Why the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are Furious about Erdogan’s Russian Rapprochement

Deep inside the bowels of Langley, Riyadh, and Doha, there are some furious individuals who thought their establishment of disorder and conflict would result in a new world order that eradicated those foes who failed to fall in line with their program would be destroyed economically. Instead, the tables have now been turned and the CIA, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar are now facing the most embarrassing reversal of fortune since America’s withdrawal from Saigon. The plan was simple:

by John Galt: 

After Bashir Al-Assad, the dictator of Syria, refused to entertain the construction of a pipeline from Qatar and Saudi Arabia via Iraq and Syria into Turkey to block Russian market dominance, start a “civil war” and kill Assad. The plan was so devious it included the United States arming and training elements of Al Qaeda in Syria, which later became ISIS, so as to create a new nation to begin…

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