Rituals I Practice for Writing

I think I have a ritual too.I prefer using my official hours to write.I dont always write when I am at home but I am someone that can put words down anywhere and anytime.


I often wish as a blogger I could write emotive narrative that shared more of my internet thinking. It’s something I don’t do well, though I know it’s what reader’s enjoy because they get to know the real person behind the words. Thankfully, my blogger friend, Glynis Jolly from Scripted Maze, is excellent at that and has agreed to guest post for me on the rituals she practices while writing.

I was astounded when Jacqui asked me to do a guest post on her blog. I feel so fortunate to have been given this opportunity. Thank you, Jacqui.

writerRituals I Practice for Writing

Rituals are established or ceremonial procedures, usually connected to something religious in nature. Writing, of course, has nothing to do with religion of itself, although I identify with the steadfastness of the practice of writing as if I was devoting it to a divinity.



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