I was in the comfort of my home on a saturday evening relaxing with my daughter and at a point we were busy watching a particular musical video clip on my phone titled:


“THE MOST HIGH” BY FLAVOUR featuring a young Libarian virtually impaired lad known as SEMAH G. WEIFUR.


She was keen about the musical video clip because she maintained an extreme concentration while watching it but at a point, this conversation ensued in the course of watching the video clip:


Suddenly, she pointed at the virtually impaired guy:


“Daddy!He is a boy!….


He is a boy”….I replied.


Then,after a few minutes,she probed further when “FLAVOUR” took over the scene but the mode of our conversation turned into questioning:


“Is he a boy”….she asked.

“Yes!He is a boy….I answered.


Later, while ruminating on the mode and manner the two conversation between me and my daughter was presented and answered.I realised that there was a differential in the presentation and the answer.


In her innocence, she became confused and bewildered about the rationale behind a guy having his hair braided and plaited.All she knew, taught and understood through formal and informal training was that it is acceptable for girls only to have her hair braided and plaited.


Watching “FLAVOUR” with braidd hairstyle confused her and she had to ask an innocent question from her dad to confirm the gender of the person she is watching if he is a man or a woman.


She asked a reasonable question but giving her a reasonable answer became a hard nut to crack just because I didnt know where to start and I didnt want her to get more confused at her formative period in life.


It is quite worrisome how the millenial will cope with the depth of confusion that is encapsulating the essence of humanity presently.


When a little girl starts asking questions, someone needs to be up and doing in showing them the right path because life is full of wrong paths that leads to perdition and destruction.




Every parent must be ahead in providing reasonable answers to questions bordering the minds of our young ones.The way and the manner at which civilization and westernization keeps eroding our religious and cultural values are alarming and make our young ones to be confuded if there is nobody around and ready to guild and guard them to understand the pros and cons of civilization,globalization and westernization.


Not that plaiting and braiding of hair by guys or men is bad to a large extent but it is an abberation and a deviation of what our cultural and religious beliefs are all about.Such fashion is supported by our culture for Sango Worshippers only in Yoruba Land.


Many things are deviating from the norms and the ethos of the society are being pulled down with vices eating the fabrics of our society.


Parenting in this age is saddled with responsibility and deep sensitivity to create an awareness and a consciousness that will make our wards aware of the differentials between what is good or what is bad,and this should be paramount to every parent.


Our wards needs more of our time in order for them to become balanced in every facet of human endeavour.


We should not in any way allow pettiness, abberation and footlings to strip us of the basic responsibilities of parenting that is needed by our young minds.


Parents needs to be serious in being a light vto our kids and they should be taught about what it takes to build a legacy that will be an addition to humanity in the course of their existence on earth.


Train your child to be a blessing to this generation.


Save your child from being a curse by giving them the right training.


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7 Replies to “CONVERSATION WITH MY DAUGHTER 1.—-(3 Minutes Read)”

    1. You are right.Well,i listened to her and i am perceptive but to understand my explanation at her age is somehow difficult.
      Thanks for your comment.

      Watch out for more on”conversation with my daughter 2,3 and 4.

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  1. This is pretty awesome, am marxly the moderator of marxinfo. Word press. Com whom you have decided to follow I love your articles and would like to get in contact with you. My personal and whatsapp number is 08105304112

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  2. What a great write-up to awake parents to their responsibilities in order to have a better future. Thanks for posting.


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