Without mincing words,anybody that is carefully observant will notice the emergence of a new waves of social imbalance inform of a class surfacing in the strata of the Nigerian Society,though the emergence might seem to be gradual to some extent but it is quite visible in almost all our highways especially in the urban areas of the country.

Any moment I am on my way home in the evening,my eyes are always filled with pity with my mind being occupied with deep thought that boil down to the plight of the less privileged and the downtrodden that keeps on increasing in number in our country due to the low ebbed economy being experienced now.

Lagos State as an emerging metropolitan state in Nigeria with close to 21 million people occupying its space.The efforts of the past and present administration in Lagos State to turn the state to the largest economic hub in Africa can be seen by all with the recent bill passed in the state legislative chamber banning street hawking on our highways.This can be seen to proffer solution to a particular challenge but in the long run it will give birth to another one that is more challenging than other,if palliatives to cushion the effect of the economic recession is not put in place by the concerned authorities.

No doubt about it,banning street hawking on the highways will reduce the exposure of many life to the risk of accidents but with the way the the economy is biting hard many will take solace in finding respite in criminality.Without any effort made in making the economy of the country friendly,it can be deduced that the ban on street hawking on our highway can simply be described as “running after shadow”.

With the numbers of teenagers that display trays and exhibit their petty wares  by the roadside at First Gate Bus stop along Agindigbi Road  Lagos in the evening,it can never amount to exaggeration that there is an emergence of certain class of Nigerians that can simply be described as the HAWKING TEENAGERS.

Young boys and girls that ought to be in the comfort of their homes in the evening are busy looking for customers that will patronize the petty trading their parents and foster parents probably forced on them.

hawking 2



No doubt about it,they are the potential tools for the perpetration of criminalities and other social vices that are detrimental to peaceful coexistence of the entire society with the exposure of the young girls to prostitution.As young as these girls are,seen them with skimpy dress that hardly cover their bodies was really disturbing and i kept asking questions about the genuineness of their intention by the road side at the wee hour of the day.

Are they plying their trade or are they using their trade to cover up for their perpetration of the illicit act of prostitution?


These are the  questions that bothers my mind any time i see them by the road side.

It is not a gainsaying,Nigeria economy is really bad but it will be worse if we sacrifice the future of our children to get respite from the ailing economy that they have no idea of how it started.

Every stakeholder must channel all necessary efforts in their capacity to protect and preserve the future of our future leaders.The only evil will can do to posterity is to mortgage the future of the young generation for the economy woes bedeviling the entire Nigerian States now.

When the expected future leaders of a nation are busy trading at a younger age with our streets and highways filled with teenage hawkers competing with fast moving automobiles in order to attract customers day in-day out, someone begins to wonder what the future of our nation looks like.

I wonder what the future will look like when our little girls expected to become a heroine and an amazon are busy hawking at night with make-overs and skimpy dresses.

How will a nation with the largest population of black race will not end up breeding criminals and prostitute when they spend the larger part of their entire life on the street busy hawking and trading at tender age?

What a race?

What a nation?

Parents needs to up their games and hustling.

Parenting is more than releasing sperms, it is not about having sex that ends up in unwanted pregnancy.It is more than sleeping around with men.

It is a task and a responsibility that must be willingly carried out with hardwork, commitment ,responsiveness  and dedication geared towards schooling and grooming our future leaders to a point whereby they will be grounded to become better in the society and an asset to the existence of humanity.

Lets protect their lifes.

Lets protect their future.

The keys to our glorious future is inherent in them and resident with them.

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