It was a black day on the 8th of August 2017 when commotion was raised to high heaven along Lagos-Abeokuta Expressway when a cry for help by a woman who was later rescued from the grip of ritualists dragging her forcefully into a manhole on the highway in Ojokoro Area of Lagos State.

This incident happenned in the earlier hour of the day as it was gathered that the cry for help of this woman attracted the attention of highway sweepers who are busy with their work very early in the morning.

This alert made the highway sweepers to call the attention of other people passing along the area and immediately swift action was taken by the people passing along the road when the sighted the innocent woman being dragged forcefully into the manhole.Members of the Odua Peoples’Congress swung into action and intercept this ritual killers by preventing them from carrying out their heinous crime.

ritualist den 1

At the end, two people were caught and jungle justice was instantly carried out against them by setting them ablazed.Efforts by two Policemen from preventing mob actions being carried out against the suspected ritualists was abortive with one of the Policemen sustaining injury inflicted on him by the crowd who are hell bent on setting them ablaze.

It was gathered that it took the combined efforts of officers of the Nigeria Military and Nigeria Police force is persuading the surging crowd from carrying out mob actions on the other three suspected ritualists who were caught in a uncompleted building that the manhole led to.

At the end, two suspected ritualists were lynched by the angry mob while three were left for the Police for further investigation.



It is appalling how the stories of kidnapping and ritual have been a part of our national existence for a long period of time and nothing meaningful has been done to curtail this act of barbarism in our society.

The inordinate quest for money, materialism and mudanness have been trace to be the major root of this anomaly in our society and this has caused many innocent victims to loose their life.

Their is a need for our society to develop a control mechanism that will be effective in asking people for their source of sudden wealth.

Also, our security agnets must be up and doing in applying survellaince mechanism that will help in investigating and nabbing criminals in the society.

Without all these mechanism being put in place, many innocent people will end up being a victim of ritual killers that are extremely desperate to be influential in the society.

In the 21st century, it is wrong for people to be sacrificing human parts for purposes that are evil.Any society that is still existing based on this babaric act is a society that has lost value and put no premium on the essence of humanity.

There is an urgent need for every one in the society to be security conscious and make sure that any funny characters in the society is reported to the appropriate security quarters.

Security is the responsibility of every Nigerian.


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