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MLST ARTICLES:How the knowledge of the mysteries of time and season can make you a better person? –(5 minutes read).

This article was originally posted on my Facebook wall on the 28th of August 2015.While reading through this afternoon, I realized that it will be a good piece of inspiration and motivation to my followers, readers and viewers.


It goes thus:


God is never late.


God’s mode of operation is exhibited and magnified in the annals of the mysteries of time and season.God engages mysteries and suspense to keep us glued to HIM.


God uses delay to keep us looking unto HIM for any of our desires to become a reality.


The longer a producer wrapped a movie in suspense, the longer those that are watching the movie remain glued to the movie.Good movie and great script find their base and foundation in suspense.Nothing makes a good movie like good, long and meaningful suspense.


time and season 1


God is the producer, our destiny is a movie script written by God and wrapped in mysteries and suspense.


Those who will get the best of their destiny will seek for better and deeper understanding of the mysteries and suspense of the movie script written at the point of creation.


It is better and deeper understanding of a movie script that makes a good actor.


We are all actors and the script expected to be performed and acted by us is with God who is the creator of all we can see around us and those that are not visible to our natural eyes.


It is saddening, appalling and disheartening that many of us are busy acting another person’s movie script, a situation that accounts for envy, strife, jealousy, hatred and backstabbing that are quite obtainable as sin and vices making things to fall apart in the course of human existence.


Achieving greatness and attaining exploits cheaply are guaranteed when we understand that competition in not what makes a great destiny achievable without struggle.


It is deeper understanding of the mysteries of time and season.


As we differ widely in physical,physiological and psychological make-up, so also our time and season differ.


Things will stop fallen apart when we understand our divine role and responsibility as it was written,engraved and scripted by God which will end up announcing the greatness in us accompanied with the glory of God when we start acting our role as it was scripted by God.


You are designed and wired by God, no man on earth is knowledgeable enough to change or alter an iota of God’s design and God’s documented script.


God had scripted a role for each and everyone of us.It is your duty to seek for your script, read it, understand it and ensure you know the time and season when you will climb the rostrum,podium and stage for you to start acting the contents of your scripts word for word.



Time and season 3

God’s delay is not God’s denial.


God’s delay might be due to the mysteries of time and season.


This require patience and perseverance on your part.


Wait unto God.


Eventhough, God tarries,wait.—Habakkuk 2 verse 2-3.




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