This is America

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This is America where not everyone you meet will like you. Where it is home to many different races like black, latino, Asian and so on Where fights and murder always occur like nothing new.
Over rumors, relationships and stress.
This is America. Where you see drug abusers on the streets begging for change…

The Turning Point..

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I was 16 years old when I first smoked Marijuana.  I was always one of those kids in High School who ended up with the Cool kids because of the way i Dressed. George Westinghouse High school I’m downtown Brooklyn was filled with Caribbean kids but the others were the “Hood”…

The 2017 Social Media

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Why is it that every social media website or app today just like Snapchat who has been here for years. I was a user before snapchat had all their fancy updates and in my opinion it’s gotten more and more popular over the years but Now Instagram , Whatsapp , and…

Shades of Bourne

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– communication and Consistency from my Loved one – Seeing the people closest to me Smiling – Hearing ” I love You” from the person i love back – ?Accomplishing my goals alone – Being Accepted into the World as a strong young back man – Surviving? – ?Writing how i…

The Wicked Generation.

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This picture i came across on social media and i have many thoughts. Whatever happened to helping our own people? The black generation has been a target over many years but we dont even treat our own people with love and kindness lately. This generation of people we are growing up…