The recent realities in the world is really championing a new course for the entire human race.


Many of the known culture,creed and beliefs are been jettisoned for a new one which is forced on us by the spread of coronavirus.


There are many nearly impossible instructions now.


Hand shaking is replaced,washing of hands for 20 seconds with the usage of hand sanitizers almost every moment has taken over.




hnm 3


There are so many ‘don’ts’ now which has really reshaped the course of mankind with social distancing and lock-down taken their toll on our psychic presently.


These have made many of us to forget many good virtues we are known for as I almost forgot that the 30th of March is my baby brother’s birthday.


Even,I almost forgot that today is the beginning of a new month, until I saw messages from friends around me wishing me a happy new month.

The nearly impossible instructions given to us to curtail the spread of coronavirusis somehow funny.


At a point I took my time to study people around me in a particular place recently to check how far they have been religious and cautious about the ability not touching their nose,ear and eyes,but I realized that it is nearly impossible as this is one of the involuntary actions that I was taught in my elementary Integrated science class in Ilesa Grammar School in the ’90s.


As it is now,it is pitiful that we are been forced to adapt to a way of life that is quite strange but it is pertinent for all of us to try as much as possible to remain calm and ensure that we do not loose all the good virtues we are known for just because of the psychological effect COVID19 is having on us.


Many virtues are been left behind and all we talk about is the increasing decimal of those who are being infected on a daily basis.


Without any iota of doubt,in spite of the noisome pestilence,God has been faithful keeping me and my family to witness a new month.




hnm 1


In this month of APRIL,one of the special one in my life will be a year old just in few days time.


No matter how the lock-down might be,we are celebrating in this new month.


To everyone reading this,do not be carried away or be fearful,this new month is a month of celebration for you and I as we shall all be vindicated at last from the scourge of coronavirus.


The night might be long,ahead of you is a bright new day.

Weeping might endure for a night,


Joy comes in the morning.


Let’s shake our ‘bumbum’ as we dance to the lyrics of a new month.


Happy New month to everyone.


©mlstcommunications 2020

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