12 Basic Necessities Of Living In The Supernatural. (3 min read)

Express Impacts

Written By Express Impacts  Team Member: Faydelmix

Founder and Owner Of: My Little Simple Thoughts

Express Impacts, Team, Contributor, News, Social Media and Success Living writer.

No doubt about it,the supernatural supersedes the natural and its superiority over the natural can never be wave aside with a bare hand.The superiority of the supernatural over the natural is non-negotiable.

The moment anyone leaves the natural and transcend into the realm of supernatural,the world with all the powers and principalities therein are forced to be subjected underneath our feet.

It is until when our existence transcends the natural to the supernatural that we become extraordinary by being more than a conqueror—Romans 8 verse 37.

The supernatural is a realm at which we discover the essence of our existence and the purpose of our living while we are on this earthly pedestal.It is the realm that makes everything around us to be at…

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