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RIYADH,Saudi Arabia(AP)–The lights dimmed and the crowd of men and women erupted into applause and hoots as Hollywood’s blockbuster “Black Panther” premiered in Saudi Arabia’s first movie theater.


Though it was a private invitation-only screening on Wednesday evening,for many Saudi’s it marked one of the clearest moments of change to sweep the country in decades.


It’s seen as part of a new era in which women will soon be allowed to drive and people in the Kingdom will be able to go to concerts and fashion shows,and tuck into a bucket of popcorn in cinema.


“It’s a new era,a new age.It’s that simple.Things are changing ,progress is happenning.We’re opening up and we’re catching up with everything that’s happenning in the world,said Rahaf Alhendi,who attended the showing.


Authorities said the public would be able to purchase tickets online on Thursday for showing starting Friday.But there may be delays.


Movies screened in Saudi cinemas will be subject to approval by government censors, and Wednesday night’s premiere was no exception.Scenes of violence were not cut,but a trial scene involving a kiss was axed.


Still,it;s stark reversal for a country where public movie screenings were banned in the 1980s during a wave of ultraconservatism that swept Saudi Arabia.Many Saudi Clerics view Western movies and even Arabic films made in Egypt and Lebanon as sinful.


Deaspite decades of ultraconservative dogma, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has pushed through a number of major social reforms with support from his father,King Salman, to satiate the desires of the country’s young population.


“This is a historic day for your country” Adam Aron, CEO of AMC Entertainment,told the crowd at the screeening.”It”s been 37 years since you’ve been able to watch movies the way movies are meant to be watched in a theater,together on a big screen”.


U.S-based AMC,one of the world’s biggest movie theater operators,only two weeks earlier signed a deal with Prince Mohammed to operate the first cinema in the Kingdom.AMC and its local partner hurriedly transformed a concert hall in Saudi capital,Riyadh,into a cinema complex for Wednesday’s ceremony.


Aron said the company plans to rip up out the current concert-style seats and replace them with plush leather recliners and build three more screens in the complex to accommodate up to 5000 movie-goers a day.


Samer Alsourani travelled from Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province for the event.He commended the Crown prince for following through on his promises to modernise the country.


“This is the the first time that we really see something that’s really being materialized”,he said.


The social reforms reforms undertaken by the 32-year old heir to the throne are part of his so-called Vision 2030,blueprint for Saudi Arabia that aims to boost local spending and create jobs amid sustained lower oil prices.


The Saudi government projects that the opening of movie thearters will contribute more than 90 billion riyals($24billion) to the economy and create more than 30,000 jobs by 2030.


AMC has partnered with a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund,known as the Public Investment Fund to build up to 40 AMC cinemas across the country over the next five years.


Saudi Arabia had already started gradually loosening restrictions on movie screening in the past few years,with Local film festivals and screening in makeshift theaters.For the most part, through,until now Saudis who wanted to watch a film in a movie theater had to drive to nearby Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates for weekend trips  to the cinema.


In the 1970s, there were informal movie screenings but the experience could be interrupted by the country’s religious police,whose powers since been curbed.


Jamal Khashoggi, a dissident Saudi writer,describes the theaters of the 1970s as being “like American drive-ins,except much more informal.”Iran opinion piece for the The Washington Post, he wrote that a friend once broke his leg at a screening in Medina when he jumped off a wall to escape the religious police and avoid arrest.


By the 1980s,movie screenings were largely banned unless they took place in private residential compounds for foreigners or at cultural centers run by foreign embassies.


Access to streaming services,such as Netflix and satellite TV steadily eroded attempts by the government to censor what the Saudi public could view.By 2013,the film”Wadjda” made history by becoming the first Academy Award entry for Saudi Arabia,though it wasn’t nominated for the Oscars.


To adhere to the Kingdom’snormson gender segregation,certain screamings may be held for families and their others for male-only crowds.But, generally movie theaters will not be gender seggregated with “family sections” for women and related men and separate “single sections” for male-only crowds as is customary at restraunts and cafes.


Saudi Minister of Culture and Information Awwad Alawwad told Associated Press the government aims to strike a balance between the country’s Islamic mores and peopl’s movie experiences.


“We want to ensure the movies are in line with our culture and respect for values.Meanwhile, we want to provide people with a beautiful show and really enjoy watching their own movies”he said.


The new movie theater also came equipped with prayer rooms to accommodate the daily Muslim prayer times.





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This short piece was written on the 2nd of March 2016 as part of my daily post or publication on facebook.The source of the inspiration which is personal remain somehow unknown and unclear but I believe the content therin will serve as a sort of resources that will enhance our self-esteem that will birth a kind of re-orientation about our view along the line of maintaining good personal and corporate relationship.


