart.

Success is simply triggered when we contribute in our own little ways and means in making what is difficult and unachievable by others to become a reality no matter how little, insignificant and inconsequential it might be.

It is until when every dweller of a society is viewed and treated as a stakeholde of the larger global world that success being yearned for by all and sundry for the reality of global peace can surface in no distant time.

It is on the platform of our contribution to better the lot of the society in our own little way that our names  will be inscribed in gold and our memoir will be a memeory that will be viewed by posterity in the annals of human history.


No successful impart and impact can be made by anyone without any effort to understand the essence of humanity and the yearnings of the next person sitting at a little distance to us.It is until when we are able to fathom the need of others and accept it as our own need that will be able to understand what is needed to be done per time and what steps need to be taken to fashion a way out to help people around us to meet the needed solution.

It is at the point of proffering the needed solution and implementing it with the reality at hand that any one of us who has been yearning to be succesful can be confident of being succesful.

What makes us to be succesful is the contributions and efforts made by us to alleviate the plight of people around us.No one should dream of being succesful if you can not see the need to make yourself relevant and available to fashion a way out in getting solutions to the need of others.

The mind to be a helping hand and a listening heart must be available before anyone can qualified to be a good contributor to the plight of others which will end up entrenching your stand as being qualified as one of the success.

In conclusion,it is pertinent for everyone to uderstand what needs to be done to put a smile on the face of others by living a life of selflessness and sacrifice that will help in pulling others out from the quagmire of deep challenges that have been the present realities of the world we live in since ages.

It is when you contribute your quota in making others to smile that all of us living in the world can experience true smile obtainable from a world whereby all inhabitants are experiencing the realities of global peace that have been eluding the fabrics of our society.

We help ourselves by helping others.

If you leave others to face their challenges, you will end up putting yourself at a risk of experiencing the negative effect of what comes out of their challenges.No one should be left alone to face any challenge.

We should contribute our quota in being:

an eye to the blind,

a ear to the deaf,

a mouth to the dumb,

a cloth to the naked,

a shelter to the destitute.

Our streets are filled with less priviledged and people that are homeless with no hope of a better tomorrow.

Our society are filled with teenagers hawking and young girls that are into prostitution thereby becoming a victim of rape.

Our world is filled with crowd of heads looking up to us in becoming their guild for them to have a direction in life.

Our success will become definitive and handy until when we relayed our efforts about what we have done in meeting the needs of others.Success should not be defined in words alone, it should be defined in acts and in deeds with smiles and laughters bein seen on the faces of people we helped to pull out of darkness.

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This articles was published on facebook by a friend of mine this morning and in his generosity, he sent it to my whatsapp and he asked me if it can find a space in my blog.

Anyway, I appreciate your kind gesture bro.

You have made your contribution to me and a positive impart to enlighten the teeming Nigerian Students are faced with another round of nationwide strike.

The article goes thus:

The association of Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) has embarked on an indefinite dtrike.While many will frown at the purpoted selfish decision but to surprise everyone who frowned at it,I sincerely support union and I stand  by them because this appeared to be the only approach the Federal government understands.

Strike actions have been working like rocket science in Nigeria since 1900.

Remember the old saying…

“All work and no play makes a Professor a dull tutor”.

All lectures in government universities will like to go into recess.It will offer them quality time to rest, research and possibly travel travel around the world to bring solution to our ever glaring challenges.

Who else thinks going into indefinite break will not help the Nigerian students at large?

Is idle man’s brain not the devil’s workshop again?

The brain needs to constantly be active, so the Nigerian students who are supposed to be busy learning in schoos are now idle and by nature must put the brain to drive mode, maybe yhis time in a negative activities.

So when the universities resume and bulk salaries are paid, don’t be surprised when professors are kidnapped again for ransom, phones are collected with slap and other ugly social vices.The break allows the mind to learn evil or good, whatever is available unless where parental guide is sustainable.

Oh!Yeah, I remember China is doing great and their population is incredibly large.Is it noy high time we competed with China and grow our population?

How can we achieve this without ASUU Strike?ASUU-STRIKE 2

So careless ladies can help us into nine months twerk and preferably deliver twins, triplets or quadruplets.

What a way to boost the population and maybe one day  we will meet or overtake China Population, by then we will start chasing them technologically.At least we have started somewhere.

