A personal comprehensive compendium of related simple personal thoughts, diary, outline, notes and articles tailored towards championing the alleviation of the course and welfare of humanity geared towards the achievement of a better greater society whereby all the good values and virtues that will make all the inhabitants of the world to be seeing as one and treated equally without division along the line of racial and gender differences, religious affinity, social class, and tribal affiliation. This is all about creating and designing a unifying platform where everybody interested and passionate about having a voice in making the world a better place to live without being under any threat.It is an outcome of for lone years of deep yearnings of the author to champion a course that will protect the rights and dignity of humanity through the concept of providing basic information and direction needed to protect the rights of all especially the less privileged. The change needed by all and sundry all over the world is within us. Our world will be better if every ounce of effort at our disposal is channelled towards taking a little simple step that will trigger the enhancement of development of our immediate environment and the society at large.What is needed now is you and I.All the gods, all the heavens and all the hells are all within us.

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