It is observed that many of us become saddened,moody and pensive when we get an inkling that we are been mocked and talked about by others.It is a kind of attitude that is common across the length and breadth of the entire human race whereby many people spend a bunch of their time backbitting and throwing stones at others.Many of us are actors of this irrelevant and many of us are victims of this irrelevant.


It is necessary for many of us to understand and develop a thick skin with blocked ear to some of this irrelevancies that is commonality among human being remains unquantifiable.


According to Winston Churchill:


“You will never get to your destination when you throw stones at every dog that bark at you”


You will get nothing out of life if you are bothered about what people are saying about you.Being bothered and being suspicious about what people are saying about you is a sign and a product of immaturity and low self-esteem.


Like food,people will feed on your matter.


Like water,people will gulp your issue to quench their thirst.


Like a dog, people will nag their loose tongue.


Even the dead are being talked about everyday.


I want you to have this in mind that those who gossip about you remains at your back forever.




When people talk about you!!!


One of the best effective ways of knowing the level of maturity you are made of is simply shown outrightly through your response and reaction to whatever people are saying about you.


When you expected little or nothing from people around you,your reaction and response to disappointment will be minimal and less-shocking but when you raised your hope about people and build your castle in the air, you will end up being saddened and biittered when you are disappointed .


I want you to know this mystery that you are being gossipped about because you are important to them,if you are not important to them, they will never spend a bunch of their precious time debating and deliberating about issues that concern you.




So, whenever you have an inkling that you are being gossipped about, just have this understanding that your life is meaningfully filled with virtues that are important to them,hence they are jealous and they desire having an opportunity to possess such a virtue.


Instead of complaining and reacting to people’s view and assertion about you,the best response to the contents of their gossip is top wave it aside with a bare hand and move ahead with your life being focussed on your purpose in life.


It is only those who are incapable of discovering their purpose in life that spend their little time at their disposal discussing issues that has nothing to do with them.


When you want to know and understand the worth of any man,it is necessary to know what the mouth of such person says about another person.


As life is real, gossipping also is real.It is an evil that almost every human is guilty of but the worst of its evil spring up when the person being gossipped about becomes embittered and saddened about it.


Since no two wrongs can make a right, it is better to manage your emotion in terms of response and reaction towards whatever people might be saying at your back.


Kindly allow whatever is being discussed at your back to remain at your back.Do not brink it forward to your face so that you will not end up frowning and it will prevent you from wearing a harsh look accompany with you looking for a way to revenge by taking your own pound of flesh.


Whatever is being said at your back should remain at your back till eternity.This is one of the secrets of longevity that will help in making you to understand the value of your purpose in life accompany with efforts that will make you achieve such purpose in the course of your existence.


When you are saddened about people talking about you,you have given them cahnces and opportunities to control your feelings and emotions.Once this happened, you have exchanged the power in you in response to your reaction about what has been said about you.


Your response and reactions in the face of adversity is what determines whether you will end up winning or loosing in the course of your fight for conquest or victory.When your reaction and response is negative, you have given your enemy power over you but once your reponse is calm and positive, all your enemies become weakened and they end up loosing their power and potency that might have been used to cage and control you.


The golden key to your happinness lies with you.Never give loose it through your response and reaction to situations around you.No matter how long you live on earth, there will always be moments of ups and downs but it is your preparation and readiness for staying above the reality of any moment that will determine how matured you are and how capable and able you are to ride the roller-coaster of life that is always unstable.




Can you measure the Kilojoule of inherent latent energy wasted and expended when you react and respond negatively to whatever rumour is being peddled about you?It is quite ironical that many of us spend our energy on what we not add any value to us and one of the areas we wasted energy on is our reaction and response to gossip from people around us.


No matter what the situation might be, you have what it takes to live your life above whatever the rumour that might be peddled and spread around about you.


Rumour mongering and gossipping are parts of human life.If humans refrain from this, I dont think the existence of human beings could be possible.


When you consider what is being rumoured and gossipped about you as irrelevant and inconsequential, it will reamin a minor issue that can never remove anything from you and you will be able to stay afloat and be in charge of your emotion.


To cap it all:













Sadness takes away virtues and values from you.It is a stylish and a slow channel to making someone becoming a beast that has lost the grip of what life is all about.


Sadness does nothing but  weakens your nerves and bones thereby becoming old and worn-out withing a little period of time.


Sadness makes you look haggard and unkempt.







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WHAT NEXT?—(3 Minutes read)

No doubt about it experience of life has taught us in diverse ways about the stormy vicissitudes of life that make life to be challenging and unbearable. It is not within the reach and scope of anyone’s mental ability and spiritual capacity to decipher when the storms of life will become fierce and raging.

