Earth, Air, Water and Fire — Ruth E. Hendricks Photography


Erica V. at WordPress writes about the photo challenge she created- elemental “For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire. How do you capture something invisible like air, or the movement of water?” Denali from the train Rainy windshield The wind captured by the flag in Florida […]

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Beauty of Valencia, Spain — paintdigi


Art and beauty Images for you cities: Beauty of Valencia, Spain Valencia (Valencian, official name in Valencian, Valencia in Spanish) is a city in Spain, located in the east of the country on the Mediterranean coast. Founded in 138 BC. AD by the Roman consul Decimus Junius Brutus Callaicus under the name of Valentia Edetanorum, it […]

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Yellow Sun — The Shower of Blessings


“Yellow is an interesting color to me, as it comes in many shades and tones, ranging from a warm hue when it’s close to orange to cold, almost antiseptic shades of yellow that might just start an argument. My personal preference is toward the warmer end of the spectrum, although there is beauty to be […]

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PAINT MOVEMENTS: Metaphysical Painting… — paintdigi


PAINT MOVEMENTS (5) In this series of articles, I will give you, dear friends and readers, a simplified idea of the main styles and movements of painting. Metaphysical Painting Giorgio de Chirico: Great Metaphysical Interior (1917) Photo author: Mike Steele. Source: (Some rights reserved) The metaphysical painting marks a return to a figurative painting that evokes […]

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Sculptures not very famous(5) — paintdigi


ART AND BEAUTY IMAGES FOR YOU Sculptures not very famous(5) I have sought, in several countries, artistic beauties, not very celebrated; This is what I found for you: A statue of Frederick Chopin near the Symphony Lake in the Singapore Botanic Gardens. This work of art was created by Polish sculptor Karol Badyna.The inscription, on a […]

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