The fall of man in the garden of Eden broke the fellowship between God and man, since then, the obligation to restore the broken relationship between man and God has been of essence to God.God in his infinite wisdom sent many chosen men to earth in order to serve as a link and mediator between God and man but none of this people was able to restore man back to God through the remission of Sin.The old testament was chronicled on this from the beginning to the end involving the offering of many sacrifices that serve  as as method for the atonement of sin.

Despite all these efforts to restore the original plan and purpose of God on earth, all the efforts proved abortive until God sent His only begotten Son to shed his blood for the remission of sin and the restoration of mankind to God.It was through the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST on the Mount of Calvary that the broken relationship between Man and God was restored.–John 3 verse 16.This birth the the new testament which was chronicled to be an extension and a perfection of the old testament.

redemption 1

Through this restoration, mankind was  given another opportunity to live within the confines of the original purpose of God for mankind in the garden of Eden but this is made possible for anyone who is ready to accept Jesus Christ as the Lord and Saviour.

Till this present moment, God desired that all His children will live as gods while on earth but through ignorance and sins, the devil has been taken advantage by denying many children of God the opportunity to enjoy the plans and purpose of God for them on earth.

These brought forward the need to restore back that which Jesus Christ died for to in order to have a meaningful expression in the life of all his children–Job 20 verse 18.Salvation will become less meaningful if it is devoid of restoring the original plan and purpose of God for mankind which has been stolen by the devil through the fall of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden.

The right time for the restoration of the glory of God draws near.

God is set once again to validate and confirm his restoration agenda for you and I.


Indeed, you shall be restored–Joel 2 verse 25, Psalms 51 verse 12.




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