We were both in the bathroom early this morning preparing her for the day and suddenly she said:


Daddy,how I wish everything is ok?


I paused a little and deep down in my mind, I was thinking about what could be going on in the mind of a six years old girl to think along this line of thought early in the morning.


Later,I pushed it back to her and asked her:


Is everything not good?


She repeated in the affirmative that everything is not ok.


Then,how do you mean?I probed further giving her a chance to unbottle her deep concern.


Then, she wow me further and farther telling me that there is no Keke again and there is no bus again.


Then, I was like how did you know this?


She confirmed that she understand what is going on by asking me if there has been Keke and bus in the past few days.


How did you know then?I asked again


She answered in the affirmative that she observed it and also heard her mum discussing it recently.


Then, I told her that it is your governor that caused it.


I was touched and shocked how she quickly understand what is going on presently in the society.


It is a pity that gradually those we are going to leave the future of our society into their hands are beginning to understand that we have failed them and we are still failing them in the manner and approach we have been handling issues and challenges that we are facing.


It is gradually becoming an acceptable norm and a culture in Lagos State as the hullabaloo that accompanied the banning and restriction of marwa and Okada in Lagos State without the provision of alternative is gradually fizzling out.


As usual,Lagosians have accepted their fate and commuters are faced with the challenge of spending more time waiting for bus accompanied with hike in transportation fares.


Even,periods of the day that are not rush hours are faced with the challenge of long queues on the road.


It is quite appalling that we are been pummeled by this kind of challenge at this period of our existence whereby we find it hard and difficult to maintain a kind of reason that will make public transportation less stressful.


A government that cannot make the welfare of the governed a priority needs to have a rethink.


If a little girl can be concerned about the situation around us early in the morning, one needs to know that our generation has failed.



©mlstcommunications 2020

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