Pristine Beauty of Concepcion, Iloilo

goaway girl

Concepcion is one of the must-visit places in Iloilo especially when you’re an introvert kind of person and you are just looking for a place to clear your mind off from stress. There are 4 islands that you can visit here:  Bulubadiangan,  Agho, Lumpatan, and Sandbar.

If you want to go to all of these islands, just prepare yourself for the entrance fees (25 or 30 pesos per island except for Lumpatan Island). You can clearly see that the islands around this town are clearly untouched for there are no traces of concrete establishments and resorts. Just crystal clear water, white sand, and nipa huts!

Another thing is that you can help the natives of these islands through buying some of their products like uga or dried fish, sea shells (scallops, oysters,etc.), and all kinds of sea food for a very cheap price. Trust me, these products are all mouth-watering.



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