Life is turn by turn.


Yesterday and day before yesterday,after the day’s work, I was at the bus-stop waiting for bus with other commutters to take me home.It was somehow strange to me sighting sea of heads of passengers waiting for commercial bus that will take them home to their various destinations.

Due to this situation and the thought of rainfall that might start all over again because some days ago in recent times have been filled with unabated heavy downpour.The thought of been pensive with urgency occuppied the faces of everyone I was looking at at the bus-stop.

From this, no one need a soothsayer and any form of dibia or clairvoyancy that this period of the day is a rush hour and at the sight of a single bus from afar,the agitation to rush to get a bus filled the atmosphere with many people going to the extreme of pushing others and even…

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