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Regular readers know that my family has a history of Alzheimer’s Disease and/or dementia. This is true on both my mother’s and father’s side. So, at 77, I am totally focused on anything that relates to these mental conditions. The following is from the Keck School of Medicine at USC by Erica Rheinschild. Experts say […]

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Not quite long, I was chanced to eat some fruits that I think it worth sharing the delicious experience I had while consuming it.

The fruit I am particular about is known as AFRICAN WALNUT.This will be accompanied with the benefits of eating african walnut.


African Walnut is simply an uncommon fruit that grows in parts of Africa especially West Africa.It is a fruit that is white in colour but covered with a black shell that must be cracked and removed after it has been boiled for some minutes before it can be consumed.Their exist a particular strange thing about this edible delicacies that  gives out satisfaction when eating it but it triggers thirst in the course of eating and whenever someone drinks water after eating it,the introduction of water triggers bitterness.This is something unexplainable about the combination of water with this fruit but it makes African Walnut to be unique among every other fruit that is available in the continent of Africa.



It is of essence to note that the benefits of African Walnut surpassed to a great extent its usage for consumption alone.It possesses some important elements that offers usable health benefits to the body.Some of these elements are Copper,Manganesse,Molybdenum and Biotin.

Walnut also offers plant based Omega-3 fats.

Some of the health benefits of African Walnuts known are:

1.Maintenance of ideal Weight over time:

African Walnut is a fruit that is beneficial in controlling weight because it is associated with increased satiety.maintainance of ideal weight 1

maintainance of ideal weight 2

2.It impacts Male Fertility:

African Walnut provides an improved reproductive health in men by improving sperm quality, sperm vitality,sperm motility and sperm morphology.

impacts male fertility 1

impacts male fertility 2

3.It gives support to brain health:

Due to the facts that African Walnuts contains a number of Vitamins E,Folate,melatonin, Omega-3-Fats and antioxidants with other neuroprotective compounds, African Walnuts is a food and a fruit that helps in improving brain health.

brain health.jpg


4.It fights type-2-diabetes:

People diagnosed with type-2-diabetes have nothing to worry about when they add African Walnut into their dietary consumptions since African Walnut helps in controlling weight,overweight adults with type-2-diabetes will experience a significant reduction in fasting insulin levels.

type 2 diabetes 2.jpg

type 2 diabetes 1

5.It contains antioxidants and anti-aging properties:

African Walnuts is one of the fruits and food that can be used in fighting free radicals in the body because it contains rare and powerful antioxidants.



6.It fights Cancer:

The risk of Prostrate and breast Cancer can be reduced drastically by the consumption of Africa Walnut by reducing the rate of growth and the spread of cancer in the body.


7.It offers multiple vascular benefits:

African Walnuts can be used to improve heart health to people with heart diseases or those who have increased risk of heart disease due to multiple cardiac risk factors.

heart health

8.It helps to strengthen hair:

African Walnut helps in reducing hair fall and improve hair growth to certan extent.It is a good hair food because it contains biotin.

strengthened hair

9.It is helpful during pregnancy:

African Walnut eating during pregnancy may starve off nausea and also help in boosting brain development in the child.pregnancy

10.It possesses anti-inflammatory contents:

Since it contains many plant chemicals including tanning, African Walnut helps in fighting inflammation which also help in fighting asthma and rheumatoid.

anti inflammatory content

Without any iota of doubt, it can be concluded that African Walnut is a fruit that is wrapped up with multi-dimensional benefits that will add value to our health as individual by being potent in fighting terminal diseases and other lifestyle diseases that are known to be on increase in the society.

If you are unaware of these health benefits, starts eating African Walnuts now.

Though it is seasonal, look for it.

We are in the season of Walnut in Nigeria now.

It is accessible in the market now.



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