Due to the shortsightedness and shallow mindedness of many, when issues concerning the storms of life are mentioned or tends towards becoming a subject and an object of discussion, many are quick in responding against this trend by mouthing and shouting “God forbid and that will not be my portion in Jesus Name” repeatedly as if to say  others that are passing through such a phase are being punished for their predicaments or they are enemies of God.






Times without numbers, people that are deeply spiritual have been seen to pass through unbearable phases of life like this and all that will be heard from them is “why me Lord”.As if to say God allowed such a phase in order to put them under curse or punishment.

It is not a gainsaying that the challenges of life are real and they forced their presence on people without their consent.The untold hardship many people are battling with are unimaginable and they are better left not being discussed because it has defied every reasonable approach to get urgent solution.

The irony of life is that what makes champions are challenges.The myriads of challenges is not what really matters, what matters is the stories of conquest that made champions out of those myriads of challenges.

Champions are moulded and made when the right attitude needed to turn challenges into stories of victory are available and applied within a period of time.It is attitude that makes winners not quitting and it is attitude that makes looser quit even at the advent of the challenges.Stories of victories and conquests ever related in the annals of history of mankind revolve around attitudinal approach that are positively channelled towards getting the head up even when the bowl is hot.

Challenges makes champion. The beauty of golds and many precious stones emerge when they passed through furnace.How will your stories be listened to without its contents being rallied  around battles and corresponding conquests and victory.

The load might be heavy but know that the weight will make you strong.


After the loss of your brother,

After the loss of your child,

After the loss of your wife,

After the loss of your job

After the loss of that contract,

After you have lost everything, 

After being deserted by friends and families,

What next?

Hold on when the sun is hot!!

Hold on when the bowl is hot!!

Every challenge of life is transient.

Every challenge is bound to expire.

Weeping may endure for a night.

Your joy cometh in the morning.

If you can hold on throughout the night, surely there is a brighter morning.

A crucial step needs to be taken as the next step.There is no need to mourn your loss forever.It is of no point sitting down on a spot without finding lasting solutions to the issues on ground.

You need to rise up and buckle up to weather the storm of life by maximising the inner strength in you to face the challenges of life.It is until when you believed that there is a brighter side to every dark side that your moments of regrets will fizzle out.

  • dedicated to those who loose their beloved ones in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose precious valuable things in 2017
  • Dedicated to those who loose their jobs in 2017





With or without arguments and debates,no one can deny or feign ignorance of two practical realities that are always refelected,exhibited and displayed in the course of human existenceon earthly pedestal.


Often times than none,majority or larger percentage of human always experience the mixture of these extremes.


No doubt about it,every human being is wired and designed to encounter low moments and high moments.





Whule high moments are simply moments of joy and happiness whereby feats,success and achievements are celebrated and appreciated.They are moments whereby elevation and promotion achieved,acquired and attainedalways trigger a sort of self-fulfilment  and personal achievement that made the concerned person to feel on top of the world.It is a moment of addition, multiplication and all round expansion and enlargement that surfaced as a suprise keeping the mouth of the concerned wide opened.





On the opposite, low moments are moments of discouragement,failures,stagnancy and struggles which are exhibited whenever futile efforts are the order of the day.These are moments whereby the concerned person feel out of place dejected and rejected which might culminate into the thought of unknown fear,depression and attempted murder.


Many people in the world have been victims of low moments with decimal and statistics of such instances affecting the existence of humanity increasing geometrically and asymetrically due to many factors that have constituted and blended together as a source of challenges pumelling the fabrics of the entire global community.


Many incidences and instances of depression that ended in suicide have been witnessed across the length and breadth of the entire world which on many ocassions have been linked and traced to reasons that has to do with the waves of challenges being faced by human beings all over the world.


Since,this is an ugly reality that ic difficult to shy away from.there is an urgent need to briefly look into some sorts of visible and workable palliative measures needed to cushion the effect accompanying low moment.





The solution should not be far-fetched but it embedded into fabrics of human existence as a duty and a responsibility that must be executed by every human being to see the reason why staying positive is necessary no matter how miry situation on ground might be.






1.Maintain candour and calmness


2.Change your environment if the need arises.


3.Avoid loneliness


4.To talk to someone you trust.


5.Share your problem.


6.Seek help and solace from trusted friends and familiars.


7.Consult a guidance and counselling experts.


8.Since comparism steals joy,stop comparing yourself with others.


9.Appreciate what you have.


10.Be contented and hopeful.





Putting all these in place is potent and powerful enought to water-down and douse the effect of negative mentality that can trigger depression that might lead to attempted suicide.


One of the best solution that is needed in preventing the scourge of depression is the inbuilt ability of anyone concerned to stay positive and maintained this positivity no matter how miry that challenges being faced might be.


Suicide is for weak minds but the strong minded spend their lifes looking at the positive side of life.





Life is beautiful.Don’t take your life.