Must a Nigerian University Student completes his academic sojourn in the normal calendar without distortion?It is totally wrong to complete a four year’s course in four years or less.How can we achieve this when we do not belong to the privately owned universities?

So ASUU must remind Nigeria parents that sending children to Nigerian public universities comes with a price including regular strike action at will without recourse to our feelings.

Thanks, you are the best.

Lastly,agriculture is trending lately.

Cassava exportation too is on the increase.Nigerian needs to earn foreign income via massive involvement in agriculturl activities but people needs to be forced into farming to achieve the operation “everyone must farm”.

ASUU ha chosen to demand for some  of the agreements the Federal Government ignored over the years.

Now, Nigerian Students can choose not to be idle but cultivate in farmland even if it is small scale farming.We just need to see the opportunities in a messy mess.


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Not quite long, I was chanced to eat some fruits that I think it worth sharing the delicious experience I had while consuming it.

The fruit I am particular about is known as AFRICAN WALNUT.This will be accompanied with the benefits of eating african walnut.


African Walnut is simply an uncommon fruit that grows in parts of Africa especially West Africa.It is a fruit that is white in colour but covered with a black shell that must be cracked and removed after it has been boiled for some minutes before it can be consumed.Their exist a particular strange thing about this edible delicacies that  gives out satisfaction when eating it but it triggers thirst in the course of eating and whenever someone drinks water after eating it,the introduction of water triggers bitterness.This is something unexplainable about the combination of water with this fruit but it makes African Walnut to be unique among every other fruit that is available in the continent of Africa.



It is of essence to note that the benefits of African Walnut surpassed to a great extent its usage for consumption alone.It possesses some important elements that offers usable health benefits to the body.Some of these elements are Copper,Manganesse,Molybdenum and Biotin.

Walnut also offers plant based Omega-3 fats.

Some of the health benefits of African Walnuts known are:

1.Maintenance of ideal Weight over time:

African Walnut is a fruit that is beneficial in controlling weight because it is associated with increased satiety.maintainance of ideal weight 1

maintainance of ideal weight 2

2.It impacts Male Fertility:

African Walnut provides an improved reproductive health in men by improving sperm quality, sperm vitality,sperm motility and sperm morphology.

impacts male fertility 1

impacts male fertility 2

3.It gives support to brain health:

Due to the facts that African Walnuts contains a number of Vitamins E,Folate,melatonin, Omega-3-Fats and antioxidants with other neuroprotective compounds, African Walnuts is a food and a fruit that helps in improving brain health.

brain health.jpg


4.It fights type-2-diabetes:

People diagnosed with type-2-diabetes have nothing to worry about when they add African Walnut into their dietary consumptions since African Walnut helps in controlling weight,overweight adults with type-2-diabetes will experience a significant reduction in fasting insulin levels.

type 2 diabetes 2.jpg

type 2 diabetes 1

5.It contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties:

African Walnuts is one of the fruits and food that can be used in fighting free radicals in the body because it contains rare and powerful antioxidants.



6.It fights Cancer:

The risk of Prostrate and breast Cancer can be reduced drastically by the consumption of Africa Walnut by reducing the rate of growth and the spread of cancer in the body.


7.It offers multiple vascular benefits:

African Walnuts can be used to improve heart health to people with heart diseases or those who have increased risk of heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors.

heart health

8.It helps to strengthen hair:

African Walnut helps in reducing hair fall and improve hair growth to certan extent.It is a good hair food because it contains biotin.

strengthened hair

9.It is helpful during pregnancy:

African Walnut eating during pregnancy may starve off nausea and also help in boosting brain development in the child.pregnancy

10.It possesses anti-inflammatory contents:

Since it contains many plant chemicals including tanning, African Walnut helps in fighting inflammation which also help in fighting asthma and rheumatoid.

anti inflammatory content

Without any iota of doubt, it can be concluded that African Walnut is a fruit that is wrapped up with multi-dimensional benefits that will add value to our health as individual by being potent in fighting terminal diseases and other lifestyle diseases that are known to be on increase in the society.

If you are unaware of these health benefits, starts eating African Walnuts now.

Though it is seasonal, look for it.

We are in the season of Walnut in Nigeria now.

It is accessible in the market now.






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