Everything shall be alright,it is just a matter of time,patience and persevearance that is unequalled and unparalled in all ramifications.















©Wordsmith Scribe 2018.




©Fadeyi Felix Femi

MLST FICTION:How I fall in Love—(10 Minutes Read).

It was a fateful day that I have to leave home as usual to meet up with my daily plans, programme and personal itinerary. My  day was strategically planned to the extent that detailed courses of endeavors have been analyzed and documented with personal decision to ensure that all that is necessary to be done without allowing distractions to gain access that will scatter the laid down programs were put in place one after the other.


I boarded a cab in the front of my house and within a twinkling of an eye, the cabbie zoomed off speedily to my destination. Immediately, I got to my destination and I sighted that I have approached my destination, I called the attention of the cabbie to register my intention of alighting at my destination. Later, I stepped out of the cab and I immediately brought my wallet out to pay the cabbie without wasting time because time is of essence to me as I have taken my time to strategically make necessary plans without wasting time in getting my laid down programs done in time.


Though, I have been able to achieve my laid down plans to a large extent up to the moment I alighted from the cab.


Then, I immediately walked with my shoulder high into the office of one of my client in the city. We have planned to meet for a business discussion in his office few days ago at exactly 10AM which I was able to meet up with time because good timing is the soul of every business, so I avoided coming late. In short I was punctual.


Good Morning Ma. I greeted and exchanged pleasantry with the reception I met in my clients’office but the pleasantry I exchanged with her was cordial and official without wasting time in extending my right hand in offering her a handshake.



dream 3


She replied my pleasantry in a firm and professional way and immediately, she attended to me asking me to have my seat for a while.


Let me push a call to my boss to register your presence Sir. She started conversing with me and attended to me in a courteous manner that is quite professional.


No problem!!!I responded immediately expecting her to usher me into my clients’ office without wasting time.


Few minutes later, she ushered me into her boss office who happened to be my client.


You can come in. She ushered me in.


Thanks. I responded.


Good Morning Sir. My client greeted me and asked me to sit down on the expensive furniture that is vacant in front of him.As if ton say,the furniture was customised for my sitting comfort,I sat down comfortably and conveniently looking straight into my client’s eyes.


Good Morning Sir. I greeted him and responded to his kind gesture towards me.


Few moments later after the moment of pleasantries wind down, we started our discussion which is strictly business-like. The discussion was quite brief and short and agreement was made to finalize the discussion in two weeks’ time by meeting at the site whereby the business that we are about  being embarked  upon will take place. We consented to meet at exactly 10AM.


See you in two weeks’ time Sir. My client bade me goodbye and I replied by extending my right hand to offer him a handshake.


Both of us smiled and we were both believed that the business we are embarking upon will be successful and groundbreaking.


Immediately, I turned my back at him and reached for the door by laying my hand on the door knob which took me little time to open the door.


Thank you Ma. I greeted the receptionist and she responded with a smile that I couldn’t push her memory out of my imagination. I was dumbfounded starring at her.


She was so pretty and beautiful that I didn’t know when I have to cut the official bridge between us and all I can do is to look for a way to get familiar with her by asking about her personality which ended up with pleasantries being exchanged and her contact were demanded for by me.In short, I was able to break the ice.


She looked like a mullato with a white set of dentition that makes her smile an elixir that can be used to relieve any pain.Her posture and the picture of her body shape registered in my head immediately.Her physiology was so fitting that someone would think that the clothe on her was customized and made from another planet.In fact, it might be made in heaven.


She is an angel walking on the surface of the earth and I became captivated with her beauty that swept me off my feet.


dream 2


I kept wondering how can a lady be this charming.


Without any doubt, she released her contacts and I promised to give her a call later in the day. Though, she blushed throughout the moment of our discussion.


Despite the fact that I bade her farewell immediately after our discussion, I moved to the door in order to exit her office hoping to get out of the gate in order to get a cab that will take me back to my house.


No doubt about it,I was able to meet up with my laid down plans for the day but my day was more fulfilling with the thought of the damsel that I ran to in my clients’ office.


She is so beautiful, attractive, alluring, charming and colourful that her thought refused to exit my imagination. My imagination became occupied with her beautiful physique and stature that I believed that every man will be glad to have her as a friend.


I made up my mind to give her a call so that we can meet to further our discussion which might end up in dating and relationship.


As I was about dialing her number, someone called me and I observed that it was my wife that is calling me to wake  me up for early morning prayer and devotion.


Immediately, I opened my eyes, I saw my wife’s face and I realized I have been dreaming.


It all happened in my dream.


My dream looked like a reality and when I woke up, I faced the reality that all that happened from the beginning of this write-up is just all about a dream of the night.


What a dream and a fantasy,


This is how I fall in love in my dream.


Have you experienced such a dream before?


Kindly comment and share  your experience.














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